tagLoving WivesMy Wife, My Boss, & I

My Wife, My Boss, & I

byJames Quiller©

Frank Ballwell, my boss and the managing partner in the law firm, and I had been working on the month-end reports for most of the day. It was now past 6:00 PM, neither of us had eaten dinner and it was obvious that there were at least a few hours work left.

"Well, Jimmy, we're not going to finish the reports any time soon,'" he said "and I have an additional spreadsheet to finish too. What do you say we go eat dinner. I'll take you to my favorite restaurant and it'll be on me. How's that? We can finish up these reports later on."

I found it hard to refuse since I was the new man in the firm and very much beholding to Mr. Ballwell for two raises and a promotion he had given me in just one year on the payroll.

"I'll have to call Candy and tell her I'm going to be late. But it should be all right. She's been very understanding of all the overtime I've had to work."

"Ok, then, make your call and I'll meet you out front. I'll take all this stuff and we can finish up at my place. I think we need to get away from the office environment for awhile."

Candy and I had been married almost two years. We graduated college together and got married right after. She had a job waiting for her, but it took me almost a year to find this job in Mr. Ballwell's law firm. A few months after I got my job, Candy lost hers and hadn't found another one. She was my dream girl and I still found it hard to believe she would go for me. 5 foot 2", blonde, voluptuous, with a great disposition and gentle, but forceful personality, we had never even had an argument. The sex was unbelievably steamy. She had a great imagination that continually surprised me with her inventiveness. We had fucked in every possible position and at all times of the day and night.

I made the call in just a couple of minutes. Candy was very understanding and I met Frank by the front door. He locked up behind us and we were on our way.

The restaurant was of the expensive variety, the décor medieval, and the steaks tender and delicious. I probably had a bit too much of the vintage wine, but Mr. Ballwell insisted. After the comforting afterglow of the meal, I wasn't too sure how much help I was going finishing up the reports.

I followed Mr. Ballwell to his house, an expensive two-story in the best part of our small town. A few minutes later we were sitting side-by-side in his den at a massive oak desk. We delved into the reports and they seemed to go a much faster than I had expected. Frank had a great grasp of the numbers and in short amount of time they were basically complete, and it was obvious that I could probably finish them up myself.

Mr. Ballwell then turned to me and said, "Jimmy, I mentioned a spreadsheet that I have to complete also. You're not aware of it, but with the recent economic downturn, I'm going to have to lay off a few people. Unfortunately, you are one of the people I have to consider. It's a very difficult decision, but you may be pleased to know that there are a couple of things you can do to improve your position in the job rankings."

My heart dropped about a foot. It had taken so long to get this position and the job market still wasn't all that great. Getting a comparable job might even mean moving to another state, just when Candy and I had begun to get comfortable with the extra money my job and no kids afforded us.

"Well, Mr. Ballwell, that's quite a shock, but if there's something I can do, I'd certainly be willing."

"That's good, Jimmy, and you can call me Frank. I hope this doesn't shock you, but I've grown quite attached to you over the past year. You're a very good looking guy and I'm sure that with a body as hard and as well-shaped as yours, you must work out a lot." He paused to let that sink in..

"Thank you, Mr. Ballwell, yes I have been working out with Candy at the local gym." I was naïve enough to think he was paying me a compliment just to boost my morale.

"Well, Jimmy, then the suggestion I'm going to make has a sexual overtone. If you agree, I will be very well-disposed to keeping you on at the firm. Otherwise, I don't see how I can. Your work is good enough, but really doesn't distinguish you much from the other new employees."

My heart sank again. I was sure he was going to suggest something about Candy.

But then, he stood up next to me, unzipped his fly and pulled out a massive penis. It was long, circumsized and much thicker than mine.

"I know you could call this sexual harassment, Jimmy, but of course, there's no proof of anything here in my house. We're the only two people here. As you know, I'm not married.

His dick was only inches from my face and it got bigger as he stroked it. It had to be about 7 inches fully extended. I hesitated.

"Come on, Jimmy, there's really not much to it. Just put your lips on it and try to keep your teeth away from the skin." I still hesitated. "Give me your hand, Jimmy."

Slowly I raised my hand and he took it in his. My heart was in overdrive and I could hear it pounding in my ears. I had never done anything like this before and I certainly wasn't gay.

