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My Wife Stepped Out


A tale of a husband who wants his wife to stray. If this is not for you then read no further.

My wife Tessa and I have been married for 12 years. I was coming up to my 40th birthday and we had talked about a party, holiday to celebrate. We have one child, a beautiful 7 year old girl who is the apple of our eyes. We both work and have a pretty decent lifestyle but in these times we worry about job security just like most people. Tessa is 35, not thin but not fat either. For me she is perfect, fair shoulder length hair, beautiful blue eyes, shapely legs, big breasts and a very touchable ass. I met her at a friends wedding. I had been in and out of numerous relationships and was living the best life as a bachelor. I had dated a string of lovely women, had fantastic sex and was up for anything in those days. When I met her I was completely taken with her. She has such a bubbly personality and everyone she meets loves her. Our first date was an eye opener for me. She told me all about herself. She was a virgin and was determined to wait for 'Him' – the right man, her soul mate, life partner. This was at odds to any woman I had dated. Yes I had been with a few virgins in my time but they were not 23.

To make a boring story short we fell in love and married within 18 months. The sex got off to a shaky start but with time she really 'opened up' in more ways than one. I often teased her saying 'what a waste'. I told her of my past, leaving nothing out. I think my honesty and droopy, infatuated eyes made her realise that I was ready to forego all my sexploits. We worked, took holidays and finally bought a nice house in a nice area. Our neighbours were fantastic but were a little older, not much but they all had children. The family on our left were in their early thirties and had triplets, beautiful 10 year old girls that I could never tell apart. We got to know them pretty well and often had barbeques with them or babysat for them. We would look after their home while they took holidays. They were both African-American and both of them were cops. I have to say at this point that Amelia was stunningly beautiful while Jeff was a tall good looking guy.

As I have said, I often teased Tessa about being a virgin which she would laugh off easily. Over drinks one night I said, "It's just that I don't know how you managed to keep guys off, you can't tell me they didn't try! You must have made out, touched at least."

"I never touched a guy until I met you. One guy did put his hands on my breasts but I stopped him and never saw him again mainly because he knew how I felt and had agreed to wait and see."

Tessa wasn't waiting for marriage until she had sex. We were at it within a few months – a record for me. Not that I'm a sex god, I just seemed to meet girls who had the same outlook as me. I am not particularly well hung just an average 8 inches. I saw a lot bigger in the showers after football or after a work out in the gym. We had been trying for a baby for 4 years before Tessa became pregnant and it was the happiest day of my life when our daughter was born. The down side was that Tessa would never be able to conceive again. There was a problem conceiving in the first place and the doctors told us it was a miracle she'd conceived at all. We were not that bothered to tell the truth although maybe a brother or sister would have been good for our princess.

We had been to a pool party in Jeff and Amelia's. Both of us were the worse for wear having consumed copious amounts of wine. It had been a glorious day and we sat in our living room sipping a final glass of wine. We kissed with passion as we began removing each others clothes. I was fingering her wet pussy as she stroked my hard cock.

"Jeff has a big one" she said as she caressed me.

"Ah, so you noticed did you?" I replied. It was hard not to notice. Although he was not hard you could clearly see the outline of his cock especially when his swimwear was wet.

"I didn't know they made them so big" she giggled.

"Could you imagine that thing inside you?"

She kissed me in response and we ended up fucking like rabbits on the floor until we came loudly. This had set my mind in a spin and for the next few months I would imagine Jeff fucking her. I could not get the image out of my head and would often go to sleep thinking of it only to wake up during the night with a raging hard on. I never mentioned it to Tessa but on more than one occasion she asked what had gotten into me as I roused her from her sleep and fucked her.

One evening as we finished a meal she asked me what made me so horny during the night. It was probably the alcohol so I told her.

"That turns you on?" she asked in disbelief.

"I'm afraid so" I replied as I went on to tell her how this had all come about. "I would never cheat on you Tony, never."

"I know that but I'm not talking about cheating. Cheating to me is when someone goes behind my back. What I am dreaming about is consensual."

She was silent for what seemed like an age.

