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My Wife's New Lover


About a year ago my wife Kelly and I were discussing our sexual fantasies. I was surprised to find that my wife had an interracial fantasy. In 5 years of marriage she had never mentioned anything, I hadn't noticed her looking at anyone; it was a complete shock to me.

Well having that out in the open I couldn't just leave it alone. I asked her why she had the fantasy and she explained that it was the thought of touching dark flesh, having dark lips on her body. Just talking about it made her hot.

We talked about it for about a month before she asked me what I thought of the idea of her taking a black lover. Well what the hell was I supposed to say to that? On our wedding day we had vowed to stay faithful to one another and now she was asking if I'd be okay with her being with someone else. I immediately said no.

Well Kelly wasn't going to just leave it at that. She worked on me slowly over the course of the next two months. She kept telling me how much it would prove my love if I let her do it. She kept telling me that if I were to agree to it I wouldn't lose anything...she wouldn't love me any less or any differently. She said that she'd never leave me for her lover. She said it would improve our sex life.

When I asked her how it would improve our sex life if she took a lover she said that she would be so grateful that I would let her do it that she would show me her gratitude by giving me more sex than I could handle. She also said that it would improve our sex life because on occasion she would convince her lover to let me watch them together. She said that I would be so turned on that I would jump in and ravage her as soon as her lover was done with her.

Well...as is most often the case I eventually gave in. It had taken 6 months from the first time that we had discussed her fantasy for me to agree to let her try it.

When I finally gave in Kelly was so excited that we spent the entire weekend in the bedroom. It seemed like there might have been an upside to it after all.

I still had concerns so I made Kelly promise me that I would get to meet her lover before anything happened, I would get to be there for the first time they were together, and if I couldn't handle it she wouldn't do it again.

We talked about how she was going to find a lover. She decided to do it online as there are plenty of adult personal ads online.

Kelly insisted that it was going to be her lover so I was to stay out of it. I didn't try to spy on her, I didn't ask any questions; I just reaped the benefits of her search as every night she would come to bed as hot and horny as I'd ever seen her.

Then one night when she came to bed I tried to initiate things and she pushed me away. When I asked why she said that she was asked to stop having sex with me by her new lover...at least until after they had been together for the first time.

Well I hadn't agreed to that. I told my wife that I had agreed to let her try it with the understanding that I would not be denied sex by my wife. Kelly begged off saying that she wanted to store up as much sexual energy as she could before her first time with her new lover.

I asked when we were going to meet her new lover and Kelly told me that she would be meeting her lover Friday night, but I was supposed to be out of the house for the night.

That too was not something that I had agreed to. We had agreed that I would watch the first time they were together and then Kelly and I would talk about it and I would have to give my okay for her to continue or she wouldn't do it again. Kelly said that it was going to be hard enough for her to do it the first time without me watching. She promised that if she decided to do it a second time that I would be there and then we would have our talk.

Again I gave in to her. It was Monday night and she was meeting her new lover on Friday night which meant that I was going to be cut off all week. We'd been making love every day for the past few months so going a week without was hard as hell.

Friday night Kelly showered, dressed up, and did her make up like she was going out for a fancy night on the town. She assured me that they wouldn't be going anywhere she just wanted to look nice to make a good first impression.

I had arranged to go to a bar with one of my friends and then crash at his place for the night.

Kelly gave me a kiss and practically pushed me out the door.

It's a good thing my buddy and I went to a bar because as I thought about what was going on at my house I needed a drink...and another...and another. What had I done? I had given my wife my permission to have sex with someone else. She had promised that I would get to be there to watch so I could keep there from being a second time if I couldn't handle it. Instead of being in the bedroom watching my wife and her new lover I was sitting in a bar trying to drink the thoughts out of my head...I never succeeded.

I woke up Saturday morning at my buddy's house. It wasn't the worst hangover I'd ever had, but it was pretty bad. Still I ran out of his house, jumped in my car, and sped home.

It was 9:15 when I walked through the door. I found Kelly in the kitchen cleaning up the dishes from breakfast. She heard me come in and turned towards me. She was absolutely glowing. I've seen her glowing like that for me and I've seen her that happy for me, but it was obvious that she had thoroughly enjoyed the night with her lover.

She saw how messed up I looked and scolded me for getting so drunk. I told her that I was trying to drink the thoughts of what she was doing out of my head but hadn't succeeded.

She looked concerned and asked if I was having second thoughts about it. I told her that it was too late for second thoughts since it had already happened, I just hadn't been happy with the situation.

I voiced my frustrations to her about how things had happened. We had agreed that I'd get to be there the first time. I would get to meet her lover before they did anything. I would be there for everything that happened. Then she and I would talk about it afterwards and if I was totally opposed to her doing it again she wouldn't do it again.

Instead I had been sent out of the house before her lover arrived. I had not met her lover. I was not there to watch their first time together. She had changed our agreement and I wasn't happy about it.

She apologized profusely and thanked me for giving her the opportunity to experience it. She said that she and her lover had arranged another get together for that night.

When I asked if I got to stay this time she frowned. She said that her lover asked that I not be in the house Saturday night either.

That's when I blew my top. I told Kelly that there was no way that I was leaving again. I told her that either I would be allowed to watch her second time with her lover or I would put my foot down and insist that there not be a second time.

Kelly was shocked that I had spoken so firmly to her. She'd only seen me that upset a few times since we'd met and it had never been directed at her. She apologized again for not letting me watch Friday night. She said that it had been difficult for her to break our agreement and do it without me there, but she also reiterated that she didn't think she'd have been able to do it with me there.

I told her that if she was going to do it again at all I was going to have to be there. Kelly knew that I was serious so she said she would call her lover to see if it was okay.

She went down the hall, made a phone call and came back. Kelly was nervous when she walked back into the room. She said that her lover wasn't very happy about the idea, but would go along with it since I had insisted that I be there or Kelly couldn't do it.

With that I finally calmed down and asked for the details about when her lover would be coming over.

Kelly told me that she had arranged for her lover to come over at 8:00. Kelly told me that she was fine with me watching that night but her lover wasn't very happy about it. She asked that I not talk while they were together and to stay far enough from the bed that I wouldn't be a distraction. I wasn't about to let her lover's wishes dictate what I would do inside my own house and told Kelly that I would sit close enough to have a good view no matter how close that was and that her lover would have to deal with it.

At 8:00 the doorbell rang. Kelly went to get the door and came back into the living room with her lover....Vanessa. I could easily see why Kelly had chosen her, Vanessa is absolutely gorgeous. I learned later that she's a personal trainer which explained why her body was in such great shape.

Vanessa was clearly annoyed about my presence and immediately voiced her objection to my being there. As politely as I could I told Vanessa that Kelly and I had made an agreement about her taking a black lover. We had agreed that I would meet her lover before it happened and I would be there when it happened. I had let the first time go because I didn't want to put any extra pressure on Kelly, but now that the initial pressure was over I was holding her to our agreement...or I was going to insist that she not do it anymore.

I asked Kelly to confirm to Vanessa that those were the terms of the agreement that we had made and she told Vanessa that indeed it was. I looked at Vanessa and told her that it was up to her; either I was there when they were together this time or she could walk out the door never to return.

Vanessa looked at me for a minute then she finally nodded, shrugged and said that I could be there if that's how Kelly wanted it. Kelly assured Vanessa that it was what she wanted. She told Vanessa that her taking a black lover was almost as much for me as it was for her and that she never should have let the first night happen without me.

We went up to the bedroom, but that's a story for another time...

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