tagLoving WivesMy Wife, My Friend, and Me

My Wife, My Friend, and Me


My wife and I have been dating for over 10 years. We recently got married but it was just a formality. We have always been great friends and lovers. We would go to the beach and start checking out girls and guys together just like I would do with my buddies but way more exciting.

My wife is lucky to always be around a group of hot athletes-my friends. I was on a college team and most of my team mates are still around and we still party like the old times. We are so close that it is not unusual for my wife to go dance dirty with one of them or for one of my friends' girlfriends to dance with me and for us to touch each other and get aroused discretely. Everyone respects everyone and at the same time enjoys a safe flirt with almost anyone's partner without ever getting to have sex, an orgy or anything more serious. Usually, after a night out with the boys and their girls my wife and I would make love to each other like it was our first time. I am sure they do the same...I know so.

My wife is one of those pretty petit girls that come across very shy but once you get to know them they are really not that shy. I think this is what excites me the most about her. I imagine her often developing a relationship with another guy and shyly going from slowly making love to him to fucking him like crazy. Our relationship kind of developed that way. It took her a couple of weeks before she started going down on me but it was worth the wait! Then it took her about a year before she swallowed for the first time! And now we started talking about her having me and another guy together at the same time. She's come a long way for a shy girl.

When I brought up the topic about her making love to me and one of my friends my wife blushed. I immediately knew she already had someone in mind. So I probed and pushed but she wouldn't tell. Well, so we just started making love and including "him" either in front of her as she is was sucking his dick or behind her fucking her slowly while she has my dick in her mouth. Whenever we talked about this she would get so excited I knew it was time to act.

It was one of my friend's birthdays so we went out to the club where a couple of the guys worked to drink, dance and celebrate. There were about 6 couples and the rest were 3-4 single guys. We had a great time. The girls would dance, flirt and drink with us and there was always someone around them from the boys to make sure they are safe. My wife loved that about my friends because she felt so safe and could actually relax to drink and have fun. I knew that her chosen guy was here tonight so I tried to watch her and find out who it was. She danced with all of them and always sexy and teasing, grinding as she pulled her little dress up against Frank's thigh of backing up against Steve as he bitch slapped her ass in front of everyone. Just driving me insane! I went to dance with her and from behind let her know of my erect penis as I pressed against her. I whispered in her ear that I want her to go for it tonight and have fun with the guy that excites her the most. I told her that I wanted to watch and hopefully later talk him into coming home with us to give her the time of her life. She of course just smiled and looked at me with her sexy, daring look...enough said I guess.

It was the culmination of the night around 1pm when everyone is so drunk and everyone is dancing and having fun. I was dancing with Angelina, who was at the time with Frank, and Angelina was singing to me "if you got a big one, let me search it..." and as she was singing she was rolling her eyes at me, backing up against me and gently touching my erect penis through my pants...I had almost forgotten about my wife at that time and then I looked up to find her. She was dancing with Justin, who is one of my best friends and knew all my dirty secrets when we used to take girls back to his place and swap them in the middle of the night. I was immediately excited by the thought of possibly swapping my wife with him tonight. He is I would say my only competition from the whole group. I am the dark type he is the blond type. We are both the same build-swimmers bodies. He is a bit taller. I know he really likes my wife because he has made numerous comments about how hot she was. Well, they were dancing like they were intimate. She was touching his chest gently and he was obviously pressing himself against her which she loves. My wife was now doing the "I'm going down on you" dance for Justin and I decided as she was facing him it would be exciting for me to join from behind. She felt my bulge as she was standing up from dancing down on Justin. My erect penis pushed her forward and she leaned against Justin looked back at me and smiled. (All that is happening as we are dancing in the dark corner of the dance floor). As she was looking at me smiling and holding on to Justin I grabbed her with my left hand by the hips and pulled her towards me. With my right hand I grabbed her head and pushed her down into Justin's pants so she can rub her face into his cock. He was oblivious with arms up in the air having a great time. My wife must have done something really exciting to him because he closed his eyes for a second and slowed his dance...It was obvious she had made her choice.

