tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Wedding Gift

My Wedding Gift


I rolled over and groaned. Where was I? I opened my eyed and surveyed the room. I remembered, I was at my boyfriend's friends house. Last night I had went over there to talk to him about my wedding. He was going to be the best man. We had got to drinking a little bit and I was feeling very horny and uninhibited. Steve (the best man) caught onto that quick and kept encouraging me to drink. One thing led to another and Steve led me to his bed.

"Good Morning Jen, sleep well?" Steve inquired. "Shit Steve, how could we have done that?" He laughed, "Well Jen, I always knew you had the hots for me."

"Shut up Steve, you know that's not true, you took advantage of me," I said.

"That may be true, but that's not what it looks like on the video," he said while holding up a cassette in his hand.

"Give that to me now!" I demanded.

Steve just laughed again, "Jen, Jen, Jen, you give me too much credit. Why would I videotape it just to hand it over to you? I have plans for it."

"STEVE!! You can't show it to Brad. He'll never marry me then."

"Oh Jen, this I know...so if you want the tape, you will do everything I say."

Steve explained to me that he was having a party that night with some guys from work. And apparently I was to be the "entertainment." I would serve his friends food and drinks, and in any other way saw fit. I, of course, refused. He just reminded me that the tape would be in Brad's hands faster than I could blink if I didn't follow through. I had to agree, I loved my boyfriend, and I wanted to marry him.

Steve had been planning this for awhile, I figured. He had an outfit, if you could call it that, all picked out for me at his house. It consisted of a white thong, and a tight white tank top that didn't quite reach the top of the thong. The top was very thin, flimsy and sheer, you could see my nipples right through it. I was very embarrassed that I would be wearing this outfit in front of all of his co-workers.

We had a couple hours to wait for his co-workers to arrive, and Steve passed the time by making me watch porn videos. He said he wanted me to be excited to serve his guests. I knew that wouldn't happen.

When they arrived, I was waiting in the kitchen. I came out and asked if they would like some beers. They all just stood there staring at me. There were about 10 guys there. Steve introduced me as his "serving slut" and told them that I would be happy to serve them in any way they wished. They each said they'd like a beer, so I went into the kitchen to get them. When I came out, I was shocked. They had all taken their clothes off and most of them had their cocks in their hands. Steve said "Put the beers over there Jen, these guys need to be served in another way." I set the beers down on the TV, and Steve said "On your knees whore." I was about to protest, but then I remembered my boyfriend and did as I was told.

I knelt down in the middle of the room and Steve told me to open my mouth wide. I was so humiliated, kneeling half naked in front of all these strange men, with my mouth open, ready to serve their cocks.

Steve said "Alright, you're first," and pointed to a guy on the couch. He jumped up and walked over to me. His cock was rock hard, about 6 inches. "Not too bad" I told myself as he placed it in my open waiting mouth. I started to swirl my tongue around the head, he started moaning a little. I closed my mouth on it and started sucking. It wasn't long before he started really moaning. Steve said, "Better swallow it all whore," and just then, the guys cock erupted in my waiting mouth. I gulped it all down like I was told. The guy removed his limp cock from my cum coated mouth. Steve had the next guy come right up and he was more forceful. He shoved his cock right in and started pumping my face. I couldn't do anything but kneel there with my mouth open while he fucked my face. It didn't take him long to shoot his seed down my throat. I swallowed it all, like Steve had said. Steve picked the next man to get a blowjob. He walked over and grabbed my hair and shoved my mouth on his cock. He stood perfectly still and used my hair to move my mouth back and forth on his cock. It was hitting the back of my throat and was making me gag. This just made him laugh and do it more roughly. Finally, he groaned loudly and pulled his cock out and sprayed my face with his hot cum. Then he slapped my face with his cock a couple times. Finally I finished all of the guys in the room. I thought I was done, but Steve had other ideas.

"Ok, guys. You've all gotten some nice head from Jen, but I think she might like to be fucked." The guys seemed to instantly harden at the suggestion. Steve pulled me up off of my knees and pulled my tank top off. All the guys cheered. Steve led me over to the coffee table where he instructed me to kneel on it, doggy style. I did as he said. He pulled my thong over exposing my asshole and pussy. He spread my lips open for all the guys to see. He said "Look at this nice cunt...lets make it a sloppy cummy mess." That is when I spoke up, "Steve, no. I can't have any cum near my pussy, I'm not on the pill." Steve thought for a second and said, "Sure ya can Jen, if you get pregnant, then I'll consider it my wedding present to you and Brad."

