tagIncest/TabooMy Twin Aunts Ch. 01

My Twin Aunts Ch. 01


I came home and she was sleeping on the couch; she'd worked late the night before. She looked pretty as she slept, and sexy. Her skirt was hiked up enough to see some thigh and her tits were pressed together so that some of the creamy flesh appeared out of her blouse. I wanted to touch her, but I contented myself to sit and watch until she woke up. Memories and thoughts entertained me as my eyes stroked the body I found so exciting.

When she did awake and saw me watching her, she smiled widely and did a cat-like stretch. She opened her arms to beckon me and I went into her embrace. She said, "I missed you so much." She was warm from sleep and she kissed my neck as I felt her legs shift beside me. I could hardly hide my arousal. It would have been understandable to most people, if she weren't my Aunt Marie.

From my reading and feelings, I had come to understand that there are many sons who are attracted to their Aunt Maries. There are many Aunt Maries who love their sons and would do almost anything for them. Making love physically is usually a barrier they can't cross. I had always wished that mine would be one of the few Aunt Maries whose love could transcend those bounds.

I said, "I missed you too Aunt Marie," and my hand inched from her waist to get closer to the ample breast which seemed to be giving off a heat of its own. My story gets a bit entangled here so I'll start where the threads haven't intertwined yet, and the secrets began to surface.

My sexual awakening came early; actually having sex came late. There were some who were enjoying sex regularly in high school, but I wasn't one of them. Like most, I thought about it and talked about it all the time, mostly with my cousin Prabhu. He lived with my Aunt Laila and Mary two blocks from me. From the age of ten, we all did everything together, Laila, Mary and Prabhu. Death had brought us together.

My parents passed away long back leaving me alone, and my uncle James and Eddie were killed together in a car accident. I was ten and Prabhu was eleven; Laila and Mary were widowed at twenty-seven, fraternal twins, from birth to the death of their husbands. I remember vividly two things at the funeral, the too tight collar that were choking me, and how my Aunt Marie looked in her black suit. My feelings for her were percolating at a level below my realization at that time. It would be years before I accepted the attraction at a conscious level.

I spent a lot of time listening to Prabhu talk about his dad, but I really couldn't empathize too much, because I never felt close to mine. I think the simplest and truest explanation was that we didn't like each other.

Through our adolescence, Prabhu and I dated together and separately, and we always shared our experiences. We'd gotten in to a few fights at school when we found out that some of the guys were calling my aunts, 'The Tit Sisters.' They were both pretty full up top and good looking in their own way, my Aunt Marie was more the sweet next-door type, and Laila the tough and street-savvy one.

A few times I had hinted to Prabhu about my feelings for my Aunt Marie and I could see that he got it. I never felt he was judging me, but we never said any of the real words out loud.

Prabhu started college a year before me, and that was when he stopped talking, and dating. I found out why a year later on the beach. We were lying there in the sun for hours, eyes closed, and talking, catching up on the time we'd spent apart. I was almost in a dream state from the heat and salt air. I was rambling and trying to understand why he had stopped going out. I was pushing him. We'd always been closer than brothers and I missed his confiding in me, because it kept me from discussing anything important with him.

Finally he said, "John, I've been with somebody." He made me ask a lot of questions before he gave it up. "Okay John...I've been with my Aunt Marie." Whack me across the fucking head. I was frying in the sun, but it felt like ice water was poured on me from head to toe.

All I could manage was "Get the fuck out of here." We put each other on sometimes, so I said it with a laugh, in case he were joking, he wouldn't have put it over on me.

"I'm fucking her John," is what he said, seriously. I was having trouble swallowing his words and my spit.

I finally managed to ask something like, "How...when?"

He said, "The night before I started at the university, remember the party?" I remembered; the four of us were pretty hammered. "We got home and we started kissing," he said. "We ended up in bed...John, I've been fucking her ever since."

I was astounded. "For a year, and you never said anything to me?" Why would he? He was sleeping with his Aunt Marie. I didn't know what to say, so I uttered an inane, "What's it like?" The question probably made sense to me, since there I was, never having had sex at all, and now imagining it with my aunt.

