tagGay MaleMy Tortuous Path to Bi-sexuality

My Tortuous Path to Bi-sexuality


When I was in my mid-20’s, I was sexually molested by two men. Although I was raised during the period of the “sexual revolution”, I didn’t really participate in it. “Things” conspired to keep me out of it. Family financial difficulties made me decide to go out to work at the age of 15 (so that I could buy what I desired) and I undertook to continue my studies at night.

Ten years later, I was a “mature age” student at University, working full-time, studying part-time and paying off a house and a car. I had several friends who were girls, but no girlfriend. I had had several sexual encounters, but no relationships.

I had fallen into a routine of working five days, attending lectures two or three nights a week, working around the house on Saturday and playing sport on Sunday afternoon.

To prevent aches and pains all week at work, after sport I would go for a spa and sauna. This was a mixed sap and sauna and most people shed all their clothes when they went in.

One day I was by myself, floating in the spa when another man slipped into the water opposite me. I nodded a greeting and resumed floating as there was still enough room in the spa for the both of us..

I felt something brush against the inside of my leg. I was startled and looked around. The other man seemed oblivious to the contact his foot had made against my leg. I assumed that I was too sensitive, relaxed and resumed floating.

There were a few more touches, and I assumed that they were still innocent and ignored them. Suddenly I was shocked. The man’s foot started touching my crotch, rubbing against my cock. I looked over to him and he still acted as if nothing untoward was happening. I was embarrassed. Embarrassed because I didn’t know how to stop it. Embarrassed because deep down I didn’t want to stop it. I was enjoying the touching and I was becoming aroused – my cock stiffening.

After a while, I honestly couldn’t say how long, the man climbed out of the spa and left. He acted as if nothing had happened, he dressed and left the spa room. I never saw him again.

I was perturbed. I had always considered myself heterosexual. Whilst I had know people who were homosexual, I had never considered then as possible sexual partners. Yet I had found the man’s touch exciting.

Several weeks later the same thing happened again. It was a different man, but it again evoked the same feelings in me. I was never molested in the spa again,, but these events caused me to re-evaluate how I saw myself.

I relived in my mind both incidents and I envisaged possible responses ranging from indignation to retribution. But also I started to wonder what might have been.

I still felt that I was strongly heterosexual and banished those thoughts from my mind. Until….

About a year later, I called in to see a man to talk about a business opportunity. When I arrived at his home, he was busy moving furniture with two friends. When they had finished, the two friends started talking about taking a bath, and finding someone to wash their backs. They began teasing me, asking me to wash their backs and offering to return the favor, I joined in the repartee, laughing.

They went off to the bathroom while we settled down to discuss the business proposal. When we had finished, the two men returned and joined us in the lounge room. At that time, it became obvious to me that they really were homosexual and that all their joking around had been partially serious. They invited me to stay for a few drinks and a party with them.

For the first time I had to confront my sexuality head on. If I was purely heterosexual, as I thought I was I would have politely refused their offer out of hand. Instead my mind raced. I was supposed to meet other people afterwards, but I could have pulled out if I could have contacted them. I quickly reviewed my options to see if there was any way I could contact them and change the arrangements so that I could stay and party with these overtly homosexual men.

As these were the times before cellphones and text messages, I could not contact the people I was meeting with, so, reluctantly I refused their offer. As I drove off to my next appointment, I was again thinking of what might have been.

For the next ten years, I was purely heterosexual, although I enjoyed reading quality erotica on a wide range of sexual practices. As a result of my reading, I resolved to participate in a session of Bondage and Discipline where I would be the submissive.

I had seen advertisements from Mistresses offering their services, so I got up the nerve and rang one of them.

We talked briefly and she suggested that I come in and see her so that we could talk face to face. She would tell me what a B&D session entailed and I could then decide to either walk out or go on with it.

I described to the Mistress what I was looking for in a B&D session and she explained what sorts of things she would do in a B&D session with me, taking into consideration my desires and expectations.

I got up the nerve to say that I would like to stay, so she took me to a dressing room where I disrobed completely, and then, completely naked, I entered Mistress’ dungeon.

She called me over to her and placed a collar around my neck. She then instructed me to kiss her feet. I was then directed to kiss her legs. Finally I was instructed to lick her cunt.

As I enjoyed sucking her pussy too much, she decided that she would punish me. I was spreadeagled on the floor and received twelve lashes on the back.

After receiving my punishment, I was then tied to an upright frame, my arms above my head. A gag was shoved into my mouth and tied around my face and a hood was placed on my head. Securely bound, naked, unable to see or speak, I stood in the dungeon, straining to hear what was happening. The sensation felt as a result of the discipline dished out under those circumstances was beyond belief. Mistress clamped alligator clips on my nipples, hung weights on my balls, stroked my groin and my buttocks with her riding crop.

I could not see when the punishment was going to be inflicted, and when it did occur, the gag prevented my crying out.

Upon being released, I was instructed to kneel on a stool. IN this position, my ass was sticking up in the air. I was expecting to be swatted on the ass, but instead, I felt something pressing against my sphincter and something smooth and hard being pushed inside. Instinctively, I tried to push it back out. A barked command from Mistress made me stop. Just as I was becoming used to the feeling of the object in my ass, Mistress switched on the vibrator.

The vibrations made me squirm. Mistress then proceeded to fuck my ass with the vibrator. I don’t remember much more, but I remember feeling a void when the vibrator was removed.

The session over, I left, satisfied with the experience. The tingling in my ass, re-ignited my thoughts of having sex with another man. I didn’t know anyone, so I deliberately set out to find someone.

