tagBDSMMy Time Ch. 06

My Time Ch. 06


I awoke to the feeling of Mistress Q applying a small amount of lubricant to my anus. She had one cheek lifted so She had good eye contact. I had been sleeping on my side. I thought it was a nice way to wake up from my nap.

"W/we are going to have fun this afternoon," She said with a smile in Her voice. "New things to try out and new places to take my little slaves mind and body."

The next thing I felt was something cold and hard being pushed into my anus. It slid in and my anus closed over the end of it. It was a longer egg than before and I could feel the wire coming out of my anus. I wondered what this one would do.

Mistress then cuffed my hands in front of me.

"Roll over onto your stomach," She ordered.

I complied. Mistress put a butt plug in me. It was the medium sized one. I was relieved it was not the big one She had me sit on in the chair.

"This ass is not near red enough for Me," She said.

Mistress had the leather paddle and started in on my ass cheeks. She had a steady rhythm again and this allowed the pain to flow through me in steady waves. She delivered about fifteen whacks to each cheek. I could feel the heat from my end of it. My cock gave me away again by coming up to a real nice chubby. It was humiliating to me to have my body respond to the pain this way. It showed that no matter how much I protested I secretly loved every minute of it.

"Roll over on your back," ordered Mistress Q.

She unfastened my wrists and secured first one and then the other to a corresponding corner of the bed above my head. They were stretched tight. Next She fastened my angles the same way to the corners of the bed at the foot. Before making the final tie on each ankle She pulled strongly on them to make sure I was stretched out. Each time the bed moved or I tried to move the butt plug would let me know it was in place. Mistress brought the wire from the egg up between my legs. I saw that it had a plug on the end that was not attached to anything.

Mistress Q then took a wide blue piece of what looked like cloth with a plastic attachment to it and fitted it over my cock and balls. She started to tighten this through the plastic device and it acted like one of Her famous cock ties with the packing string. There was a wire attached to it similar to the one on the egg. It was connected to the same bit of nothing as the other. She stroked my cock into a full erection. It was standing tall when She let go of it and so was my orgasm level. Here I was horny again.

Mistress took a small device that looked like a palm-sized radio from the dresser. She attached a wire to the one coming from my cock and another to the wire coming from the anus egg. These ended in one plug which She plugged into the device. As She turned it I could see there were dials on it and a little light. The light was red so I knew I was in for trouble.

Mistress turned the knob slowly. I did not feel anything at first. As She turned it more and more I began to feel a little tingle in my cock and balls. She would stop after each little nudge of the dial and watch my reaction to it. the tingle would start as a small little thing like a fly crawling on me. Then it would build to a certain point and return to the point where it was not felt.

"Thomas Edison never dreamed electricity would ever be used like this," She said.

Mistress nudged the dial again. The tingle started again and built even greater this time. I could actually feel my cock moving from the effect of it. It was not painful at this point. It was just plain strange. It felt like the tightened ring was moving around my genitals. Mistress paused again and it went into its cycle about six times. It was exciting. I could feel something inside me and realized it was the egg. It did not do the same thing as the ring, but it let me know it had a job to do also.

The dial was nudged again. This time the cycle felt like pins being stuck just barely into my skin. They went around and around from lightly to almost harshly. I wiggled at the strongest part of the cycle. I pushed toward the bed and the butt plug stopped me short. Mistress left the setting this way and put down the control box.

"That should keep it interesting for you while I have fun of a different kind," She said lightly.

Clothespins appeared in Her hands and She started to apply them to me in various places. The first two to go on were to my nipples. She took deep bites and so did the clothespins. My nipples were still hurting when Mistress pulled on the pins, lifted my nipples and the skin around them and attached a pin on either side of the pins She was holding. She did this with both nipples. Now I was really hurting. I let out a cry and started to moan from the pain. It was slow to dull. Two more pins were attached to my ball sack. I let out another cry. The skin was stretched form being swollen and these hurt when they went on. One was attached on either side of my naval and another two were attached to my ball sack. I was in agony. Mistress stood back and watched Her handiwork. I was moving around trying to ease the pain and just succeeding in moving the butt plug around more. My cock was still standing and turning a nice shade of purple. The electricity went on and on in its cycle adding to the discomfort. Finally the clothespins started to dull out to an ache. I knew they were there, but the pain was not as sharp. Tears were running out of my eyes and down into my ears.

