tagIncest/TabooMy Wife, Our Neighbour's Son & His Mum

My Wife, Our Neighbour's Son & His Mum


After our regular evening sessions with Robert, Mags and I would always discuss what we had done and how much we had all enjoyed it. Roberts mum Jean would often come into the conversation and we often discussed how we would love a foursome with her. We discussed it with Robert and he was all for it. Mags and I discussed a plan. This is what happened as told by Roberts Mum.

My name is Jean and I have an 18 year old son called Robert. My husband has been unwell and is incapable of fulfilling my sexual needs. As Robert grew up I noticed he was rather well endowed. Shortly after his 18th birthday I went in his bedroom to wake him. The bedclothes were off him and sticking out of his pyjama trousers was the largest erect cock I had ever seen. Although he was my son I was very turned on by what I saw. I couldn't take my eyes off it. I wanted to take it in my mouth and suck his spunk out of him. I felt disgusted with myself. How could I possibly have these thoughts about my own son. I quickly left the room and let him wake up naturally.

I went about my normal chores but couldn't get my earlier thoughts out of my head. I went to the local supermarket and found myself looking for the largest banana I could find. I had never done anything like this before. Then I'm in the next aisle and holding a cucumber in a very obscene manner. I couldn't believe what I was doing. I carried on with my shopping, having bought the cucumber and when I found myself looking at condoms I nearly went into a panic attack. I hurried to the checkout, paid for my goods and went to the car. Instead of putting everything in the boot of the car I put it on the seat beside me. I had a very strange tingling feeling between my legs and I could feel the wetness soaking into my knickers.

I fumbled through my shopping and found the large banana and the condoms. I knew had to abuse myself with it. I drove to a secluded corner of the car park and slipped my knickers off. They were soaking wet. I held them to my nose and took in the wonderful aroma of my pussy juices. I had just had to cum. Somehow I managed to drive home, all the while I had one hand in between my legs, slowly playing with my clit. I knew I couldn't cum until I got home as it would have been dangerous while I was driving. I dashed indoors. I knew I was going to be alone. I went to my bedroom and took the large banana and the cucumber and the condoms. I couldn't believe what I was going to do. This was not me. I do not do this. I occasionally play with myself but only use my fingers on my clit. I do not fuck myself with cucumbers and bananas.

But today was different. Today was the first time I had seen Roberts huge cock. Today was the day I was going to fuck myself and imagine it was my sons big fat cock that was fucking my cunt and making me cum. I quickly undressed. My nipples were automatically hard. I ripped open the condom packet and took out 2 of them. I slipped one over the banana and opened my legs. My cunt was awash with my cunt juices. It wasn't the time for being gentle and taking it steady. I needed a good hard fucking. I slid the banana inside as far as it would go. I started a frantic fucking motion. In and out as far as it would go. My nipples were hard. I wanted to play with them but I needed two hands to thrust my imaginary cock in and out of my cunt. I imagined it was Robert. I found myself saying, 'Fuck mummy's cunt, fuck your cock in and out of mummy's cunt, make mummy cum'. I lasted only about 4 minutes and suddenly I was cumming.

My juices flowed out of my cunt and how I wished it was Roberts cock and that he was shooting his spunk deep into his mummy's cunt at the same time. As my orgasm subsided I realised I was not totally satisfied. I needed more. I had left the banana embedded deep inside my cunt. I reached over for another condom and the cucumber. This time I was going to fuck myself senseless. This time the size resembled Roberts cock. If I could take the cucumber, I could take Roberts cock. I slipped the banana out of my slippery cunt and replaced it with the cucumber. I sighed with immense pleasure as the cucumber filled my cunt. I adored the feeling. It was so wide and so long. I was sure it was as large as Roberts cock. Again I wasn't gentle, I needed a good fucking. This time I called out as I imagined Robert was fucking his mothers cunt, fuck me Robert, fuck mummy's cunt, make mummy cum, shoot your spunk deep into mummy's cunt, oh yes Robert, you're making mummy cum, oh Robert, yes your making mummy cum.

My second orgasm was even more intense, and even after I had cum I carried on fucking myself and gave myself another 2 mighty orgasms. I collapsed on the bed. I picked up the banana with the condom still on it and slipped it into my mouth. How I longed it to be Roberts cock in my mouth. I wondered if I could fit it all the way in. I eventually recovered and had a shower. I decided to keep the banana and cucumber for further use and hid them carefully in my underwear drawer. The rest of the day I felt terribly guilty about what I had done. I tried to excuse myself by saying that if I hadn't imagined it was my own son fucking me it would have been alright. Robert and my husband Dave came home at the usual time and we had a normal evening. I awoke early already thinking about Robert. Dave got up and went to work. I dressed and then went to wake Robert.

