My Tess


Tess is my wife/ My lovely, loving wife! We had only been married such a short time when I had my accident! Tess and I had been in our car, travelling at a steady pace and minding our own business when this idiot comes screaming around a corner and smashes right into us! Tess escaped without so much as a scratch, but I am in hospital and won’t be out for months. I have broken my pelvis as will as having done other internal damage and I am in a plaster cast, which goes from my waist to my knees. I am most uncomfortable just lying here wondering what Tess is up to today.

My Tess is my dream wife. I met her at a party just two years ago. She was there with another guy but he wasn’t treating her very well. It was a rough party and a lot of the girls had left early because of the rough behavior of some of the boys. Many of the girls had literally been forced to have sex with these lads and, although they weren’t likely to press any charges against the boys, they didn’t always appreciate what had been done to them. Girls like to be very choosy about just who is going to fuck them and they have every right to choose!

Tess was one of the girls who was made to have sex with a couple of the lads in their little group and, although she told me later she had enjoyed being in the group and having sex with several of the boys. She objected to having been fucked at the party where lots of those present knew just what had happened to her. She was a bit of a mess when I asked her if she was O.K. as she had been crying and her clothes were untidily arranged. She told me she wanted to leave the party and asked me if I would mind driving her home! I had been watching her since arriving at the party and although I had been excited about watching her getting fucked by three of the boys, I really felt sorry for her. I found I had an instant crush on her and would have done anything to save her from being fucked by other boys!

Well, I drove her home, or at least nearly home, when she asked me to park the car in a rather dark part of the road near her home. She then came over to my side of the car, kissed me firmly on the mouth making sure she kissed me with an open mouth and plenty of tongue and thanked me for bringing her home safely. She then asked me if I would like to fuck her as it seemed she was the life of the party and one more wouldn’t hurt! I was shocked and told her so. I told her I felt strongly about her and would love to see her again, but I didn’t like the way she had been fucked this evening and didn’t want any part of what had happened. She burst out crying and as I held her tightly, she kissed me again and again and told me she would love to meet with me again soon.

Well, the short version of the story is that after 7 months of courting and a lot of petting and fucking, she agreed to be my wife! It wasn’t the largest wedding that year, but we seemed to be able to have a lot of our friends along and join in the celebrations with us. Even the boys, who had fucked her at the party where I met her, turned up at the wedding. I watched them carefully, but they didn’t do anything which was improper.

As I got to know Tess during this period before we were married, I learned a lot about my her. She had been a rather loose girl at school and college and told me about lots of the sex sessions she had with the boys at her school and college. I felt jealous that these boys had fucked her before I had, but made myself realize that this was all before I met Tess and I should try to forget about it. It was hard to forget though, and lots of times when we were fucking, Tess would mention something about one of the boys in her past and what they had done to her.

At one stage, when Tess was a member of a tennis club she had been the only girl to attend a breakup party at the end of the year and she had been fucked by all 16 members of the club. She told me she was a complete mess that night but had enjoyed herself so much she wanted to do it again!

Tess told me many times when we were lovers that she wouldn’t do any of the foolish things again, and would always be true to me. I really had no reason to doubt her although there were a few occasions when she came home from her work and wasn’t wearing panties! She told me she had wet them laughing so much and had discarded them, but I wondered because this happened on a number of occasions. She couldn’t have been laughing that much!!!! She might have been fucking other men, but I chose to believe she was being true to me.

Well, as soon as the accident happened Tess was really on her own. I had to stay in hospital and she had to go home. She visited me as regularly as possible and always appeared to be bright and cheerful but deep down I knew she was missing my cock! When she was with me, she would talk about how she would love to be able to fuck me but, of course, that was impossible due to the plaster. They had a thin tube stuck up my cock to drain off the piss as I couldn’t stand up to piss. Having a crap was the most embarrassing thing I have ever done as it had to be done whilst I was lying down and the nurses had to wipe my backside for me – I couldn’t reach that far.

Tess offered to hold my cock whilst she was visiting me, but this was very uncomfortable due to the tube and an erection was well nigh impossible.

She really didn’t make things any easier for me, although she thought she was doing the right thing by wearing sexy clothes when she visited me, and would open her blouse and expose one of her wonderful breasts to me when no one was looking! I loved this, but it made me even more uncomfortable. But she had tried and that was the main thing. I loved her deeply. She would also come to the hospital wearing a very short skirt and, again when no one was looking, she would lift up her skirt and show me she wasn’t wearing knickers and I could see her pussy.