Mistress Q picked up the controller and nudged the dial again. This brought another surge in the power of the electricity and new moans from me. It felt like someone handling my cock with prickly gloves on. It was almost a shocking massage. It was actually bringing me closer to the need for an orgasm. This would not happen with that band on me that tight so I was stuck wanting and not having again. Two more clothespins were added to my abdominal area. A fresh round of pain shot through my skin. Two more clothespins were added to my ball sack. Mistress did not stop and added two more clothespins to my ball sack. I must have looked like a porcupine lying there. Mistress added several more clothespins to my abdominal area and then started to place them on my tender undersides of my upper arms. She put a whole line of them on each arm. Another nudge to the dial and the controller was laid down. This last jolt felt like someone stroking my cock. It was painful at the same time it was erotic. Each time the cycle went around I jerked and my muscles became tight in that area. I lost track of everything except the pain.

"You are going to love this," I heard Mistress say in the background.

I was still in pain, electricity coursing through my cock and balls, a butt plug in my anus, clothespins all over me and She was saying I was going to love something else that was going to happen. I paid attention and saw the flogger in Her hand. She brought it around and down on my cock. I screamed. That was a surprise. Mistress brought the flogger around and down again on my balls. There was not much of an impact but it took a couple of the clothespins with it. That hurt tremendously. I screamed anew. This was the worst pain I had felt since the paddle. Mistress was relentless with Her next hit and took more of the clothespins from my balls. I screamed again and was crying like a baby.

She must have taken a little pity on me or wanted the anticipation to build because She stopped. I was moving as much as the restraints would allow. That was not much. The burn on the skin of my ball sack was almost overpowering. After a few minutes of watching me squirm, Mistress started the procedure all over again. She took the rest of the clothespins off my balls with the flogger. She then moved up to my abdomen and took the pins off there the same way. There were constant flashes of pain going through me. I was starting to snot up due to all the crying I was doing. Mistress paused again when all the clothespins were off my abdomen.

I felt a pang of relief that was immediately followed by the anticipation of having more pins taken off my body in this rude manner. My cock was raging. The rotten bum was at it again.

Mistress moved up my body to my nipples and the six pins there. She was very surgical with the flogger in that area. She managed to take off one clothespin at a time. Each one tore a scream from me and more sobbing. Mistress paused again when those clothespins were off.

"You must be really hurting from these," She said. "Let me help to sooth them."

Mistress Q leaned down and started rubbing and pinching my nipples lightly. Ordinarily I would have loved this being done, but with the clothespins off now and the blood rushing back into them, it hurt like the devil. I was squirming around like crazy trying to get away from Her touch. I did not manage that task.

Mistress stood and began to remove the clothespins from my left arm. That is very tender skin on that portion of the arm and the pain started anew. I was screaming just as hard as ever with each stroke of the flogger. A brief pause after they were all off brought a new assault on my right arm. Finally all the clothespins were off my body. I noticed that Mistress was flushed in the face neck and upper chest and Her breathing was sharp and ragged. I glanced down and saw that She was fully erect. This was a huge turn on for Her. I was glad to have been of pleasure to Her, but still in pain. The electricity was becoming apparent to me again now that the sharp pain in my other areas was settling in to an ache.

Mistress caught Her breath, gave Her cock a few well-deserved strokes and picked up the control box. She gave another nudge to the dial and a new surge went into my genitals. This was like little nails being driven into the area where the band contacted the flesh and the felling of being stroked intensified. It cycled and cycled for what seemed like forever. I did not think I could stand anymore when Mistress reached down and began pumping my cock. Her touch was electric (no pun intended). Pain and pleasure shot through my cock. I was happy when She took Her hand from my cock and turned the dial all the way off. The tingling did not leave me. There were no more needles and pins, but the sensations were still there. It was like my cock was still moving.

