tagInterracial LoveMy Wife Honey Ch. 03

My Wife Honey Ch. 03


Since I decided to take the day off from work, I spent most of the day cleaning the house. I wasted no time tackling those dirty sheets in my daughter’s bedroom. Honey would be home from work soon and we had a great deal to talk about. I cooked dinner tonight and waited for my wife to return home. She was now more than three hours late and I wondered if Honey was meeting with Mr. Howard tonight.

Minutes later I heard the front door close, and it was Honey as she walking over to kiss me. Honey had a look on her face as if she had a rough day. I told her we had many things to talk about and she responded with having many things to explain to me. She first reassured me that she loved me very much and was deeply sorry if I was hurt for what she had done last night to land that big contract.

Honey and I have had a very trusting and loving relationship since the first day we met in college. We never tried to hide anything and we believed in being completely honest with each other. I first told her my concern about her getting pregnant by Mr. Howard and asked Honey if she had done anything to prevent it. Honey said that was one of the reasons she was late coming home from work tonight. Honey had called her girlfriend that happened to be a doctor to see if she could get a prescription for a pill they called the morning after pills.

I asked Honey if she was able to get them and she responded shaking her head yes but didn’t get to the drug store yet to pick them up. Honey explained that she had so many hours to take them so she would have to pick them up before the drug store closed tonight.

Honey than grabbed me by the hand and lead me over to the sofa. Honey asked me to set down as I did she sat herself on my lap and put her left hand around my neck and kissed me. Honey than began to tell me everything that was going on with signing the contract with Mr. Howard. Honey had told me she had been meeting with him over lunch for the past few weeks. It started out with a few other members from Honey’s agency, than as things were getting down to the nitty gritty, her boss had told her to do it alone because he felt that Mr. Howard felt comfortable with her.

Honey said she knew Ray was coming onto her the last couple of meetings. Honey told me about something Ray had said. We were referring him as Ray now and not Mr. Howard.Ray had told Honey about a dream he had about meeting a beautiful white blonde woman and falling in love with her. Honey had said they were so wrapped up in getting this contract signed that she didn’t have the nerve at that point to tell him she was a married woman. Honey told me about listened to everything Ray had to say about her and she felt trapped because she was afraid of losing the $25,000 signing bonus she would receive.

I put my hand around my wife at that point because she was starting to cry. Honey told me that when she was invited for dinner by Ray and asked to return to his place for a cocktail, and it would be totally out of the question. Honey felt she would be very safe here with me that night.

At that point I asked Honey how she than ended up sleeping with Ray as she did. Honey had told me how she felt that things were getting out of hand. When she walked into our bedroom to speak to me, I was asleep, which was very true. Honey said she had more than a few drinks and let everything get the best of her. She than told me how sexually excited Ray had got her sitting on the sofa and gently touching her. In addition to the fact how sitting on the sofa with some handsome black gentlemen that was telling her how special he felt she was.

Honey started telling me about a fantasy she had for years and we had talked about it. She always wondered how it would be to have sex with a black man. Honey and I talked about that fantasy many times while making love but it never went any further than just talk. Honey once said that she would be excited to have a muscular tall black man make love to her while I watched. I too had said I found it exciting and we always would end up having the hottest sex.

I couldn’t help getting hard at this point myself and Honey had found me hard herself and started to stroke me through my pants. Honey loved me very much and I loved her. I could understand why she felt so trapped and felt she had some sort of obligation with Ray or at least in her mind the way she said she felt so sorry for him.

I started kissing my wife and I pulled the sweater off she was wearing. Honey had on a black brassier which made her mounds look ready to spill out. I gently kissed my way down to her cleavage and started to lick little circles until I undid the hooks on the back and let them fall free.

Honey pulled my head into her breasts as I continued to kiss my way around her beautiful globs. I noticed Honey’s breasts were bitten just about everywhere from last night. I didn’t have time to think much about it as Honey started to free my belt and zip down my pants. Honey told me to get them off and I stood up and they fell to the floor. Honey started on the bottons of my shirt as I pulled her skirt down her legs.

Honey had one of her sexy garter belts on with no panty’s. Honey pushed me down on the sofa and straddled my legs as she sat on my lap facing me. Her arms were around me as she kissed me again telling me how much she loved me. With my hands on her hips I started to work my left hand around the front to guide my stiff rod inside my wife.

I was hard as a rock as Honey moved her little bottom around on my lap begging her to screw her. I put the palm of my hand down over Honey’s mound as I began to slowly stroke my wife’s pussy. She felt very wet as I gently slid a finger inside her pussy. The lips still felt puffy and swollen and thought she must be still sore from all the screwing Ray had given her.

Honey kept pushing her way down toward my shaft as I took my hand and guided it to the entrance of her pussy. Honey was so wet, and it slid in very easily. I could tell right away Honey didn’t feel as tight as she normally did. She had been stretched from Ray’s huge shaft last night and I wondered if my wife would tighten back up in time.

