tagFetishMy Wife Enjoys a New Hobby

My Wife Enjoys a New Hobby


I'm your basic suburban family man with a loving wife and two teenage children. To an outsider, our lives appear the classic "Leave it to Beaver" picture of domestic tranquility; nice house in the suburbs, good jobs, great kids, Sunday afternoon barbecues, and white picket fences. But in the bedroom, our sex life has recently taken a seriously divergent path. Thank goodness none of our friends know about our new sexual adventures, but behind closed doors, my wife has recently taken the reins and now directs our sexual escapades in a way that would make most pornstars blush and would absolutely shock our neighbors. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

We met in college and married shortly after graduation, moving to Denver to be near her family. Our sex life has always been adequate, although after the second child, passion has waned significantly. Both kids are now in high school and we are approaching our forties. Sex had become a one-night-a-week chore that left me barely satisfied. In fact, I had recently unleashed the world wide web of porn on the internet to get me off between our weekly fornications. After everybody was in bed for the night, I'd retire to the study, sit down at my keyboard and surf my way to a satisfying jerk-off.

As the weeks progressed, the r-rated pictures of hot little teen cuties had less and less effect on my middle-aged boner. I started surfing more hardcore stuff; orgies, bdsm, bi-sexual, transvestite, and even gay sites. The nastier the porn, the more I got off. After shooting a big load, I'd feel embarrassed and guilty, but I'd be back for more the next night, looking for more bizarre pictures to get me off. I became infatuated with pictures and stories of dominant women that took total control of their men, using collars, cuffs, toys, strapons, and multiple sex partners to humiliate their submissive boy-toys.

One night after dinner, I retired to the study to do some surfing and was surprised to find the computer on and a slide-show of my saved pictures playing on the screen.

As a panic overtook me, my wife's voice echoed from the doorway, "So this is what you've been doing every night for the last several months?" she barked with an accusing tone. "Surfing the internet for pornography!"

"I, I, I..." I stuttered, ashamed and more than a little embarrassed.

"Carl, you are one sick mother-fucker!" she screamed. "When I found those pictures on the computer, my first thoughts were to pack up the kids and get the hell out of here, stopping only long enough to call a divorce lawyer."

"I'm sorry Sarah," I whimpered, unable to formulate any coherent thoughts to defend my behavior.

"But," she continued, "I took a few deep breaths and thought it through. You've been a good husband and father, so I decided to give you a chance to explain yourself. Not that anything you say will make me despise you any less right now."

I tried to gather my thoughts even as the nasty pictures continued to scroll across the screen.

"I'm waiting," she exhaled.

"Honey, I can't begin to defend myself," I began. "Our sex life has been pretty mundane over the last few years, and I started surfing porn to..."

"You must be fucking joking," she cut me off. "You're going to tell me that this perverse behavior is my fault and you are looking at all this very disgusting porn as a marital aid to overcome the perceived lack of fucking you are getting. I supposed you'll also tell me its better than you fucking around on me with a mistress? Or maybe with a fuck-buddy based on some of that gay porn you seem so fond of."

"I swear dear, I've never been unfaithful to you," I replied.

"Yeah right," she cried. "Instead, you spend every fucking night in your study, your dick in your hand as you fantasize about all these sordid sexual scenes playing out on your computer. I looked at some of those pictures and movies you saved, that's some pretty disturbing stuff you've gotten into."

I couldn't argue with her on that point. "I know," I meekly replied. "I don't know what has gotten into me, but some of this stuff just gets me so damned horny. I started off just checking out pictures of pretty naked women, but recently I admit my fantasies have taken a darker edge."

"Oh that makes me feel so much better," she sarcastically sighed. "I think you need professional help, you fucking degenerate."

"I'll do whatever you say," I begged, eager to find a way to make this awkward situation better.

"I bet you will," she replied. "Based on some of those pictures, I see you like dominant women."

I thought I detected a note of playfulness in her voice, but my optimism was quickly squelched.

"You'll find some pillows and a blanket in the hall closet. I want you to think about what you've done and how it makes me feel as you toss and turn on the sofa tonight. We will talk more tomorrow. And for heavens sake, keep your fucking hand off your fucking dick for change; try thinking with your goddamn brain instead of your fucking cock!"