"I can imagine you are about ready for a break," said Mistress Q. "Not yet. I have a little more for you to feel and then to do."

I could not imagine more to feel. That was not a concept my mind could handle right then. She let me know what that was. The flogger was once more applied to me. Mistress started to work on my chest. She walked all the way around the bed and back using the flogger in a pattern I had grown used to. I was out of it again. I went along with the waves of pain coursing through me.

Mistress moved the flogger down to my thighs and gave them a workout. She went around the bed and back while working them over. I could not move away from that sting at all. She finished that off with about five whacks to my cock. I was burning all over the front of my body.

Mistress stopped and put the flogger down. She stood and watched me catch my breath and snort until I was settled. I was in pain all over and it made me feel so alive. Mistress was languidly stroking Her cock the whole time. It was a beautiful sight.

"My time to have a little fun," She said as She climbed up on the bed.

She straddled my head and faced my feet.

"Open," She ordered and I complied with my tongue out and on the floor of my mouth.

Mistress stuck Her cock in my mouth and started fucking my mouth with slow strokes. I loved the feel of Her cock in my mouth and the taste, which was a little salty. She kept the pace slow and kept going deeper until I had it all the way in my throat. She sighed and started to plunge into my throat a little faster. She was breathing heavy and twitching. Suddenly She leaned all the way down and took my cock into Her mouth. She ran Her tongue around the head of it and then took it all the way down into Her throat as She pushed Her cock all the way down mine. W/we must have been a sight. I was in heaven. She started to alternate taking my cock down Her throat and pushing Hers down mine until She took Her mouth away from my cock, shoved Her cock all the way in as far as it would go and spurted Her cum into my throat. She flooded me with the stuff.

She took the ring from my cock and balls and started sucking my cock again.

"You may cum now," She said as She took Her moth from me briefly.

I did spurt after spurt. I could tell that Mistress was catching it in Her mouth because She was not all the way down on my cock. When I was done, Mistress moved around so that Her face was right over mine. She opened my mouth with Her fingers and let my load drain out of Her mouth and into mine. She closed my mouth.

"Swallow," She ordered.

I did. I was swallowing my own cum. It tasted pretty much the same as it did when I liked it out of my hand. I was mortified and yet exhilarated at the same time. Mistress smiled at me and looked into my eyes the entire time. How intense. I opened my mouth without being told to show that I had swallowed all of it.

"Very good My little slave," She said with a smile.

Happiness is making your Mistress smile.

Mistress Q got off me and loosened my bonds. I did not move until She ordered me onto my stomach. The cover on the bed hurt like crazy as my beaten and pinned body rubbed on it. The butt plug was removed and then the egg taken out.

"Go shower," She said. "That was the appetizer. W/we will now be going out for supper."

I went in and showered. After showering I cleaned up all the toys and straightened the bedroom. Mistress had already laid out the clothes She wanted me to wear. I sat on the bed and waited for Her to come into the bedroom from Hers.

Mistress Q came into the bedroom with a couple of items in Her hand. The first was the remote egg, which She inserted into my anus. She gave it a test buzz that caused me to jump slightly. She then put a very light coat of lubricant on the butt plug and inserted that to hold in the egg and make me know that She still owned and controlled my anus no matter where W/we might be going.

The next item was the ever-familiar cock cage. My cock was limp so there was no problem putting it over my cock. She fastened the strap around my cock and balls to hold it in place. Mistress Q reached into the end of the cage with Her fingernails and clamped onto the head of my cock. She pulled it out through the hole in the end of the cage. It fit for now, but I knew I would be in trouble when (notice I didn't even bother with the 'if') my cock got hard. I knew I was going to be in trouble then.

"A new variation," She said. "This will make the head of your cock rub against the fabric of your pants and, if you get hard enough, it will make your pants dance out in front of you when you are standing. Did I tell you that I have chosen a restaurant with a waiting line?"

I started to blush right then and there just thinking of the embarrassment. Mistress then handed me one of Her friendly pills and some water to wash it down. I was not going to have an enjoyable meal. I wondered just how much I could eat when the pain started to kick in.

