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My Wife and Dave


The kids are all now out of the nest and after so many years of fantasizing, I decided to try to make some of my fantasies come true. Like so many other stories I've read, I've had a long standing fantasy to watch my wife have sex with another guy. I know it's a common theme and one that has probably been beat to death. I've brought it up over the years to my wife but all to no avail. I even had a friend of mine interested in trying to get Pam to take that next step a few years ago but it never went anywhere and she never even knew we had talked about it. My wife and I are both your average looking couple, not bad but not like we looked in our twenties, and look kind of like your neighbors next door or down the street for the most part.

Now that the kids are gone, I gave Dave a call and asked him if he'd like to get together for a beer with me and BS about trying again. He was up to it and we ended up going out to Old Chicago's and grabbed a booth. Dave said he would still like to fuck Pam and he could tell how much I was into the fantasy. All we had to do was come up with a good plan and take it slowly.

I enjoy looking at Pam's nipples when she is wearing a T-shirt and since the kids are gone, I have gotten her to go braless at home now sometimes. I enjoy watching as her nipples poke through the light material and it always gets me in the mood when I fantasize about watching someone else caressing them. We were watching TV when I brought up that I'd ran into Dave and we'd gone out and had a beer. Then I added that he was going to come over and we were going to go through some new software I had and mess around on the computer.

Dave arrived the next evening and the three of us chatted about little things before Dave and I went up to my office. We talked for a while, fantasizing about the "what ifs" and looked at some of the pics I've taken of Pam over the years and are on my computer. Some were nude and there were a couple of videos I'd shot of us fucking many years ago that I'd transferred to my computer. After a while we both had our cocks out stroking ourselves while watching the videos. Dave finally said he was going to go down and get a drink of water and left me alone in my office. I knew he was also going to go down and make some small talk with Pam.

He wasn't gone all that long but when he returned he had an obvious hard-on again.

"I was just down talking to Pam and when I started thinking of the videos and pictures, I started to get hard so I thought it was time to come back up." said Dave.

"Do you think she noticed?" I asked.

"Yeah, she was sitting in the recliner watching TV. She looked and noticed. Man, I could see her nipples through her shirt and just wanted to walk over to her and start rubbing her tits."

The hard-on that I'd had earlier instantly came back. I visualized watching as Pam looked at Dave's cock through his pants and her nipples getting hard. Soon we both had our cocks out, silently stroking them as we continued to go back through the pictures. It was tough knowing that we had to take this very slowly if we wanted any chance of success in the future.

I think we both wanted to cum so bad it hurt but didn't want to shoot in front of each other so after a half hour or so, we went back downstairs and joined Pam watching a movie. I don't even remember what it was with all that was running through my mind. At one point, Pam asked me to go down and get her a glass of wine. I took my time and let her and Dave have a few minutes alone again.

After the movie, Dave said he had to run so Pam and I just chatted about everyday stuff until it was time for bed. She felt really good that night and even went down on me for quite a while. While fucking, I started visualizing her with Dave and after a while, she came hard followed shortly afterwards by me, having the strongest orgasm in a long time.

That Friday, Dave invited us over to his apartment to watch a new DVD he'd bought. The movie ended up being pretty dull so soon we were talking about computers and software and Dave offered Pam a beer, which she accepted. Pam and I were sitting on one couch and Dave was sitting on the other. It seemed that Dave was having some problems getting the copy of my software to work, so I mentioned that I could just burn him another copy and see if that worked. The software was for photos and he was trying to get some things finished up with some pictures he'd taken.

Out of the blue, Pam suggested I go burn him a copy since he needed to get the project done. The beer was running through Pam and she had to go to the bathroom so I got up and left and went home and burned a new copy, testing it on my machine first to make sure it worked. It was about an hour before I made it back over to Dave's. When I got back, Dave and Pam were still sitting on the couches chatting and I realized that nothing was going to happen any time soon. We all went back in Dave's den and finally got the software loaded and running. By then, it was getting late and Pam and I decided to call it a night. Once home, we had another great night of sex before falling asleep.

The next morning, I was going through my email and had one from Dave telling me I needed to come over. I told Pam I was headed over because Dave had some questions about some of the advanced features of the program. I got to Dave's apartment and was met at the door by Dave with a grin on his face. I was suddenly having visions of something happening that I knew were impossible. I went inside and Dave had me take a seat as he grabbed the remote control and started the video player.