He wrapped my hand around his dick and told me not to squeeze too hard. And then he reached over and put his hands behind my head and pulled me to him. I was forced to open my mouth and take him in. I really did do my best and he seemed to be enjoying himself, making low moaning sounds as he moved his dick in and out of my mouth. He was really just fucking my face.

"That's good, Jimmy, but I need you to do a little bit more for me. You'll have to take off your clothes for this.

My mind told me I was committed and there was no going back. At least, this would ensure that I would save my job. With many dark thoughts swirling around in my head, I slowly disrobed as Frank walked over to the other side of the desk. He opened a bottom drawer and pulled out a number of objects, one of which was a remote control. He pointed it at the TV and clicked to turn it on. Nothing happened. "Dammit, he said, I was going to watch an XXX movie. You can never trust these expensive electronics when you really need them."

I was standing naked and a bit scared a few feet away. "Here Jimmy, put these on. With that body, you'll look absolutely irresistible." He handed me a mini-skirt, black stockings, garter belt and bra. It was already too late to back out and quite frankly, I was a bit excited myself. Maybe it was the pressure of thinking I would lose my job, or maybe I was just a bit drunk and my defenses were down.

Frank watched as I struggled with the clothes, but I eventually got them all on. He helped fasten the bra in the back.

"Jimmy, you are beyond my fantasies. I've been looking at that ass of yours for a year and it certainly lives up to my expectations. Stroke yourself for me and let me see how big you can make it. Use the KY on the desk.

I reached over and squeezed some KY jelly on my penis and started nervously stroking myself. I got an erection quickly, but I only have 6" and it wasn't thick, but it always seemed to satisfy Candy.

"That's great, Jimmy, now I want you to bend over the desk and let me get behind you while you stroke yourself. I'll be slow and gentle so you don't get hurt. I suspect this is a first-time experience for you" Frank was a lot bigger than I, and I'm not even sure I could have fought back effectively, if I had wanted to. I was actually getting very aroused.

In an instant, Frank was behind me and pushing me down on the desk. He lifted my skirt and wrapped his arm around my waist. I could feel his dickhead rubbing up and down my crack. "Keep stroking yourself, Jimmy and relax. It'll be much easier if your body is at ease."

He grabbed the lubrication from the desk and used it liberally. He then started finger-fucking me. "How's that, Jimmy-Honey? Are you enjoying yourself?" I had to admit that I was scared, but was also about ready to come from all the stroking.

"Jimmy, you didn't answer me," as he probed deeper into my crack. "You have to be very nice to me, Jimmy, if you want to keep your job and continue to get those nice raises, you know. What's Candy going to think of you if you lose your job so soon? And please call me Frank."

"Yes, Frank, I'm enjoying myself."

"Tell Frank that you want him to fuck you, Jimmy."

I hesitated for a second, but then Frank's dickhead started to enter me."

"Jimmy, Jimmy, are you with me?"

"Yes, Frank, I want you to fuck me."

"A bit louder and with more feeling, Honey-bunch. I want you to smile for me too." Frank was really laying it on now. I felt totally humiliated and defenseless.

"Yes, Frank," I shouted looking back at him and smiling, "I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me hard and long." And I really did!

With that, I felt Frank's dick enter me about an inch. It was extremely painful, but he withdrew a little and then started working it in slowly farther and farther. Each time I jumped because of the pain, he eased off. After a few minutes he was almost all the way in and I could feel his balls slapping me. The pain didn't end, but it subsided enough for me to endure it.

"You're cunt is so tight, sissy-boy. I'm going to fuck you till I cum as far up inside you and I can." Frank was breathing heavily and his dick was hard and hot inside me. He pumped faster and faster. I could feel his dickhead swelling up.

"I'm going to cum Jimmy-Baby, get ready for it." With that, I felt him slam against me, pushing me down on the desk and then he was squirting over and over. He was moaning loudly and panting deeply." Without withdrawing, he said, "Come for me Jimmy, I want to see what you've been giving that lovely wife of yours.

