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My Wife's Sexy Office


This is my journey as I'm learning more about myself and my feelings. I'm married to a beautiful woman and enjoy sharing her with other men. Are there any other men out there that have the same feelings and desires that I have?

This is a fantasy of mine that I've enjoyed masturbating to for many years. This past year the fantasy has changed a little due to the down turn in the economy. Holly and I met at our first jobs after college. From the first time I saw her, well it was first love for me.

The first few years in our relationship were pretty normal. Then one day Holly found of my internet porn and she wanted to know more. She wanted to know why I looked at porn. I told her everything and all my fantasies. She was a little stunned to hear about how I wanted to watch her with other men, but she never said that she wouldn't do that. Personally, I think the more she thought about it the more she liked the idea.

After that night our sex life really became exciting. We watched porn together and talked openly about sex. Holly even dressed a little sexier and would flash guys when we went out. We even started to experiment with light bondage. Life was really good.

We both started to work out at our community gym. I think that gave Holly more confidence to wear shorter skirts and she really started to enjoy attention from other men. As her confidence grew her skirts became shorter. Sometimes at night she would have me watch her with one of her dildo's and talked about some guy that hit on her at work. She loved watching me jack off while talking dirty.

You see where I am at, I'm married to a hot wife that I love to show off and she started to enjoy flirting with other men.

She knows that I love watching her flirt, and we have some amazing sex after a flirting session.

In the mornings I love watching Holly getting dress. With Holly enjoying her new tone body her mind was also in life. She was enjoying life again and feeling very sexy. I made sure to tell her that every day with words, and a poke into the small of her back every morning with my morning erection.

Lately we both know she is dressing sexier for some of her clients and coworkers. She would come home after work and tell me everything. While she would tell me about her day my cock would stiffen which turned her on. Talk about erotic foreplay!

Her office is professional and they require all women to wear hosiery. It's an unwritten rule that women should wear skirts. Holly has never been one to wear panties when she wears pantyhose. Earlier this year I got her to switch to sheer pantyhose. I love watching her doing her hair and walking around our bedroom when she's only wearing pantyhose.

A couple of months ago Holly disclosed one of her fantasies which involved her becoming a high end call girl. She loved the part about men willing to spend a thousand dollars an hour to spend time with her. We both knew what "spent time" really meant. None the less I think she was surprised as to how much I enjoyed her fantasy. Course after she shared her fantasy with me we incorporated her fantasy into her work by the way she dressed at work in sexy power skirts and pantyhose.

Then about a week ago Holly shocked me by shaving her pussy. This was the first time she had ever shaved her pussy, sure she has trimmed it before, but now her pussy was bare. I had just walked out of the shower stall when I noticed. My cock just came to life thinking about all the possibilities.

It was a challenge not to run into the bathroom to go down on her but I knew she didn't have time for sex. We were never morning people. Every day it was the same rush to get to work on time. Still, while taking my own shower my erection never went away. By the time I was finished with my shower she had put her make up on and pantyhose. I could see her bare pussy so I did what any perverted man would do. I grabbed on to her hips, "Oh my god Holly you shaved?" I look over her shoulder to see her face in the mirror that's in front of her.

When she noticed my erection she turned to me, "Oh, I guess you like my new look?"

"Like it, I love it!" I moved closer, and moved my cock between her legs. Oh, only one thin layer of nylon keeps my raging hard on out of her soft body. "Oh baby, I want you to feel how much I like it."

"Baby, I can't tell you. Now stop that before you leave a wet mark or put a run in my pantyhose."

"No way, not till you tell me! I can see that look in your eye its something naughty isn't it?" My cock brushed up against her pussy, with it being so hard I'm sure she felt me pressing into her. The feeling of nylon against my cock felt great. Then when she closed her legs the pressure on my cock was amazing. Not sure that she realized what she was doing but now my cock was encased tightly in pantyhose. I had to fight the urge to cum.

"Fine, but you have to stop and promise me you won't get mad."

"I promise." Oh I really had to cum now. My cock was aching and I really wanted to leave my scent in and on my wife. I knew something was up.

Holly took a deep breath, "One of the girls told me that Mr. Robbson likes his women to be shaved."

"Really?" Then I remembered that she had a meeting with him. "Don't you have to flying up to New York next week with him right?"

She brushed me back and walked back into our bedroom. "Yeah, we have that big client meeting." Holly stepped into her skirt, and then carefully a camisole. Holly turned and gave me a frustrated look, "Jim, I know what you are thinking and we can talk about it later when I get home from work."

"Oh baby, I need to cum."

She smirked at me, "There is no way we are going to have sex right now. I don't want to worry all day if someone could notice your scent on me."

I grabbed my cock, "Baby, look at it."

Playfully she slapped my hard cock, "Well big boy you just have to put it away for now."

The rest of our morning was uneventful. We finished getting ready for work.