With that parting shot, she stormed off down the hall and slammed the door to our bedroom. As I reached over to turn off the computer, I was shocked to find my trousers were tented and my dick was rock hard. The firm tongue lashing my wife had just doled out had given me a huge boner. I was on the verge of having my marriage and my life crumble around me, but my dick didn't care. My wife's aggressive demeanor and verbal assault had me turned on like a teenage horn-dog. Maybe she was right; maybe I did need professional help.

The next day was Saturday, and with the kid's soccer games, yard work, and the other weekend chores, I had no alone time with Sarah. She gave me the cold shoulder most of the day and in the afternoon, she took the car and announced she was dropping the kids at a friend's house for a sleepover and then she was going shopping. I spent the afternoon cleaning the house and made a pretty good dent in the honey-do list that had been accumulating all spring. I figured that would be one less thing Sarah could yell at me about tonight.

I had just finished mowing the yard when the car pulled in the driveway. I met Sarah as she got out of the car, eager to finish our conversation from the night before. The suspense was killing me and I wanted to see where I stood.

"Honey, can we talk?" I began.

"We can talk later," she replied, as she grabbed several bags from the back seat. "Go take a shower."

I tried to help her with the bags, but she pulled away. "I said, go take a shower! You don't listen very well do you?"

Obviously she was still pissed off. I was anxious to see if 24 hours had improved our situation, but having her bark at me like that only made my dick tingle in my shorts. My wife is typically very passive and she almost never raises her voice. I had to shamefully admit, her anger and aggression were making me hot. I hurried into the house and headed for the shower before she could spot my growing erection.

I took a cold shower to placate my horned-up libido. Drying off, I walked into the bedroom and was more than a little surprised to see an assortment of sexy women's lingerie laid out on the bed along with a note that read:

"Pick out something and PUT IT ON!!! I'm in no mood to be fucked with, so don't even think about refusing to follow my directions. I think I'd like to see you in a garter, some black fishnets, the fuck-me heels, and a lace bra. You'll find a red wig on my dresser and a choker collar next to it. Meet me in the study when you are finished getting ready. AND HURRY THE FUCK UP!!!"

This was completely out of character for my wife, but I was not about to cross her after last night. If she wanted to humiliate me to prove a point, I was willing to take my medicine. Not to mention, the idea of cross-dressing had my cock stirring again as it was one of the fantasies my internet surfing had recently unleashed. I had never actually worn women's clothes but the feel of the silky fishnets against my skin as I pulled them on had me immediately rock hard.

I workout regularly and have a decent body. Standing 6' and weighing in at a modestly cut 180, I look decent in a swimsuit. But my masculine frame looked rather silly in a garter and lace bra, especially with my 7" boner sticking straight out from my crotchless black panties. Nonetheless, I completed the ensemble by strapping on the high heels, snapping the choker in place, and pulling on the long, curly red wig. Not completely satisfied with my new look, I found a lace teddy on the bed and after stuffing my bra with some of my wife's panty hose, I pulled the teddy over my head and turned to check out my profile in the full length mirror. I wasn't passable in the least, but the enhanced chest did give me a more girlish figure.

Embarrassed of both my new outfit and the raging boner between my legs, I walked slowly down the hall to the study, sure I was going to trip and break an ankle in the incredibly uncomfortable spiked heels. My mind raced as I wondered what my wife had in store.

Entering the study, I found her leaning against the front of my desk wearing my oversized raincoat, a look of pure mischief on her face.

"That's my good little slut," my wife purred as I entered the room. On the TV she had a porno playing that showed a richly dressed mistress completely dominating her male slave. He was restrained in a sling and she was using a variety of toys on his puckered ass, occasionally giving his raging hard-on a quick tug or two and pulling on his roped up nut sack.

"Sarah, I'm so sorry..." I began, but she cut me off.

"Mistress! You will call me Mistress when you are dressed like my little whore," she barked. "Do you like the sexy clothes I bought for you today?"

"What's gotten into you..." I tried again.

"You really don't take instruction well, you little cunt. I said you will refer to me as Mistress!"