"I could never do that, especially with Jeff. They are our friends for God's sake. No Tony, that's mad stuff."

"It wouldn't have to be Jeff" I said trying to salvage something from this. "It's just the thought of you experiencing another man that turns me on. I have been with loads of women and I just find it hard to credit that you have only been with me. I'm not complaining or anything but it's alien to me. I guess it's just my perverted mind, I think everyone thinks like I do and I know that is wrong."

"The idea of me fucking Jeff is just something I never thought of. Yes I did look at his 'package' but that was just unavoidable. I never felt the need to experience anyone else and never will."

That was that. However, we did introduce my filthy thoughts into our love making and would fantasise about her fucking Jeff or other guys. I would make her tell me about some of the guys in work who would fit the bill.

My 40th was looming up and she asked me what I would like. I had been hinting about buying a Harley and though she was sceptical, she put it down to a mid life crisis.

"What I would like, what I would really love is for you to fuck another guy' I continued on quickly, 'I would love to see you with another guy's cock in you. See you suck my cock as he fucked you."

She was speechless. Eventually she found her voice.

"I thought you were going to say a Harley" she said as she produced the latest brochure.

"Well I'd like that too but I would really like the other."

"You know I could never do it with Jeff. I just couldn't."

She was not saying 'no' just no to Jeff who I wouldn't have liked her to fuck anyway – too close to home for a start.

"So would you consider someone else?"

"Do you have someone in mind?"

"Not at all, I wouldn't know how to find someone unless we went on line or something" I trailed off.

"I can't think. I can't think about this now. It's just so out of the blue. I had planned to say 'get the bike' but this has thrown me. Let's not talk about it anymore. Let's go inside' "

She came into my arms and I told her how much I loved her as I undressed her. We made love, fucked for hours and finally fell into a deep sleep. Nothing else was said and for the next few weeks we carried on as normal. On the weekend before my birthday as we sat in our garden we talked about my birthday. We had decided to invite family and friends over and had a meal planned with plenty of drink and music.

As we sat at the breakfast bar the following evening Tessa was very quiet.

"Is everything ok?" I asked.

"I am going to give you your birthday present and I'm not talking about the Harley but there are conditions."

I couldn't believe my ears. She was looking at me, gauging my reaction. I obviously gave off the right signal.

"This is hard for me. I don't want you to EVER throw it back at me. It's your idea and you will not blame me in anyway or take revenge."

"But who, where, when?" I stuttered.

"Let me finish," she said, "there is a customer from work and he would give his right arm and probably his left too, to have sex with me. It has always been obvious. This coming Thursday, the day before your birthday, we will be attending a sales conference across town. I have hinted that I could be available to spend some time with him after and he was delighted. He is from Texas. He is single and very fit. He is 31 and was married until about eight months ago. He has told me over the course of the last few months that he hasn't been with anyone other than his ex since they married 10 years ago. She called the marriage off when she became involved in some wacky religion."

She took a sip from her drink.

"I can't do this with you there. it would be just to weird. I need you to be 100% sure that you want me to go through with this. You have until Thursday evening at the latest to change your mind. Are you ok with this so far? I am shaking inside just talking about it."

She gulped her drink down. This was not what I had planned. I wanted to be there, see it all unfold before my eyes. Hear her moan as another man fucked her. It was better than nothing and I was rock hard as she spoke. I thought about what she said and was thinking about my reply.

"Ok Tessa," I said, "but I have a few conditions also. The fact that I will not be there and I don't know this guy worries me. Are you sure he's ok? I will be so worried about you."

"Trust me Tony, this guy is cool. He is a straight up guy and I know he would never harm me. His name is Phil and I have known him a long time. What conditions have you in mind?"

"I want you call me when you are leaving afterwards. I want to set a time that you will call and if you don't I will come looking for you because I will be worried. I really wanted to be there Tessa and I understand where you are coming from. I want you to take our digital camera with you and I want some pictures."

"How am I going to take pictures"' she asked.

"Phil can take them. I will leave it to your own imagination to figure it out. My last condition is that you enjoy yourself. If you can't or if this is abhorrent to you well then we go no further."

