tagTransgender & CrossdressersMy Wife My Partner Ch. 05-06

My Wife My Partner Ch. 05-06


Chapter 5

The sun was shining in my eyes as I woke. I looked around the room hoping it was a dream . . . Maybe. I dreamed about Friday . . . A cross dresser's fantasy? ....Maybe?

I was laying in the spare bedroom . . . Alone . . . There was silence . . . Not a sound in the whole house.

I had to use the bathroom. I got out of bed and covered myself with my robe. I sat down on the toilet . . . The way a woman would go.

The waste basket was next to the toilet. I could see the red packaging from the condoms. They had been opened. The condoms lay on the pile of used tissue . . . I picked one up, it was ripped to shreds. The other's were in the same condition.

I picked up one of the packets. I read the label. "Small."

My God . . . He had made an attempt but they were too small. Why had Jean given me, small condoms? Surly she knew he would be extremely huge.

I flushed the toilet and looked in the mirror. I had worn my wig all night. My makeup was smeared but would do until I got my coffee.

I hadn't noticed the other bedroom door wide open until that moment. Did I dare look? I couldn't hear anything. It must be safe.

I stood in the doorway and froze. Mark was laying on his back . . . Tammy was laying beside him with her feet toward the pillows. She was laying across his leg, her long red hair spilled across his thigh.

Her tits were pressed against his black skin. She was sucking him . . . The head was inside her mouth and she was slowly moving her head down.

Tammy's eyes opened . . . She starred right at me and froze . . . We exchanged glances for a few seconds than she continued without interruption.

Tammy's left hand rested in his pubic hair while the right hand massaged his balls. I continued to stare but she never looked my way again. She lovingly sucked Mark's cock.

Tammy continued giving pleasure to her man . . . It didn't matter that I was watching . . . Maybe she wanted me to learn . . . Showing me? . . . How to suck a man . . .

God . . . What if she invited me to join her? .....Maybe she would teach me her technic . . . How to please a man . . .

No way! . . . Mark was her man . . . Her lover . . . Wouldn't allow me to touch him! . . Not with me or anyone . . . It was very clear how she felt about him . . .

I'm I thinking about sharing Mark? ....I don't want to share Mark with my wife! .....I don't want a man! ....Why I'm I thinking this?

I walked away. I didn't want to watch Tammy suck her man. I didn't want to see her swallow his load? I wanted my coffee, yes, and I was more concerned about having my morning coffee than watching my wife having sex.

I waited for the coffee to brew, walked back to get my pills and took them with water. I had put little x's on the calender each day that I took them. Two, x's for the days I took a double dose. This was day number seventeen.

I went into the living room and sat down on the sofa drinking my coffee. There was the card that was attached to the flowers. I looked behind my back to make sure nobody was walking out of the bedroom.

I picked up the little card and opened it.

"Dear Tammy, You make me look forward to waking up each day and finding your sweat messages on my phone. I'm so happy to have found you. Sincerely. Yours. Mark."

I hurried and placed the card back into the small envelope and put it back on the table. My heart was beating faster again as I tried to remain calm.

What could I do? .....Was this just a ploy for Mark to screw Tammy? ....Was he falling in love with her? ....My wife? ....How did she feel about Mark? ......Obviously, she felt something if she were calling him every day and leaving messages on his phone.

I looked at the clock. It had been an hour since I left the room. How long were they going to take?

I was startled by a voice behind me. It was Mark! ....He was walking this way, Tammy was walking next to him.

"Jenny . . . I want to thank you for everything and especially such a wonderful dinner last night."

"Are you leaving so soon?"

"Yes . . . I have to fly out of town for a couple days but I'm sure I'll see you too when I return."

Mark leaned down and gave me a little kiss on the lips and walked to the front door with Tammy.

They embraced and kissed for over a minute, Mark's hands were all over her ass again. She was only wearing a tiny little nightie.

God! ....Didn't he get enough last night? ....This morning?

The front door shut . . . He was gone . . . Tammy stood facing the door for a few moments. I watched her turn around than looked my way. She smiled.

"Jenny. I'm going to get a cup of coffee in the kitchen. Do you want another cup?"

Tammy just called me, Jenny. She'd only done that when we were out and around people. I stood up and followed Tammy out to the kitchen. Tammy poured fresh coffee into my cup while sipping hers.