My day started off like most others. Mostly dull except for a few moments of terror as someone freaked out about sales or should I say lack of sales. Even though the doldrums of my job Holly was still on my mind and did my best not to think about this morning due to the fact every time that I thought about her shaving her pussy, well I would get hard.

Then about one in the afternoon I got a phone call. It was Holly and I could tell something was bothering her.

"Jim, how are you today?" Her voice sounded a little stressed.

It was kind of strange having Holly call me at work, "I'm great, how is your day going today?"

"Jim, I have some exciting news. Jim you know how you talk about other men taking an interest in me? Well, Mr. Robbson touched my knee today."

"Really." My cock sprung to life as the image flashed though my mind.

"Oh Jim, I'm so hot right now. My nipples are rock hard and let just say, well that everyone is enjoying the view."


"Jim, I really need you to do me a favor. I need for you to get me a new pair of pantyhose and bring them to me."

Why would she need me to bring her pantyhose, "What?"

"Jim, I'm so wet from my meeting with Mr. Robbson at lunch. He even flirted with me and I really responded to him."

Now I was confused yet hard, "So? That is pretty hot."

She whispered, "I masturbated at my desk and I'm soaked. I can't leave my chair."

Holly shocked me, "No way!"

She whispered, "Jim, if I leave my office everyone will notice my scent since I'm so aroused. I mean I'm soaked!"

Then I heard a knock and Holly told me to hold on a second. I could hear her set the phone down as she said hello to the person at the door. Holly greeted Mr. Robbson as he walked into her office.

"Holly, I really appreciate all your hard work."

"Thank you Sir."

"Sir, that is a good name and I want you to call me Sir from now on." I could hear the approval in his voice.

"Yes Sir."

"Good, now please stand so that I may have your chair."

I could tell that Mr. Robbson had no idea her cell phone was on. Where was this going to and why did he want her to call him as Sir?

It sounded like her phone was being moved around on her desk, I heard his voice. "Holly, what is this?"

I heard some noise by her phone and knew that he had found her phone. Imagines flashed though my mind, my wife standing there her nipples rock hard, and her pussy flowing her arousal down her thighs.

"Well Sir." Holly seemed frazzled.

"Holly, are you taking personal phone calls on company time?"

"Sir, I had to call my husband for something."

"Hello," He stated then asked, "This is Mr. Robbson and I'm I speaking to Jim?"

I heard him speak directly to me, "Hello Mr. Robbson. This is Jim."

"Jim, your wife has been doing really well at her job with only a few small mistakes. However, as you just heard she broke company policy for taking a personal phone call. In these times Jim you know we have to be very proactive on business matters. Holly you may sit here."

Wonder where he wanted my wife to sit. I'm assuming that he had her lean against her desk as that is what I would have done. Since her skirt was pretty short today I'm sure he had a good view.

"Jim how should we address this issue?" He waited for my answer.

"Cleary Holly made a mistake."

His voice was stern, "Yes, and how should we resolve the issue."

I bit on his strong voice. He was fishing and wanted to test the waters and I bit, "Well I'm sure that she needs to be disciplined."

He spoke to her, "Holly, your husband has a suggestion. He feels that you need to be disciplined. I agree."

"Yes Sir."

"Holly, I feel the best form of punishment would be a spanking."

"Yes Sir."

This was the first time that Holly openly displayed submission in public in addition to another man. Oh I so wanted to be there to watch!

"Holly, lift up your skirt." There was a pause. "Very good. Holly I'm now impressed by two things. Jim, I love the fact that Holly doesn't wear panties. Second thing is that I love her shaved pussy. Holly, now turn around and bend over the desk." There was another pause.

Now I had to wonder what was going on. Then I received notification of a picture. Immediately I opened the picture and it was an image of holly bent over her desk with her skirt hiked up over her hips.

Then I heard a whack and a moan.

"Holly, I'm impressed with the result you have earned by working out. Your legs look great and your ass and legs are really toned. Accounting will be sending you a check to reimburse your gym membership." Whack.

"Thank you Sir."

There was a long pause.

Then a second picture came over. This time the picture was of Mr. Robbson hand on my wife's ass. Then there were a few quick whacks with some moaning from Holly. I then heard some clothes wresting. Whack. That sounded different. A third picture came over and this was of my wife's bare ass.

"Jim, I wanted to thank you for the good idea. We have resolved our issue but I have another problem. Holly is very wet Jim. "Jim, are you there?

I heard Holly's voice, "Oh Jim, are you okay?"

How should I answer that? Part of me was jealous as I needed to be there to watch. Luckily I decided to wear dark panties today which would clean the leaking cum from my cock. Oh I wanted to take my cock out and jack off. "I'm fine. Wow. I'm feeling so many things right now."

"Please don't be upset with me." Her worry came across in her voice.

"I'm not, I just want to watch."

He must have handed her the phone as her voice was clear, "Jim, Mr. Robbson just said that he will get me a web cam so that you can watch next time."

"That's cool." What does he have planned for my wife?

Holly moaned, "Oh Jim, his fingers are so thick."

