tagAnalMy Wife's Anal Cherry

My Wife's Anal Cherry

byJohn Thompson©

"You want to do what you were talking about?"

I didn't understand what my wife Carrie was talking about at first. Or at second, for that matter. She was lying next to me on the bed, her head turned away, as I re-read the latest boy wizard book in an attempt to lull myself to sleep.


"You know."

The frustrating thing about women is that they seem to truly believe that we men have powers of telepathy. In my head I ran through the random assorted crazy statements I'd made in the course of the day. Stuff about wanting to shoot the dog, knock down my neighbor's ugly pink house, and eat all the brownies my wife had made for a bake sale... nothing clicked. Was I in trouble? I was clueless.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean." I said this tentatively, knowing that the ensuing explosion from her could be severe, depending on how mad she was that I'd forgotten about what "we" had been talking about. But her head never turned toward me.

"What we talked about the other day."

Oh, great. Now I had to scan back DAYS to figure out what she meant? I was doomed. But then she followed it up with a very simple statement in code.

"You know, about playing all nasty?"

Everything clicked together at once. My wife, who is absolutely adorable in the way she can't bring herself to say anything sexual out loud, was referring to a conversation we'd had about three days back when she'd flatly refused my request to try anal sex. My cock twitched excitedly from her mere mention of it. But I shouldn't get ahead of myself. After all, she may have brought it up to discuss why I wanted to do such a nasty thing.

"Uh, yeah. I'd like to try it... someday... if you ever felt like you'd be open to it... but, whatever, no big deal." I didn't want to overplay my hand, still not exactly sure where we were headed with all this.

"You can if you want to."

My mouth fell open at this, and my cock sprang to full mast in about three seconds. She finally turned her head toward me, keeping it half-buried in the pillow. All I saw was one eye. Her nose kind of crinkled as she looked at the expression on my face, and I knew she was smiling into the pillow. Then her eyes drifted down to my pajama bottoms, which were tented outward with my excitement. The eyebrow above my wife's one exposed eye arched upward, and I knew her smile had turned into a smirk.

"Are you sure, Carrie?"

"Yes." She answered, turning her head back into the pillow, which I was pretty sure was to cover up her embarrassment.


I immediately began rummaging in my nightstand for a condom and lubrication. I also pulled out a vibrator. She merely stayed where she was, her head buried in the pillow.

"It's not going to hurt, is it?" Her muffled voice carried out from the pillow. I paused for a moment; not wanting to lie but not wanting her to change her mind either.

"Um, yeah. Actually it might hurt, honey. We don't have to do this if you don't want to. Or we can stop if it hurts you too badly."


"Of course. It's not fun if it hurts you or you don't want to do it."


I waited for her to continue talking, but then realized that she had both responded to what I had been saying and had given permission to continue. I guess honesty really is the best policy.

I got the condom on and lubed it up thickly. I laid a towel out on the bed, and used another one to wipe off the excess lube. From this point on I was going to need her participation.

"Honey, can you raise up onto your hands and knees?"

She didn't say a word, but merely maneuvered herself up and over the towel, knowing that things could get messy. Once in position, she lowered her head to the pillow, laying her head on its side but keeping her eye closed.

The sight of my wife with her ass in the air always turned me on, but knowing that she was offering her little rosebud of an ass to me carried me to another level of arousal. My wife is no supermodel, but then I'm not exactly Tom Cruise, either. Carrie is exactly the type of woman that I love - very voluptuous, with enormous breasts and a large firm ass. She has gorgeous blue eyes and light brown hair. She is incredibly smart and has a wicked streak in her that pops up in unexpected places. With her smooth firm ass spread out in front of me, I realized I was going to have to really fight for control.

I lubed up a finger and inserted it gently into my wife's rectum. I wanted to get her used to the feeling and gradually add more fingers and possibly the vibrator before I entered her myself. But you don't know my wife...

"No, don't do that. Just do it."