Honey seemed so wet tonight as I held her hips while she rotated her little round butt down on my shaft. Honey continued to kiss me running her tongue inside my mouth. I thought to myself how lucky I was to be married to such a beautiful woman. I knew in my heart she was thinking of our family when she was with Ray.

Honey arched up to push her breast into my face and I knew she wanted me to lick them. I kept looking around and seeing these little red bites on her breasts thinking about what a nice time Ray must have had with my wife.

I glanced down to see my wife’s little tummy grinding away in little circular motions and further down I could see her pussy working hard on my shaft. I noticed something else around Honey’s mound that looked like a tiny little black spot. I kept staring at the area until I could finally make out what it was.

It read something like a little tattoo on the side of her pussy mound. I strained my eyes a little and it read, Ray’s pussy! Honey I said, what’s on your pussy. Honey said Ray was fooling around with an ink pin last night and wrote that on her. She said she meant to wash it off and forgot it was there. Honey said she was sorry and we kissed again.

Honey kept grinding her pussy around my shaft determined to make herself orgasm. Just as I was thinking just that, Honey began to shake like a wild stallion. Honey kept telling me to push harder which I did and I felt her pussy began to shake as Honey let out a scream she was there.

I couldn’t hold back any longer as I released my load inside my wife’s pussy as I continued to stroke it inside her. I could feel myself getting soft and my sperm oozing back out around my pole as it slid out of Honey’s pussy. Honey collapsed on my lap as we just sat there trying to gain back energy.

I just kept my arms around my wife as we just sat still for what seemed like half an hour. Honey than kissed me again as she sat herself down on the sofa next to me as I held her in my arms.

I told Honey I understood about last night and wanted to know if she had seen Ray today. Honey said yes, they had lunch together and talked about the contract. It was signed and presented to Honey’s boss today. Ray made it clear that Honey was to remain on the account otherwise he made a clause that the contract could be broke at anytime Honey was taken off the account.

Honey than told me she still had the problem of Ray wanting to take her out this Friday night as a celebration of her signing the contract. Honey said Ray was making it clear he wanted to continue to see her. Honey told me she would tell him she couldn’t even if it meant losing the whole deal. Honey looked at me for advice and what to do about the whole situation.

Honey said Ray wanted to take her dancing this Friday at a club in Tampa. He wanted to introduce me to his best friend. I asked Honey what he planned after that and she said we could just drive back here and spend the evening by the pool and have a couple drinks.

I mentioned to Honey what Ray had said to me last evening about someday soon he was going to ask her to marry him. Honey laughed at what I said to her. I told her I knew it was funny but he wasn’t joking. I told Honey I felt Ray meant what he said. He told me he was falling in love with her.

Honey just stared at the back of the sofa for a moment to catch her thoughts. She told me she would have to find someway to change his mind about her without jeopardizing business.

We took a shower together and ate the dinner I had fixed for us this evening. We had a lovely evening together. I think both of us were thinking about the mess we were in with Ray. I knew Honey liked Ray and there had to be some sexual attraction, as we feel asleep holding each other in bed I thought about that writing on Honey’s pussy mound and remembered it was still there when she got into bed.

The next morning we both got up at the same time getting ready for work. I kept thinking to myself that I forgot to do something. I just couldn’t figure out what it was.

Honey was drying her hair as I walked up behind her and kissed the back of her neck. She turned to kiss me back on the lips and smiled. We were both running a little late again. Honey kissed and hugged me on our way out the door telling me she loved me. Honey mentioned a big meeting this afternoon but should be home on time and she would see me than as she got in the car and drove off.

It was right after lunch I got back to my office and sat at my desk and started to think about Monday night and everything that happened. I started to think about the writing on Honey’s pussy mound that said, Ray’s pussy.

Than I remembered what I’d forgot. Honey was supposed to get to the drug store last night to buy those pills she mentioned. The morning after she called them. I needed to call her right now. I dialed her office and the receptionist told me they were having a meeting during lunch but she didn’t have a number. So I tried to call Honey’s cell phone and got her message instead. I left a message telling Honey to call me right away, and it was important.

I decided I would look on the internet and try to find out some information concerning the effectiveness of those pills. I learned they had an 85% chance of working if taken within 48 hours and it drops down to 58% after 48 hours. After 72 hours they are not going to work. I had to hope Honey had taken them sometime during the day since it was getting close to the 48-hour period. Why couldn’t Ray have had a vasectomy like me?

I had a very long day at work, pulling in the driveway around six opening the garage door. Honey wasn’t home yet, so I made my way into the house. I noticed the message waiting flashing on the phone so I hurried over to check to see who it was that called. Not recognizing the number, I listened for the voice.