Dave had set up his camcorder in the corner of the room with a piece of black tape over the red light and turned it on while Pam was in the bathroom. I sat and watched as Pam came back into the room and took her seat back on the couch. Dave offered her another beer which she took and sat back on the couch once again. They made small talk for quite a while, Dave telling her about when he used to work at a strip club a few years back and other such things that gave her a chance to get to know him. He started to compliment her on her looks and personality and I could see her on the screen as she seemed to relax some. She casually removed her shoes and put her feet up on the couch as they continued to talk. Dave was telling her about some antique picture frames he was going to restore and Pam asked if she could see them. They both got up and left the room. I could hear them talking in the other room but couldn't make out what they were saying. They weren't gone very long and soon came back into the room and each sat in separate couches like they were before and continued the small talk until I arrived back at the apartment. I was a little disappointed but not surprised that nothing had happened.

I looked over at Dave and said, "At least it's a start, even if nothing happened."

He smiled back at me and said, "That you know of." Then he laughed a bit and told me that I was both right and wrong.

After they went into the den, he pulled out one of the frames and was showing it to her. The room was small, and with all the junk he had in there, things were pretty cramped. He found himself pushed up against her a couple of times and was a little embarrassed that he was getting hard. The next time she stepped back, lifting one of the larger frames, she backed into him, it was obvious that she'd been able to feel the hardness of his cock against the small of her back. She stepped forward and he reached around her to help her set the heavy frame back where she got it from. He said she took a deep breath as she was momentarily in his embrace from behind. Realizing that this had to go slowly, and that the mood would be broken when I returned at any time, he backed off and they returned to the living room. It was only a matter of minutes before I returned.

My cock was so hard it hurt at that point. Seeing for the first time that this might actually go somewhere, Dave was just as hard. He asked me if I wanted to watch some porn on the TV and I agreed. We were both sitting on the same couch where we had the best view of the TV as the movie played. He took out his cock from his sweat pants and stated stroking it while I pulled down my jeans and started stroking my own cock. I couldn't help but watch as he stroked his cock. Someday soon, hopefully, the cock I was watching would be buried in my wife's pussy and I was mesmerized by watching him stroke it. I continued watching both the movie and Dave until Dave leaned back on the couch and started to stroke his cock harder and faster. I leaned back watching and started to do the same. Suddenly, he roared out that he was cumming and cum was flying everywhere. I couldn't believe how much cum was erupting from his cock. I was a little startled when I realized some of his cum was landing on my arms, legs, hand and even on my cock. That set my own orgasm off and soon found myself cumming the same way.

Neither of us commented on what had happened and we kept in touch over the next week. We chatted about what had happened the night before at length and he told me that he was pretty sure he could get Pam in bed and fuck her. He mentioned that once I left the night before, she seemed to get much more relaxed. If he'd had more time that night, he thought he might have been able to get further. I had to leave town on business the following week and Dave asked me if he could use my video camera while I was gone. I told him no problem since it was much better than the one he owned and had a remote.

I was pretty excited when I got back from my trip on an early Saturday afternoon to see if anything had happened while I was gone. I'd purposely "forgotten" my cell phone at home on the dinning room table indicating that I would be out of touch. The trip was filled with work so I didn't even have much time to wonder what was going on back home. When I did arrive home from the airport, Pam was the same as when I left. There was no indication that anything different had happened and I was immediately bummed because I knew nothing had happened. We chatted for a while and I went up to check my emails and to relax a bit.

When I got upstairs and went to my email, I had a message from Dave left earlier that morning. All it said was for me to come by. I went back downstairs and told Pam I had to run into the office and get a couple reports done before Monday morning and would be back in a few hours. Twenty minutes later, I was over at Dave's apartment.

Dave opened the door and smiled at me as he invited me in. We went in and he got me a Pepsi while I got comfortable on the couch. He sat across from me and we made small talk about my trip for a while. I figured nothing had happened but at the same time, I hadn't built up any false hopes. We started talking about Pam and he looked at me seriously for a while before asking me if I was sure about all this. He wanted to make sure I was still ok with him trying to fuck my wife. I just laughed and said I was sure. It was a fantasy I'd had for over 20 years. He got up, went over and turned on the VCR. The room showed just Dave walking away from where the camera was planted and the sound of someone knocking on the door. The picture was a bit dark and I knew it was late in the evening. I saw Pam enter the room with Dave and she took a seat while he left the room. She made herself comfortable, removing her shoes and sat on the couch cross-legged. Dave came back in the room with a bottle of wine and poured her a glass. They started making small talk about photography and I gathered the reason she was over there was because Dave had some pictures he wanted to show her. It wasn't long before Dave refilled her wine glass and they continued to chat.

