My Wife's Doctor Visit


"Get up and resume your position at the table," Alan said. I then stood without a question and bent back over the examination table. I could hear Alan walk toward me. "Since that guy fucked you so hard, I bet your pussy is really sore isn't it?"

I was so horny again I really couldn't tell if my pussy was sore or not. "I don't know Alan..." I said.

"You don't don't know Suzan?" WHAM!! All I could feel is heat from his huge cock working it's way inside my pussy as fast as Alan could get it up inside me stretching me once again to my very limit and beyond! "Do you know now Suzan? Can you tell me now??"

"YESS!! YESS it hurts Alan Owwowww!!" I screamed.

Alan then barked "Do you like it Suzan? You want me to keep punishing you or shall I stop?"

I could hardly answer "P-p-please keep punishing me...I've been such a bad girl!!" Alan began shoving his huge cock further inside me pumping his cock in and out fucking my brains out. Oooo it felt so good. He was so harsh as he rammed his hips against my ass and stuffed his huge cock into my very tight very sore and very wet pussy now. He then reached around me and began pinching my nipples as he pumped my pussy.

"You gonna cum baby huh? Be a good girl and cum for me okay?" He kept up at a rapid pace jerking my body as he pumped me from behind. I could feel my cum rising quickly.

"Yes..." I said. "I wanna cum now please may I?"

"Yes" Alan said approvingly. "Yes I want you to cum on my cock baby.... I want you to cum now!" I could feel it coming as Alan finished his sentence. I could feel my whole body go stiff as Alan still rammed his cock in and out of my pussy.

"Yesssssss!" I screamed.

"Gooood Girl." Alan Cooed at me. "Now spread your legs wider so I can cum too. I spread my legs as wide as they would go and allowed Alan to hurt my pussy even more. He showed no mercy either! He began fucking me like an animal faster and faster I could feel the tip of his dick touch the bottom of my stomach he rammed so far inside me!! "Uuugh" He grunted "Get on you knees NOW!" He grunted.

He pulled out of me and spun me around till I faced him then forced me down on my knees. His throbbing cock was right in my face as he stroked is rhythmically. "Open your mouth." He ordered. I couldn't get my mouth all the way open before he shot his jizz all over my face and half way into my mouth. I continued to lick the rest off the tip of his dick as he recovered from such an intense orgasm.

Alan then looked down at me. "Suzan?"

I looked back up at him as I was licking his cock. "Humm?"

He smiled at me. "You're get dressed and I'll see you next week for a new appointment. And remember.... No sex before our appointment or all be fucking you again you hear?" I nodded then got back onto my feet and began to dress. Dr. Whitaker then dressed, picked up his clipboard and wandered out of the room.

I finished dressing then made my way back to the receptionist desk.

The Receptionist smiled "Everything go okay?"

"Everything was great...Thank you." I said happily.

"Good good...shall I set you up for a new appointment then?" The receptionist smiled.

"Yes please." I said back. With that the Receptionist drew up a new appointment card and handed it to me. I took it and made my way out of the building and jumped into my car so I could go home to a long awaited shower and relaxation. What a day!

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