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My Wife's Sensual Massage


I watched as my wife Joan got dressed. For a woman nearing 50, she was very, very hot. I thought to myself once again how lucky I was to be married to her. Looking at herself in the mirror, she smiled, and as if she was reading my mind, said, "Hey, you know, I am not bad for a old woman. Not bad at all."

I just smiled back. Then she said, "So what exactly am I supposed to wear to this massage, or, since I will be taking my clothes off, it doesn't really matter?"

"Well, what you have chosen will work quite well. I don't think that your masseuse will really be judging your wardrobe, since she will be more interested in you."

I thought about my wife's upcoming massage. I had found a person who gave erotic and sensual massages. I had contacted her about giving my wife such a massage. I told her that while I wanted to watch, I was not going to participate, just watch. Her name was Erin and she asked me some questions like where I had gotten her name, did I understand what an erotic and sensual massage was, and was I prepared if my wife either didn't like the whole thing or liked it a whole lot.

I thought about her questions, then called her back and made the appointment that Joan and I were getting ready to keep. Joan knew that I was going to be watching her massage and that a woman would sensually massage her, but other than that, she was pretty much in the dark.

We went to the apartment located on the east side of the city. Erin greeted us in a bra and panties and told us to make ourselves comfortable in the room she used for a massage. I could tell Joan was nervous and so could Erin. She whispered something in Joan's ear and she broke out in a wide smile.

Then, she told Joan to help her remove her clothes as she turned around presenting her back to Joan. Joan undid her bra and took it off Erin's body. Then she hesitated for a second and Erin, in a slightly sharper tone, told her to remove her panties. Joan crouched down in front of Erin and removed her panties by sliding them slowly down her legs. Erin stepped out of the panties. Joan gasped slightly when she realized that Erin's pussy was shaved.

Erin then told Joan it was her turn to undress. She had Joan stand in front of her while she unbuttoned Joan's blouse and slid it off her shoulders. Next she had Joan slip out of her shoes and then she undid the belt on Joan's pants and unsnapped them. She pulled then down off Joan's waist and down by her knees and then had Joan step out of them.

Joan stood in front of Erin, who looked slowly up and down her body. Joan is about 5 foot, four inches, brunette, with a 34 C 28 38 body, the result of two children, and a very full bush. As Erin looked her over, Joan blushed, turning a nice shade of pink. Finally, after examining her for about a minute, Erin had Joan get up on the massage table, on her stomach.

As I intently watched from a chair in the corner, Erin began her massage of Joan. She was obviously skilled and trained as a masseuse. She worked her way down Joan's body, starting at her neck and down her shoulders, doing her back, and then her legs. Joan was getting very relaxed and really into it when Erin stopped and put on a pair of latex gloves. She then picked up a bottle of lubricant and then spread Joan's ass cheeks.

I could tell that Joan was surprised by the way she tensed her body. Suddenly, and without warning, Erin smacked Joan across her ass, not hard, but firm, and told her to relax and not tense up. Joan relaxed and then, as I watched, Erin took the lubricant and squeezed it out on Joan's beautiful ass.

Once she had the lubricant on her ass, and some applied to her fingers, she slowly inserted her finger into Joan's rectum. At first Joan tightened her muscles, but once again Erin slapped her across her buttocks and told her, in a firm but not harsh tone, to relax. I could see Joan glance back at her and at me. I nodded slightly, and then, perhaps reassured by my nod, she relaxed.

Erin slowly moved her finger in and out of Joan's asshole and slowly Joan began to become aroused. She bucked her ass up slightly against Erin's finger as if seeking more of it, and her breathing became more rapid.

"So, you like having your ass played with?" At first Joan didn't answer, but then, just nodded her head, as if embarrassed to admit what before today had been a secret between her and I.

"I thought you might. I was hoping because you have such a beautiful ass that it would be a shame not to enjoy it." With that Erin took her thumb and rubbed it against Joan's clit.

"I see that you are getting wet. Would you like me to do something about that?"

Again, Joan didn't answer, at least not in words, but, blushing furiously, she nodded and her breathing became even more rapid. Erin smiled down at her and then put her thumb inside Joan's pussy and began to slowly move both her finger and her thumb and Joan began to softly moan.

Soon Joan was thrusting her ass and pussy up against Erin's hand. As she did, I could see that Erin had dropped her free hand down by her pussy and was playing with herself. Softly stroking her nipples and then her clit, but still concentrating on Joan's ass and pussy. Finally, Joan shuddered and then softly shuddered again and was still.

After a few seconds Erin told her to roll over on her back. Joan did so. Then Erin started massaging her front, working her way down to her breasts. She leaned over and put her mouth on Joan's right nipple and then her left, flicking them with her tongue, first one, then the other.

As she used her tongue on Joan's breasts, she took Joan's left hand, and held it, and then lifted it up on Joan's stomach and then down her stomach to her pussy. She put Joan's hand on her pussy and told her to stroke herself. Joan hesitated and then began to play with herself by rubbing her clit.

As she was doing that Erin took Joan's right hand and led it up to her own pussy. She put Joan's hand on her pussy and told her to "stroke me." Joan slowly parted Erin's pussy lips and found her clit and began to stroke her as she increased the rhythm on her own pussy.

Faster and faster she stroked both Erin and herself as Erin worked on her breasts, first one breast and then the other. Finally, in an explosion of sound, they both came, first Joyce and then Erin.

After they had climaxed, Erin leaned over and kissed Joan. She gave her a very deep and passionate kiss, fully exploring Joan's open mouth with her tongue. I could tell that Joan was French-kissing her back and that even though she had just came, that she was once again getting aroused.

(To be continued)

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