tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy VideoChat Error Ch 02

My VideoChat Error Ch 02


As I went home that day from the office, I kept asking myself:

Who is Naughty?

Why is this person doing this to me? What did I do to deserve this? It could not just be because of the screen sharing that they recorded. No, it could not just be a chance thing. I was sure they had to know me. Those thoughts and images of me masturbating in my lingerie haunted me all night long.

The rest of the week followed the same pattern. I would get in before 9:00 am. Log into a video chat with Naughty, one way video as he/she never revealed themselves. I would put my white garter belt and white stockings on and then wear my white panties with lace trim overtop. I would then drain the cum filled water glass from the day before into my mouth. Swish it around and swallow. I was not to drink anything for one hour. I was told to savour the flavour. I would then put my work clothes back on overtop and go about working.

At 4:30 pm, we would reconvene and I would once again masturbate into a cup with only a 1/4 inch of water now, in my lingerie, yes my lingerie as I was reminded daily, for Naughty. I would drink half of my own semen and then change and leave for home at 5:00 pm.

I had hoped that the humiliation would end and that Naughty would get tired of this afterwards, but I was wrong, sorely wrong. Things were just beginning. My life would never be the same again.

The following Monday it felt weird to be in the office again. Two whole days without stockings, without a garter belt, without panties. Part of me dreaded going to work. I would have to dress up again. I would drink spunk again. My spunk. The taste would linger on my tongue and in my mouth.

Part of me was oddly enough, excited. I was "on" all the time. The feel of the stockings on my legs was surprisingly nice. No it was more than nice, but I did not want to admit that to myself. I couldn't. I was a man. Nor could I admit that the panties felt better than my briefs. Yes they did. And every time I saw my legs, my own legs, part of me was turned on. No this could not be happening to me. I am a man.

I was early and so was Denise. We exchanged pleasantries and shared the semi-mundane happenings of our weekends, then set about getting to work. I entered my office and closed the door.

8:45. No emails from Naughty. Maybe I was in the clear?

8:50. Nothing.

8:55. Nothing.

8:59, an email arrived. Shit.

Last week seemed like it was all a dream, no not a dream, a nightmare, but one that was long ago. Now I realized it wasn't.

I opened the email. Again it had a link to our own private chat room, complete with video, for me to show at least. Naughty never turned his/hers on. I did all the sharing. I was told to wait for the next package, it should be arriving soon, then to log back in and not open it.

Another package? What I did not have enough lingerie already? Now I got nervous. More nervous than before. I knew this had not ended, I knew it had escalated. Where was this going? How far till I was done?

At 9:30, I heard someone talking to Denise through my partially opened door. After he left I stepped out. She was just rising up to bring me the parcel. Today this hot brunette had on a pink blouse, red pleated skirt with pink stockings and heals. Red loop earrings, thick red bracelets, bright pink lipstick, pink blush and of course pointy red nails on her perfect, dainty fingers.

"Oh, you must have heard? There is another package for you. A bit larger than last time as you can see, brought over by the same company." She paused and looked down at it.

"Here you go. What was in the last one?" She finished with as she handed it to me.

All the time I was watching her. I watched as she swung her chair towards me, which partially spread her legs, and focused on her skirt as it ruffled a bit, then straightened as she got up and stood on her super hot legs. Then as the package was being offered to me I saw her fingers and nails. Man were they a turn on. Hell, she was a turn on.

I would call this blue-eyed brunette a 10, as would most men.

As I took the package from her I heard her question. "Personal stuff from a former client is all." I lied. I had to. I wondered how many more packages would come. How many more times I would have to lie to Denise.

I felt bad as I looked away and returned to my office. I again reminded her that I was not to be disturbed for the next 30 minutes. As she acknowledged this she crooked her head a little, a hint of inquisitiveness on her face.

I was in the chat room again. Naughty was there, waiting for me.

"Take off your clothes. All of them. Do it now."

Once again I was removing my tie and unbuttoning my shirt. Pants were carefully laid on top and my briefs I stuck in one of my desk drawers. I stood in front of the computer and its camera. My manhood fully exposed. I was getting semi-erect again.

Once again my penis was betraying me. I should not be getting excited at this. For all I knew there was some sick 80 year old man at the other end of the video chat, or maybe some bored housewife, or... I had spent a lot of time already wondering. Everyone in my office, and those from the video chat were now suspect, even Denise. Who was it?