"No, Steve, I want Brad's baby, not some strangers." Steve said "Oh well Jen, if you don't do this, then I'll tell Brad, and I'm sure Brad won't be making any babies with you." I conceded, praying I wouldn't get pregnant.

The first guy came up and put is cock in and groaned. He started slowly pumping his cock in and out. This was the first time all night I felt it, I felt turned on. I started pushing back on his cock. Steve said "Well well well, our little Jen looks likes she's enjoying her fuck." He said "Tell him how much you are enjoying his cock." That's when I just decided to go with it and have fun.

"I love his cock pounding my hot cunt. It feels so good. Fuck me baby, hard. Fuck my cunt good." The guy listened and started pumping me hard. Finally he shot his load in my unprotected pussy. It felt so good, all that hot liquid coating my insides. He pulled his cock out and a long string of cum came with it. I no longer had thoughts of getting pregnant, all I wanted was more cock.

Steve told me to stand up. Then he told another guy to lay down on the table. I didn't wait for Steve's instruction, I climbed right on and sunk my cum filled snatch right down onto his waiting meat. I started bouncing up and down as fast as I could. Steve said "Jen, slow down, I've got something else for you." So I slowed the bouncing and the guy pulled me forward by my erect nipples so I was leaning over him. Suddenly I felt another cock at the entrance to already stuffed cunt. It shoved its way in alongside the other one. I felt like I was splitting in half. Suddenly the cock pulled out and I almost cried. I liked feeling so filled up. Then I felt it pushing at my puckered asshole. I froze, I'd never been fucked in the ass before. I was terrified. Steve could tell and he said "Take it you fucking slut, take his cock all the way in your whore asshole." With that, the guy just rammed it into my ass. I started screaming in pain. Steve called another guy over and said "Fill her slut mouth up so we don't have to listen to her anymore" and the guy forced his cock into my mouth. He had it in so far, my nose was pressed against his pelvis. I couldn't breathe, so I just started sucking, trying to get him off, so he'd get out of my mouth. I could feel the cock in my ass hitting the cock in my cunt. The thought of it turned me on, and the pain in my ass lessened. I started bucking back on the cocks and the one in my mouth spurted hot sperm down my throat. I swallowed it all greedily. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and it made a loud slurping noise. I wanted to cum so badly at this point. I started begging the other 2 guys in me to fuck me hard, and make me cum. They did as I asked. I felt like a rag doll being pulled between two kids. I was flying around between the two cocks, screaming for them to fuck my cunt and ass. Finally I started to cum. "I'm fucking cumming, fuck my ass hard, deeper, fill my ass with your cock," I was screaming. This proved to be too much for the man in my asshole. He started moaning and filling my ass up with hot cum. I felt every drop of it. This set the man in my cunt off. He filled me with even more cum, making me orgasm again. They both removed their cocks from my fuck holes. I just collapsed on the table. Steve said "Jen, you have a lot more cocks to serve." I said "Steve, I am exhausted." He said "Alright Jen, I'll give you a break. You just lay there and let the remaining men do as the wish with you." And I agreed. The remaining 7 men took their turns fucking my ass and pussy. I just laid there and let them fill me with their cum.

Finally, they thanked me and left. Steve said "Well, Jen, you sure surprised me. I never thought you'd ENJOY being such a slut." I suddenly felt embarrassed. He then told me that he'd also made a tape of my gangbang. I drew my breath in, waiting for the next stipulation. He said it was a present for me, and handed me both of the tapes.

I got married the next week, and Steve didn't tell Brad what happened. Nine months later I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. We named him Steven. Steve is his God Father. Brad still thinks its his son, 2 years later. I have no idea who fathered my son. And it turns me on every time I think about it. Brad and I are talking about having another baby. I told Steve and he is getting another gangbang set up for me. I think I might want to have 6 or 7 babies, as much fun as it is. I still have the videos, I watch them whenever Brad isn't around, and masturbate thinking about the best sex I ever had.

Please send all comments to the address in my profile.

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