I had been in hospital for 6 weeks and was thoroughly sick of it all. Tess told me she was so randy that she would fuck anything that was male and moved, but didn’t want to do that because it would upset me. Sure it would, but I could see Tess was human and would need relief soon, if she wasn’t getting it already.

Tess told me she had bought a big long vibrator and was using that it get her orgasms, but they weren’t the same as when we were together. One day she brought the vibrator into the hospital in a leather shopping bag and, when no one was around, she lifted her skirt to show she wasn’t wearing knickers, then proceeded to remove this long vibrator from her shopping bag. She licked and sucked the vibrator and then, moving her legs apart, inserted it into her cunt. When it was switched on, it made a low buzzing sort of noise and I watched as she gradually built up to her orgasm and watched as she came! God it was an exciting sight watching her fuck herself with her vibrator. I loved to watch the way she inserted it into her cunt amid the large black bushy hair, and the way the lips of her cunt opened and shut as she moved it in and out of herself.

After this 6 weeks, she appeared to be a little different and I thought she seemed to be a little bit more daring. One day she showed me she had a butt plug inserted in her arse and this was also an electrical unit and it vibrated when she had it switched on. This same day I saw the butt plug, she also used the vibrator in her cunt much more vigorously and really seemed to be getting off on it all.

I asked her where she had bought the butt plug as I had no idea where she would have got it. She told me she had made friends with the man at the sex shop where she had bought the vibrator and he had shown her how they worked, and had even fitted her with several different types until they found the plug which turned her on the most. She had tried to buy the biggest one, but he had insisted on giving it to her as a present. This made me very suspicious of this fellow and, although I asked Tess if there was any more to the story, she told me not to worry as they were only friends. I asked her how he had fitted her with different butt plugs until he found the right one? She told me he had brought around a selection to our house and they had tried them in the bedroom. I asked her if she had her knickers off when he was trying them and she said, “Of course, silly – how do you think he could get it inside me?” I was quite disturbed at hearing this, but her reassurance that all was well was enough for me, I trusted her!

The next week, she announced she had a surprise for me today! When she hoisted her short skirt to show me her cunt, she had a completely shaved pubic area! I gasped at this as I hadn’t seen her so exposed as this before as she had always had the thick black bush hiding so much of her lovely self. I asked he how she did it so neatly and she chuckled and said, “Don’t be silly, I couldn’t have done that good a job by myself. I asked Ben, my friend from the sex shop, to shave me and he did a wonderful job, don’t you think?”

Now I was really worried! Again I asked her if any funny business was going on, and again she assured me everything was O.K. Ben was just a good friend.

I then asked her why she wanted to shave her cunt area in the first place – what was wrong with her lovely hairy bush anyway. She simply said, “I thought it was a good idea, and anyway, Ben told me lot’s of girls are doing that now. Ben also told me about some other things and when I come next time to see you, I will have a lovely surprise for you” This did little to reassure me, however!

On her next visit, she was so bubbly and excited I knew she had done something special for me and was busting to show me. On this one occasion, the staff at the hospital were everywhere all of the time and we hardly had any time alone together until just before the visiting time was over.

When the coast was clear, she grinned at me and said, “Do you really love me?” When I told her, “Of course I do!” She gently lifted her very short skirt and showed me her cunt! She had two small rings through her labia, one on either side! Her labia were rather red and she told me that was because she had only just had it done today. I really didn’t know what to say about this – it certainly looked O.K. but how had she gone about having it done. When I asked her who had done it, she simply said “Ben, of course, this is part of the work he does – he is a body piercer and tattooist!” “Don’t you really love my rings?”

What could I say? If Ben had been so close to her cunt that he was able to pierce her labia, he must have been capable of fucking her too. I didn’t dare accuse her of this and congratulated her on what she had done. I wasn’t all that happy about it just the same.

Tess asked me if I enjoyed her little surprise. I told her I was thrilled, but really I was far from happy about it all.

Subsequent visits during that week showed her to be rather more excited than before and much happier than she had been during the past weeks since the accident.

The following week, she arrived looking very excited with herself and announced she had another surprise for me! I really wasn’t looking forward to this but made out I was excited.

When the coast was clear, she lifted up her very short skirt and showed me that she had some letters tattooed just above her cunt. When I asked her to move closer so I could read the letters, I was thrilled at first to see the letters were BJ – my name is Bruce Jennings. It was obvious she loved me a great deal if she would be prepared to have my initials tattooed just above her cunt. I was a lot happier about this.