I looked down at the screen and read what I expected to see.

"Open the package and put your fresh lingerie on".

It was what I half dreaded and was half excited about. More lingerie. My lingerie. That thought settled upon me again. I was a man. I was not gay. Why was I putting lingerie on again? Yes, or my life would be ruined. Got it.

I pulled out a lacy pink garter belt, pink stockings, pink panties and I almost gasped, a lacy pink bra. At the bottom of the box there also was a lacy white bra to match my first lingerie set and a pair of white high heels.

No this was not happening.

But it was.

I fastened the garter belt around my waist, just above my hips. I had become better at this over the past week and it only took 3 tries to get the clasp in. Then I rolled the stockings up both legs. They felt silky smooth on my legs, like the ones did last week. I did the clasps from the garter belt and then pulled up the lace trimmed pink panties overtop.

This felt strange but also strangely familiar. This was not happening. I was getting accustomed to lingerie. Accustomed to wearing my lingerie.

Then I hesitantly picked up and sized up the bra. Yes, I had a little bit of man-boobs, but not much. I was not slim but not overweight either. I looked at the screen.

As I hesitated Naughty added "Put your bra on. Put your bra on now."

My bra, yes my bra. I looked down and meekly began to put it on. I was turned on and humiliated at the same time.

I put both arms through the straps, adjusted the cups over my "breasts" and then tried to get the clasps together. Again and again I tried. Finally I hooked the bra and adjusted it to make it fit as best as it could. It actually sort of did. Weird. My cock was gaining strength.

I looked at the screen. "Good, you look good." A compliment that was not landing really as such with me. I felt more exposed now than ever.

"And telling from your penis, you like it too." My head hung down a bit.

"You can put your clothes on overtop."

Luckily I had chosen a wine coloured shirt today so it easily hid the pink of the bra underneath. I was still very self conscious of it so I put my suit jacket on as well.

"You will be visited by a client of mine. Yours now actually."

Mine? Naughty had been in the video chat session, under a different name 10 days before. He/she obviously knew my clients on that day or was one of them. This was escalating.

"What is going on? That was not part of the agreement," I typed.

I feared what would happen next. Up to now it was only me. But another person, in the same room as me, with likely nothing but my lingerie on? That would not end well. For me at least.

Naughty hesitated, then replied "Our agreement was that you would do as you were told. Period. Or I would release videos to your wife and boss. Are we terminating the agreement? If so I will send last weeks videos and this morning's in fact. Let me know. Now."

Reluctantly and defeatedly I replied "I will do as you ask. Do not send the videos."

"Good. I would really hate to see you divorced and in the poorhouse. Emma deserves better than that."

Shit, Naughty knows my wife's name.

"Now your client is coming at 12 noon. He will be meeting with you during your lunch hour. You should thank me for that. Denise will be away at lunch."

Fuck, Naughty knows her name too. Who is Naughty? This is really really bad.

"You are to have this video chat open, camera on, and do everything he says. Smile while you do it. If you do not look happy to do his bidding, in my eyes, we are done. Understood?"

"I get it. I will do as he asks."

Crap I don't want to think what he will ask of me. This is not what I signed up for. What can I do? I need to figure out who Naughty is and get this all called off. I need time, but time is working against me.

I am not gay. I am a man. I may not look like it in my lacy pink lingerie, but I am a man. A man named Shaun.

Sure enough, just as Denise was getting ready to go out for lunch, she was at my door.

"Mr Jacobs, there is a man to see you. I told him that it was your lunch break but he insisted I tell you he is here. His name is Mike Brown. What do you want me to do?"

This was getting real. Really fast. A man was here to see me. Just as Naughty said.

"Let him in, and close the door behind him. We can meet over lunch. It should not take long. I was expecting him." I added that to make it seem more natural to Denise.

"Oh, ok. Usually you tell me about your appointments. You sure you are ok, you look a bit flushed?"

Yes, my face was red. My ears also felt warm. I was anxious. A man was here to see me. To see me in my lingerie, and maybe more? No just see me, thats it, I lied to myself.

"I will be fine. Go, enjoy your lunch," I said, faking a smile to belie the way I truly felt and hide the anticipated humiliation I was already feeling.

