tagIncest/TabooMy Teddie Bare

My Teddie Bare


This is an entry in the 2018 Valentine's Day contest. Be sweet and vote.


It was a risk taking Megan out on a second date on Valentine's Day. The concern: a girl thinks you love her when you're still getting to know her. I like the girl, but am I falling in love with her? I don't know, but I'm dying to see her naked. Lemon blonde hair, curvy, bubbly, with sparkling blue eyes on her wholesome face. And those big, creamy breasts; I wonder if her areolas are pink, tan, or ghostly pale. Either way, they were prominently displayed tonight in a tight, low cut blue dress. Her erect nipples pointed at me. The new girl in the office who I'd been bird dogging for months had a way about her; an alluring naiveté which is rare in the shallow world of Los Angeles. And as much as I tried, my eyes kept wandering to her breasts as she chattered on at the dinner table. Then she said some words that made me hit the brakes as though I was about to slam into the rear of a semi-truck.

"I think it's important to save your virginity for your wedding night. You know, growing up Mormon, that's how I was brought up. Don't you agree?"

Hell no, I don't agree. Thirty dollar flowers, an eighty dollar dinner. All for nothing.

"Well, you have to do what you feel is right," I answered.

"I take it you're not a virgin?"

I chuckled. "No. No I'm not."

"How many women have you slept with?"

My eyes rolled up as I added up the girlfriends, app hook-ups and drunken one night stands. "About thirty."

Her mouth fell open. And so marks the end of Tyler and Meg's very short love story.

I dropped her off at her apartment in West Los Angeles and walked her to her door hoping that she'd invite me in so maybe I could seduce her into giving up her precious virginity.

"I had a lovely night," she said.

"So did I."

"Thank you for dinner and the flowers."

"You're welcome."

She leaned up onto her tiptoes for a kiss. I gave in, kissing her pillowy lips. My arms went around her, drawing her close to mash those tits against me as she opened her mouth to allow my tongue to slide in. She smelled so good. I began to get hard. I wanted to push her into her apartment, rip her panties off, bend her over and fuck her with my hands full of her tits. To hear her moan and cry as I rammed it deep inside aroused me. Megan's hand came up to my chest to weakly press me away. I backed off with heavy, aching balls. She looked like she was considering going farther.

"Good night," she whispered.

I should've kept going until she gave in. I could've changed her mind with persistent hands and lips. But no, mom raised a gentleman. I stepped back.

"Good night," I replied. "See you Monday."

The whole ride, all I could think about was bouncing Megan's ass in bed. Little cock tease. My mind returned to my driving as I was on a dangerous part of the road leading home up a steep, narrow canyon road. The house in which I crash is out of the way, far from the Hollywood action. But it's luxurious and cheap thanks to my aunt Teddie.

Aunt Theodora, pronounced Tay-a-dora, is known to the world as model, Taya Simms. To the family, she's just Teddie. Named after my grandfather, Theodore, and the youngest of my mom's five younger sisters, she's quite a beauty. Long sable colored hair, a pouty lower lip, a straight nose and great green eyes, she's a slim woman with long legs and titties that anyone would like to mouth. My mom and her other sisters have some of her features but it was as though God made the perfect woman on the fifth try. At sixteen, Teddie was discovered by a modeling agency and was modeling in Paris at seventeen. At twenty, she married a rock star twenty years her senior. She was always on tour with him in some exotic foreign land. But at twenty five, they divorced and she came to LA to become an actress. That was ten years ago. Now at thirty five, she's accepted the fact she'll never be seriously taken as an actress. Being too old to model, she settled on being a mistress of a rich studio executive who gave her this house in the hills. She spends her days maintaining her social media persona, posting pictures of herself on vacation in fantastic places, doing yoga, modeling her friend's clothes and other mindless selfies. She has two million followers so she must be doing something right.

I never saw her much when I was growing up but when she did come home for a visit, we were always more equals or good friends than aunt and nephew. That's the way she wanted it. She called me her 'cheeky boy' and she was my 'Teddy bear.' At twelve, she let me watch an R-rate movie with tits and violence. At fourteen, she taught me how to drive stick shift on her Porsche. At eighteen, she let me take my first toke on a joint. She corrupted me as often as she could. That made her the first name in my cool book.

