tagBDSMMy Woman Ties Me Up

My Woman Ties Me Up


My wife and I have done many kinky things in the bedroom. We even used to have our computer there and would go to Literotica and read the stories to get all hot and bothered. Sometimes we would act out some of the stories or fantasies we read about. We thought it was cool there were so many others like minded. Well one night we were reading a story not really sure which one but it had the woman taking control of the guy. As I was reading the story to my wife I noticed a sparkle in her eyes.

Let me tell you about my wife. She stands 5'8; long auburn hair has a perfect handful for titties and is a BBW. She is a little overweight but I love the extra cushion. Never been one for skinny chicks, they might be good to look at in a magazine but you tell me would you rather ride around in a cramped Volkswagen Golf or cruise in style and comfort with a Caddy! She usually shaves her pussy unless we are having a theme and I ask her to grow it out. (But that is a different story!) She has a nice big juicy ass that I smack all the time whether we are at home or out in public. I just love her to death!

Anyway back to the story. After noticing her eyes light up I asked her if the story turned her on. She then took my hand and put it to her pussy, and I have to tell ya she was soaked! Now we have played tie up games before but it has always been her that has been the one getting tied.

"So you want to take command then?" I asked her. I was expecting her to say yes or nod or something but then a wild woman just came over her. She was so into it, it scared me at first.

"Fucking right I do, bitch! You better take your clothes off and lay on that bed right now, if you know what is good for you!" She yelled. I was stunned! My wife had become a totally different person and my cock was getting hard as she was yelling at me. I meekly took off my clothes and followed her direction. Lying on the bed she proceeded to take out our rope and tied me up. After finishing getting me tied both arms and legs by the way, she put on her highest heels and leather miniskirt with matching leather thong panties.

"Look at my little bitch lying there all helpless. His cock is so hard, I think he likes it!" she said. She then turned out the lights and lit the candles. I thought she was doing this to set the mood even more. Oh how wrong I was! She then took one of the candles and started to drip the wax on my chest. It was a weird hurt, painful but not. "Ouch!" I cried.

"Listen sissy bitch, I don't want to hear any crying from you or you will hurt even more!" She hollered. God could this woman take command. If my cock wasn't so hard and she wasn't so sexy looking I would have probably shit myself! After taking in the pain I started to get used to it and was really enjoying her drips of wax on my chest and belly. Then she did the unthinkable, she let the candle fill with wax and poured it all over my cock. If I wasn't tied up I probably would have hit the ceiling. "Fuck me! Are you nuts?" I whimpered.

"Stop being a baby, wimp!" She said as she did it again. "I am going to teach you to love the pain. You are going to be my dog!" And another time she hits my nut sack with the wax. I knew there was nothing I could do and found after the first time it was quite enjoyable. My wife could see my cock straining and noticed precum dribbling out the eye.

"I knew you would enjoy this dog! Look you are cumming yourself already!" She was teasing the shit out of me. I didn't know how much I could take. I have never cum before without actual skin to skin contact but I was afraid I might pop right then.

"Look at me bitch!" she said. "Look how wet my pussy is watching you suffer." Then she slid her panties to the side and I could see all her juices making her cunt shiny as a new dime. She then dropped a bunch of wax on my cock one more time. I almost spewed all over myself. "Maybe looking at my pussy isn't enough for you!" She cried. Then she came up on the bed and sat on my face, smothering me with her pussy. I started licking for all I was worth. I didn't want to miss a drop.

"That's it bitch boy. Eat my cunt. Yes....lick your mistress until I tell you to stop." Upon hearing her orders I licked and drove my tongue deep into her snatch. Then I caught her off guard and drove my tongue in her ass.

"Yes you bastard. Right there, lick me where I shit! I love your tongue in my ass." Then her orgasm came pouring out her pussy. Wave after wave of wetness came out almost drowning me.

"I am going to show you how great it is to feel something in your ass!" She shrieked. Then she went into her dresser drawer and pulled out her 7 inch dildo. As I was watching she slid it in her wet hole and juiced it up. After getting it all wet she placed it at my asshole. I wanted to scream as the biggest thing I had ever had in my ass before was her finger. She slid it in slowly. At least she wasn't being cruel. Before I knew it she had the whole thing in my virgin hole. I can't even explain the feeling but before I knew it I started shooting. Rope after rope flew in the air landing in her hair and on my chest.

"I think my little bitch liked that!" She said. And like always she was right.

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