"Ok!" Denise added and fully pushed open the door so my client could enter.

As she hurried off to lunch, my attention was fixed on the large man entering my office.

He was 6'3", broad shouldered, obviously muscular, in a business suit and black. He smiled as he came in and closed the door behind him.

"Naughty told you I was coming over, yes?"

He moved around my desk and was now about 4 feet from me and in view of my camera. It was on and the chat room was open. Naughty was listed as being there.

"Yes, I was told you would be coming over. I was told that you were to be a client of mine, yet I do not recognize you. What can I do for you?" I stammered out.

"We are not introduced yet. My name is Mike. I hear yours is Shauna."

Shauna, did he say Shauna? Remembering what Naughty said, I hid my surprise and smiled and nodded yes.

"I am a new client of yours, so to speak," he chuckled deeply.

Well Shauna, get that suit off. Now. I want to see the goods." Goods, did he say goods?

I hesitated. It was now or never. If I took off my man clothes in front of him. In front of the camera. In front of Naughty. We would enter a new stage in this bizarre relationship. I had no choice. Or my wife would get the videos.

I put on a fake face. I smiled and to my surprise said "Sure Mike. Whatever you want."

"That's what I want to hear Shauna," He replied.

As I took off my man clothes my confidence faded fast. My face was likely beet red. As soon as my shirt was off I felt naked.

In fact worse than naked.

Here was a large man, a real man, smiling at me while he ogled my pink bra. I undid my belt and dropped my trousers. Dropped them. Socks and shoes came off too. Yes I had hid my stockings under my black socks.

I felt more humiliated than I did last week. And I had thought that felt bad.

"Look at me," he commanded.

As my gaze rose up to meet his I felt like I was not a man. How could I be, dressed like this? I standing there in pink lingerie - stockings, panties, garter belt and bra. Standing before a large muscular, manly looking man. Who also had a large bulge in his pants. Likely for me.

"Turn around. Slowly. Let me see all of you," he said with a grin.

I slowly turned around, showing off my lingeried body.

"Put on the heels. I want to see you in heels."

I complied and fumbled with my fingers getting the straps through the buckles. I smiled meekly, trying to be "happy" for Naughty. I felt so humbled. I had no confidence in me left.

"Come to me now."

He beckoned and I unsteadily made the three and a half steps over to him. His suit jacket was already on my couch.

"Unbuckle my pants"

Oh no, my worst fear was coming true. It couldn't be. No I was not gay.

I reached out and unbuckled this man's pants. I then looked back into his eyes for more instructions.

"Unzip my pants and carefully lower them to the ground."

This was not happening. But it was. I unzipped his pants and bent over to lower them to the ground. As I did so my face was right in front of his briefs. There was definitely a bulge, a rather large bulge in fact. And it seemed to be getting bigger.

"Now my shorts, pull them down," he commanded huskily.

I hesitated.

Now or never.

No turning back once his manhood comes out. Whether Naughty was there or not, I knew that once it was out, he would not put it back in till he was satisfied.

Satisfied by me.

What a revolting thought.

Trembling with some anxiety, once again I did as I was bid.

Out sprang a large dick.

Much bigger than mine. And it was not yet fully hard. It was big. It was black.

"On your knees."

I complied. My eyes still on his member. His black cock was right in front of my face. It looked massive.

"Stroke me. Be gentle."

I reached out and wrapped my right hand around his cock. As a cock goes it was manly. As I gingerly began to stroke it it grew bigger and harder. Yes bigger than it already was.

"Kiss it. With your lips."

I hesitated. I was not gay. I looked up into his eyes and lightly kissed the head of his dick. My stomach turned over. I kissed it again more fully.

I was still lightly stroking his cock. It was thick. My fingers could not wrap all the way around it. It was likely 9 inches or so long now with lots of veins. The head was large and seemed to be staring right at me.

"Lick it. Worship it."

Butterflies filled my stomach. This was not happening.

I tentatively stuck my tongue out and touched the underside of it. Then I licked it again and again. As I did some precum came out the end. I must be exciting him. Me turning on a man.

"Lick that up. Don't waste it."

It felt nasty but I did lick it up. It tasted salty and I wanted my stomach to really turn over, but it only sort of did.

"Good girl Shauna, keep that up." He began to moan.