I pulled into the gated drive, as the gate rolled shut behind me and parked outside the garage. Teddie was gracious enough to let me stay here when I moved to LA last year, resettling here after getting an IT job in Century City. I pay a paltry thousand dollars a month to basically cover the utilities in this multi-million dollar home. I had told her I'd move out when I got on my feet but I'm so comfortable here, and she gets lonely and scared up here in the hills all alone, that I'm staying for as long as she wants.

I entered the home, tossing my keys on a side table beside a crystal vase of white roses near the door. The whole place smelled of flowers. After all, it was Valentine's Day and though she was old by modeling standards, she's still gorgeous and had admirers. I heard the TV in the living room and sauntered in there to see Teddie sprawled on the couch with a glass of wine in her hands. Her long legs were wrapped in thigh high Norwegian wool socks that jutted from her favorite short silk robe. Her long hair was pinned up into a sloppy bun. Her sly green eyes glittered with the flames from the fire burning in the fireplace. A half empty bottle of red wine sat on the table. A movie droned on the sixty inch TV.

"What, no date?" I asked, grabbing a glass from the wet bar before heading for the couch.

"Evan is in Japan. He asked me if I wanted to join him but, ugh, the flight. It's too long for a few nights."

She sipped her wine and moved her legs for me to flop on the couch beside her. I reached over to her wine and poured myself a glass, settling in to unwind after an unfulfilling date.

"What about you?" she asked. "I thought you'd be out all night."

"Found out she's Mormon. She's saving herself for marriage."

Teddie burst out laughing. She laughed so hard that she snorted before sipping on her wine.

She mocked me by saying, "So big game hunter couldn't bag the bunny?"

"It wouldn't be sporting. It was kinder to trap and release."

"Trap and release," she said with a giggle before sipping her wine.

Frustrated, I said, "Seriously, what's a virginal Mormon doing in Hollywood?"

"Maybe she here to save your soul."

"Not bloody likely."

We turned our attention to the movie. I sipped my wine as I watch the pretty wife on screen, dressed in cut off denim shorts and a white tank top, help her paralyzed war hero husband into the bath. She lovingly bathes him as he watches her with aching eyes. His bath water wets her shirt making it translucent enough to see her brandy colored areolas. He gazes up at her seductive pink lips and loving brown eyes as her lovely hands squeezes a sponge full of water over his head.

"Come here," he says, holding up his arms.

She smiled and dropped the sponge. She stood, unbuttoned her shorts and let them drop to reveal her pussy. She climbs into the tub to straddle his face where she rests on his outstretched arms, strong from him playing wheelchair basketball. He easily cradles her, holding her backside in his hands. His face goes for her pussy. Her hands goes around his head as her head rolls back from the pleasurable sensations his tongue was giving her. My dick twitched from their action. Teddie was mesmerized as well. Her breath hitched in her throat.

Teddie said, "Maybe you should've gone down on your virgin."

"If I did, she'd be mine."

"You think so?"

"I know so. Want to find out?"

She turned to me. Her eyebrows were raised in shock.

"Come on," I said, scooting closer to her. "You need some love."

I leaned over her, pressing my cheek near her ear. "Let me love your pussy." She had no reaction as I touched her thigh. Rather, she shifted her body my way, angling her crotch towards me. I was so incredibly horny that I didn't care she was my aunt. I grabbed her leg and swiveled her towards me. I could see her naked honey down covered snatch beneath her shifting robe. She's such an exhibitionist. I opened her legs ever so slightly before prying them apart. The inside of her thighs were silky soft. I nuzzled my head between them, scratching her with my five o'clock shadow. She must've just taken a bath because she smelled like light citrus blossoms.

Teddie reclined on a throw pillow. My tongue finally tasted what I'd secretly fantasized about ever since I was a horny teen. Her forbidden fruit tasted of a clean penny. My nose nuzzled her soft dark blonde downy fuzz on her pussy lips. I sucked her clit before poking my tongue deep inside her silky pink flesh. My tongue wriggled on its own. My hands gripped her thighs to keep her spread open. I was in some kind of heady intoxicated trance. My cock twitched and grew to press uncomfortably against the seam of my pants. I'm the one who heard the key in the lock. I quit licking, my tongue still out as I raised my head a bit. It was the double beep from her security system indicating a compromised entry that got Teddie's. Her eyes flew open as she bolted to sit up.