With that, she ripped open the trench coat revealing a shocking sight. My wife is petite, about 5'2" and barely 100 pounds. She hasn't gained a pound since high school and even after the birth of our kids, she always regained her toned physique. Her breasts are a modest b-cup, but they are very perky with perfect little cherry nipples that stay perpetually erect and continue to defy gravity even as she approaches 40. Her cute little bubble butt sits atop a stunning pair of runner's legs. She has a beautiful face with big green bedroom eyes, high cheek bones, a sharp aquiline nose, and a pouty little mouth with big full lips. Her long wavy brunette hair is perfectly set off against her pale skin and my friends all think I married way out of my league.

Under the coat, she was dressed in a black leather bustier that hugged her every curve and showed off her cleavage to its fullest, a sexy garter belt and stockings, a pair of thigh-high 6" stiletto boots, and long skin-tight latex gloves. But the most shocking element of her wardrobe was a huge black rubber dildo that she wore strapped over her crotch. As she tore the coat off, the big rubber dick bounced menacingly and my gaze locked on her impressive member.

"I knew my little bitch would like my big black cock," my wife moaned as she reached down and stroked the massive dildo with her petite hand, her fingers not quite reaching around its full girth.

"Sarah, uh, umm, Mistress, what is going on here?" I stuttered.

"You've lost your privileges for asking questions, bitch. But since you brought it up, after a long sleepless night, I've decided to give you a second chance. And as embarrassed as I was to initially admit it, the pictures on your computer actually turned me on. When I'm done with you, I don't expect you'll have any need to surf the internet to get your sick little jollies. I intend to fulfill those fantasies and then some, with the added little benefit of getting my rocks off in the process."

"Oh Sarah, I mean Mistress," I sighed, "You don't have to do this."

"That's right cunt, I don't have to do this. But I want to do this. I'm going to make you my little bedroom bitch. I might be new to this, but you know me, once I find a new hobby, I enthusiastically embrace it. I expect that our lives outside the bedroom will continue as before, but behind closed doors, I'm in charge now. You will do as I say, you won't ask questions, and you will perform up to my standards...or else."

With that, she picked up a leather riding crop off the desk and gave my ball sack a swift swat, making me bend over in pain.

"Do you understand, Carlie?" she asked with a mocking laugh.

"Yes Mistress," I groaned. It appeared my wife had gone off the deep-end, but even after the painful blow to my privates, my dick was rock hard and the head was glistening with drops of pre-cum. Never in my wildest fantasies had I envisioned Sarah participating in my sick and twisted sexual perversities, but here was my chance to act out my sorted dreams. And besides, she looked so fucking hot in her Mistress uniform I'd have been crazy not to play along. Little did I know that the playing would turn intense in short order.

"Good," she replied. "Now, put this on your package and attached the end to the loop in your collar."

She handed me a leather ball and cock restraint that wrapped around my balls with a chain that secured the contraption to the choker around my neck. She then snapped a leash into the middle of the chain. When she tugged on the leash, I was forced to lower my head into a bowing position to relieve the strain the contraption placed on my groin.

"You look very sexy, my little slut," she commented as she walked around me to admire my attire. "I like the teddy, it makes you look very feminine. Do you feel pretty?"

"Yes Mistress," I lied, not eager to feel the sting of her riding crop again. I reached down to loosen the strap around my balls and gave my cock a quick wank as it was so hard now it literally hurt.

"Did I tell you to touch yourself?" she hissed as I felt the sting of the crop on my panty-clad ass.

"No Mistress," I replied, my ass on fire from the powerful swat.

"Well, let's make sure that doesn't happen again," she said. She picked up a pair of Velcro cuffs from the desk and attached one to each of my wrists. "Put your hands behind your back, slut," she commanded. She fastened the cuffs, effectively making my hands useless.

"As you can see, Carlie, I went on a little shopping spree this afternoon to the local adult novelty store. I have a whole bag of fun toys to try out on you. I charged them on your credit card. Didn't your Mistress do a good job you filthy little bitch?"

"Yes Mistress," I weakly replied, scared to think of all the toys I hadn't seen yet. I didn't know what Sarah intended to do with that gigantic black dick between her legs, but I was eager to find out.

Almost as if she had read my mind, Sarah walked behind me and grabbing her fake dick, she pulled my panties aside and rubbed the length of it between my legs and up my butt crack. "You like the feel of that big, powerful cock between your legs, don't you, you fucking queer?"

