tagMatureMy Wife Lied To Me

My Wife Lied To Me


I think from the first year my wife and I were married I have always asked her if my penis was big enough for her. The reason for this was in Jr. and Sr. high school I could see everyone else's soft penis looked bigger than mine so I assumed when they got hard they were bigger also. Now after high school I learned that's not always the case but I also found out that my little soft penis was not one of though that gets to average size or bigger when hard. The size of my penis rock hard is small average at best being only five inches long and a little less than four and a half inches around, about one and three eighth inches wide. So being a little insecure knowing this information I have always asked my wife if my penis is big enough for her. For thirty-six years of being married she has always said size doesn't matter and that my penis is all she needed or wants. So with this info let me tell you how I found out different.

Over the years we have played with toys in the bedroom, vibrators mainly, you know the ones that look like the real thing. Well the first time we got one was on one of our wild weekends, to get away from everyday life struggles, have some wild sex and do some cross country skiing or hiking. Well we went to a sex shop together to pick a vibrator out. They had a number of different ones in all sizes and colors. I thought my wife would pick one out about the same size as my penis but she surprised me when she picked out one that was eight inches long and almost two inches wide.

I did not say anything but the ride back to the hotel my penis was rock hard just thinking and wondering if her pussy could take all of that big vibrator in and wondering if she would really enjoy it? Well it didn't take long to find out, I think she must have been thinking about it to because when I got her naked on the bed, her pussy was sopping wet. Her juices were already running down her leg. Now the amazing thing to me was that a woman who said size doesn't matter had five mind blowing orgasms in the next half hour and one of them I thought she was going to black out. She had never climaxed as wild and loud as that with me ever before. And with me being the only man she has ever had sex with I couldn't believe how easy it slipped right into her pussy. Her first orgasm about six and a half inches slipped right in and within forty five seconds she was cumming, having her first mind-blowing orgasm. By the fifth one she was taking seven inches into her pussy and by the end of the weekend all eight inches was easily disappearing into her sweet wet pussy.

Now after that first night with a vibrator there have been many weekends and a number of different vibrators over the years. The biggest one she has ever got was a ten inch long and two and a quarter inches wide and she has no problem taking the whole thing into her hot sweet pussy and I do love using it on her and watching the whole thing going in and out. But now maybe you understand why over the years I have been a little insecure about my penis size and can't help always asking my wife if I'm big enough because I see the way she has these mind blowing climaxes with the big vibrators. Her response has always been the same, size doesn't matter and I'm all she has and will ever need or want.

Now I'm sure that even though I cannot give her mind blow orgasms with just my penis like her vibrators do I've learned other ways to blow her mind to where she is climaxing so hard she is begging me to stick my penis in and when I do she wraps her arms and legs around me so hard, pulling me into her pussy like she is trying to get as much of my little penis into her that she can as we both finish climaxing together. See being insecure all of these years because of my penis size I have made sure that I have learned how to use my tongue and hands and paid attention to what she really likes and what turns her on.

Now how did I get her to finally admit to me that she had lied all of these years? On our last wild weekend I got the dumb idea to get one of though kits where you can make a replica vibrator of your own penis. My wife had always said she was happy with the size of my penis so I thought she would like it if I gave her a replica vibrator of my penis and tell her now you have a vibrator identical to my penis. Boy was I wrong! When we got settled in at the hotel I told her I had a special gift for her. She opened the nicely wrapped gift and took out the vibrator and before I could tell her that it was an exacted replica of my penis she started to laugh and say oh honey why did you get me a little vibrator like this? Then she walked over to the bag that she had brought her vibrator in and another new toy. She took them out. She had brought with the ten inch long by two and a quarter inch wide vibrator and a new black rubber dong that had balls and a suction cup base that was twelve inches long and over two and a quarter inches wide. She then laid them all on the bed side by side and as she laughed she said look at the little boys penis next to my two manly size penises. Then she said oh honey I know I said size doesn't matter but that is just too little I wouldn't even feel that little thing in my pussy. And then she said why did you get me such a little vibrator you know the size I like.

That when things got real interesting. I look at her and said honey I made it just for you it's an exacted replica of my penis. She stopped laughing in mid laugh and her face got a look of horror on it and then she started to cry and apologize at the same time. When I calmed her down, telling her I wasn't hurt, that I have always know that my penis is on the small side and that everything is ok. She still slipped up when the next thing she said was it isn't this small though is it? So I said to her, you have never put my penis next to your vibrators so I think it's time for you to do some measuring and see for yourself.

At that she seemed to get a little excited at the thought of measuring me and all of her toys. She then told me in a stern voice to strip naked it's time to really see if I measure up or not. The way she said it kind of demanding put a stir in my pants, so I stripped down right away. By the time she got a string and a rule from the front desk at the motel I was already rock hard just thinking about her measuring my penis. I just wonder what the front desk thought we needed them for? She got a pencil and paper and started measuring.

She pumped my penis a few time to make sure it was rock hard and then started measuring and she soon found out that I wasn't kidding her that the new vibrator was the exact same size as my penis. Five inches long and about an inch and a three eighth inches wide. Again this was the first time she had ever measured me, now she really knew the size of my penis. She held the vibrator next to my penis and said it is just like your penis isn't it? They are both so cute! Then she held the other two toy penises one by one next to my penis and said oh honey they are so much bigger than your little guy. Oh baby I will always love the feel of your real penis in me nothing feels better than the real thing and you are the only man I will ever need. Then she said I think we need to take care of your little penis before it explodes into little pieces and then you can take care of my wet pussy with one of these man size penises. She said I know what your little guy would like as she sucked the tip of my penis into her mouth making me blow the biggest wade of cum I think I have ever blown in my life. The sad thing is I was so turned on but the way she was talking to me about my little penis I climaxed in less than ten seconds.

The rest of the weekend was wild and new as she was in control of everything making me her new sex slave only letting me cum in her pussy once all weekend but that's another whole story.

I did get to watch her please herself while I was tied to the bed. She straddled a chair as she rode her new twelve inches long by two and a quarter inch wide black rubber penis to one of her mind blowing orgasms. I couldn't believe how she took all twelve inches in, bouncing off the set of ball at its suction base. She came so hard just riding it and its not even a vibrator just a big black rubber penis.

When she composed herself she came over to the bed and asked if I enjoyed the show. I said yes my penis is so hard it hurts. As she started to lightly touch it she said oh this little guy and with hearing her say that and the way she was quickly rubbing just the tip of my aching penis it only took a few second and I was jerking my butt off the bed trying to get more contact with her hand spraying cum up into the air all over myself.

She did tell me after that she does love the feel of my penis in her but she also loves the feeling of how full her pussy feels with the big vibrators in it. She said all she wants is me, because I'm such a great lover and I know how to please her. She said my little penis and her big vibrators are all she will ever need as she held up one of her big vibrators next to my penis again. I think size matters to her don't you?

Let me know if you liked this story and maybe I'll share the story about the wild Halloween party we attended that took our sex lives to a new level!

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