tagLoving WivesMy Wife's Diary

My Wife's Diary


* This story is purely fictional. No names, activities and places is inspired by real life*

My name is Bill. About 2 years ago I found something that would lead to a divorce from the love of my life Linda. I have been seeing a psychiatrist for about a year and he asked me to try and put this experience into words, in order to help my therapy.

My wife and I first met when we were in high school, we didn't end up together until we were in our 20`s, but were part of the same crowd. I probably shouldn't be that surprised about what I learned about her, because when we were younger she had quite a reputation for being a "slut", but off course I thought she had changed when we eventually became more than friends.

In fact we barely had sex in our entire marriage, she excused herself with having issues with trust and that her sexual encounters when younger made her feel a certain shame when it came to sex. That bitch!!

One afternoon I was looking for a file for my work. I was often overworked at that time, so I was used to finding my stuff all over the apartment. I was looking through our desk when I noticed that the bottom cabinet was locked. I knew the file wasn't there, but I was really confused about the locked cabinet.

We had always used that desk for keeping papers, receipts and other stuff we acknowledged as important. I couldn't think off any reason why Linda would hide anything from me, so I ended up using quite some time and energy in picking the lock.

A part of me wishes I had never done that. When I finally managed to get it up, I found a book. It looked like a diary, you know the ones little girls have in school? With a cartoon cat on the pink cover. I sat down on the end off the bed and opened it.

The first page was started with a angry face drawing before it read "my useless husband tricked me!!", I had a sense of mixed feelings now. It felt bad, both for invading her private thoughts but also, it isn't nice to read that title as her husband. I put the book down, and walked a few circles in the house, before I decided to read it.

The rest of that book in short read that she knew that I one time was really drunk and ended up having oral sex with an ex-girlfriend. I had never told her and it hurt me that she knew. She further wrote she felt cheated the first time see saw my naked body.

She was in love with me, and wanting to do things right with us, so she didn't have sex with me right away, like she used to. And got furious when she saw that my body was so ugly, and that my cock was pathetic. And that I was going to regret ever cheating on her.

I felt sick to my stomach as I continued. She then further wrote that she had however come up with a "perfect" solution. She was going to whore around with real cocks behind me back, and have sex with me as rarely as possible, and to finally give me this diary on our 10th year anniversary. I began to cry as I flipped over to the next page:

Her revenge started on the day before our wedding. She had called two of her exes and explained to them that she wanted to have a threesome before her wedding. I felt sick as I remembered that she had a lot of "nerves" on our wedding day, and that I gave her a few hours to calm down.

She spent those hours fucking and sucking two guys. She wrote that they did not disappoint her, and they were more than willing to help her out. The first time I knocked on the door to see how she was doing she had a cock on each end, and the last time I did, she told me she would be out in 10 minutes, and sucked them both to completion. She wrote that it was so hot marrying me with cum running down her thighs and the taste of cum still in her mouth. I ran to the bathroom and puked my guts out. I was so disgusted by this I didn't know what to do. That being said I did continue to read the diary when I cooled down.

By the end of our honeymoon she had sucked off 5 complete strangers. 2 in the men's room one night we were having dinner in the restaurant, one guy she met while out getting ice for our champagne, and the life-guard at the hotels swimming pool. As horrible this sounds, it got worse. A lot worse!

One night my boss had called looking for me, I wasn't home so my wife picked up the phone. She had apparently always LOVED the way he bossed me around, and flirted shamelessly over the phone. She arranged for a "date" with him(!), and she further wrote, that she loved the look on his face when 50 seconds after meeting him she was licking his balls telling him how she would "love to be a good whore" for him, as long as he never told me.

They had started to fuck a few times a week, she would make excuses about being with friends. She loved the fact that she could lie down next to me knowing that she had been fucking and sucking my superior. In every sense of the word.

Apart from fucking my boss, she had fucked the neighborhood mail-man, the pizza guy at Tony's, and a black man named Reece she had met in the bank.

Another "diary" submission that really struck a chord with me was after our car had been in repair. I always hated that shop, and the guys that worked there. "Arrogant Mexicans", I used to call them, but Lisa explained that they had the best prices and "service", Bitch!!

After we got our car back she had invited 2 of them over, when I was in London for a business trip, they had fucked her several hours in our bed! And to top it off she had wiped their dicks clean with my pillow and just flipped it over. That night she had been giggling a lot in her sleep thinking about me sleeping on top of the cock slime of the guys I hated. I was crying and gagging while continuing the hardest reading I had ever done. She was really committed to this!