My first opportunity was when I had to travel interstate for work. In a strange city, I frequented Gay Lounges. I sat and watched the gay movies and saw how a man had sex with another man. I was approached by a young man. We went into a room but I only had the nerve to kiss briefly and to jerk him off. It was a start.

Next opportunity was when I saw an ad on a contact board in a sex shop. There was a guy looking for other guys to suck his cock. I rang him and arranged to meet him at his house. I sucked my first cock. I ended up with a sore jaw, but it was nice.

On a subsequent visit to the sex shop, there was an ad from a man looking for other men for some fun times. I rang him up and after introductions, arranged to go to his house to meet face to face and to talk further. When we met, I explained that I was curious and was trying out some man to man experiences and that I was contemplating my first anal fuck. He explained that he had just recently gone through a messy nasty divorce, and he didn’t feel like female company, although he did want some company.

He was a very nice man and I felt comfortable with him, so I asked if I could stay. We went to his bedroom where we undressed. He made me kneel in front of him and suck his cock. I obliged willingly. When he was stiff, he directed me to kneel on the bed with my face in my arms. I assumed the required position and he knelt behind me.

He applied some lubrication to my ass and his cock. He instructed me to push down hard and to relax. He put the tip of his cock against my anal ring and pushed. All the time he was urging me to relax and push. He asked if it hurt. There was some pain – actually it was probably only discomfort - as his cock slid into my ass.

He stopped after he managed to slide the head of his cock in my ass. Feeling his cock in my ass was incredible. He then pushed and slid the remainder of his cock into my ass. My bowels started twitching. My cock became rock hard. My head was buzzing.

Slowly he started sliding his cock in and out of my ass. The feelings intensified. I couldn’t feel anything else, except his cock pistoning my ass.

How long he fucked me, I don’t know, but suddenly he pulled out of my ass and told me to lie on my back. He pulled me over to the edge of the bed. He placed my legs over his shoulders and plunged his cock back into my ass.

As he was fucking my ass, he told me to jerk myself off. My cock was rock hard by now, so there I was jerking off while my legs rested on the shoulders of another man as he fucked my ass.

When It was all over, we showered and I drove home. My legs ached. My back ached. My ass was sore. But I wanted more of it.

I needed to find someone who lived close to me. I found a male masseur for males. I booked a massage and went off to see him.

It all started properly. I stripped off and lay on the table while he began to massage me. As the massage progressed I could feel his cock rubbing against me through his clothes. I ignored it

He continued the massage, but when his cock was near my hand, I took action. When he pressed against my hand, I casually rubbed his cock with my hand. He moved on, and when he again pressed against my hand, I resumed the rubbing. He continued the massage but didn’t move from that spot. I continued to gently rub his cock all the time.

He moved away for a moment and when he resumed his position, he was naked from the waist down and his cock was in my hand. I gently fondled it while being massaged.

He then moved up the table and his cock hit my cheek. I turned my head to the side and it hit my lips. I kissed it gently each time it bumped against my closed lips.

Finally I relented and opened my lips and licked the tip of his cock. He pushed hard and drove it into my mouth. I licked and sucked on the tip of his cock while he massaged my back and neck.

The position was not very comfortable so after a while I let it slip out of my mouth. My jaw hurt and my neck was a little stiff. The masseur went to the foot of the table and began to massage my ass. He applied liberal amounts of oil and worked it in well. He told me to roll over on my back. He sat on the edge of the table and slipped his cock into my oiled ass. He then started jerking me off until I came all over his stomach and my stomach. He cleaned me up with a warm towel and I got dressed.

On my next appointment, when he pressed his cock against me, I fondled him more boldly. And when he stripped off from the waist, I moved my face to the edge of the table so that I could take his cock in my mouth more comfortably. I sucked him longer and took him deeper in my mouth.

On my third visit, he stripped off even before starting the massage. Instead of my hand feeling his cock pressing against his trousers, I felt his hardening cock in my hand. Again I shifted so that my face was on the edge of the table. I opened my lips slightly and let him drive his cock into my waiting mouth.

Then for something different, I had sex with a she-male. She had a 8 ½ inch medium thick cock. She started sucking on my cock while I played with her tits. We then did a bit of 69 until we were both hard. I then knelt on the bed while she fucked my ass with her cock. The feeling of her cock pumping into my ass while her tits rubbed on my back was staggering.

As she fucked my ass, she jerked me off. When I came, I almost passed out.

I went back to my masseur, and this time, I waited until he entered the room before climbing on the table. I immediately settled myself with my face near the edge of the table. I didn’t have to wait long. He immediately stripped of and started his massage near my head. I let him slide his cock into my mouth almost immediately and half-rolled over onto my side to make it easier for him to fuck my mouth. I wanted to try something else. I slid off the table and knelt in front of him. I reached for his cock and began to bob up and down on him. I fondled his balls and kissed them too. He held my head in his hands as he fucked my mouth while I looked up at him.

When he was really hard, I slipped back on the table and asked him to fuck my ass. He didn’t have to be asked twice. He drove his cock into my ass while he jerked me off.

I feel that I will have to visit him again shortly. Next time, I won’t even bother to get up on that massage table, I want to kneel at his feet and take his stout, short cock into my mouth. I want to feel him get hard in my mouth. I want him to hold my head firmly in his hands and fuck my mouth with all his strength. And then, I turn away from him and kneel with my head in my arms and I’ll wait for him to drive his thick cock into my ass and fuck me and fuck me and fuck me.

And before my following visit, I’ll ask if he has a friend, so that one can use my ass while the other uses my mouth.

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