Prabhu laughed, "It's great you prick, why do you think I'm doing it?" What I didn't say was, 'How could you do it with your own Aunt Marie?' That's because, by that time, my Aunt Marie was pretty much the one whom I was imagining having sex with most of the time.

One of my early fantasies was of my Aunt Marie being the one to satisfy the ever-building frustration of going out with girls and being either too shy or unlucky to get much. Aunt Marie notices how unhappy I am and gets me to tell her the reason. She says something like, "Don't worry baby, you'll have plenty of girls, but until then, let Aunt Mariema take care of you." She gets on her knees and takes as much of my throbbing cock into her mouth as she can. She sucks me until a torrent of cum fires off and her mouth is filled to overflowing. She always smiles when she's done and tells me she loves me. At that time, even in my fantasy, I'm reluctant to fuck her.

When I was older and had a few serious relationships, Aunt Marie was never far from my mind. I did some flirting with her, and at first, there were some receptive responses. We played around. As I got bolder, my hands lingered on her and she rebuffed me. She stopped playing. I never said anything but I was angry and frustrated. I wasn't very nice to her. I stopped talking to her and sometimes didn't come home at night. We fought over stupid things and finally I told her I was moving out. She said, "Why?"

I said, "To get away from you."

I was sorry immediately, but before I could apologize she said, "I know what you want, John."

I laughed, "You don't know what I want."

Her expression was pained, "You want to sleep with me, don't you John." It wasn't a question. I didn't say anything. She said, "You can't punish me for something I just can't do. I know what this is all about and where it comes from. I love you sweetheart, but I can't have sex with you. I'm not Laila, John."

I was surprised. "You know?"

"Of course I know. Laila's my twin. She couldn't keep something like that from me even if she wanted to...and she didn't want to." She took a deep breath and said, "She told me the day after it happened. I told her I thought it was wrong then, and I still do. It can't end up good for either of them, but she won't listen to me, and I was desperate enough to try and talk to Prabhu, but it didn't help. I guess he's a guy, and like most, he's only interested in getting laid."

"Aunt Marie," I said, "that's not why I..."

She stopped me. "John, even if you think it's more than that, it can't work, don't you see baby?" I started to say something but she cut me off, "Let's not talk about it please, I find it too upsetting. Just don't be mean to me sweetheart, I can't do what you want." She shook her head. "I could kill my sister. This is all her fault...her and Prabhu, but we're not like them, we have to go back to being our normal selves." She ran out of steam and said, "I love you."

I didn't see any point in arguing and I decided she was right about my being a bastard to her for something she couldn't help, so I just said, "I love you too Aunt Marie." I kissed her on the cheek and went to bed.

The next day was a Saturday and I spent too much of it thinking. The more time I spent on Prabhu and my Aunt Laila, the more I wanted Aunt Marie. I'd gotten myself worked up to a fever pitch. Prabhu was there for me to vent my frustrations, but that wasn't going to solve anything so I decided that my one chance to make something happen between Aunt Marie and me rested with my Aunt Laila.

I called her and went over to talk. I had trouble getting starting because I didn't want to embarrass her. I was uncomfortable, but I felt as if I had to do it. So after some false starts I said, "I know about you and Prabhu." I expected more of a reaction. I said, "Please don't be mad at him for telling me because this is important to me. I love my Aunt Marie like he loves you and..."

"I'm not mad John," she said. "I told him it was okay to tell you because I know what you're going through honey, and you shouldn't be mad at him either because he told me, but I don't know what I can do to help you."

"Maybe you could talk to her," I said. "I know she takes your advice."

Laila said, "I don't know; she's given me a pretty hard time about it..."

"I just need you to try Auntie," I said, "I don't know what else to do."

She took a deep breath and said, "Okay, I'm not sure what good it will do."

"She's home right now," I told her.

"You're not wasting any time are you John?" She laughed and said, "Okay." She called Aunt Marie and asked her to come over. She had me go into the next room where I left the door open a bit so I could hear what was going on.

