tagGay MaleMy Woodland Dream Ch. 03

My Woodland Dream Ch. 03


I stared at him, at peace in my arms, his soft breathing almost purr-like.

"Hello," he stirred.

Once awake I dressed him in some of my baggier clothes, although he looked ridiculous, his ethereal beauty bound up in cords and a shirt and tank top.

I took his hand and led him downstairs to the kitchen. I noticed the back door, open from when he first ventured in.

"Breakfast?" I questioned, "I'm sorry I don't even know what you eat."

"We eat what we can find. Anything's fine. Unless ..." a smile broke, "Do you have peanut butter? Nana brought it once or twice and it was by far the most delicious thing I ever tasted ... present company excluded."

"Let's see," I blushed.

I began rummaging through the cupboards. My parents had cleared the fridge and freezer, but there was still food in the larder, including ...

Stepping back out, I held the jar behind my back.

"Well what do we have here?" I teased, "If you want it, it'll cost you."

"Cost me?" he looked confused. "I don't understand you."

"You know, like money, or ... well I was thinking more along the lines of a kiss. You really don't understand, do you?"

His face a picture of innocence.

"Out here in the world, we have to pay for stuff. Get money from working and spend it on ... whatever."

"What work do you do?"

I frowned, "Well I was working for a designer, clothes. Like what you're wearing now. I made that. I make most of my clothes. You like?"

"It's ... different," my face fell at his words, "But I like it very much. It's better than the things you used to make us, not that we weren't grateful."

With that, he leant towards me and placed a gentle kiss on my cheek. Payment enough for the peanut butter, as I delighted in his expression, presenting it to him.

We sat at the kitchen table, Cad with the peanut butter jar and a spoon and me with an overly large mug of black coffee. He held the spoon out and I licked it as seductively as I could with it sticking to the roof of my mouth.

"You know, Nana never talked about money, we gave her gifts, flowers and the stones we grew. I suppose that was payment."

"No," I corrected him, "Nana wasn't looking to get paid. She took care of you because she loved you. I didn't realize, but I guess we both did."

That last part didn't go unmissed by Cad.

"And now?" he asked. His breath visibly catching in his throat. The universe fell silent.

"Now ... now ... Cad ..." I reached for him, holding his hands in mine, "You're my dream ... I ... I can't do anything but love you."

He gripped on tight to me, palm pushing into palm. I felt the power beneath his skin. Some otherworldly strength he held and harnessed.

"You, Bastian, I've been waiting for all my life. You are my love."

I turned in my chair and with chests flattened against each other; his tilted his head for our lips to meet. I explored the corner of his mouth, clearing a stray smear of peanut butter, petting my way back to his top lip, a moan passing between us. Our hands still joined, crushed together, our kiss lasted.

"Bloody hell!" I cursed loudly.

We broke apart, Cad cowering away.

"Shit, I'm sorry," I composed myself, "The house. My Dad wants to sell the house."

The argument with my Dad and Uncle from the day before came back to me.

"They're going to sell Nana's house. Sell the woodland."

"How do you mean? My family has lived in those woodlands for many generations."

"But, no, they want to sell it developers. They'd cut down the woodland. Destroy everything," I had risen to a panic, suddenly aware of how much more the woodland meant to me than just 24 hours earlier.

"We need to speak to my Father," Cad said, striding towards the kitchen door and out into the midday sun.

I followed behind, barefoot on the blanched lawn. We stopped when we reached the tree stump and Cad took a step away from me.

"I'll go first. Don't move a muscle."

He held his hands together, as if about to prey, but then a look of focus came over his face. Eyes closed, a glow spread down his arms, concentrating down his forearms, wrists and to pinpoints of light at his fingertips. It was subtle at first, but I watched in awe as he began to shrink, still perfectly in proportion.

From my height, he was barely visible on the leaf littered woodland floor. I didn't dare move for fear of hurting him. Thankfully, I didn't have a chance to worry as I soon saw the world on steroids, dwarfing me in every direction.