I hoped I would see his cock again. I crept into his room. He was still asleep, but worse than that he was fully covered by his bedclothes. I felt the wetness between my legs. I silently went over to the bed and uncovered him. His erection was enormous. I sat on the edge of the bed and just looked at it. Suddenly Robert woke and saw me looking at him. I asked Robert if he knew why his cock was so large. He told me it was always like this first thing in the morning and didn't go down until he had a pee. I said there is another way to make it go back to its normal size and it feels good, would you like me to show you. He said he would. I reached out a grabbed his cock. I could only just get my hand round it. I loved the feel of it. He only needed a couple of rubs and I could feel the tell tale twitching as his orgasm approached. I put my hand over the top and soon it was covered in my sons wonderful cum. I told Robert he had had his first orgasm.

He said it was amazing and would I do it again. I said I'd think about it but I knew this was only the beginning. As much as I knew it was wrong I was unable to control the situation, it was only a matter of time until my son was pumping his spunk deep into my cunt and mouth. I told him what we did was called masturbation but that most people called it wanking and all boys of his age do it. I told him I needed to wash my hands and went to the bathroom. Of course, in reality I licked my fingers clean and enjoyed the first taste of Roberts cum. Robert got dressed and went off to college. I ran upstairs, took my skirt and knickers off and fucked myself with the cucumber. I decided that the banana was not hard or big enough and discarded that. Now having held Roberts cock and wanked him off I had a real fantasy to think about and proceeded to give myself a series of delightful orgasms. During the day I kept thinking about his wonderful cock and soon the guilt feelings subsided and my mind went into planning what to do next.

The next morning I went into his room. Robert was awake this time and I asked how he was. He said, 'I'm hard again, will you wank me again please, Mum'. Of course, I didn't need to be asked, because that was why I was in his room. I pulled the covers back and he had already taken his pyjama trousers off. This time I saw how large his balls were. I stroked them and wanted to make it last longer this time but he could only last a couple of minutes again and he came over my hands. This time I licked them clean in front of him and told him how much I enjoyed the taste of his cum. As soon as he left the house, I went upstairs. I had the cucumber ready under my pillow and my first orgasm of the day was crashing through my body in a matter of minutes. I could now take my time and enjoy my second and third cum.

I left the cucumber embedded deep inside my cunt and played with my nipples. My tits are fairly large but my nipples are wonderfully sensitive and a few minutes of careful stimulation had my cunt pleading for yet another good fucking. This time I was a little more gentle as I stroked my clitoris at the same time, but as the wonderful feelings started taking over my body I was soon thrusting my substitute cock deep inside my wet and welcoming cunt. Needless to say my second and third orgasm were soon upon me. I showered and recovered and went out. I decided I needed a vibrator instead of a cucumber but was at a loss as to where I could get one. Unfortunately the thoughts of what I wanted were having an effect on my body and I had to rush back home and satisfy myself with the cucumber. Still unable to find where I could get a vibrator I decided I would wait until the weekend and search the adverts in the weekend papers.

The next couple of days the routine was the same with Robert I would go in and wank him off, lick his spunk off my fingers and then satisfy myself as soon as he left the house. The day after I went into his bedroom in my dressing gown. I told him to keep his eyes closed as he would enjoy it more. In reality I didn't want him to see me finger fucking myself as I wanked him off. Unfortunately I had my eyes closed and he opened his and saw what I was doing to myself. He asked if he could watch me as I wanked him. I couldn't really refuse could I, in fact I didn't want to. I wanted Robert to see how his big cock turned his mum on. I untied my dressing gown and sat closer to him. I reached out for my son's hands and put them on my nipples.

He stroked my tits very gently and I had to tell him to be a bit rougher with them. I told him I liked my nipples to be pinched and squeezed and roll them around in between his fingers. He soon got the idea and I adored the feelings Robert was doing to his mum. I was still slowly stroking his cock, and making sure I didn't let him cum too soon. My other hand was playing alternatively with my clit and finger fucking my cunt. My orgasm was almost there but I made sure Robert came first, shooting his spunk all over my hand. My orgasm followed almost instantly as Robert watched keenly as his mother pleasured herself. I offered my smelly fingers to my son and told him to smell his mothers cunt juices as I licked his spunk off my fingers. He told me he loved the smell and I said that sometime soon I would let him smell and taste mummy's cunt juices.

