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Mysterious Fantasy


Thanks to Endless Lover who took the time to edit my story!


Mark and I had been friends since forever. We were next-door neighbors during our uncomfortable school years and then we went to college together. No one could ever figure out why we were friends since we were as different as night and day. All I can really say is that it was destined.

My earliest memory of him was his arms around my trembling little body comforting me when mom left my dad and me. Being as young as I was, I had the common mistaken impression that it was my fault she left. Mark saw the whole thing happening from his bedroom window and also witnessed my headlong flight up into the tree house we had built together.

We must have sat there for one whole night and one whole day while I cried my eyes out. There was nothing said, but he just held me tightly and rocked me the whole time. That’s when I fell in love with him. People say that you can’t find or even realize your soul mate at the tender age of seven, but I did.

Because of that one event, we were inseparable as friends. Even when we hit high school and we started to become two separate people. After mom left, dad did the best he could raising me. As you can imagine, I turned out to be quite the tomboy, and a bit of geek. Mark came from what this world would like to call a “normal” home. You know where the parents were still together and married, they had two kids, which would be a boy and a girl and the two-car garage attached to a house complete with a white picket fence.

Of course it was only natural that Mark turned into a football jock. He wasn’t big like the average football jock, but still well muscled. Everyone knew he was the fastest runner. He even received awards for getting the most touchdowns. To make things even more “normal”, he dated a cheerleader all throughout high school.

Needless to say she and I never got along. She objected to his going to my chess tournaments to lend me his moral support, but that was nothing compared to how she acted at his football games. She did everything she could to divert his attention from me, especially after a huge win, when all the fans stormed the field. Once she even stepped in between us and flashed him, which turned more heads than his.

With relief, we left our high school days behind and went to college together where I majored in Chemistry and he majored in Business. I changed in college, where I wore clothes that flattered my figure and make-up giving my face more character.

In our third year, we tried the dating scene together. For some reason Mark just couldn’t do it. Every time we kissed or tried to be intimate in any way, he laughed. It probably would have been the same for me, but I had already fallen in love with the guy. Deep down inside he knew it too. Now I just needed to make him realize it.

Now in the present, we’re out of college and all grown up. He’s working his way up in some well-known corporation while I’m trying really hard not to blow up the lab that I work in. We make time together doing the things that we always did such as play video games and watch movies and I love the fact that we’re still close. It just isn’t enough for me anymore.

Today, our special anniversary commemorating the day we became friends, he’ll accept his fate or die locked with my naked self in a pink frilly room. What guy would want to die that way?

It is our custom to give each other cards and gifts in remembrance of all the good times. Mine was sent off containing a note requesting his presence at an exclusive hotel called “The Fantasy”. It’s a much talked about new attraction known for making a person’s every fantasy come true, with in reason of course. Reservations are booked years in advance, and mine were done two years ago when Mark and I started our respectable jobs. Now all that planning and sabotaging his dates are all going to pay off tonight.


Looking at the garish cherub clock over the pink marble fireplace, I took note of the time. Only a half hour till he knocks on the door. After lighting the last red tapered candle on a table overflowing with food, I hurry over to the only mirror in the room, the one above the bed.

Giving myself a secret smile as I viewed the change in me. My hair is now colored a rich shade of red when I use to be a brunette, and the outfit I am wearing is totally different as well. Normally I wouldn’t be wearing something so sexy and revealing as the long elegant silky sheath that I now find myself wearing. It goes all the way to the floor with a slit up the right side traveling all the way to my hip, the straps holding it up are barely visible, and rose lace covers my breasts.

As I pick up the red-feathered mask from the bedside table, I wonder if he would recognize me even though I am uncharacteristically attired and my hair is the color I dislike. A knock on the door drags me out of my worries. One final look in the mirror above and I slip on the mask.

With a big sigh, I plaster a smile on my face to hide my nervousness, and open the door. It is hard for me to keep my composure. Mark is dressed handsomely in a tux tailored specifically for him and his black short hair slightly mused from the wind outside.

His sapphire blue eyes gave me a once over from head to toe and finally stop at my barely concealed breasts.

He smiles wolfishly at me. “I’m to meet Mandy here?”

I open the door wider and signal him to come in. A little unsure but still amused, he walks into the room that looks as if a flock of crazed flamingos decorated it.

“Mandy isn’t coming.” I dip my voice low and make slightly breathy to make sure he didn’t recognize it. I shut the door and lock it with the ornate bronze key. “She sends her regrets and hopes that I can entertain you.”

That gets his attention as he whips around to see me rubbing the head of the key lightly across my collarbone. “She arranged all this and you?”

I smile my little secret smile. Boy was he in for the time of his life! I saunter to the open window as he watches my every move. “You could say that. She wanted to do something for you that you would enjoy.”

“Her heart’s in the right place, but I do have a date with that model from Victoria’s Secret. Now if you would kindly give me that key, I’ll leave.” Mark starts towards me.

Unfortunate for him, or maybe not, I am already at the window. With a pretty little pout I throw the key out the window, which stops him dead in his tracks.