There was so many pages. The next more detailed then the previous one. Full of smiley-faces and hearts, my wife was not just a cheater. But a shameless whore!! She makes me sick!

As you probably understand by now, she had a lot of sexual encounters with so many different men, I can't tell them all, I don't even remember them all. ( She took the diary) So I write in short the things I remember and the ones that stand out.

The ones that in retrospect hurt the most is the ones involving my workplace. And there was quite a few of them. She was determined to humiliate me without my knowledge, and she has definitely scarred me for life. After months of "fucking" around, she decided to step it up. And started to service my boss at my workplace! She started to sneak off to my workplace a few times a week.

She wrote about one incident where I had been sent to his office for making a error in a file, and my boss was yelling at me and calling me useless while she was under his desk sucking him off. She had almost climaxed as he filled her mouth with cum while threatening to fire me for being a screw up! And it, like everything else, evolved. My boss was recruiting other men at my work too, on her behalf of course, and within a few weeks she had serviced a total off 13 men at my job! And she had made sure that I was in my office every time, she wrote that it made it so much hotter!

Another time my boss sent my away to meet a client in Stockholm, and my wife had invited 8 off my work-mates for a "good time" at our apartment. Which apparently meant fucking and sucking for a weekend straight. She also made a point that I almost accidentally found a used condom under our couch looking for the remote.

As far as I can remember there weren't more "situations" at my home. After a while she got tired of finding new ways to humiliate me, and wrote that she had made several standing dates. Apparently she fucked the mailman on Mondays, Pete from Tony's on Wednesdays, a guy named Phil on Thursdays, but Fridays made me the sickest, of her standing dates that is.

On Fridays she met 3 of my closest workmates, Harry, James and Allan after lunch, and sucked them off until each guy had cum 3 times. And in pride she wrote that she of course not only swallowed every precious drop, but she begged for it too, to make them happier.

The last thing I read before my wife came home that day was that one time I had actually walked in on her "rimming" my work-mate Roger, but that I had been to stressed out to see her heels sticking out under his desk. At the time I had never heard of that but, now that I know what it is ..SICK!!

As I heard my wife opening the door and walking up the stairs I was so angry, frustrated and sick I didn't know what to do. She walked in and stopped in the hall way and looked at me as I held her diary in my hand and looked back at her in disbelief. She just stood there for a few seconds before she smiled and said "I wasn't going to show you that for a few years honey." before she walked into the hall without another word. I walked after her while asking her if this was true? And if so how she could do that to me?

She calmly said "You cheated on me Bill, and I thinks its only fair that I cheated right back, don't you?"


"Yes, I have been fucking several hung men for the past years, so what?" She cut me off.

I don't know what pissed me off more, the fact that she had fucked all those men, or the fact that she didn't even care. I got so mad I punched a hole in the door before I grabbed my coat and left. I spent that night in a hotel. Thinking about what I should do.

I decided to leave the bitch. I hired a truck and went to get my stuff. Linda had beat me to it. I found all my things on our lawn with a big sign that said "FREE SHIT". I tried to get in, but apparently she had already changed the locks. So I rang the doorbell several times before she finally opened up wearing a robe and looking exhausted.

"Oh, its you. Just get your shit, I'm busy." As she tried to slam the door in my face, I stopped her and took a few steps in and was met by Hank, Allan, Roger and my boss sitting naked on our couch, I turned around and left as my boss yelled "See you on Monday Bill!"

We are now divorced. I have quit my job, and I have basically been struggling mentally ever since. Hopefully putting it into words makes it possible to move on.

The end

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/14/19


He didn't just kill the bitch on he spot? or at least take her some place and hope they never find he body? He can then work his way through the office and get each of the guys she fucked.

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by ScorpioJJ12/20/18

Quit the job but get revenge

The boss, the "workmates" and everyone else named in the diaries should feel some pain. The boss needs extra punishment.

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by Anonymous10/09/18

Finish the story

This is only half a story...needs a real ending...was wife finished with him?Why would wife stay 10 years just for revenge...how about husbandgetting revenge?

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by Schwanze109/08/18


takes a lot of the sting out of an insult when you misspell the key word such as misogenist.

Story started out dumb and finished dumb.

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by Tootight109/07/18

good story

Why it's good is because it shows how people rally are. The part of this story that is left out is the reaction, or countermeasures, or retribution.

My mind went to find some guy with a nasty incurablemore...

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