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My Wife's Young Lovers


This is a true story as related to me by one of my readers. He commissioned me to do the story and agreed that I could post it (with his wife's permission). It is the story of how he encouraged his wife of ten years to take lovers. He felt that he was incapable of satisfying her completely and worried that she would find other lovers. I have changed the names and situation to protect their identities, but much of it is true, according to him, and I have no reason to doubt his story. He wanted me to do the story in first person as if he were telling it.

Some may not agree with what he and his wife have done, or not like the story, but it is your choice to read it or not. This is a multi part story because of the length. I will post the next parts as I get them done ... if I get positive responses.

Chapter 1

My name is James Trainer. My wife, Amy, and I have been married for almost eleven years, tying the knot after we graduated college. She is thirty-four, gorgeous with nice large breasts and a great rear end. She has beautiful, mesmerizing green eyes, red hair, and the face of a model. Besides being gorgeous she is very intelligent and graduated law school, magna cum laude. I feel very lucky to have her.

I, on the other hand, am an okay looking guy, but I was never a ladies man. I am not ugly, I just do not have movie star looks, and I have always been somewhat shy. As a result I did not date a lot in college. When I met Amy I fell in love immediately, but I was too scared to ask her out at first. We became good friends, but I didn't think she was interested in me as a boyfriend. When I finally found the nerve to ask her out, I was quite surprised when she agreed to go out on a date with me. Later when I questioned her about why she had agreed to go out with me she explained that most of the guys she dated were so good looking that they were stuck on themselves and were very arrogant, at best. She told me that she just wanted to go out with a normal guy; someone that didn't stop to gaze at their reflection in every mirror they passed. She told me that she thought my shyness was cute.

So I guess you could say I am a normal guy ... maybe a little (or a lot) bookish and very shy. I am 5' 11" with brown hair and blue eyes, and still weight about 175, as I did in college. I own a small accounting firm. Amy works from her office at home as an attorney doing wills and trusts. She is an independent partner in her firm and has a great deal of freedom in regards to the hours that she works and the business that she books.

We have been very happy for our eleven years of marriage. In fact I would say that the last year has been the best for us in many ways as you will see. We don't have children, and didn't think we wanted any, preferring our careers over children. I had a vasectomy when I was thirty because Amy is allergic to birth control pills and even latex condoms cause rashes (she also hates them with a passion); we felt that a vasectomy was the safest thing for us.

As I said, my wife is intelligent and gorgeous, but she is also highly sexed. Since the day we started dating (yes we did have sex on the first date), she has been a sexual dynamo. I think she could have sex seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year (and once more on leap-year). Now that she is approaching her mid-thirties, her libido seems to have gone into overdrive, which I didn't think was possible. I am the kind of guy that likes sex maybe twice a week and sometimes when work is a bitch, only once. Therein lies our biggest problem; she wanted more sex than I was capable of giving. We have compromised and generally have sex three or sometimes four times a week, but it has been difficult for me to keep up that pace. In her case she is ready for sex at the drop of a hat, but I, on the other hand, need more stimulation. I know some of this sounds crazy, but I am sure there are plenty of other couples out there like us. Don't get me wrong, I love sex, and I have maybe one of the sexiest and accommodating lovers in the world. I am grateful for that, believe me.

Over the years, there have been times when I worried that Amy would find a lover who would accommodate her ... although she swears that would never happen.

To help me more than her, I began to make up fantasies when we have sex. While she enjoys the fantasies, it is not absolutely necessary for her. However, to me it is essential for my libido. Therefore she indulges me. Over the past several years she has developed a thing for younger men. When she sees a young, handsome movie star, baseball or football player, she gets all mushy. Maybe it is her motherly instinct coming out. We often joke that eventually when I am too old to keep her satisfied (maybe a year or two from now:-) she will find a young gigolo to take care of her. We have a 23 year old neighbor who we have watched grow up. He is a handsome boy and a little shy around Amy. I made up a story about him. The fantasy involves Amy teasing the young man but not going all the way; we started out with her just teasing him and maybe touching his cock, but as time went on it became a full blown affair with her sneaking off to have sex, or even him coming over to our place for daily sex. We have added other men and sexual aspects to the fantasy to spice things up. She has warmed to the fantasy, I think. I love to hear her relate how she has him over to our house and fucks and sucks the young man until they are both exhausted. She can be very descriptive and it always does the trick for me. Of course I trust Amy and I do believe her when she says she would never have an affair behind my back ... but then again, affairs happen all the time and many times lead to divorce. Although I would never divorce her for having an affair. It seemed in the beginning to be harmless fun, but over time it took on a more realistic flavor, much to my delight.