"I can't believe we're doing this! You must tell me if you change your mind. I love you and would hate to damage what we have so please, be sure and reassure me."

That was it. We went to bed but did not make love. I was drained from our talk and we were both tired after a long day. The rest of the week was busy for both of us. We were organising food and drink and preparing for Friday night. Before I knew it, it was Thursday morning. Tessa was up before me and I could hear her in the shower. I made breakfast and then the phone rang. It was work and there was a problem with our IT system which I spent the next 40 minutes sorting out over the phone. Just as I put the phone down Tessa was already kissing me goodbye.

"I love you," she said, "call me if you change your mind."

I barely had time to say 'love you' and she was off. I was so busy in work that I had little time to think about anything other than work but that did not stop me feeling butterflies in my stomach. I had arranged to take the following few days off and wanted to make sure everything was up to date. I finally got home about 18.30. It was the quiet in the house that brought on the doubt. Our daughter was staying with Tessa's parents and I hadn't had time to call Tessa to say hi.

I grabbed a shower then had a slice of pizza with a cold beer. The phone rang and it was Tessa.

"Are you sure about this?" she said.

"Yes, are you?" I replied but I was not sure at all by this time. I figured I still had time to stop it.

"Well you don't sound sure. You only have until nine Tony." She rang off as I heard one of her female colleagues calling her.

That gave me three hours. The minutes were like days, the days like hours. I thought about the situation and while I was wrenched with jealousy I was also excited at the prospect of hearing how it went. She called me at exactly nine. My cock was throbbing as I had been imagining her being fucked. For a moment I thought she was calling to say she couldn't go through with it but her words soon put paid to that.

"I'm in the bathroom of his hotel room," she whispered, "It's now or never. Are you positive?"

"Yes! If you are ok and you want to, then go ahead. Have you done anything yet?" I asked, hoping for a little information that would further excite me.

"We've kissed in the lift on the way up. I want to Tony."

"Enjoy and don't forget the pictures or me. Love you."

"Me too, see you later."

"Tessa, Tessa!" I shouted.


"Don't shower before you leave."

"Ok, gotta go."

I went to bed at midnight, my cock crying out for relief. I set my alarm but it was pointless as sleep was never going to come. I tried reading but couldn't concentrate. I went back downstairs and watched some crap on TV as I drank a few beers. By 2.30 I was well over the limit to drive and in my mind planned to call a cab if I had to go to the hotel. She sent a text shortly after to say she would be home at 4.30 and that she was fine. Time dragged on until 4.35 when I received a text to say she was in a cab on the way home.

I heard the cab pull up outside at 5am and met her at the door. I took her in my arms and we kissed deeply. There was a slight whiff of alcohol on her breath and the unmistakable smell of cum. Her hair was tidy, not neat. She looked a bit bedraggled and carried her heels in her hands.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

"Ooh yes," she breathed, "I am very ok."

Once in our bedroom I could see her more clearly. There was dried cum in her hair, she looked like she always does after sex – fucked. We kissed as I removed her little black dress. I squatted down and removed her black panties. They were soaked in cum. Her pussy looked swollen, a little red. She was not wearing her bra. Apparently Phil wanted to keep it as a souvenir. I tore off my robe and pushed her back onto the bed. Her legs parted invitingly and I could see how wet she was. His cum was oozing from her pussy. I wasted no time in shoving my cock inside her. It felt different, not as tight ........it felt used. As I fucked her we kissed. She moaned continually as she lifted her pelvis to meet my thrusts.

"Did you enjoy it." I panted as I fucked her.

"He fucked me so hard with his big cock Tony," she grunted as she spoke, "can you feel his cum in me?"

I was just about to cum and was trying my best to hold off.

"Can you taste his cum? He came in my mouth just before I left."

That was it, I couldn't hold back and shot my cum inside her sopping cunt. I seemed to cum for ages as she bucked beneath me, cumming with me.

As we recovered we kissed gently. My cock was still inside her and was hardening again.