"Evan!" she said in a hurried whisper. "Quick. Hide."

I didn't move fast enough. She jumped up, grabbed me by the shirt, and led me to the balcony where she opened the sliding glass door, shoved me outside and slammed the door shut. The sheers were still rippling in the air when Evan entered the room. Evan has no idea I live here. Teddie says that Evan is incredibly jealous and with my youth and good looks, he'd never believe that I was her nephew. He'd drop kick her out of her golden crib. It's never been a problem of him stopping by, as he comes here about once a month with advance notice. This is the first time he just dropped on in. But again, he owns this house. He is lord and master.

Evan is a somewhat fit man with a dad body and salt and pepper hair. Dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans, he walked into her living room. He dropped his keys on a side table as he approached her.

Teddie said, "I thought you were in Japan?"

"I booked a flight for early tomorrow morning so I can spend some time with you. Who's here?"

"No one. Why?"

"Whose shit box is parked outside?"

I bristled. It's not a shit box. It's a year old Lexus for fuck sake.

Teddie handily replied, "I bought it so the Maserati doesn't get banged up when I go to the store. I went on a wine run. Want some?"

"You know what I want. But first..."

He reached into his pants pocket to pull out a jewelry box. She smiled and clapped her hands like a woman giddy in love.

She grabbed it from his hands and said, "You shouldn't have. You already gave me flowers."

"I know but when I saw them, I wondered what they'd look like on you."

Her face lit up as she opened the box. She then wriggled a diamond earring from its holder, scampered to a mirror and held it up to her ear. The bauble glinted and sparkled as only an expensive diamond would. She returned to him and threw her arms around his neck.

"Thank you."

She kissed his happy face. He wrapped his arms around her. Her thank you peck turned into a passionate kiss as the two made out in the middle of the room. I turned away and leaned on the railing to gaze out at the sea of LA lights twinkling beyond the trees. I'll just wait until they go to her room and I'll sneak into mine. Women are such intelligent beings but dangle something sparkly in front of them and they lose their shit. Would a diamond grant me entrance into Megan's pussy? Only if it was an engagement ring. I returned my attention to the action inside. I felt like a peeping Tom. It was somewhat exhilarating being a voyeur.

Evan sat on the couch. He untied Teddie's robe. She shrugged it from her shoulders where it fell to the floor in a silken heap. And for the first time, I saw her nearly nude in her thigh high socks. Yes, I've seen her in bikinis that looked like triangles strung together with dental floss, but seeing her from behind, her perfect ass with that V of thigh gap at her snatch, her long legs, she was a woman straight out of Maxim. She reached up to unpin her hair. It tumbled down to hang between her slim shoulders. Teddie raised her leg to straddle his thighs. His hands cupped her ass as she sat on his thighs. Her head bent forward for either a whisper or a kiss. His hands roamed up her slender waist and back down to her ass. After a while, he lifted her off of him. His hand moved beneath her parted legs to unzip his pants. She repositioned herself to kneel before him. Her hands went for his crotch before her head began to bob up and down. Evan spread his arms out over the top of the couch and threw his head back as he enjoyed my aunt's mouth on him. When he was nice and hard, she stood up and threw one leg over him once more. He held his angry looking hard-on straight up. Teasingly slow, she eased herself down upon it. Unconsciously, my hand had gone into my pants to fondle my stiff dick. Seeing his dick disappear in between her split made me hot. So hot that I thought I'd blow my wad. I quit stroking my dick, took my hand out of my pants and just watched. With his hands back on her waist, aunt Teddie fucked him. She quickened her pace, bouncing up and down on his dick that pumped inside her like a piston in a cylinder. I couldn't see his face, just her beautiful ass bouncing on his tightly clenched thighs. Then Evan loudly groaned. She teased him, somewhat squatting on his dick as his hands gripped her narrow waist as he came. I could see it ooze back down his glistening dick. She finally sat all the way down on him, grinding herself on him until he was completely spent. Her head bent to kiss him once more. After a few minutes, she unstraddled him. She left the room and returned with a chilled bottled water. He accepted it, chugging from it with gusto. She put on her robe and cuddled up to him on the couch.