Having said all that, I have no interest in another woman and as I said Amy is more than I can handle already. As often happens, as time passed, the fantasies were not enough for me. Amy was shocked when I suggested that she actually tease the young man ... not actually have sex with him, mind you, but harmless teasing. At first she wouldn't hear of it, saying I was the one she loved and she didn't want anyone else. It brought our fantasy discussions to an abrupt halt for a while at least. However, I persisted until I found out why she was resisting; she felt it would only be a matter of time before I would want to have another woman. I promised that I was more than happy with her and had no interest in another woman ... ever. With much cajoling, begging, and pleading by me, she warmed to the idea. She said as long as it was harmless fun it was okay with her but that she never wanted me to have another woman. I reaffirmed my commitment to only her. I had to convince her that she was not being unfair to me in all that, and that I would get as much pleasure out of it as she did ... which she doubted. She warned me of potential unwanted consequences i.e., it could end up with her wanting more than teasing and maybe taking lovers. I jokingly said that might not be so bad. She gave me a strange look and shook her head as if she was saying; you have no idea what you are getting yourself into. I am not sure that I did at the time, but I do now, and I love how our relationship has developed.

I was anxious to get started, so several days after our conversation we decided to put our plan into action at a party, which I had put together for our tenth wedding anniversary. We both make good money and our house is quite large so we have the perfect facility for parties. The house sits on the water with an Olympic sized swimming pool overlooking the ocean.

The day of the party Amy, of course, was very nervous and, although she wouldn't admit it, she was very, very excited. I was also nervous, maybe more than her. The young man, David Talbot, is handsome, and although not very tall, is personable once he gets beyond what seemed to be his own shyness. I believe he was working on his masters from a college in the mid-west, but was home on summer break.

The party was attended by about a hundred friends, neighbors, work mates, and a few relatives who had flown in for the party. It was an afternoon party and some of the guests brought their bathing suits and used our pool. As we do for all large parties, we hired wait staff to serve and keep the drinks flowing.

Amy was gorgeous as usual and was dressed in a sexy black dress which had an opening in the front exposing a tantalizing expanse of her sexy breasts. Her red hair, green eyes, along with the tight dress made her the center of attention of all the men, as well as the envy, if not jealously, of many of the women.

Amy is a wonderful hostess. As anyone knows in the business world people are often very shallow. We have all seen it; the person will be speaking to us but looking over our shoulder to see who is more important to be chatting with. When Amy is talking to someone she focuses exclusively on them. Her green eyes and sincere stare mesmerizes men and women.

As the party progressed I watched Amy move through the crowd with ease, appearing to be almost gliding on air. In the beginning she made no overt moves toward David. I saw her talking to him several times and they were smiling and laughing. Later in the evening as the crowd began to thin I noticed that Amy was spending more and more time with him. She was doing it discreetly and I don't think anyone noticed. I saw her glancing at me on a number of occasions as if to ask if I was sure about what she was doing. I would nod and smile.

After almost everyone had left, except for the drunks, I checked around for Amy and spied her in the living room, apparently in an intimate conversation with David. The living room was deserted as most of those still at the party stayed in the great room, dinning room, or kitchen. I watched as David leaned closer to her and whispered something. They both laughed. It appeared that he was nervous and seemed to keep his eye out for me; he of course knew she was married. He would look around guiltily before returning to the conversation. I became a traffic director for Amy, making sure no one disturbed them.

