tagGroup SexMy Wife & Her Friend

My Wife & Her Friend


My wife is in her 40's, 5 foot 6 inches tall, long dirty blonde hair, 140lbs mostly in her big 44DD tits and 46" sexy big ass, 36" waist.

Her friend Betty also in her 40's though a year younger than my wife. At 5 foot 4 inches tall, also a blonde about 120lbs 38C-30-39 fairly cute with her glasses on.

I'm also in my forties though 2 years younger than my wife, 5 foot 10 inches tall, dark brown curly hair, tight cropped beard, 170lbs.

I came into our house from the dining room, after dark. I heard some noise coming from the living room, it sounded like sex noises.

I quietly looked into the living room and saw two women sitting on the couch naked, highlighted by the light of the television.

The moanings I heard were apparently from a porn movie in the DVD player.

The two women were my wife, Donna and her friend Betty. They were rubbing their own pussy's while watching the video.

I was noticing how nice their large breasts looked as they jiggled around, from their pussy rubbing.

I tried to move closer, quietly to get a better closer look. Now I could here them talking about the movie they were watching.

Betty said, "Wow, look at that woman taking two hands in her pussy."

Donna said, "Bob has fisted my pussy before but just with one hand. I really get off good when he does that."

Betty said, " I'd like to try that, I've used some really large dildos but never a persons hand."

Donna said, " you want to try it?"

Betty nodded "I'm really horny and wet, lets give it a try."

They got up from the couch and laid on the floor head to feet. Betty spread her legs and reached between her legs and pulled her cunt open. Donna lubed her hand up with Vaseline and worked some into Betty's pussy.

Donna said, " wow Betty your really wet down here."

Betty said, " you bet I am, try slipping your hand in."

Donna pointed her fingers and worked her finger tips in, then pushed some more when she felt Betty shove her cunt down on them. Soon she had her hand in up to her wrist.

Betty moaned loudly, "Oh god that feels good. Fuck that hand in me."

With that Donna started pushing in and out of Betty's hot wet cunt.

Donna was starting to see what Bob liked about fisting, the feeling of a hot cunt wrapped around her hand was great.

Betty pushed harder against Donna's hand and said more, shove more in me.

Donna was in Betty's pussy half way up her arm. Betty was pumping her ass up and down on Donna's arm wildly. At this point Donna's pussy was running pussy juice down her own legs.

Donna said, " Betty put your hand in my pussy."

Betty lubed her hand and pushed it into Donna's cunt. This was quite a sight I was seeing, two women with their hands up each other's cunts, both madly fucking up and down on the others hand.

I couldn't stand it anymore, I took off my clothes and walked in with the biggest hardon I have ever had. I said, "is there room for one more?"

Donna and Betty said at the same time, " you bet."

Betty asked my wife if she could suck on my cock.

Donna just nodded her head and said yea, but keep fucking my pussy with your hand.

I walked up to Betty and kneeled over her face and put my cockhead in her mouth. She sucked me like a vacuum cleaner.

Apparently having Donna's arm up her cunt was making her lose all inhibitions. She sucked on my cock and with her free hand grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper into her mouth.

She sucked my cock down to my nuts, swallowing with my cock balls deep.

I was fascinated by how deep Donna's arm was in Betty's cunt.

Betty and Donna were both lifting themselves up with their legs and pushing back down hard on each others hands.

I had never seen my wife so horny or that aggressive both with the vigor she was pushing her hand into Betty and with how hard she was fucking herself on Betty's hand.

Seeing my wife act that horny made me about blow my wad, but I wanted this to last a while so I tried to hold back.

After about 5 minutes of this I said lets try something different.

I had Betty kneel on all fours, with Donna behind her on the right and me on the left. I told Donna to put her hand back up Betty's cunt. After the earlier work out her hand slipped right in.

Betty moaned deeply.

I lubed up Betty's asshole with Vaseline, looked at Donna for permission with my cock at Betty's ass, Donna nodded so I pushed the head of my cock into Betty's ass.

Betty moaned and said, "Oh god you've got a huge cock, fuck me both of you."

With that I shoved in all 9 inches of my cock up Betty's ass. I could feel Donna's hand as she shoved in up almost to her elbow.

Betty gasped and started fucking back against us, grunting like a wild animal. I felt Donna grab my cock from within Betty's pussy and she started jacking me.

With all this going on I simply couldn't stand it anymore and started cuming, I came for what seemed like minutes.

Betty was still humping against Donna and I, so I withdrew my cock from her ass and grabbed some Vaseline and worked my hand up Betty's pear shaped ass.

Donna's hand still in Betty's cunt, Betty started getting even wilder and pushing back harder, saying more, more.