I settled, standing beside him once more, relief, filling me before I saw his expression strained and the tears in his perfect eyes.

Immediately, he took off towards the entrance to their underground home.

Shouting, "Father, Mother, Sisters, Brother! Come, please, quickly."

"Cadmium! Cadmium, what's wrong dearest?" His mother was the first to emerge into the hollow under the tree stump. Soon the rest of the family assembled.

"Bastian?" Cad motioned for me to explain.

"I'm so sorry. It's just, my family. They want to sell Nana's house and land, to developers. They would turn in all into flats or houses or something." My heart broke as the color drained from their faces.

"We cannot allow that to happen," Cad's father's deep voice filled the cavern.

"I don't know what I can do. They're expecting a million pounds or more. That's a lot of money for humans," desperately I tried to explain.

"Will we have to move, Father?" Cad's youngest sister Rhenium, asked.

"Can we not reason with them?" another spoke, before bursting into tears.

"Nana always took care of us, but now she's gone. But as long as we're together that's all that matters." Rhodium's motherly instincts kicked in, as she tried to comfort her children.

"A million ..."

"Huh?" I responded to Cad's whispered mumbling.

"A million. Nana always used to say the beads we made were worth a million. A million what I don't know," he finished.

"The beads? You mean the glass beads I would find hidden in amongst the roots."

"Glass? Silicon? Oxygen? No," he continued, "Carbon, diamond. They're my specialty. Beautiful when they catch the light."

"The beads are diamond? That's ... wow!" I was lost for words, an idea rapidly forming in my head. "Diamonds are very valuable to humans. Nana's beads, she kept them in her jewelry box. The other one, not the one my Mum would rummage through when she visited. They can't have found it. If they're still there. Where would she? Let me think. But I'd have to ..."

The cogs were turning now.

"Yes?!?" Cad looked towards me, exasperated by my disjointed thoughts.

"Don't you see? I can sell the beads and use the money to pay off my parents. That's all they care about, the money. I'd have to make sure they didn't find out where it came from, or they'd think they were entitled to it. We have to search, now!"

"Good luck," Cad's sisters screamed, as I set off running, with him in tow, towards the house.

I was so fired up; it was only hitting the ground, after tripping on a divot, that I allowed Cad to transform us back to our larger size.

I barely let the disorientation halt me, continuing into the house and up towards Nana's bedroom. Her jewelry box was on the chest of drawers. Empty save for an old watch, as I expected. Vultures!

I just had to remember where she hid her real keep safes. A secret I never told. Scanning the room, lightning struck. Cad entered the room, breathless.

"It's here," I exclaimed, pointing towards a statue of a fairy on her bookshelf. It was porcelain, delicately painted in pinks and greens. The girl could have been modeled on any one of Cad's sisters, more true to reality than the craftsman could have known. Lifting the fairy from its base, I turned the stand over in my hands. Underneath I pealed back a corner of felt to reveal a latch. Sliding it back, the box opened, Nana's beads glistening safely inside.


"My hands are smaller than yours, I think you shrunk me too much."

"No I didn't, they've always been that small."

Cad and I lay side by side, partially shaded by ferns. I felt the soft moss beneath me, and curled my feet into the woodland's carpet. It had rained the day before, but today the sun shone and, by the evening, the ground had all but dried.

"It was worth the walk, though, to see the river." Cad looked over at me.

"First, it's not a river, it's a tiny stream, and second, if you hadn't insisted on getting there the small way," as I now called it, "we could have been here in minutes."

"Now where's the adventure in that?"

He was right, as usual, and exploring the woodlands with Cad made everything appear to me in a new light. His love for the natural world around him was infectious and, although he would also spend time with me in the house, it was clear this was where he felt at ease.

"Here." He collected a dewdrop in his cupped hands and let me lap at it. I splashed the remainder towards him.