"My god, you are a horny bastard aren't you? This really turns you on. I am a bit sore, he fucked me so hard and for so long, he came in my pussy twice."

"Suck my cock like you did his." I said. I wanted everything he'd had.

She knelt on the floor and I held her head as I fucked her mouth. I only lasted a little longer this time and erupted in her mouth. She tried to swallow it but her jaw was tender and a lot of cum hit her face which she scooped up with her fingers and licked them clean. As she caught her breath she lay on the bed and fell into a deep sleep almost immediately. It was 5.30. I had cum twice in the space of 30 minutes. I couldn't sleep. I wanted to know what had happened. I got her purse, took the camera and downloaded the images onto our PC. There were about 30 shots in all but most were of our family. There were only 12 of her and Phil. The first was a shot of her in just her black bra and panties. She smiled nervously at the camera and the time was 21.20. The next shot was of her on all fours. The tip of Phil's cock was just parting her pussy lips. He cock was not the 12 incher I had fantasised about. It was the about the same length as mine but it was so thick. It was about twice as thick as mine and he was cut. The next shot was taken immediately after, 21.43. He was fully embedded in her and I could see her juice on her stretched lips. The next three were taken at 23.33 and they used the timer. They were a little off centre but she was sitting on him, his cock buried up to the hilt. Her head was thrown back, her mouth open in obvious ecstasy. There was a shot of her lying on the bed, her legs apart and cum dripping from her pussy. This was followed by a close up, her cum soaked finger stroking her clit. There were four shots of her sucking his cock. In one, she was looking sexily at the camera as she licked the head. In the last shot she was smiling at the camera, cum dripping from her mouth, more cum on her face. I was so hard. I stroked myself, cumming once again as I looked at the images. I eventually went to sleep only for her alarm to wake us at 10am.

When fully awake I simply said, 'tell me.'

She wanted to shower but I insisted she tell me all the details. I prodded her and questioned her as she revealed her night of sex with Phil.

As the evening was drawing to a close Phil asked her if she wanted to go to his room. She said yes and in the lift he pulled her to him and the kissed gently at first. She said she enjoyed the taste of another man for the first time in years. She excused herself and went to the bathroom to call me. She admitted that she would have found it very difficult to stop at this stage but reckoned she would have if I'd asked. They kissed in the bedroom and he removed her dress. It was at this point that she mentioned the camera and said she would like a few pictures as a reminder. He took the first one then undressed her completely, kissing her all the while. He caressed her body all over and finally removed his clothing. As they kissed in each others arms she could feel his hard cock against her tummy. She said she was beyond stopping by now and just wanted to feel his cock inside her. He licked her pussy and brought her to two orgasms before he mounted her for the first time. He turned her on all fours and she heard him take more pictures as he fucked her. He was a very considerate lover. He held back for ages before he came in her. The second time they fucked he lasted longer and fucked her harder as she egged him on. She said that the feel of another man's skin on her and in her made her cum all the more. After the second time they lay next to each other kissing and caressing.

'Why the photos?' he asked.

She told him the truth. He was a little surprised but not put off. After a while he asked, 'do you think you could take two men at once?'

"What did you say?" I asked.

"I said I would now. I was so horny Tony" she said.

She said she dozed for a little while but was woken by his hands caressing her breasts. She knelt on the bed and took him in her mouth until he came.

"How do you feel about it the morning after?" I asked.

She reached under the covers and felt my hard cock.

"I can see how you feel," she said as I slipped a finger into her wet pussy. "You can see how I feel too, can't you?"

I climbed between her legs and began fucking her. When I felt she was nearing orgasm I asked, 'Would you like to fuck him again?'

"Oh God yes," she panted, "if you want me to I will. You can both fuck me. Phil said it would be a wicked thing to do. I'm cumming again Tony. I'd fuck him right now if I could."

"I want you to; you know I want you to."

We came within seconds of each other. As I shaved after my shower I could hear her talking on the phone.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"Phil. I was just calling to wish him safe home. He has an afternoon flight."

While Tessa soaked in a hot bath I had a brilliant idea. Using the redial on Tessa's cell I called Phil.

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