It was Honey telling me she was in Tampa having a meeting with another firm and would be home late. Honey said in her message that she would have called me earlier but the battery in her cell phone needed to be charged. She said she loved me and would see me later. I thought to myself, what else could go wrong today.

I walked into the kitchen thinking to myself and wondering if Honey had taken the pills. Than I noticed what looked like a prescription near the sink. My heart sank at that moment as I read the date and name of the doctor. I rushed out the door with the prescription in my hand and made my way down to the drug store.

Once back home I looked over to see if Honey had called while I was gone. The light was flashing again. It was Honey, and I listened to the message. Honey said she would be done around nine and would be coming straight home from the meeting and told me she loved me again.

All I could do was think about these pills until Honey got home tonight so I decided to make dinner. I sat down because I wanted to read the little booklet the druggist had given me with the pills. I wanted to see what side effects there maybe by taking these pills. Everything I had read on the internet was here including side effects that may occur. There where six pills, you had to take one followed by one more.

The phone rang again so I rushed over to answer it hoping it was Honey. I picked up the phone, and it was Ray. He asked to speak to Honey and I told him she wasn’t here at the moment and could I take a message. Ray told me to forward the message that it was nice seeing her this morning and looked forward to their dinner date on Friday.

Ray was very polite and said he wanted to get Honey something for Friday evening to wear. Ray asked me what her favorite color to wear might be. I told him she mostly wears black or red. I figured he was going to buy her a dress or something when he mentioned he was on his way to a famous lingerie shop and wanted to pick out something special.

Ray told me he thought I was a really nice person and Honey was lucky to have a brother around to take care of her like I did. He had asked me if I had children because he noticed some toys around the house. I told him I was divorced and the kids are here on weekends. Ray said he would ask Honey to spend the night in Tampa if I wanted to be alone with my kids. I told him they were with Grandparents for the summer.

Ray than mentioned he would like to spend the evening alone with Honey and appreciated the way I had given them freedom of the house the other night. Ray was telling me in his own way he would like to see me get lost again. I really wanted to tell him at this point things were going too far and Honey was my wife.

Ray went on to explain what he said about asking Honey to marry him someday and wanted to know how I felt about interracial marriages and how would I feel about having a black brother-in-law. Ray told me Honey was a fine-looking woman, very sweet and compassionate. Ray told me as a matter of fact she was the best lover he had ever been involved with.

Ray told me my sister was going to be better off financially because his company was planning on giving Honey a surprise signing bonus of $250,000 and made it clear that he had everything to do with it himself. I told Ray I would relay the message to Honey when she came home.

Honey made it home just after eleven because it was a two-hour drive from Tampa and she looked exhausted. Honey gave me a hug and sat down. First, I told her about were the pills and Honey had a worried look on her face. I told Honey I picked them up today for her and she could take one when she was ready.

Honey looked at her watch and said the doctor told her to take them as soon as possible because there was only about a 58% chance of them working at 48 hours. Honey than explained what the doctor had said if she were already pregnant and how it would cause harm to a fetus and not abort the unwanted pregnancy. Honey started to cry and she didn’t know what she should do now. I gave my wife a hug and tried to comfort her. I told her I felt she should not take them for that very reason. I told Honey we would deal with it somehow. I than told her Ray had called and told her everything he had said including the bonus. Honey said she found out today about the extra money. Honey said she was willing to call Ray and she would explain to him she was married. I told her not to panic yet, we didn’t know for sure if she were pregnant. She agreed, telling me she had been sexually excited the other night with Ray but didn’t imagine we would get into the mess we were in now.

I let her know it would be all right and I loved her very much. I told her to go ahead with plans for Friday with Ray. Honey said she could handle Ray and wouldn’t let things go any further. Thinking to myself, we had to find someway to get ourselves out of this situation.

It was Friday and Honey and I both got home from work early. Honey was just getting out of the shower when I walked in the bedroom. Honey removed the towel and I noticed the writing Ray had done was still on my wife’s pussy mound. I assumed it would wear off in time.

Honey walked out of the bedroom dressed for her date with Ray tonight. It was hot this evening and Honey picked out a red dress with black heels. Honey’s dress showed a touch of cleavage and fit tight showing off every curve. It was sleeveless and looked like a stretch material. It highlighted her breasts and the curves of her hips as they flared out along with her tiny waist.

Ray made plans to pick Honey up here tonight so I’d have to play the brother routine again. I think Honey was just as nervous about this date tonight as I’ve been. We were both worried about getting Ray upset right now. I think we’d have to play along for a while longer to insure the bonus was paid.

The door bell rang and honey walked to the door and greeted Ray. I could see Ray kiss Honey on the lips as his hands went straight for the cheeks of her rear. Ray said hello to me and didn’t waste anytime asking Honey if she were ready to go. Honey grabbed her purse and started to walk over and kiss me and caught herself just in time. Honey said she would see me later as they walked out the door. Ray looked back and gave me a little smirk as he walked out the door with my wife.

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