I had to ask what was going on as her moan was different, "What's he doing?"

Her voice turned sexy raspy, "He wanted to taste me so he's putting a finger in me."

In my mind I imagined Holly being nude on her desk with him enjoying her body, "Are you nude?"

"No, he has me bent over my desk. Jim what if someone walks in? That person could see my pussy. Oh wow Jim that really excites me. Jim...oh Jim he's putting his finger back in me."

I could hear him speak, "Holly, I love your sugar walls."

"Jim, honey did you hear that? He loves my sugar walls."

He asked Holly for the phone, "Jim, I love how Holly tastes. Now, I know your office is only a few blocks away so please take care of holly's request and immediately come to her office. We will be waiting for you."

There was a pause, then I heard Holly gasp, "Hurry baby."

Holly knew how I felt about her being with another man. I told her many times that if she desired another man for sex just to call me and tell me first. I've shared many fantasies with her and told her on many occasions that I wanted to watch her. Deep down I knew that Mr. Robbson would do Holly. I had to get there. And quickly.

Without thinking I left my office, embarrassingly stopped at the store to get her fresh pantyhose, and then went to her office. While in the store the only thing I could think about was how wet my wife was and if his cock was balls deep in her.

I've been to Holly's office a couple of times and knew most of her coworkers. Gave quick hellos and then went to her office. Her door was shut. Was he still in there? What was I about to see? I knocked.

I heard a faint, "Come in."

Slowly I opened the door not sure what I would see. Holly smiled and told me to come in. I walked over to her desk but she motioned for me to come around. My heart was beating was racing as I wasn't sure what I would see. What if he was under her desk?

When I made my way around, there was no body between her legs. However, Holly's skirt was folded neatly to the side and my wife was slouching in her chair. I could see that the crotch of her pantyhose was cut out. I held her hand out and when we locked hands she pulled me closer.

Her hand was rubbing her pussy, "Do you like it baby?"

"Like what?"

She opened her legs giving me a clear view, "Come on baby, kiss it."

I knelt down between my wife's legs. I could see how wet she was. Her hands dug into my hair and she used that to guide me to her pussy. Her lips were open and I noticed a different scent. When my tongue touched her lips, she tasted a little different. He did my wife! I knew it by her saltier taste. My wife just got laid at her desk by her boss.

"Oh that's it baby, eat me till I cum."

I just drove in didn't care that her boss just did her. Since she didn't tell me yet all I could do was assume he would have had her. After all if I was him I would have.

Her fingers knelling my hair, "Are you okay baby?"

I nodded my head in approval.

"I so wanted to wait for you but his cock was so beautiful. Baby you always talk about how you wanted me to enjoy other men. you don't mind do you?"

I moaned in approval. Her words just confirmed it that she had sex.

"Oh baby he did me. Right there! He had me on my stomach, bent over the desk and he did me."

"Was it good?"

She moaned, "Oh."

Since my face was buried in her pussy, I had to talk more or less into her pussy, "Was he good?"

Her voice turned raspy again, "Do you want the truth?"

"Yes, tell me."

All I wanted was to make her cum. Her pussy was so wet and to think that five minutes before his cock was in her.

"At first I thought we were finished when he hung up the phone. He had me stand. Then he pulled up my pantyhose like we were done. Then, I felt his strong fingers did into my crotch and he ripped the crotch right out. He didn't ask. Without saying a word he bent me back over my desk. All I could do was look at the door baby as I heard him unzipping his pants. He guided himself between my legs, then my lips, and into me. Oh good he felt so good in me. My pussy was so noisy from being so wet. I was so embarrassed with all that sloppy sounds but he loved it."

How could I enjoy this? I'm eating my wife out after her boss did her.

"Oh baby, don't be upset but I came from having sex with him."

I loved the fact that she was being honest and the fact that she still wanted me. Even though we only talked about other men in fantasy I always wondered how she would feel after he enjoyed a lover.

"Oh that's it Jim, I'm going to cum again. I'm so close."

Her legs tightened around my head making it harder for me to breath and her hands didn't let up. She kept me tight into her almost pull pulling me into her. Then I felt it, she gave a loud gasp and her body convulsed in pleasure.

After she came back to me, I stood up. Holly's legs were still open and I could see his cum leaking from her body. Strange thing about seeing his cum, it turned me on. I just ate that, ate my wife's pussy and his seed.

Holly looked up at me, "Thank you baby that was amazing."

I took the pantyhose out of my back pocket and placed them on her desk. She smiled and thanked me. She then told me she had to leave for another meeting soon. For the second time, my wife left me high and dry.

Her phone rung and she answered it. She just kept saying yes and then hung up. She kissed me on the lips, "Baby, I have to go." She licked her lips tasting him and herself.

I decided to play hooky from work and went home. Holly arrived home at six and took me to bed. We had amazing sex that night. Exhausted we both collapsed on bed and called it a night.

The end.

Let me know what you thought!

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