Pam mentioned the pictures and he left and came back with a good sized pile of photos. He mentioned that it was pictures he'd taken over the past year but hadn't been able to sort through them recently so some might be boring ones he'd forgotten about. He sat down next to her and they started going through the pictures, laughing at some and Pam commenting on others. When they got to one picture, Dave apologized and said he'd forgotten about that one. It was a picture of him naked, sitting on the same couch they were on, with an erection. He said he was a little drunk when that one was taken and moved on to the next one saying that what we do when we've had too much to drink doesn't count. Pam continued going through the pictures as Dave once again refilled her glass with wine. It was obvious Pam was getting a buzz. Finally, they finished the stack of pictures and he asked her if there were any she'd like to see again. She went through the pictures faster this time and stopped at the one of Dave naked.

"Who took this one?" she kind of laughed. She continued to look at the picture for a while before handing the stack back to Dave.

"I don't remember. I don't remember a lot of that night, come to think of it." With that, he leaned over in front of her to set the stack on the end table. His right arm was behind her shoulder as his left placed the pictures down. At that point, his face was only inches from hers and they soon found themselves in a deep kiss. From what I could see on the screen, Pam's breathing was very heavy as was Dave's as his hands started to caress her breasts through her shirt. It was there that the tape ended.

"Shit!" Was all I could say. "What a time for the damn tape to run out."

"Did you really want to see more? That may be as far as things went."

"Come on Dave, don't fuck with me now. Did you fuck her or not?"

"Do you still want me to?"

"Yes, I do. My cock is about ready to explode here."

Dave got up and went to the kitchen and came back with another beer for himself. Then he went over and popped out the tape and put in another. This one showed him and Pam in bed. Dave was kissing her deeply while trying to slowly undress and caress her breasts at the same time. When one of his hands ran across the top of her jeans and pussy, she arched her back to push against his hand.

"Glad you loaned me your video camera?" He asked.

I just nodded as I watched what was happening in front of me. Soon Pam's top was off and I noted that there was no bra. It didn't take much longer before she helped him slide her pants down and off. His finger was moving in and out of her wet pussy as he continued to kiss her deeply and caress her breasts. I could actually hear the sounds of her wet pussy when he went in and out. He made his way down slowly, removing his own clothing while sucking on her breasts. She held his head tightly against her as his pants came off and they were soon both naked on the bed.

The heat of the passion and lust in the room was too high for any further delay and soon, Dave's cock slid deep inside my wife. Pam let out a moan and I could see her shudder in the dim light from the night-table. Dave tried to go slowly and make it last but Pam's pussy muscles started to contract as only I know how well they can. It was only a short time before Dave couldn't hold back any longer and I watched as his ass looked like a jackhammer pounding Pam's pussy, getting her closer and closer.

With a cry, Dave let loose and started flooding Pam's pussy with his cum. As suddenly as it has began, it was over. Pam's eyes were closed, her chest rising and falling. I knew she was so close to getting off but it hadn't happened. Dave's cock slipped from her and I saw him move off of her. I could see the cum pouring out of her pussy and knew this was a shot Dave had planned for me. He moved off her at just the right angle for me to see his cum pouring out of her swollen pussy, down to her ass and onto the sheets. I felt bad that Pam hadn't been able to cum herself though. I would have loved to watch her cumming with Dave.

When I thought it was all over, I was surprised to watch as Dave went lower and started to lick on Pam's pussy. I couldn't believe it. He was going to eat his cum from her. Pam was a bit shocked as well and she started to protest for a minute until something inside her clicked and she was instantly back on that plateau of pleasure. It didn't take long before she grabbed the back of Dave's head and pulled him tight against her pussy, yelling and thrusting up against him as her orgasm rocked through her entire body. I thought he'd either smother or drown as he kept sucking and licking away.

Afterwards, they laid there for a while chatting. Pam went on and on, on how intense she came while he was eating her. She didn't know it could feel so good to be eaten after a man had cum inside her. Dave went back down and began eating her again, this time taking his time. I watched as Pam had another orgasm before they called it a night and she began getting dressed. That's when Pam asked Dave if I knew about this and if I helped set it all up. He said no, just that he thought she was sexy and couldn't help himself. She mentioned that years ago I'd tried to talk her into sleeping with another guy but that she told me it would never happen. Dave asked her if she had any regrets and if she was going to tell me about what happened. She thought a while and said she didn't know yet and would have to think about it.

"Maybe you can get your husband to eat you after he cums inside you some time. "Dave said.

"If he doesn't, perhaps I could still find out what it would be like if you filled my pussy up again sometime and then I went home to him. Do you think he'd notice?"

I asked Dave when they had fucked and he told me it was last night. I was in a fog with everything going through my mind and finally made my way back home. After I finished unpacking, I was curious and went to the clothes hamper. Almost hidden under many clothes, I found a set of Pam's panties that were wadded and still a little wet. I raised them to my face and inhaled deeply and smelled the mixture of Dave's cum and Pam's pussy juices. Almost involuntarily, I stuck out my tongue and tasted. Who knows what the future will bring.

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