I was happy about this for about 10 days when one of my mates came in to visit me and to have a chat. There was no way I was going to tell him about Tess and her rings and tattoo, but he did talk about everything else and the conversation was going quite well until he asked my if I was happy about Ben James, Tess’s friend, being so chummy with her.

Suddenly my life collapsed! BJ – Ben James, not Bruce Jennings! What a fool I had been! Now what!

When Tess came to visit me next, I sat her down on the bed next to me, held both of her hands and asked her to tell me the truth about Ben James! Tess looked a little guilty but smiled at me and said, “I wasn’t sure you would find out about Ben! He has been my lover for the last 5 weeks and he is giving me all the sex I can’t get from you!” This rocked my thinking completely! Lover, she said!

Tess looked me right in the eye and said, “Bruce, you know I love to be fucked on a really regular basis – a couple of times a day if possible, and you can’t help me right now! I have asked Ben to come and fuck me whenever he can and I am getting all the sex I want from him! He knows I love only you, and, although I call him my lover, he is really only someone to fuck me while you are not with me! As soon as you are out of hospital and able to fuck me again, I promise I will never have anything more to do with Ben!”

I was so hurt by it all, I didn’t know what to say. Finally, I looked right into Tess’s eyes and said, “Tess, I love you deeply, and it hurts me so much to hear you are fucking someone else, but I am a reasonable man. If you can promise me here and now that it will be all over as soon as I can get back to normal, then I don’t mind Ben fucking you!” This really hurt me to say that!

Tess hugged me and promised me she would be back with me only, just as soon as I was well enough again to fuck her!

I couldn’t sleep at night knowing that whilst I was in the hospital worrying about Tess and Ben, they would be in my bed fucking all the time! Ben would be fucking my darling wife instead of me!

Now that all of this was out in the open, so to speak, Tess agreed to tell me what they were doing each visit to see me. Her tales were certainly lurid in description and it was obvious she was enjoying being fucked by Ben, but each visit she reassured me he was only filling in for me! Filling in was right – he was filling her! I asked her what sort of protection she was using and I hoped she was using a condom every time – I wanted to keep all of this as impersonal as possible. She told me not to be silly and that condoms spoilt the contact and, as she was on the pill, he was shooting his load into her cunt every time. She told me, some nights he fucked her as many as 4 times before he went home! I wasn’t happy about this either.

Next week, she told me she had another surprise for me! I wasn’t very happy about these surprises and dreaded what she had to say. When the coast was clear, she hoisted up her thin T shirt and showed me she had her two nipples pierced and had a ring in each. God, what next? Her nipples certainly did look nice and I could only congratulate her on having them done! I asked if it was Ben who did it and she said, “Silly, whom else?”

The following week she came in with another surprise – this time she had a ring fitted through her clit hood! This I didn’t like and told her so! She pouted but said she liked it and that was that! Ben had won again!

Again, the following week, she had another surprise – this time, she had a ring through her belly button! I guess this wasn’t so personal as her clit and labia rings, but I wasn’t too pleased just the same.

The following week, the next piece of ornamentation was a second set of rings through her labia – this time lower down than before! What next? And the following week, she had two rings through her inner labia, her labia minora, and even I had to admit the view was wonderful!

But the following week, it was I who had a surprise for her!

My physio had been coming along so well, and I had been practicing so much, I was now able to walk and do things normally. I could come home. Actually I had been able to walk and do things for a couple of weeks but hadn’t told Tess about it – I wanted this to be my surprise.

When I told her she could take me home today and I was there to stay, she really hugged me and kissed me and told me how much she loved me! When I had checked out of the hospital and she had driven me home, I asked her about Ben! She said” Bruce, it is now all over with Ben! I will ring him and tell him never to see me again!”

Tess picked up the phone and rang Ben. Her conversation went something like this – “Ben, I have really enjoyed having you to look after my sexual needs whilst Bruce has been in hospital, but today he is home with me and now I can never have any more sexual interludes with you again! Thank you for filling in for Bruce, and I must say I have enjoyed your company and the sexual fuckings, but now it is all over. Thank you Ben!”

At first I was doubtful whether she really meant it, but she was now a changed woman and it was really amazing to see how devoted she became to me! She hardly seemed to leave my side – she asked me to drive her to work and pick her up each day, and often she would ask me to meet her so we could have lunch together. We seemed never to be apart!

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