I was distracted for a while with a few lingering guests. When I searched for Amy I couldn't find her until checked in the study, peeking through the slightly opened door. I had to suppress a gasp. Somehow, probably at her urging, David had slipped his hand into the top of her gown and he had her breast almost in the open. Amy gave no indication that she minded and smiled at him, saying something that I couldn't hear.

I remained in the shadows and watched. The young man fondled her for some time and I could actually see Amy breathing harder. Then I watched as she leaned closer to him. He took the hint and their lips met. At that moment I felt a plethora of emotions; jealousy, regret, maybe a little anger, but by far the most prominent was excitement.

The kiss was long and passionate. When they pulled apart I saw Amy say something to him and he smiled. Then she took his hand and headed for the rear exit of the study. I tried to see where they were going but I was side tracked by a drunken friend. He was quite obnoxious but I didn't want him driving home and risk killing someone. I drove him. I didn't learn what had happened until I got home forty-five minutes later. The help had finished cleaning up and were gone. I found Amy in the bedroom, naked, waiting for me on the bed.

I am not sure who was hotter at that point, her or I. I stripped out of my clothes and joined her on the bed. "So what happened to you? You disappeared," I said.

"I might ask you the same question," she said.

"I had to take Dan Nugent home ... you know the drunk. But the two of you had disappeared before I left."

Amy smiled and blushed. "Sorry. We were kind of getting hot and heavy so I thought we might want a little more privacy."

"So where did you go?" I said as I snuggled up close to her and reached for her breast.

"Are you sure you want to hear this?" she asked.

"Absolutely. You didn't fuck him, did you?" I asked only half hoping she hadn't.

"No, of course not," she said, and then looked down at my still throbbing cock. Then she added, "My, my, look at how hard you are. I'm not sure you would have minded if I had fucked him."

I wasn't ready to deal with that at that moment and said, "Come on, don't tease me."

Amy smiled and said, "Well we slipped into the downstairs powder room and resumed kisses which had started in the living room. For all his bravado, he is just a kid. But that doesn't mean his cock is that of a kid. It was big, especially for a small guy."

"Bigger than mine?" I asked in a joking manner, not sure I wanted to hear the answer, however.


I nodded.

"Yes, by about two inches."

"Wow," I said. I am in the neighborhood of five to six inches, if you give me the benefit of the doubt. My size, while making me self conscious, has never been a problem for Amy, or at least that is what she has always told me.

She continued. "He is very naive, I think," she said. "As soon as we were in the powder room we were kissing like teenagers. He pulled the top of my dress down and freed my breasts. Does it excite you to know that he had my tits out of my dress and was kissing and playing with them?"

I moaned without answering and reached over and pulled Amy's hand to my cock. "Does that answer your question?" I asked. Then I added, "Don't stroke me too fast or I won't last."

Amy giggled. "Both you and David, quick on the trigger," she said.

"What does that mean?" I asked curiously, not wanting to sound defensive.

"Well, let me go on and I will tell you. Anyway, he had my tits out and I reached for his pants and opened them, letting them drop to his ankles. A moment later I pulled his cock from his underwear. I gasped and pulled away to look down. I swear I almost climaxed right there. But I held back as we began to kiss again. I slowly stroked him, like I am doing to you right now."

I moaned.

"But suddenly his cock throbbed and he erupted. He began to squirt his cum all over my hand and arm. It got all over my pretty dress too."

"Oh God," I responded with excitement.

She continued. "It shot out all over the front of the dress. I am going to have to get the dress cleaned. But maybe I will just keep it hanging in the closet as a reminder of my first strange cock," she added with a smile.

"You are such a sweet slut. But I suppose it was frustrating that he climaxed so quickly."

"Yes it was frustrating, but kind of cute too. I had to make sure I didn't laugh out loud. He was mortified as you might have guessed. I mean his face was red and he was apologizing all over himself. I calmed him down and said it was okay. That was about it."

"Wow, that's too bad," I said as I slipped my hand down to her pussy. It was like a swamp. "I can tell that you were very worked up."

"I still am."