He was stronger than I and with his arm around my waist, I couldn't get free. "Come on, Jimmy, quickly, I haven't got all night." He pulled his arm tighter around my waist

I stroked harder and faster, and then I was very close. He gave a final push, which must have hit my prostate and I gushed about a pint of cum on his nice marble floor.

"That's great, Lover, now we're joined together with a common experience." He slowly withdrew and let me stand up. "Get some tissue from my desk and clean up the floor, Jimmy. That could be quite embarrassing for the house cleaners. Don't bother cleaning yourself up, just put your clothes on, you can clean up at home. Take the reports and finish them up at home and be in my office at 8:45 and I'll let you know what the other thing is that I need you from you."

The 'other thing'? I thought I had already done everything he wanted. I could only dread what would be next. I dressed quickly, picked up the reports from the desk and left.

When I arrived home about 30 minutes later, I felt dirty, down-hearted and abused, but at least I had done all I could to keep my job. I was a little worried about what Frank was going to suggest tomorrow morning, but after tonight's experience, I thought I could handle it. I probably still smelled of Frank's sperm inside my briefs, but Candy had a nice meal waiting for me. As she hugged me, she noticed the aroma. "What's that odor, Jimmy?".

"Probably just a lot of sweat. I've been working really hard, I'll go clean up" I replied and quickly exited to the bathroom.

It didn't take much to finish up the reports and at 8:45 next morning, I nervously knocked on Frank's office door. I walked in and laid the finished reports on the desk.

"Thank you, Jimmy, please close the door while I look at the final numbers. After 5 minutes, he looked at me and said, "This is excellent. I'm glad I had the confidence to trust you with it. I'm going to present these to the other partners at the 9:00 AM meeting. And now for the second that I want you to do for me. Are you ready? It has to do with your wonderful wife, Candy."

I tensed immediately. I suspected something like this, but I really didn't think he would go this far.

"After last night, you can probably guess what I want. I wouldn't worry about suggesting it to her though. She came on to me pretty strong at the company picnic this summer. Remember when you got up to get drinks for us? She flirted with me till I had to sit there with a hard-on the whole time. Of course, the decision is yours and Candy's. I need to know by tomorrow morning though, because the names have to be in by Friday. Today is Tuesday, so that only gives us a couple of days to complete this transaction and firm-up your future employment in this firm."

I was totally shocked into silence. I started to object. I jumped out of the chair towards him, "But, but...." He waved me back down into my chair.

"Remember that remote control I couldn't get to work last night? Well actually it worked quite well. I taped our entire sexual encounter. And with a little editing, it looks like you are a very willing partner to our sexual tryst. You wouldn't want your wife to see you in such a compromising position would you. What would she do if she knew you were gay?"

"I'm not gay!" He could see from the look on my face that I was defeated.

"Look, I have to get to the meeting now, so you go home tonight and get together with Candy and let me know tomorrow morning if the answer is in the affirmative. If so, we can get together Thursday night at your place. I remind you that I have to have the list of names finalized by Friday. And I will have to start letting people go the same day. Thank you, Jimmy, same time in my office tomorrow morning."

I got up and left. Frank owned me and I couldn't think of any way out. If I turned him down, not only would I lose my job, but most likely my wife too. For all her good temper and disposition, I couldn't expect her to respect me after seeing Frank's video.

When I got home that night, supper was on the table. But Candy could see from the look on my face and my drooped shoulders that something was wrong.

"What's the matter, Honey, been working too hard?"

"No, Candy, it's not that at all. I have some very bad news for us. I'm probably going to lose my job this week."

Candy's face sank and her eyes widened. "But Jimmy, you were doing so well, what happened?'

"It's probably beyond our control now", I replied.

"Jimmy, why do you keep saying 'probably' and what do you mean 'our control'." Am I involved in this somehow?

"Yes, Candy, I'm afraid you are. Frank Ballwell says you came on to him pretty strong at the company picnic. He wants you and probably thinks you want him too.

"What!" she shouted at me. "How could you even suggest that to me? What kind of man are you, giving your wife up to save your job?"

With that she turned her back on me, ran up the stairs to our bedroom and slammed the door behind her. It certainly occurred to me at that moment, that I had not only lost my job, but my lovely wife too. I didn't eat much and I ended up clearing and washing the dishes. Candy remained in our bedroom with the door closed. After working on the reports till about midnight, I walked up the stairs, hoping the door wasn't locked. As I opened the door, I saw her under the covers, sitting up and reading a book.