I knew what she was asking, but I didn't think it was a good idea.

"Carrie, you should get used to it more before we jump right into it."

"No. Just do it."

That was my wife for you. Her embarrassment could abide my wanting to have anal sex, but it could not abide the ministrations of my fingers that were required to loosen her up for the assault on her sphincter.

"But that'll make it hurt more."

"Then it'll hurt more."

I sighed, but knew it was no use arguing. When her mind is made up, that's it.

"I'll try to be careful."

She said nothing, but began wiggling her ass back and forth.

"You are so mean."

She snorted with laughter in reply.

I ran my hands over her smooth, porcelain ass cheeks, and bent to kiss them. I rubbed my hands all over her back for a few minutes, and she shivered. She loved getting her back rubbed. My hands drifted back to her ass, and I gently parted her cheeks, nudging my penis against her asshole. She tensed up at that, but I was going to require my hands for the control I would need.

"Not yet." I said, and she relaxed.

I let go of her ass with my right hand and gripped my cock. You can pretty much call me Joe Average, because I'm about six inches long. I'm probably a little above average as far as thickness, but as long as my wife never complains, I don't really care how I "stack up" to other guys. I'm kind of a big teddy bear, in that I'm tall and a little overweight, but not fat. Again, my wife loves everything about me, and that's all I care about.

The large head of my cock showed up as deep purple through the condom, and it looked enormous next to her little rosebud. I took a moment to rub it around the edge of her asshole. She tensed up again, and I worried about how to proceed.

I took a moment to get more lube on my cock, and put a little directly on her asshole as well. I gripped my cock with my right hand, and eased it up to her sphincter once again. I pushed slightly forward and met complete resistance. I took a deep breath and tried to work my cock back and forth at her back door, hoping to find a way in. But I was starting to think that it was hopeless.

Just as I was going to suggest that we try it some other time, Carrie got her asshole lined up with my cock, and grunting, pushed back with a shove. If I hadn't been holding on to her ass with my left hand, she would have shoved me off the bed. Despite the huge shove, however, she had only managed to get about half my cock head wedged partly into her sphincter ring. But that was all I needed. I held myself in place, and told her to squeeze her muscles just a little bit, as if she were trying to go to the bathroom. Her ass eased a little as she obeyed, and I pushed forward until my cock head slipped just inside her sphincter ring. She grunted with the effort, and I knew that she was feeling some moderate discomfort.

"Just stay here and try to relax for a minute." I suggested, and she remained motionless. I have to say it took every ounce of self-control I had not to shove forward into her. My cock was as hard as it had ever been in my life. And Carrie's ass was pulsing periodically as she tried to adjust to my size inside her. I couldn't help but moan as it massaged the sensitive underside of my cock head.

"Feel good?" she asked with a grunt.

"Oh yeah." I answered.

"Not so much for me."

"I figured. You want me to pull out?"

She groaned at the thought of it. "I think that would hurt even more at this point."

At this I started to worry. "We could just sit here until I get soft enough to pull out." But her ass pulsed again, and my cock pulsed once in response. She laughed with a grunt, which made my cock twitch even more.

"I don't think you're going anywhere anytime soon. But hang on, I'm starting to relax."

I could feel it even before she did. It was taking a while, but her poop chute was finally easing its tension just a bit as it became accustomed to my invasion.

She started moving her upper body forward so that she could lie down on the bed, and as a result, she dragged me with her. I had no idea if this was more comfortable for her, but I really had no say in the matter. Once she was lying down, she whispered, "You can fuck me now, but do it really, really slow."

"Okay." But I was anything but okay as I realized that the discomfort my wife was feeling was more than either of us had expected, and that there was nothing I could do except proceed. Either that, or cruelly wrench my cock out of her. And I have to admit that despite her discomfort, I didn't want to pull out. The sensation of tightness and friction on my cock - well beyond the capabilities of her pussy - were driving me insane.