"Well, let me get down there and eat you to take the edge off," I said and began to kiss down her chest to her gorgeous tits. I paused there, licking and sucking her hard nipples. "Is this the way he did it?"

"No, you are better," she said and moaned.

Then I moved slowly down her stomach and across her pubic mound. Before I dove in I said, "Tell me what you were going to do if he had not climaxed prematurely."

Amy hesitated. "I'm not sure ... I mean I know we agreed that it was only teasing, but ... you know ... when I'm worked up ... well it is hard for me to control myself. I suppose it is the risk you are going to take if we go any further with this. I mean I could have fucked him right there."

"Like in our fantasy. Tell me what you would have done," I said.

"Okay, like in our fantasy?"

"Yes," I hissed impatiently.

She began again and I started to lick her pussy. As I listened, I was lost in my own battle of what I really wanted to see her do. I had to push the thought of her fucking him out of my mind or risk climaxing on the bed. One thing I dearly love is to eat her pussy. Amy has the sweetest and juiciest pussy in the world. Her lips get really large when she is excited and her clit sticks out like a pencil eraser, almost as large as her nipples. I gently tickled it with my tongue, not too hard, just little flicks. Then I moved down to her bubbling opening and stuck my tongue inside.

"Mmmm, you know what I like," she said. Then she continued, combining fantasy and reality.

"In our fantasy, or maybe for real, if he hadn't climaxed I was going to drop to my knees, right there in our bathroom and lick his cock. I really wanted it in my mouth. It was dripping juice like a river and I was certain he had a lot of cream built up," Amy said, beginning to squirm under my teasing tongue.

"Mmmmm," I moaned at her description. A little chill ran down my spine at her comment of "or maybe for real".

"I would have sucked the big head into my mouth and then lashed it with my tongue, all the while gathering his sweet and clear pre-cum juice in my mouth. You know I looooovvveeee to suck cock. I was going to make a real meal out of his cock. I was even going to suck his balls. You know how I like to do that to you when I am on my knees and stroking your cock."

I moaned in answer and continued licking.

She said, "I would have slowly stroked his cock with just the head in my mouth for about ten minutes. When I felt he was ready to climax I was going to slow down and drive him mad. I know how much you love that ... you know, to be teased and denied. Then I would stroke him faster and faster. I was going to lock my lips around his cock head and wait for his cum. When it blasted out I would have swallowed every drop."

I moaned loudly as I began to suck Amy's clit; the way I know she likes it.

She grabbed my head and held it to her pussy as she began to tremble.

"Oh ... yes ... I would have swallowed everything and ... oh God, then sucked ... for more ... ohhhhhhhh," Amy stuttered as she began to climax.

Unfortunately, the rubbing of my cock on the bed brought me to a pre-mature climax as well. Like David, I climaxed way too soon, shooting my cum onto the bed.

Amy was too far gone to notice at that point. Her climaxes are very intense and sometimes she even squirts. I love that and try to drink it all. I wasn't entirely surprised when she squirted this time. There was so much that it ran down my chin and dripped onto the sheet. When she finally came down I looked up at her sheepishly and said, "Sorry, I think I messed up the sheets."

"I did too," she said, and burst out laughing.

I joined her. Later we made love the old fashion way.

Chapter 2

The following morning I found Amy in the kitchen preparing breakfast. I came up behind her and kissed her on the nape of her neck. "Good morning my sweet and sexy wife."

She turned around and smiled. "Well, what has made you so amorous this early in the morning?" she said as if she didn't already know.

"Oh nothing, I am just a very lucky man to have such a sexy wife," I said as I began to fondle her gorgeous breasts.

"Thank you," she said. "But you had better stop that or you will not get your breakfast."

"I think the alternative to breakfast would be far better," I answered, but reluctantly let her finish. I had to leave for work soon.

As we were eating I said, "How did you like your tenth anniversary party?"

"It was wonderful," she answered, biting into a piece of toast.

When she didn't fall for my bait I said, "How about your little escapade with the kid, as you called him? Any regrets this morning?"

"That was very nice too," she answered again without revealing anything.

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