"Hey!" He leapt, pinning me to the ground, water dripping from the end of his nose to mine.

I licked it and claimed his lips an instant after. My hands pinned either side of my head, I did all I could to torture my captor. I shifted, forcing his legs either side of my own, grinding up until I could feel his stiffness protruding.

"Minx." He shot back.

I loved to see him above me, golden hair falling like an angel. I tried to get closer to his lips, but he held me down.

"What do you want?" he teased.

"You, I want you."

"What on this Earth could you want from me? More beads?" he laughed.

There had been more than enough, collected by Nana over the years. Cad would forge them from the deepest roots, using untold energy to separate the elements and reform them into near-perfect crystals. I looked, at first to sell them to get the money, but Nana helped me out one more time. Although the house and land had to go to my Dad, her possessions were left to me, her only grandchild.

I never saw her other jewelry again, unsurprisingly, but the beads rightfully belonged to me, so I agreed a trade with my parents. They valued the collection at 1.2 millions pounds, the auctioneer believing the story that they had been gifts collected over the years, a partial truth.

After the ugly greed I saw from my Mum and Dad that day, I was even more overjoyed to not longer be under their roof, leaving to live in Nana's old house.

"No more beads," I pouted at Cad, "You know what I want."

If he was going to make me beg, I was more than willing to play along.

After the, at least, three-hour hike in the July sun, we had made it across the woodland, to the so-called river. The flow was fast, as it took the rain waters far away, so we stayed near the edge, cooling our skin and washing away the dirt and sweat from the trail.

Cad had shown me so many new areas of the wood and I, in turn, had led him, gingerly, into the outside world. The supermarket was too much too soon, but he enjoyed the food we ate at a pizza place, making adorably sounds with every bite into something new.

I squirmed, an overdone struggle before dramatically relenting. "I'm yours to take."

He let go of my wrists, and paused a hairs width away from me. Looking from my lips to my eyes, I knew I had him. The kiss that followed burnt me up from the inside. First lips, then tongue that sucked the moisture from my mouth. He reached his hand to the tip of the closest fern, capturing another dewdrop and bringing to me. I wet my lips with the water and pressed up against his mouth, lapping insistently.

Our fingers went into each other's hair, tangled from the river, with chests rubbing, still bare from the swim. The scratchiness of his chest hair irritated my nipples, but I would sacrifice many things to be this close.

We rolled together over the cooling moss, and I felt his hand reach for my shorts. I followed suit and went to untie the green cotton trousers he wore that day. I had made them just for him, my muse. Colors and fabrics inspired by my life with him. I had been inundated with dress orders from all of Cad's sisters, even his father requesting new vests, if possible.

Having managed to rescue my sewing machine from my parent's house, I set up a workroom in Nana's bedroom. Surrounded by her sketches of her fairy friends, and whenever possible, with my muse by my side, I would spend hours transforming my ideas into reality.

A week ago, after Rhodium's insistence, I had even sent a few of my designs to the fashion house where I once worked.

A nerve-wracking notion, I came back to the moment, and Cad's hands on my arse. With my shorts long gone, he kneaded my cheeks apart. I pushed his trousers down until I finally felt his hard cock rub along side mine.

I tried to steady myself on top of him, but he rolled again, I was so weak in comparison, and I lay on the ground panting his name.

"Patience, my love."

His hands trailed from my mussed up hair, down my shoulders and chest. Cad's body now rested between my legs, spread out unabashedly. He leaned over, hair tickling my balls, momentarily causing me to giggle before all stray thoughts stopped.

His mouth was on my hard member, sucking immediately deep, the length disappearing into the warmth and wetness. My foreskin repeatedly covered and uncovered the head of my dick, as his tongue rippled underneath the shaft. The one taste he liked better than peanut butter.

His left hand stroked from the mossy ground, up the inside of my thigh, softly grazing my balls. A single finger then curiously ventured further behind until he found my entrance.