The tiny little nightie barely covered her tits. She smelled of sex and her breasts were covered with bit marks. She had a couple dark hickeys on her neck. I couldn't help but check her over.

We starred at each other as we drank our coffee. I don't think she knew what to say. One of us was going to have to make the first move.

It was Tammy. She walked over to me and hugged me. Kissed my chin and started to rub my skin where I had began the electrolysis treatment.

"Honey. Its still red. Is it sore?"

I was shocked! I hadn't said anything about starting the treatments . . . It must have been Jean!

"It's not so bad now but it was sore for a whole day. Felt like something was burning my skin."

Tammy kissed my cheek and started kissing the area where I had the treatments than put her arms around me and hugged me tight.

Tammy took my hand and walked me into the bedroom. She slipped of her nightie and opened my robe and slipped it off letting it fall to the floor. My nightie was next and she helped me slip it off over my head.

Tammy hugged me again and we kissed. She pushed me back until I was sitting on the bed and climbed into my lap and pushed me back.

She started to kiss me passionately as I hugged her tightly against my chest. Tammy's tits were pushing into my chest and I could feel her hard nipples against me. My hands were holding her ass while she squirmed above me.

My wife felt so good in my arms. I didn't care if she spent the night having sex with another man. She was mine right now and I loved her.

I was hard. I felt Tammy touching me . . . Stroking me . . . Kissing my neck. She got off me and had me move to the center of the bed. I could see the dry cum stains where they had sex on the sheet.

Tammy saw me looking . . . She was starring to see my expression . . . Like she was proud of her work and she wanted me to see it.

Tammy leaned over and kissed my chest . . . Sliding down until she kissed the head of my cock. She spread herself out on the bed . . . She was in the exact position I saw her with Mark . . . She began sucking me. Her mouth felt so good.

I massaged Tammy's legs . . . Moving my hand to her thigh feeling the soft skin. She was expertly working on me now. Lovingly . . . Carefully . . . I was in heaven.

I watched Tammy as she fondled my balls and felt her tongue pressing against the tip of my cock. She was so good at this . . . Mark must have enjoyed what she had done for him.

I was starring at Tammy's pussy mound. It was completely bald! ...She must have done it on Friday, before Mark arrived. She had done it for him . . . Her lover . . . Her boyfriend.

I gently lifted Tammy's leg and slipped my hand under her thigh and carefully touched her bare mound feeling the soft skin and teased the area around the lips. She must be sore . . . I didn't go any further . . . Only wanted to touch her . . . To feel it.

Tammy was working hard . . . I was ready to cum . . . I could feel it . . . My hips arched . . . Yes . . . I was there! I watched as Tammy swallowed. She was stroking me as she swallowed. Yes, Wanting to give me as much pleasure as she gave Mark.

Tammy moved herself in a circle until she was along the side of me. She kissed me . . . I could feel her tongue entering my mouth. I tasted it . . . I could actually taste it . . . It was a salty taste.

Our tongue's mingled furiously . . . passionately . . . I swallowed what she had pushed inside . . . I was swallowing my own cum.

She finished . . . She laid her head on my chest . . . Began massaging me . . . Playing with my nipples. Tammy looked up into my eyes....Smiled.

"Jenny . . . Do you know your going to start growing breasts soon?"

Oh my God! ....She knew! .......Jean must have told her I was taking the hormones.

"I guess I will soon."

Tammy kissed me again. She was massaging my limp cock and my balls. Her hand was so soft and she was gentle.

Tammy kept giving me little kisses around my neck and my chin. She straightened up for a second and looked into my eyes.

"Jenny . . . There is going to other changes coming too . . . In time, you may not be able to achieve an erection and you will start to shrink. It depends . . . It affects everyone differently."

I kept looking into Tammy's eyes. She was being serious but gave me the true facts. I think she wanted me to know and I believe she was telling me that it was my choice and she understood.

I smiled at Tammy, "I love you."

Tammy smiled when she heard me say it. "I love you too."

I felt too embarrassed to respond technically but I knew that Tammy loved me and she only wanted us both to be happy.

Tammy was tickling my tummy and began giggling. She raised her head and looked at me.

"Tammy . . . What's wrong?"

"Oh . . . It's nothing really . . . I was just thinking that your hips are going to change and your little butt isn't going to be so little much longer"

I smiled . . . Still too embarrassed to comment but she knew I was thinking. She was helping me to understand.