When she got there, the first thing Aunt Marie said was, "I hope you're happy; you've ruined my relationship with my son...you and your crazy fucking ideas." I could hear the emotion in her voice and knew she was probably crying. "Always with the fucking sex...you never knew when to stop. I told you when you started with me we shouldn't do it...now...everything is fucked up...I'm fucked up."

Laila said, "Come here baby."

Aunt Marie yelled, "No!"

Laila again said in a soft voice, "Come here baby."

I heard my Aunt Marie's muffled crying, as her sister must have been holding her. Laila's soothing tone was warm. "Was it so bad sweetheart, what we did? Did that really have anything to do with what you're going through now? The times when we need each other Mary dear, all we do is love each other, and that's all John wants to do."

Aunt Marie had quieted and said, "I know Laila, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's not you." There was quiet, then the sound of kisses. Then quiet again and a small moan from one of them. My head was spinning. There was no way I would have thought anything like that had gone on between them from anything I'd seen my whole life. All I could think was that everyone must have a secret life.

Aunt Marie said, "What do I do now Laila, I'm so unhappy. Since you told me about you and Prabhu, it's all I think about. After getting over being jealous, I thought I could handle it. I Know John wants me, and I feel...but I can't, I'm just afraid that..."

"That's really it Mary, you're afraid. You've told me so many times how attracted you are to him, and now you know he feels the same. Mary...look, the opposite of love is fear. When you give up the fear, all you'll have is love. That's what I found out. I'm not saying this kind of thing is for everyone, but if it's right for you, don't run away from it."

Aunt Marie said, "I don't know if I can, Laila."

At that point, I came out from the room and went to Aunt Marie and said, "You can Aunt Marie...we can." She was surprised to see me, but before she could say anything besides my name, I held her in my arms and kissed her. She kissed me fully for the first time. I felt my aunt's hand squeeze my shoulder before hearing her walk to the door and leave.

I thought that maybe it was a good thing that our first kisses and embraces were not in our own home thinking it would make Aunt Marie more comfortable. She touched me first. Her hand slid down my back and over my ass as we kissed. I fondled her breast. I was wrong. She said, "Not here John, let's go home."

That was the most exciting two-block walk I'd ever taken. We didn't touch or hold hands or kiss. We just kept looking back at each other with every kind of smile you could imagine, from shyness to wanton desire. We said, "I love you," back and forth.

I wondered if it was going to be 'My room or hers' or some neutral territory like the couch or kitchen table. Aunt Marie took my hand when we got in and led me to her bedroom.

Her mouth was as hungry as mine and I got my first taste of my Aunt Marie's tongue. It's smooth length explored and made me harder than I already was. As we kissed we took each other's clothes off. I slid my hand under her bra and the much more than a handful of tit was firmer than I expected. Her erect nipple told me what I already knew from her whispery moans. She put her hand on my cock, and when she felt the extent of what she was doing to me, she pulled off my mouth and said, "John, you know, once we do this, we can't go back...are you sure?"

I said, "Aunt Marie, I don't want to go back, and that's not the question; the question is, are you sure?"

She put her hand into my briefs and pulled the length of me out and said, "Yes baby, I'm sure, I'm sure."

There wasn't much foreplay that first time. She pulled her panties off and got on the bed with her legs spread. There was nothing fancy or exotic about it, but that didn't take anything away from the exquisite feeling of entering into my Aunt Marie's pussy for the first time. Her lips spread easily for my swollen knob and her wetness helped her accommodate my size. She must have said 'OH JOHN' a hundred times as I pushed into her belly. I seemed to go deeper with each stroke until I heard a small cry from her as I gave her my full length.

I didn't have a lot of experience, but enough to know the difference. My Aunt Marie's pussy was right for me, and by the sounds she was making, we were a perfect fit. Her pussy massaged me as I stroked her as if her fist were wrapped around the shaft. It felt too good. I was experienced enough to have control, but that was the toughest time I'd ever had to keep from coming. Knowing I was finally inside my Aunt Marie's pussy wasn't helping.