Soon both Donna and I were up her respective holes up to our elbows. I could tell Donna was getting pretty horny too as with her free hand she was working her own cunt.

Betty came hard, she fell forward onto her big 38C tits and lay there quivering, basking in her orgasm.

Donna and I slowly pulled our hands out of Betty's quivering body. Betty got up with the biggest grin I had ever seen on her face.

I said, Donna's turn.

I had Betty lay on her side on the floor with her elbow on the floor and her hand up.

More Vaseline and I had Donna squat her cunt over Betty's hand.

I made a quick trip to the restroom and washed my cock with anti-bacterial soap. When I got back Donna was working her cunt up and down Betty's hand.

I straddled Betty's face and she started sucking my cock, while I grabbed Donna's big 44DD tits and started sucking on those hard long pink nipples.

Donna was hornier than I had ever seen her, testament to that was how hard she was slamming her cunt down on Betty's hand.

Donna was moaning loudly. On the down stroke she would push hard against Betty's hand and I could see her leg and ass muscles quiver with the force she was exerting. I could feel her vibrations in her tit as her other breast quivered sexily.

Donna had her eyes shut now, as she said " Bob put your big cock in my ass."

I got up around behind Donna and pushed my cock into her tight asshole. I had to use a lot of force to get into Donna's ass with Betty's hand up her cunt.

I wanted to make sure I wasn't hurting my wife so I asked if she was okay, and she said, "yea lover, fuck that cock deep into my ass." With that my wife pushed down hard against both my cock and Betty's hand.

Donna moaning and wildly humping against me and Betty, she began to cum.

She threw her head back and said, " come on you guys, fuck me harder."

I could feel her ass contract wildly as Donna had multiple orgasms. After her third straight quivering orgasm I felt as if her ass was sucking at my cock with each orgasm, I blew a huge load up her ass which triggered a fouth orgasm in Donna.

We all took a short shower break to get cleaned up. The women seemed to be getting horny again, hard nipples and all. They started playing with each other's tits, squeezing them, pinching each other's hardened nipples. Donna sucked on Betty's tit's then Betty sucked Donna's tits.

This was making me horny again too as my cock quickly climbed back to full erection. I sat on the couch and Betty sat on my stomach, I started sucking on Betty's titties. Donna got on the floor in front of me and started sucking my cock.

I couldn't believe how quickly my wife got so horny again. I could tell she was really horny as she was deep throating my cock, which she had never done before.

It felt so good down her throat I almost blew my wad right there. Much as I hated to, I had to stop Donna from sucking me so aggressively.

Donna still lightly sucking my cock reached up and pushed her hand into Betty's ass.

Betty was getting pretty into all this attention, me sucking her tits Donna's hand up her ass. Betty started to push back against Donna's hand, I could feel Betty's clit rubbing against my stomach, as she rocked her hips and pushed back hard on Donna's elbow deep fist.

Apparently the girls had been at this a while before I got there as they both had shaved their pussy's bald. Being hornier than usual I had an unusual urge to eat some pussy.

I told Donna to lay on her back on the floor. I licked and sucked at Donna's cunt, sucking her clit and tonguing her pussy hole. Betty was squeezing and sucking Donna's big tits.

I think Donna was getting awfully horny as she was pushing her cunt hard against my face and told Betty to put her cunt over her face.

Donna started licking Betty's bald pussy, this sight was making my cock throb. Donna was thrusting her hips up, pushing her cunt hard against my face.

Donna started to cum, I knew this because she was cumming so hard she was squirting like a man. She had never done this before, I couldn't believe how good her juices tasted.

Betty said, " Hey I want some of that." Reluctantly I moved aside and Betty buried her face in Donna's cum shooting pussy.

Betty on her knees between Donna's legs, Donna still quivering and cumming and Betty's ass up in the air, her cunt also dripping with her juices. Her tit's bouncing around with the aggressive pussy eating she was giving.

I gave Betty's cunt a quick licking and stuck my cock into her pussy. I was surprised it was so tight, after having several hands up it.

I was working Betty's cunt like a mad man, Betty started to cum. Thrusting hard against me still eating my wife who was unbelievably still cumming herself.

I could hold back no longer. Not wanting to get anyone pregnant, I said who wants a mouth full of cum.

Donna shouted out, Betty and I can share it.

With that both girls turned towards me and Betty wrapped her lips around my bloated cockhead. I started to shoot.

One large load in Betty's mouth, then Betty pulled off and my wife had her lips wrapped around my dick, second shot.

They went back and forth like that when after my never before achieved sixth cum shot, my balls were emptied.

Both girls licked and swallowed the cum from my cock and balls. All of us fully satiated and exhausted showered and called it a night.

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