After washing up and changing into my pajamas, I crawled into bed beside my her, fearing another outburst.

"When is all this supposed to take place?" was all she said.

I couldn't believe I heard her correctly. "You mean you're considering it?"

"When is all this supposed to take place, Jimmy? Do I have to repeat myself?"

With a gulp and a sigh, I replied, "Thursday night. It's got to be before the layoff announcements on Friday."

"Okay, then tell him we'll do it!"

I'm not sure what I was thinking at that point, but Candy just turned over, turned off the bedside light and buried her head in the sheets."

The next morning I had to make my own breakfast and I didn't see Candy at all.

When I got to work, Frank was in his office waiting for me. He looked up expectantly and said, "Well, Jimmy, are you going to be a permanent employee, or should I put your name on the list for Friday."

Sheepishly, I told him that Candy had agreed to do it. He then wanted to know what the conversation was between us, but I said that there really wasn't any except that she was awfully upset.

"Okay, Jimmy," he said, "you and Candy have just guaranteed your future employment. I'll be at your place at 8:00 PM tomorrow night. Ask Candy to cook something nice and I'll bring an expensive bottle of wine to loosen us up."

At precisely 8:00 PM Thursday night, our doorbell rang and Frank was standing there will a big bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine. I ushered him into the house and Candy turned away from her cooking to say a quick hello. "Hi Frank, welcome to our home" was all she said. She took the flowers and found a vase to put them in and placed them on the dining room table. Her face was impassive and I could tell that she was upset and nervous.

You men just sit down at the table and I'll serve in a few minutes. Everything here is almost done."

I uncorked the wine and Frank and I filled our glasses. Candy served dinner and we pretty much ate in silence. I could feel the sexual tension building. I couldn't believe that she would really go through with this. I kept stealing looks at her to see if I could judge her mood, but she was impassive.

After very little conversation, the dinner was over. Candy stood up and announced, "Give me 10 minutes, Frank. I'll be in the bedroom upstairs, Jimmy will show you where it is." She then turned and walked up the stairs as if there was nothing unusual happening.

Frank and I sat there glancing at our watches from time to time and not saying a word. After 10 minutes, Frank stood up and said, "Well, Jimmy, let's go upstairs and see what Candy has in store for us."

I replied, "It's the first door on the right at the top of the stairs, Frank, I'll just finish off this bottle of wine and wait for you to finish."

Frank looked at me full in the face and said, "No, Jimmy, you're going to go with me and watch. That's the way I want it and I believe Candy will appreciate your being there too. So let's go!" he said forcefully.

Reluctantly, I stood up and followed him up the stairs. I couldn't imagine how I could be more humiliated that I was right at that moment. When we got to the top of the stairs, Frank opened the bedroom door and Candy was standing by the bed in just a bra and panties.

"Come on in, Frank, let's get this over with. Jimmy you sit here." I sat down in the soft chair by the bed while Frank advanced to my wife. As he got right up face-to-face with her, she put her arms around his neck and gave him a passionate open-mouthed kiss. Frank was all over her, sticking his tongue in her mouth, moving his hands on her ass, rubbing his body against hers. I wanted to get up and stop I, it had already gone way past reasonableness, and what the hell was my wife doing French kissing him? I thought she would just lay down on the bed and let him passively fuck her.

All of a sudden, she pushed him away and started removing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. His pants and underwear quickly followed. Then she turned around and said, "Help me unbutton this bra, Frank." Frank, with his dick at full mast, touching the crack of her ass, reached over and unsnapped her. Her big breasts flopped down and she turned back to put her arms around his neck again. Frank found a way to move her panties down over her legs as she obligingly stepped out of them. They were now rubbing their naked bodies against each other and getting hotter and more out-of-control by the second.

Candy looked down and me and said, "Jimmy, take off your clothes and play with yourself." It was a direct command.

I was shocked. My gaze was fixed on Frank's dick touching my wife's pussy as she clung to him. Inexplicably, I had a hard-on that was trying to break through my pants. I took off all my clothes in a flash and sat down and started whacking myself as I watched their bodies meld into one.

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