I looked into her eyes . . . I don't really know why I asked her this question but I did.

"Tammy . . . When you kissed me . . . Cum . . . You pushed it in my mouth . . . What did . . . Mark Taste like . . . Um . . . Compared to mine? ....Is it different?"

Tammy knew I really wanted to know and she relaxed on my chest and turned toward me . . . She hesitated a few seconds . . . I knew she was giving her answer some thought.

"Mark's cum was much thicker and tasted sweeter but it still had that salty taste. I think it depends on what a man has eaten lately that affects the taste."

I lay their looking very interested in knowing what my wife had to say.

"Mark is very huge . . . Um . . . I think you saw him? ...God . . . Jenny . . . When he was inside me . . . I could feel him touching every spot at once . . . I actually felt him cum inside me. I felt its warmth as it filled me."

"I saw the broken condoms in the waste basket in the bathroom. Did he try to put them on?"

Tammy laughed, "Jenny. Those were so small that they ripped when we tried to pull them over the head. Mark hadn't been with a woman in months and he was so excited and horny that we had a difficult time with them."

"Were you the first white woman?"

"Yes . . . He said I was much tighter than any black women he had ever been with. Jenny . . . If you could only feel what it's like, having a strong and powerful man like Mark inside you . . . Feeling his warmth and feeling him when he releases his cum inside you . . . Someday you'll know."

I swallowed hard . . . Tammy was watching me . . . Watching my reaction when she said it . . . I was too afraid to reply . . . I couldn't reply if I wanted to . . . It was never planned this way.

Tammy crawled up next to me and lay her head on the pillow. I put my arm around her head and she cuddled much closer.

"Tammy. When are you going to see Mark again?"

God . . . It wasn't a question of "if?" ....I was asking her when?

"Well. Mark returns this Thursday from his trip and he mentioned that he would miss me while he was gone....I was thinking of having him over that night....What do you think?"

I swallowed hard but calmly asked, "Thursday is fine . . . I bet you miss him already?"

"Ah . . . Yes I do . . . Mark is such a nice man and he likes you a lot! ....I'm so happy that you're not jealous of him . . . I meant . . . You shouldn't be jealous of him and I'm so happy."

I assumed Tammy was thinking that in my condition, I shouldn't have any reason to be jealous. I could sense that Tammy wanted to say something additional.

"Jenny . . . You don't know how happy you make me feel . . . We share everything together . . . I can't believe I'm sharing my experience with Mark with you. I'm not afraid to tell you anything!"

My fate was sealed . . . This was it . . . My days as a man and Tammy's husband was numbered! . . . Is this what I wanted? .....I have a beautiful wife! .....She had feelings for Mark . . . It wasn't just about Friday, this had to be going on for weeks! ....The cell phone messages!

It was strange. I didn't feel hurt and I wasn't mad. Yet, I never wanted to lose my wife.

"Tammy . . . I'm afraid . . . I never want to lose you."

Tammy kissed my cheek several times and held me tight. "You're never going to lose me."

I somewhat felt reassured but what did she mean by not losing her? Would we remain together, no matter what? ...Would we begin to live as sisters all the time? ...Would she change her mind and want a divorce?

"Jenny . . . You're going to become the sister I never had. You will always be near me and I'll always love you."

Tammy was right . . . She wasn't afraid to tell me anything . . . It's just what I feared . . . I could still change my mind . . . Stop everything before the hormones affected me.

We lay in bed and cuddled and fell asleep. It was Saturday and we both needed to get some rest. We showered together that afternoon and Tammy mentioned about letting my own hair grow out. She said it would take a long time but in a few weeks we could fix something that would look really cute on me.

We ate a quit meal at home and just relaxed and enjoyed our time together. I checked off another day on the calender.

Tammy and I spent the Sunday doing research on the internet about the different effects of the hormones I was taking. She printed out what she felt was important for us to know. She also cleaned out a shelf in the kitchen where I could keep everything and Tammy made a chart.

Tammy took notes of everything I had taken. She had a chart that had a time-line of changes. We would see take place over the coming weeks.

I never considered this but Tammy had plans to make an appointment with a doctor as soon as he could get me in. Jean had given her the name of someone who practices with transsexuals. As I thought in my case, men, who were just beginning.

God . . . That word . . . I didn't like it . . . Transsexual!