He pushed it towards me, and I thrusted down eagerly. At this his mouth came off my cock, which quickly cooled in the evening air, before I was flipped onto my front, me pausing to adjust myself.

His hands, then his tongue, came back to me, stroking and kissing my arse cheeks. I sent a silent prayer to the makers of the porn movie I'd shown him and all the ideas that had gotten into his head since then.

He continued to massage, closer and closer to my hole, a light touch then an insistent push. A slow, wet lick before continuing with his fingers, opening me up.

"Cad, oh Cad."

He was so gentle, but it soon turned to torture as I waited for him to take me completely. He walked his fingers up my back, and then raked his nails back down. I shuddered at the stimulation, discovering hitherto unknown pleasures with this man. Encouraged by my reaction he repeated the move.

Resting further up my body, his penis nestled in my crack. I curled my back, to create movement between us. The head of his cock rubbed over my hole. Another change in angle and the tip pushed in.

"Ahh, Bastian, minx."

I groaned in pleasure, finally getting what I needed as I pushed my arse up towards him and his cock. The first few inches went in, stretching me to the edge of pleasure. My clawing hands grappled with the dense moss and I levered by torso upward, my back now supporting Cad's chest. His chin rested on my shoulder, his mouth breathing hot air into my ear.

"I'm going to impale you, force the air from your lungs, your body is mine now."

"I want it, I want -" I was stopped mid thought as Cad's fingers dug into my waist and he jutted his hips forward, his remaining length buried in me in an instant. He held himself there, resting on one outstretched arm, for a heartbeat before pushing my body down as he stayed still, so that I fell off his dick whilst my body tried to hold him in.

My own hardness ground into the woodland floor, tendrils of green moss causing unexpected sensations. He pulled me up again, a slow, hard stroke into my wanting hole, my prostate throbbing along his entire length.

I felt on fire in the cool air, the sun sinking in the west, projecting dapples of light through the ferns. His hold tightened as he released then took control of me again. Once buried I tensed my muscles, unwilling to let him go, but a rhythm had been built, letting me down and pulling me up, strength and control, a power slowly revealed to me as he forced in and out, long thrusts, over and over, deeper and deeper.

"I want to see your face," he exhaled.

He crawled off my back and I caught my breath. Lying back, I stretched my arms above my head, linking my hands in faux bondage. Legs held up, he knelt to align his aching cock with my hole, thrusted forward with no warning.

"Aahhhh, yesssss!" The angle allowed him to take more of me. Both hands now hooked round my hipbone at the top of my thigh, thumbs extended to tease the base of my penis. He pulled us together, the strokes more urgent now, the lust in his eyes palpable. Looking down, through the blond tresses that hung above me, I saw the power I sometimes felt when we kissed manifest itself into a warm glow at the top of his arms.

As his dick drove me to rapture the glow intensified and spread to his hands. His face, flushed, he continued to move within me. I thought I could hear my name being moaned, although his lips were still.

I had no such control and screamed out, "Cad, yes, yes, I, yes," with every additional plunge.

The surge in energy concentrated at his fingertips, a warm vibration spreading over my crotch, further stimulating my leaking member. I sank into the ground, connecting with the earth in a way I'd never felt, suddenly aware that this is the bond Cad drew upon for his power.

The intensity from his touch increased, as did the pace of his thrusts and the pressure on my hidden nerve bundle. One, two, three, four, five final strokes brought me to my climax. The cum traveled forcibly from my swollen balls, heat, passion, need exploded out of me in strong spurts, coating my stomach.

Stroke six and Cad held still, hips slapped against my cheeks, the glow brightened in a moment, a flash of light as he ejaculated deep within me. Gentle thrusting eased the come down from his orgasm. His hands slipped from my reddened flesh, wrapped around my body, his chest now flat to mine, and a loving kiss.

He held me in his arms as his softening cock slipped from within me. Resting between my legs, eyes of blue met eyes of green and I knew I was exactly where I was meant to be.

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