I supported my weight with my left arm as I reached for more lube. All I could do was squirt it on my shaft as close to her sphincter as possible. Then I placed my hands on either side of her, and entered her as gently as I could. Her breath hissed out as more of my shaft shoved its way up inside her. Finally, I had my entire length buried in her ass. After a moment, I began to slide back out of her ass, as far as the base of my cock head, which kept me from being able to pull all the way out. She moaned.

"Does it hurt too much?" I asked.

"It hurts."

"I'll stop. We'll figure something out."

"No, don't stop."

This surprised me, and I realized that I was involuntarily pushing my way into her again.


"Feels good too."

At this I saw that her hands had crept underneath her, where they were undoubtedly massaging her clitoris. I reached over to grab the vibrator.

"You want this?"

She opened her eyes long enough to identify what I was holding, then reached out to grab it. It disappeared underneath her, and I heard the muffled sound of the vibrator as she turned it on.

Her insides churned as the vibrator made contact with her pussy. My cock pulsed in response.

"Fuck me slow, but steady." She said into the pillow.

"You got it."

I began to build up an incredibly slow rhythm, sawing my cock in and out of her ass. It probably took a full ten seconds to complete one in-and-out cycle. I couldn't believe the heat that was building from this tantalizingly slow friction. She grunted and groaned and began lifting her hips slightly to meet my thrusts. I didn't know if the grunts were from pleasure or pain, but I supposed it was a combination of the two.


This one word from her had an immediate impact on me, and I doubled my pace, thrusting steadily but a bit more quickly into her asshole.

At this point, Carrie started shaking all over, and I realized that she was having an intense orgasm. She gasped and continued to shake, her body quivering on the outside, and gripping me with intensity on the inside. I continued to shove my cock in and out of her, and wondered what would happen next. Usually during sex, Carrie can only handle one orgasm. After one, she said her pussy became too sensitive to handle anything else. In fact, if I couldn't reach my own orgasm within about thirty seconds of her reaching one, she would tell me to stop fucking her, and I'd have to pull out for her to finish me orally or with her hand.

I groaned at the thought of having to stop while in the middle of buttfucking my wife. But then I realized that I could still hear the vibrator and my wife was still writhing on the bed.

"Keep going." She gasped these words out, and I couldn't believe my luck. My wife had just discovered that she was multi-orgasmic, but only during anal sex. So I continued to fuck her steadily, building up speed as I realized her orgasm had relaxed her to the point that she could handle me more easily.

I was surprised when she came again almost immediately, and her cry of pleasure echoed around the room. It was as if I was discovering my wife all over again.

I realized with a start that I was now plowing into her ass with a speed that matched our normal lovemaking. Her ass was handling the hard thrusts that I usually reserved for her pussy, and she was loving it. I buried my face into her neck and gave in to the pleasure that I was feeling. Her ass cheeks rippled as I pounded my cock in and out of her sphincter. She screamed with pleasure, and I felt her ass quiver once again as another orgasm washed over her.

That was all I could take.

"I'm going to come!" I shouted at the back of her head. Her only response was to raise her ass into the air to meet my thrusts. I lifted myself onto my arms then, and began to fuck my wife's ass with a building intensity. I looked down underneath me and saw her sphincter ring pulling out and getting slammed back in with every thrust of my cock. I continued to slam myself into my wife's ass, and with a yell, came inside her. My cock pulsed over and over as my seed spilled out of me. My cock jerking in her ass set off my wife one more time, and the spasms of her final orgasm milked the last of the jism out of my cock.

I collapsed on top of my wife, and then made a motion to roll off of her.

"Don't!" she said. "I want you to feel you right there for a minute."

"Sure." I said, and rested on top of my wife as she lay securely under me with my softening cock resting inside her ass.

"I'll bet you'd like to do that again." I heard her whisper into the pillow.

"Oh, yeah." I answered.

"Two months," she said. "At least, to recover. But then, definitely."

I grinned. I could do two months standing on my head.

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