We were laying in bed that night, just laughing and discussing the office and other normal things a married couple would talk about.

Something was bothering me and I neglected to ask Tammy all weekend about it.

"Tammy. What if you were to get pregnant by Mark?"

"Honey, Don't worry. I started taking birth control pills two weeks ago."

That was a relief . . . Two weeks ago? .....This was planned for sometime! She was planning to have sex with Mark before I ever knew who Mark was!

"Jenny. You come first in my life right now and Mark understands. Mark told me that when he gets married someday, he was to have children . . . Gosh . . . I would like to have children someday."

Tammy was right . . . She mentioned it in the past . . . I couldn't help it . . . Low sperm count . . . Would she want children with Mark?

So much happened this weekend. So many changes would take place in our lives. We snuggled and fell asleep in each others arm's.

Chapter 6

I felt like a kid again when I got up Monday morning. Tammy brewed our coffee and lined up my pills that morning for me to take. I remembered my mother giving me vitamins before I went to school each morning.

I left for my electrolysis treatment soon after Tammy left for work. This was only going to be an hour treatment today and I wouldn't be going back for a week. Thom was waiting for me and we got started right away.

"Well . . . Jenny . . . How did the big weekend go? ....Did the little wife have her hot date with her new fellow?"

I tried to remember if I told him about the date. Must have been Jean again?

"Uh . . . It went as planned. It's not worth talking about."

Thom stopped his work for a second and padded me on the shoulder.

"Oh . . . I'm so sorry Jenny . . . Listen to me . . . I got just the thing to get you out of your misery . . . Let me finish and I'll show you what I'm talking about."

I sat trying to figure out what Thom was talking about. He was humming away while he worked and I just wanted to stuff cotton in my ears.

"OK . . . Jenny . . . We're done for the day . . . Remember that we don't have another appointment until next Monday. We have to allow this to heal, remember how I explained what to do for itching."

I was just about ready to walk out the door when Thom shouted out.

"Jenny . . . I have something I want to show you."

Thom took a bunch of pictures off his desk and walked next to me.

"Jenny. See this blonde guy here on the right next to yours truly?"

I nodded my head.

"His name is Rob . . . My dear Jenny . . . I told Rob all about you this weekend. He is aware that you are going through a lot right now and could use a friend to talk. He told me he would be interested in meeting you sometime."

I nodded my head again. "OK. I'll let you know."

I left Thom's office wondering where he got the idea I wanted to meet his friend. I had Tammy to talk to about everything. We could share everything. I wouldn't need a guy around for any reason.

Tammy called me on my cell phone that afternoon and told me she was able to get an anointment for me with a special doctor. She said it was tomorrow morning and she would go with me. I felt so much better knowing Tammy would accompany me to the doctor's office.

I was nervous, felt like butterflies in my stomach as we drove to see the doctor. She was a woman. Dr. Rice and she examined me. She checked everything a normal doctor would do on a routine exam

She also took my measurements, hip's, waist, and bust size and said she would keep a record and check me in six weeks again. She asked me if I had any signs of depression. She wanted to know about any mood swings I may have over the next few weeks.

When she finished with me, she asked to speak to Tammy alone in her office. I think that made me the most nervous.

I sat in the waiting room for thirty minutes. Tammy walked out and smiled. I asked Tammy what the doctor told her, she said the doctor wanted my wife to keep an eye on my vital signs and watch for any mood swings.

We were driving home and Tammy took an alternate route and pulled into a driveway of a house I had never seen before. I looked over at Tammy who was smiling.

"Honey. Does this have something to do with real estate?"

She was still smiling at me as she got out of the car.

"Come on in, I have a surprise for you." We walked up to the door and Tammy knocked. A blonde woman answered the door.

"Oh . . . Tammy . . . I've been waiting for you and to meet Jenny . . . This must be Jenny . . . It's very nice to meet you . . . "

We walked inside the door, I wondered what this was all about. The woman took my hand and smiled.

"Jenny. My name is Fran and Tammy brought you here to see what we can do with your hair."

I was a little surprised when Fran put her hands on my wig and wiggled it off my head. She walked around me, fluffing my hair with her hand.

"Yes . . . I think we can do something with this . . . Tammy. I think I can trim it nicely into a heart shape and cut it around here and here. We'll use the same color dye to match your hair . . . You'll look like sisters when we are through!"

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