I stroked and licked the head of his cock more.

After a few minutes he was breathing heavier and said "Open your mouth. Take my cock in your mouth. You know you want to."

I was getting turned on myself, or so my own penis told me. It was rock hard. It betrayed me. That made me feel worse.

I looked up at him as I opened my mouth. He waited. He was not going to shove it in.

"Make love to my cock. Make me feel like a man, Shauna. Make me feel like a man."

I had to show him that I wanted it. Had to show that for the camera. Just like Naughty had said.

I opened my mouth and leaned forward. I took the head of his penis in. I continued stroking him. I was careful not to grate my teeth on him, or so I tried.

I licked the underside of his soft and musky member. Then I began to swirl my tongue around the head, coating it in saliva as I went.

"Ohhhhh, ahhhh. That feels good Shauna. Keep doing that. You are a natural. You are a natural cocksucker. Keep it up. Keep sucking my co-"

At that the door opened and my secretary Denise popped her head in. "I forgot to tell you something important -" her voice froze as she saw the scene before her.

Here was her boss. In pink lingerie. On his knees slurping down on a big black cock. I froze. Mike's cock in my hand. And in my mouth. Mike was surprised too and his 'moment' was broken.

"Come in, close the door Denise," Mike said with a smile.

She stood there, mouth open. lips looking ever-the-more luscious. Her face turned red.

She paused, mouth still open. Whatever she had come back part way into lunch for forgotten.

"Come in and sit down. Shauna wants you to."

Then seemingly decided, she slipped in and closed the door. Her eyes had been as wide as silver dollars, now they narrowed and a sly grin began to creep onto her face. She sat down on the edge of the couch. Her pink pleated skirt resting on her thighs above her knees. She did not fold them. I could almost see her panties, if she had any on.

"Shauna, lets continue. Give Denise a good show."

Beet faced but remembering my deal, I got back to stroking and slurping. In a few minutes he was moaning again.

I looked up at him, his eyes were closed. He was breathing harder and harder. With a large black dick in my hand and in my mouth, I looked over at Denise. She was totally focused on the scene before her. Her blue eyes met mine. She smiled. She squirmed a little on the couch.

I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and behind it. That was pretty much all I could get into my mouth without gagging. It was totally coated in my saliva. I licked. I slurped. I stroked.

His cock was rock hard. So was mine.

He moaned. "You are good Shauna, definitely good. Ohhh. You give a good blowjob. Ohhh. You really must like black dick." He said between moans. "Keep going. This is fantastic."

I looked over at Denise. She looked me in the eyes and hiked her skirt up a bit. She put her right hand inside her own pink panties. She began frigging herself! She must have been so turned on. I saw lust in her eyes. She was so hot.

I returned my focus to that big black cock myself. I kept stroking and sucking. Swirling my tongue.

"Ahhh, Ahhh," Mike exclaimed a few minutes later. "I gonna cum!"

I paused momentarily then continued faster. In my mouth? Yes in my mouth. That would be the natural place.

I glanced at Denise. She was lost in her own world now. One hand under her skirt, one inside her unbuttoned shirt.

Then I felt it. He shook. His body stiffened, his cock pulsed. Then stream after stream of thick goo began to hit the back of my throat. His cock pulsed more and more. At first I gagged a little, then I began swallowing. It tasted putrid, or so I tried to tell myself.

When he was finished, I held his semi-hard cock in my mouth. I licked the head clean.

"Good girl Shauna, that was good. You are a natural."

The taste of his man-cum still filled my mouth.

"Now kiss the head of my dick and thank me for giving you my seed," Mike commanded.

I looked up into his eyes. I felt so humiliated.

"Thank-you for giving me all your seed," I whispered loudly as I leaned forward and planted several kisses on the head of his large manly cock.

"That's a good cocksucker. I'm glad you liked it," Mike said with a grin.


Now I am a cocksucker. The taste of his seed still on my tongue. Still in my mouth.

As he said that I heard Denise moaning and breathing heavily. I sucked off a cock in front of her. I felt more humiliated.

"Go over and help her. Go on. Help her."

And more entangled this is becoming. My own penis was rock hard. Yes rock hard. I moved over to the couch where she was fully seated. Denise paused. She looked down at me. The lust was fading from her eyes.

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