It was getting really chilly out here and I wished they'd go up to her room so I could come in. He finally disengaged himself from her. He kissed her, stood up, and collected his keys. The two rose from the couch and she walked him to the door. With one final kiss, he left. I heard his car start up, stop for the gate which rattled open before he zoomed away. I didn't step in until I saw his car's headlights going down the lonely canyon road. I stepped into the warm room. I said nothing as I approached her. I unzipped my pants. She frowned as she watched them drop to the floor. I've never had sloppy seconds, never desired to be the second guy, but I wanted her and it was going to happen.

Our eyes locked onto each other as I said, "I'm going to fuck you."

"No," she said breathlessly. "Don't."

"Yes," I replied, stepping out of my pants and briefs. "Yes."

Her eyes shifted to my heavy hard-on standing at attention and widened, seemingly impressed by its stature. She said nothing as I climbed over her onto the couch. My body pressed her down onto the couch cushions. I spread one of her legs up to open her and guided my stiff one into her. She was still tight. Gushy but tight. She didn't look at me. She turned her head where her eyes settled upon the TV screen. My body rubbed against her satin robe as I fucked her at a gentle pace. She said nothing and made no noise. She remained passive as though she weren't into it at all. I'm ashamed to say I didn't care. My teen fantasy of fucking her was coming true. I parted her robe to look at her tits that jostled with my thrusting. My cheek dragged over one of her firm nipples. I kissed her long neck, while inhaling the scent of her herbal essence hair shampoo. I thought she'd remain indifferent but she began to respond. With each thrust, her knees began to slowly rise until they clamped my hips and rutting ass. Every photo I saw of her in bikinis and lingerie as a teen, every photo of hers in magazines that I whacked off to at sixteen came flooding into my head.

"Oh my God," she whispered. "I'm gonna cum. No. No."

Her orgasm was beautiful. She kind of mewed and writhed beneath me with her face all screwed up as though she were in pain. I lost it. My balls tightened. No. I want to fuck her all night. But it wasn't to be. My hips now moved at a frenzied pace causing the couch to squeak until at last, I ground my groin, balls deep, into her fuzzy pussy lips.

"Uhh, aww, fuck," I cried as I came in a torrent of cum pulsed into her tight pink gash.

I collapsed between her thighs and laid on top of her, heaving to catch my breath. God, she felt so good. So damn gushy tight. I finally withdrew my limp sticky dick from her. She kept her head turned away, staring at the TV. I wanted to say something to her but didn't know what to say.


She whispered, "Its okay."

I got up off the couch, gathered my clothes from the floor without looking at her. I walked out of the room, went to my bedroom, and closed the door behind me. I stripped off my shirt before staring at my reflection in the mirror. I guess I was expecting to see a monster but it was the same face that I had when I left for my date with Megan. What have I done? Will this change our good relationship? Is she going to kick me out? Claim I raped her? I wanted to talk to her but thought better of it. No, leave her alone. Give her space. I crawled into bed, still smelling of her, and turned out the lights. Hopefully tomorrow, things will be right in the cold light of morning.

The next morning, I showered, shaved and dressed for work. I followed the smell of brewing coffee into the kitchen lit by a cold grey light from the morning fog. Teddie was there dressed in yoga pants, tennis shoes and a sweatshirt.

"Morning," I said.

"Good morning."

"About last night-"

She looked up at me and said, "Nothing happened last night. Okay? And it'll never happen again."

I was relieved. "Yeah, sure."

I brewed some coffee into a travel cup as she gathered her tote bag and shoved her rolled yoga mat under her arm.

"Have a nice day," she said.

"You too."

She gave me a peck on the cheek and headed for the garage door. She turned and said, "You know you're my favorite nephew."

I smirked and replied, "I know now."

She chuckled and said, "Cheeky boy."

Aunt Teddie left the house. I watched her Maserati pull out of the garage, wait for the gate to open and pull out onto the canyon road. And though it felt as though nothing had changed between us, I will forever chub in my pants every time I think of Valentine's Day with my Teddie bare.

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