"Yes Mistress," I lied again. No fucking way was she going to use that thing on my tight virgin hole.

"Get on your knees, slut," she commanded as she marched back in front of me.

With my arms restrained behind my back, I cautiously dropped to my knees, my face now level with the big black protruding silicon dick, the angry molded veins seeming almost to pulse with life.

"Not fast enough bitch," she barked as she gave the leash a firm tug, further tightening the strap around my scrotum and lowering my head to within inches of her bulbous cockhead.

"Now show Mistress how happy you are in your new subservient role by kissing her big chocolate penis," Sarah cooed.

In my nightly jerk-off sessions, I had often fantasized about sucking a man's penis, but now that this massive member was literally inches from my face, I was having serious doubts.

Slow to respond to Sarah's instructions, she grabbed the rubber cock and slapped my face hard with the giant toy. "I said kiss it, faggot!"

Without further hesitation, I planted a weak kiss on the giant mushroom head of Sarah's strapon cock.

"You can do better than that," she chided. "Run your tongue up and down the length of my tool and get it nice and wet," she commanded.

This time I did as instructed, feeling the big rubber veins under my tongue as I licked the entire length. The dildo had a funny, but not displeasing taste.

"Yeah, baby, that's it. Lick Mistress's pussy juices off her big rubber dick. You took too long in the shower so I had to take a spin on that magnificent toy while I waited for you. Do you like the taste of Mistress's pussy juices, my little cunt licker?"

"Oh yes Mistress," I replied, this time telling the truth. Now that I knew that funky taste was my wife's love sauce on the monster cock, it tasted delicious. At the same time, I was immensely impressed that she had taken this gigantic dildo into her tight box, something I would never have imagined Sarah doing.

"Now lick Mistress's big rubber balls," she commanded.

I turned my head sideways and licked and sucked the rubber scrotum as my wife bounced the full length of the black prick on my upturned face.

"I think you are a natural cocksucker," she hissed. "Now open wide and take my big dick into your faggot mouth. Show Mistress what a good little cocksucking slut you really are."

While I had started tentatively, I was quickly shedding my initial discomfort and I eagerly took the first several inches of the monster cock into my virgin mouth until I felt the huge head bump against the back of my throat.

"Suck it!" she commanded. "Suck it like the real fucking cock you wish it was!"

I sucked feverishly on her rubber dick, swirling my tongue around the shaft, and pistoning my head back and forth over the several inches I could comfortably feed into my mouth.

"You look so fucking hot with that big cock buried in your mouth," Sarah cooed. "Look at the computer screen you little bitch, don't you look sexy with my hard penis between your lips."

I looked up at the monitor on the desk. Sarah had positioned the webcam to point directly at us and she was recording the action on my computer. There I was, on my knees, my hands restrained behind my back, dressed like a cheap whore, wearing a red wig with several inches of black rubber cock in my mouth. I had to admit, it was the hottest fucking thing I'd ever seen.

"But I think you can do better," she hissed. She grabbed the back of my head and forced the dildo against the back of my throat, holding it there while she applied gentle but firm pressure. I started to gag but Sarah didn't let up.

"Relax you fucking slut," she instructed. "I saw whores deepthroat more dick than this in your filthy pictures. You don't want to piss Mistress off, do you? If you want to be my cocksucking bitch, prove to me you are up to the challenge."

I tried to relax my throat and felt another inch or two of the monstrous beast disappear into my mouth. Sarah held it there briefly before withdrawing the cock from my stretched and sore jaw. My eyes were watering and I fought the urge to throw-up.

"You will learn to deepthroat my cock, Carlie, or else," and she snapped the riding crop in the air making a loud crack. "Now open wide and try again. And look at me as you throat my boner, I want to see the lust in your eyes as you submit to my manhood."

This time as she slid the tool into my mouth, I lubricated it with my tongue as it tunneled past the entrance to my throat. She again grabbed my head and forcefully drove the length down my throat, burying another couple of inches into my raw throat.

"Breath through your nose, bitch," she instructed. "Cause you ain't gonna get any air through your mouth with this rod crammed down your windpipe."

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