We closed the club around 2:30pm and the whole time my wife and Justin were together flirting and dancing. I thought I caught him kissing her neck while they were dancing and I know I saw her touch his dick through his pants and rub it several times. We were on the way out of the club when I was thinking how to have Justin come with us. When outside when we looked around from the group of over 10 people we had only 3 couples left, two of the guys who lived on the other side of town and Justin. So, I didn't say anything as my little shy wife was gently playing with Justin's arm pulling him towards where we parked our car. Before I realized it she said: "Honey, Justin needs a ride home or maybe he can stay over tonight. There's no sense driving him home right now. He has to be back tomorrow to our place for the football game". I only smiled and she gave me that knowing smile too. We said our goodbyes to everyone and the three of us went to our car.

We were joking and laughing, I was the more sober one so I went to drive and the other two sat in the back seat. I had the radio on with more club music and they were dancing in the back trying to have as much contact with each other as possible. That's when I told my wife to be a good girl and give us a real show and slip her dress down a bit so we can see her breasts. She looked shyly at Justin and then at me. He immediately got the idea and was obviously happy to finally see some of the hot stuff he's been craving since he met my wife. My wife started teasing and slowly pulling her dress strap off her left shoulder. Justin had his hands on her beautiful body touching her perfect skin and slowly helping her dress down and grabbing her breasts through the black bra she was wearing. I had the feeling my penis was about to start steering the wheel for me-I was so excited. My wife, in the back seat of our car with my hot friend who both her and I trust completely. She is in her bra, with her dress at her waist...That's when I thought it's maybe time she undresses him. They were both simply expecting my instructions. The game was clear. My wife pushed Justin back against the seat and started slipping his shirt up...his ripped body revealed I am sure excited her more...she started kissing his chest and nipples and slowly started making her way down to his waist. I was off the highway on a 20 minute trip through the side streets to our house. I had the rear view mirror set on them. My slut wife was grabbing Justin's cock through his pants now and rubbing it as she was kissing his body...she slipped out of her dress and kneeled on the back seat in her black thong and bra. I was coming to a stop sign. The area was quiet and there were no other cars. As I stopped at the sign I heard Justin's belt buckle click, I turned and I just watched for a moment. My own wife was now pulling down Justin's pants exposing his 7 inch thick erect penis and as she was pulling them down she engulfed his cock deep inside her mouth...he moaned leaning back and started caressing her with his left hand all over her body. My wife was now furiously sucking his dick on four on the back seat of our car, I was watching from the front as we were at the stop sign. I knew Justin must have been close. He started moaning loader and loader and my wife went faster and faster never even once looking up. I could hear the soaking wet mouth of her and the wet noises from her stroking him and sucking him and then Justin screamed and exploded in her mouth as she swallowed it all and wiped him clean...I was ready to come myself but I smiled and turned onto our street. Seconds later I felt my seat move and when I looked back I saw Justin trying to squeeze his big body in the back as he was now completely naked starting to lick my wife's pussy. Her legs one on the back window and the other on the top of the front seat already moaning heavily and caressing her breasts. He was just like her. Hungrily sucking and licking her until she went quiet and started coming and them moaning with pleasure, pushing his head down into her pussy...

I pulled in the garage, closed the door behind and told them to stay where they were. I went out and opened the back door behind me where my wife was. Justin was already in his previous position sitting directly behind the front passenger seat with his penis erect and sticking up. My wife was a little curious of what I had in mind. I just told her to go down on Justin again and stick her butt up and out of the rear door. I dropped my pants as she immediately did what I asked. I went inside her at once and immediately started fucking her hard. We were all moaning and rocking the car as I came all over my wife's back and beautiful butt...and then we went inside.

Once inside Justin was already excited enough to fuck my slut wife. I ordered her to go bend over the couch like she was - with my cum on her back and ass. Justin went inside her and went straight for fucking her mad. She was in heaven...I poured us all drinks in the mean time, grabbed mine and sat on the couch so my wife can now suck me while Justin is fucking her...

We did her 3-4 times each. she swallowed so much cum she I don't think she ever dreamt of that. We were all passed out and very tired. When we woke up in the morning, we cleaned up, had breakfast, Justin and I had my wife go down on us after breakfast and suck us both until we came in her mouth. And then was time for the others to show up for the game so we straightened up and pretended that nothing ever happened.

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