My Wife and Her Mother


"Oh, mum", I managed, and sank to my knees on the floor in front of her, placing my hands on her big stocking-covered thighs. She smiled and whispered words of encouragement.

"That's it you naughty little boy, touch mummy's stockings down there, touch me up you dirty little boy."

This was heaven, the culmination of years and years of fantasising about it were about to come true. I explored higher and put my fingers gently on the cunt of her white cotton panties. I could feel her dampness coming through the gusset, and I could smell the aroma of her cunt that was so familiar from my laundry-basket wanks in the bathroom.

She moved her large bottom to the edge of the armchair as she sank lower into it, and wrapped her fat legs around my waist. I fumbled to open my trousers and let my cock spring out while she reached down and pulled the gusset of her knickers to one side to show me her dirty fat cunt covered in a thick bush of long black hair. My cock popped straight into her cunt hole and I leaned forward into her, kissing her fully on her open mouth. My left hand went to her giant tits where, through her substantial bra, I could feel very large nipples standing up like bullets under my fingers. She started to speak.

"Ooh, that's it my dirty little boy, give me a naughty fuck, fuck it in me harder you dirty little boy."

I required very little encouragement, and being unable to hold it back the situation overwhelmed me. "Mummy, can I come in your cunt please?" I said meekly. I needed no reply, as my sperm load was already shooting off inside her dirty fuck hole. Squirt after squirt was shooting off up her old cunt as she spread her fat legs open for me, high heels pointing upwards. All my dirty dollops had blobbed off into her wet vagina, and I sank down onto her substantial belly and chest in a state of emotional exhaustion.

I kissed her fully with open mouth and tongue for several minutes, and eventually stood up and pulled my things up over my limp cock. She stood up too, straightened her clothes, took my hand and led me to my own bedroom. Without a word, she undressed me, lay me down on the bed and cleaned my cock of its spunky residue with a tissue, taking very loving care over the operation. When finished, she took her jumper off over her head, removed her necklace and bracelets, then unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She took down her silk underskirt and reached behind herself to unclip her huge bra which too fell to the floor. She stood in front of me with her enormous breasts sagging down towards her belly, and her white panties over a black suspender-girdle which stretched tightly over her big tummy. Her tan-coloured nylons were old-fashioned and finished high up her big, fat thighs which bulged out over the stocking tops.

She slipped off her high heels and pulled down her knickers to reveal her cum-filled vagina with its substantial bushy covering of black hair. She knelt on the floor beside me as I lay on my back on the bed watching her, unable to remove my gaze from her big, sexy body. She took my penis in my hand and gently wanked the floppy cock up and down and began to speak.

"Now then, my dirty little boy, what would you like mummy to do to you, hmm? I'm feeling very randy and I've not had a cum yet, I wonder if that's something you could help me do? What does my little boy think?"

I only managed "Yes mummy, anything you want." She continued to wank me gently up and down and said "This must be our secret, and as long as we keep it between ourselves, we can have a beautiful sexy time together and do anything your fantasies desire."

I looked at her and said "Please mummy, may I cum in you again?"

"Of course my dirty little boy, I'll make sure you fill me up with your dirty seed every single day." As she wanked me, her other hand wandered down to her slit and fingered away at the fleshy lips between her fat thighs. Her breathing became heavy and she closed her eyes as she wanked me. My cock responded to her touch, the foul language, her fat old body and the sight of her fingers gently masturbating between her cunt lips. Once I was fully hard again, she stood up, climbed on top of me and guided my cock into her spunky hole for a second go. As she fucked herself up and down on my penis, she reached down with her hand and fiddled her clit with her middle finger, exactly as Caroline did. Her eyes closed, she became flushed and within a few minutes she was doing her dirty filth all over my cock. As she spunked off to her orgasm she quickened her fucking motion and shouted "You dirty little cunt, you dirty little cunt..." over and over again. It was all I needed and I blobbed off again into her fat, wet cunt hole, all my jets of sperm squirting out into her dirty old vagina hole.

Our orgasms subsided and she slid off and lay next to me on the bed. "Our secret," she reminded me.

She took her clothes, and kissing me goodnight, left the room and went to bed.

Caroline returned about an hour later and I had to pretend to be asleep, lest she desire a fuck which I could no longer provide.

The weeks rolled by and turned into months and eventually into the two years for which Dorothy stayed with us. In that time, Caroline and I had our first child, a girl to whom we gave the middle name Dorothy, and of course my 'fuck mummy' and I continued our frantic sexual relationship.

We fucked each other in various stated of undress, in every room in the house, and did almost every sexual thing we could think of. I loved to lick her cunt as a prelude to fucking it up her hole, and she felated me and allowed me to cum in her mouth, always with heavy lipstick on her wrinkly old lips. I loved lifting her summer dresses from behind, pulling her knickers aside, and slipping my prick up the wet slot between her fat stocking-covered thighs. It gave me a view of her bum hole, her fat arse and thighs, her stockings, knickers, and her high heels straining on tip-toe to meet my fuck thrusts. Always, I would be talking dirty and calling her my mummy, while she responded, calling me her filthy little fuck boy, and encouraging me to finish inside her with squirts of my filthy seed.

Sometimes, her fantasies extended to telling me to cum up her hole and make her pregnant, and despite her age and obvious inability in this respect, it spurred me on to a hard cumshot as she shouted "come on you filthy little cunt, make me pregnant with your dirty dollops, fuck me a baby up my wet cunt hole. You dirty little boy, come on fuck it up me and give me a baby, make me pregnant with your disgusting sperm, you little cunt..." and so on she would go, getting more obscene each time we fucked.

After two years with us she moved into a flat nearby, and although we kept up a sexual relationship for years, I suspected she had other gentleman friends whom she was entertaining in the bedroom. That was OK with me as long as I got my share of 'mummy fuck' sex.

After she moved out, Caroline and I resumed our relationship more fully than we had done for many years. My sexual predilection, however, lay with large women many years my senior, and on a couple of occasions we indulged in 'swapping' with couples much older than ourselves. It wasn't the same however, and I continued to see Dorothy, my 'fuck mummy', until we moved away with my work. Now, it's rare that we get together, but when we do it's just like our first time again, with me calling her my mummy and her calling me her filthy little boy.

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