Off W/we went to the restaurant. It was no fun sitting in the car again. The plug in my anus accentuated the bumps and unevenness in the road. Mistress Q would turn on the egg at the most inopportune times. It would startle me each time. It would also excite me and by the time W/we reached our destination I was erect again. The metal ring of the cage was almost cutting into the skin of my cock. It hurt, but was not so bad I could not bear it. The head of my cock was rubbing against the fabric of my pants. I was glad that Mistress had allowed me to wear a pair of boxer shorts. I knew that the precum that was going to leak out of the end of my cock would have been quite visible on my pants when standing. Mistress Q was very kind to me.

Upon entering the establishment Mistress signed us in and, as She had stated earlier, W/we were required to wait in a line for O/our table. There were seats available and Mistress took one on the end of a bench. She beckoned me to stand next to Her. My pants were starting to tent very nicely and my face was getting redder and redder. It dawned on me that my cock was right at the level of Mistress Q's face. I knew She was glancing at it and watching the other patrons to see who would notice the jerk with the hard-on. Several times She would motion me to bend my ear to Her so She could point out the one or two people who had noticed and ordered me to watch their reactions to my display. This served two functions. The first being my humiliation and the redness of my face. The second was the effect that the rubbing of the head of my cock on the material of my pants when I bent down and then stood up. It only served to increase my awareness of my cock sticking out and the excitement of that happening. No one else knew why the idiot was having such a hard-on standing next to the very beautiful blond Lady. In the process I got one or two very nice buzzes in my ass with the egg courtesy of my loving Mistress. There was never a dull moment with Her.

During the dinner Mistress Q kept one of Her hands under the table out of sight of everyone else, but very plain to me from the way She kept rubbing and pinching my cock. The vibrating egg went on and off at various times and alternated from high to low in intensity. I had a difficult time eating and an even more difficult time enjoying a really wonderful meal.

Just before desert was served Mistress sent me to the restroom. I was told to stand and deliver while in there. I knew what was coming and braced myself for the onslaught of the egg. I concluded my business in the restroom and to my surprise the egg did not make itself known to me the entire time. I could not pee, but made a good showing of it. On the way back to the table I happened to come face to face with a female patron on her way to the restroom and had to step out of her way with an acknowledgement. As I was doing this the egg came on and I just stammered some unintelligible response to her presence. The egg stayed on for the rest of my trip back to the table and did not shut off after I sat down. The waiter came over to take the desert order and the egg suddenly started going crazy in my ass. It went from high to low and all points in between while I was trying to give my order. The waiter was looking at me as if I were from another planet. Mistress was grinning the whole time and just enjoying Herself immensely.

The egg went off when the waiter left the table. Desert was served and eaten without further incident. Of course the rubbing and pinching continued and I was pitching quite a nice tent as W/we stood to depart. That is when the egg came back on. Mistress Q stepped in front of me and led the way while reaching back to hold my hand. This was a nice picture to anyone watching. My steps were a little hesitant from all the activity inside my rear end. Mistress made it a point to stop suddenly several times on the way out so that Her hand would bump against my erection when I failed to stop in time behind Her.

Mistress did not shut the egg off when W/we got into the parking lot. It was mostly deserted and Mistress must have felt rather daring. The car was parked on the far side of the lot from the front door and off to an angle from it. When Mistress and I got to the car and before the door was opened on Her side, She ordered me to kneel in front of Her.

"You are going to be a good little slave and suck My cock right here in front of anyone who might be able to see," She said.

Mistress Q lifted Her skirt, which was not very obvious since it was rather short to begin with, and pulled Her cock from wherever She stored that huge hunk of meat. It was erect and almost slapped me in the face as it came flying out. I immediately went to my task. I had a full belly in the middle of the parking lot on my knees sucking the large cock of a beautiful woman. My cock hurt as it grew even harder. I had no idea who may have seen this. Mistress would have known for She was standing and able to see out over the cars. She could see over part of the cars. She was short enough not to be able to see over the roof of either car we were between.

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