Robert didn't want to go to college that day but spend the rest of the day in bed learning more about sex. I admit I was very tempted, I wanted more of that huge cock that belonged to my son. I wanted to suck the spunk of it and I wanted him to shoot his spunk deep into my cunt. But I decided it would be another day. Robert got dressed and had breakfast. I was still very horny. My mind kept going back to what had happened. I needed to cum again. While Robert was getting ready I went upstairs and found my friendly cucumber. I compared sizes and decided Robert was definitely the larger. My cunt was dripping wet. I went downstairs to say goodbye to Robert. As soon as the door closed I ran upstairs and laid on the bed. I opened my legs and the cucumber slipped easily inside. I was in heaven. I was in a world of my own. I never heard Robert come back in. I never heard him standing there watching his mother fuck herself with a cucumber, saying fuck mummy's cunt, shoot your spunk into mummy's cunt, make mummy cum.

Suddenly I heard a movement. I turned round to see Robert undressing. I said, 'Oh Robert, I'm so sorry, please forgive me, it's so wrong.'

Robert said, 'It's OK. I love watching you, I love what we do together, I want to fuck you, I want to fuck my mummy's cunt, I want to shoot my spunk deep into mummy's cunt.' He was now totally undressed and sitting on the bed. I reached out for his cock and told him to lie down on his back. I removed the cucumber from my cunt and lowered myself over Roberts cock. I let it brush against the opening.

I was soaking wet and my cunt was stretched wide open. I lowered myself a couple of inches and sighed as I felt my son's cock slide inside my cunt. I withdrew slightly then lowered further. The feeling was sensational. I rode up and down very slowly. Robert said he was cumming. I said, 'Cum into mummy's cunt, pump as much spunk as you can deep inside mummy's cunt. I felt his cock twitch. I lowered myself as far down as I could go. At last all 10 inches was inside me as I felt his red hot spunk shoot inside me. Amazingly he didn't go soft. He reached up and played with my nipples and said, 'Now its mummy's turn to cum'. I rode up and down on this huge cock and as my orgasm swept through my body I knew I didn't ever want this to end. I had never felt such extreme pleasure as two, three and then four orgasms rushed over me. Almost instantly as I finished I felt another flood of Roberts spunk shooting deep inside me.

We collapsed and lay recovering. That afternoon Robert learnt how to lick my cunt to make me cum and enjoyed the pleasure of his mother sucking his spunk out of him, although I'll never know how I managed to get so much of his cock inside my mouth. Over the next few months we perfected our sexual techniques and Robert truly satisfies his mummy on a regular basis. Never a day passes when he doesn't satisfy me and I satisfy him. When he arrives home from college I make sure I am in bed undressed waiting for him to fuck me. We both adore it from behind and he loves me to encourage him and use disgusting langauage and tell him what his mum wants him to do to her. He wants to fuck me in the arse but as yet I have not been able to take more than a couple of inches. Needless to say the cucumber was discarded long ago.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I had known Mags and Roger as neighbours for a number of years and got on well together. One Saturday afternoon Mags and I were sitting in her garden sharing a bottle of wine. We had quite a lot to drink and were both feeling quite mellow. Mags surprised me when she said, 'I saw Robert in the garden last week and I was surprised how big he is, if you know what I mean. How do you manage to keep your hands off him.

I wouldn't be able to if he was my son'. I smiled at Mags and didn't say anything. Mags said jokingly, 'Have you got something to tell me, your secret will be safe with me'. I thought for a few minutes and then said, 'You must promise not tell this to anyone'. Mags said, 'Of course, I promise'. Then I plucked up courage and said, 'To tell you the truth Robert and I have been getting very close lately, in fact, you're right, he is very big. In fact he's almost too big.' Mags said jokingly, 'Sounds great, can I borrow him'.

Then she said, 'Are you serious, are you having it off with Robert'. I replied, 'Promise you won't say anything, but yes he's been fucking me for quite a time now and it's absolutely amazing. I've taught him what I like having done to me and what I like to do to him and its great. He cums gallons in me and my mouth. I adore it. But best of all is when he fucks me from behind. The feeling of 10 inches of rock solid cock pounding into your cunt is just incredible.'

Of course, at this stage I didn't for one moment realise that Robert was also fucking Mags at the same time and that she and Roger had been plotting for us to have a foursome. Mags the said, 'How about bringing Robert round one and letting him enjoy two women, that is if you don't mind sharing him'. I was shocked, I didn't want to share my Robert with another woman, but then I started thinking how exciting it could be. I said,' Give me a couple of days and let me think about'. But I already knew what I was going to do.

* * * * *

So readers, what do you think, should I share my son with my neighbours wife. Let me know what you think and what we should all do in bed together. When we've done it, I'll share my experiences with you.

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