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My Wife's Girlfriend


Jack, Kylie, Angela and I had been fucking each other on a regular basis for some time now. Jack's king-sized cock had kept Angela happy, if not a bit sore, and we double-teamed her often. We also tagged Kylie together, (not to mention the isolated encounters I had with Kylie, but that's STILL another story) but Jack and I had no idea of the depth of the relationship Ang and Kylie had been building.

The two of them were always together, it seemed, and I always kind of felt like there was something brewing between the two, just below the surface. They were close, of course, like one would expect from couples who would regularly swing together. But sometimes, just sometimes, seeing them together gave me a different kind of feeling. They had a connection.

So I come home from work late on a Tuesday, to find an empty house. There is a note on the door, telling me that the kids are at Grandma's house, and that I should go to Jack and Kylie's. I knew right away something was up, it was not unusual for the four of us to get together this way, for dinner, drinks, or what-have-you. I grabbed a brisk shower, the anticipation of the upcoming encounter prompting me to toss one off real quick in the shower. That was always nice.

I drove over to Jack and Kylie's, finding myself doing 60 in a 35 zone. I wasn't in a hurry to get there, was I?

I walked right in, not bothering to knock, to find Ang and Kylie on the couch. Kylie was splayed across it, both hands on her own boobs, my wife's face buried deep inside her pussy. Angela paused only long enough to make eye contact with me, then went back to work on Kylie's clit. Kylie was gasping on the edge of an orgasm and didn't seem to notice that I was there.

"Holy shit," I croaked, then crossed the room and settled into the chair across from my wife and her girlfriend on the couch, making love to each other like no other two women I'd ever seen.

While my wife sent Kylie into a screaming orgasm, (her first? second? I had no idea how long they'd been here) I stroked my dick through my pants. They put on quite a show, and it was hot as hell. As Kylie wound down, she finally noticed that I was there and watching, and she crept out from under Angela and crawled across the floor to where I was. With amazing dexterity, she unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock with one hand and began sucking it in desperation.

Kylie gave head in a completely different way than Angela did. Ang was amazing. Slow, deliberate, teasing and mind-blowing. Kylie, accustomed to Jack's eleven inches, could take it all in without flinching. She deep-throated me with long, even strokes.

Ang came over to the chair to check out the intense blowjob Kylie was performing on her husband, then kicked her leg over Kylie's head and jammed her cunt into my face. I was not licking her clit as much as she was simply fucking my face. This got her started, and just as it seemed she was going to come on me, she spun around and slid down n front of me, positioning her pussy right above my cock, which was being expertly sucked by Kylie.

Kylie then proceeded to switch back and forth between my dick and my wife's pussy, licking and sucking us both, switching every few seconds. She made Angela come first, her head thrown back onto my shoulder, her voice barley able to utter "Ohhhh, fuck.... God I love you."

The thought that she was probably saying this to Kylie and not me made me just about ready to explode. Fortunately it was at that moment that Kylie took her lips from my wife's pussy and slid them all the way down my cock, bringing me to an intense orgasm in one stroke, which she whole-heartedly swallowed with one gulp.

The three of us just lay there for a while, catching our breath. Kylie lay back onto the floor, and Angela pulled herself up from on top of me and joined her. The two girls held each other in their arms, and kissed each other gently. Kylie stroked Angela's hair as she kissed her, while Ang lightly stroked Kylie's ass with her fingernails, careful not to dig them in. There was more than just sex happening here, it was clear to me that these women really cared for each other. The way they looked at each other, the way they fell asleep in each other's arms was amazing. I must have watched them sleep together for a half an hour or more, before I looked upward to the open staircase across the room.

There was Jack, big ole cock in his hand, watching with the same amazement that I was. I caught his eye, and the two of us exchanged the look, the knowing look between friends that we had each witnessed something truly beautiful.

I got dressed and went home, Jack went upstairs to bed. We left the girls to sleep on the living room floor, each comfortable in the other's embrace.

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by Anonymous11/29/17

Kiss her goodbye.

Between your friends big cock and his wife's love, you have nothing to offer the woman except financial support. I suggest you get the hell out and find someone who will put you first in her life. I suggestmore...

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