I stopped to take a breath keep from going over the top. Aunt Marie didn't want any part of that. She said, "No baby, don't stop, do it baby, please...it's so good...I'm almost there..." I lifted her legs onto my shoulders and gave her my full shaft with each insertion into her pussy. I knew I was deeper in her than before by her moans. I put my palms on the bed and stroked her fast and hard. She said, "Yes." And then she said, "Yes," again. And the she said it over and over until she came with a long and explosively loud cry of "OOOOHHHhhhhh..."

I let go and it felt as if lightening went through my body. Each entry between my Aunt Marie's legs sent a volley of my juice into her. I was coming in the place that was supposed to be forbidden to me, the place I had wanted to be for so long. I filled my Aunt Marie's pussy with my cum. And when the spasms finally stopped, my Aunt Marie had given me the most intense orgasm of my young life.

She kissed me when we finished and said, "Whenever I thought about doing this I was worried about what you would think of me. I always wanted you to be proud of me, and know that I love you; I was afraid you would think of me as a...whore or something..."

I never could of you that way Aunt Marie, I'm so proud of you. Are you ashamed of what we did Aunt Marie?"

"No baby, she said, "I wanted to show you how much I love you, with all of me...having you inside me felt...right."

I said, "It felt more than right Aunt Marie, it felt perfect." We kissed as lovers and that night was filled with lovemaking of slow build-ups and fiery finishes. When Sunday morning came, I literally woke up and smelled the coffee. Aunt Marie was lying by me on her side watching me and smiling. I said, "Morning Aunt Marie, how long have you been up?

"Not long, I guess we both slept late after that...wonderful night. Well, it was wonderful for me anyway," she said. She then whispered in my ear. "You do it so good." The truth was I didn't always; I just did it so good with her. It was like being smart with some people or happy with others; it matters whom you're with.

"Aunt Marie, you know it was great for me too; you're great for me," I said.

"Oh sweetie," she said as she leaned over to kiss me.

I pulled her on top of me and she contacted my burgeoning hard-on. I pulled down the top of the nightgown she had put on and exposed her full breasts. "You have great tits Aunt Marie," I said.

She laughed and said, "I wish." She started to recount their imperfections but they felt perfect in my hands.

She reached down and put me inside her and I pulled the nightgown over her head. After a long sigh, the shaft pushed up into her pussy. She sat still and said, "Listen to me honey, I want you to promise me something."

"What," I said, "That I'm going to do this to you every morning?"

She smiled but said, "I'm serious, this is lovely, but this is just for now, for us to enjoy each other, but this can't be for good and you know it. You have to see other people, you have to find someone you can be serious about, get married...have babies." Being inside her flashed me to the crazy thought of my Aunt Marie having my baby, but I didn't say anything

I just made some dismissive sounds and she said, "I'm telling you John, if you don't, this ends now."

She lifted herself as if she was getting off me and I quickly pulled her back and said, "Okay, Aunt Marie, whatever you say." And then I added, "Then you have to see other people too."

She hesitated and said, "Okay...good," and then she moved on me, raising up until only the head of my cock remained in her until she sat back down to take the shaft deep into her pussy. My mind went fleetingly to what she had she had said and I was somewhat uncomfortable with it, but her sounds and motions dismissed it from my mind. She raised and lowered herself faster and faster. Sometimes I came out of her completely, but the knob remained positioned to easily split her pussy lips and enter her again.

I massaged her breasts and worked her nipples between my fingers as she leaned back on my legs and ground her pussy on the pole inside her. She made whimpering noises and I put my finger on her clit and she said, "Oh God I love you." I sensed that she was approaching closer to orgasm. I was glad because in that position, I couldn't control my own. When she began going up and down harder and faster, I was gone. She said, "Come in me, come in me baby, come, come, come..." And then we both did. There was a lot of loud carrying on until I finished filling her pussy and she rested on my chest, laughing with exhaustion.

The phone rang and I was glad it had waited until we were done. It was my cousin Prabhu. Things were about to change again.

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