“Can’t let you go. Mandy insisted that you spend time with me.” I say in a sweetly whiny voice while clasping my hands in front of me and squishing my breasts between my arms to draw attention to them. “Besides I spent all this time getting the room ready for you.”

“I can’t believe you threw the key out the window.” Mark says in disbelief. His hungry eyes give me another once over again stopping at my breasts and gave a smirk. “Locked in a room with food and a willing beautiful woman. May as well take advantage of this fantasy. Wouldn’t want Mandy’s efforts to go to waist.”

I give him my brightest smile and hurry over to him. “Such a good sport!” I croon. “Let me take off that coat and tie so you can get more comfortable.”

With grace, I move behind him making sure every inch of me brushes against him. He tenses slightly as my breasts push into his back.

“Now after you get more comfortable. Would you like dinner or me first?” I whisper into his ear as my hands roam over his chest down towards the slight bulge in his pants. I frown slightly because he wasn’t totally erect yet so I give him a slight squeeze for good measure. His intake of breath tells me my ploy worked.

“ I think dinner can wait.” He says huskily.

My hands abandon his now engorged manhood to slip off his coat and loosen the tie. After I undo a few of his top buttons, I come around to his front. My smile is a bit saucy as I led him to the king size four-poster bed featuring a special gaudy headboard with holes the size of softballs.

Mark wasn’t paying attention to the bed, but to me. Because of this I make sure to put a little extra sway into my softly rounded hips. When we reach the bed I switch places with him so I could gently push him back onto the bed. Like a cat, I crawl on top of him and kiss his wonderfully masculine lips.

I know from his previous girlfriends that he is a great kisser, but those descriptions didn’t hold a candle to the real thing. My breath comes fast and short, my breasts start to ach for his touch, and my silk gown fells all too constricting. It takes a lot to keep my concentration so that I can continue on with my plan.

I end the kiss with reluctance and move down to take off his pants, to which he gives no protest. My hands caress their way back up his sculpted legs to the top of his now tented boxers. A purr escapes me as I toy with the elastic. I can never resist a man in boxers; it’s such a turn on to me.

Before continuing on to his shirt, I kiss the mound in his boxers which makes Mark groan with pleasure. I scoot up so that my lace-covered womanhood can rub up against him so that I can ground my hips into his manhood while I unbutton his shirt with unsteady hands. A moan escapes me; a sign that I am not in control as I thought I would be. Especially when he starts to caress my aroused breasts and stomach.

“Could you scoot up near the headboard for me?” I ask.

Through his passion-glazed eyes, he gives me a curious look. “Why?”

I smile evilly and reach over to the nightstand drawer and withdraw two pink silk scarves. “So I can tie you up.”

He sat up and gives me a passionate kiss. Then he starts to suck on my breasts. My free hand delves into his thick hair as I urge him on. After a while he looks into my eyes.

“I won’t be able to kiss your breasts or touch you if you tie me up.”

I bite him playfully on the neck, urging him back. “Don’t worry. I’ll touch any part of my body you want.” I secure his hands using the holes in the headboard and sit back. “Now it seems that I’m over dressed.”

My hands inch under the gown and I caress it off me. It is exhilarating having Mark as my audience. I squeeze my breasts while his eyes devour me. After I am undressed, I complete undressing him with agonizingly slow skill. He is groaning every other breath by the time I am done.

I take one pink scarf and trail it over his bare chest before taking his right hand and securing it to the headboard, I repeat the process for the left hand. With a sigh, I sit back surveying my work.

“What would you do, Mark? If your hands were free and you could touch me, where would you start?” I breathlessly ask him.

His eyes blaze at the thought of touching me and I secretly triumph over this fact. He has never looked at the conventionally smart Mandy the way he is looking at me now.

“I’d tweak both of your hard nipples first and then trace them oh so slowly.” As he says it, my hands boldly tweak my own extended nipples then tracing them with my slightly long fingernail, drawing it out almost lazily. “My hands would test the weight of your breasts, appreciating their fullness and softness.” There is a flutter in my stomach and a telling wetness pooling where he could feel it against his rippled abs. His nostrils flare at the tell tale sign of my obvious arousal. It is a good thing the mask covers my blush as I test the weight of my own full breasts.

For the first time I realize how feather soft they are, and found how greedy they are as they swell to be touched. Mark can’t say anymore as his breaths become rapidly, so using my own imagination, I take over. In my eye I envision how he would like to touch me.

My right hand travels down to the gentle swell of my abdomen and continues on till I reach the soft springy curls of my pubic hair. I can’t resist not touching him as I touch myself, it is as if my left hand has a mind of its own when it went behind me and starts to rub his rigid flesh. Up and down my hand caresses his shaft as my fingers finally delve into my awaiting wetness. In unison my hands work, pleasuring both him and me. All the while, his eyes never stray from my right hand.

I’ve never liked pleasuring myself before, but this time it is a lot more erotic because he is watching. I threw my head back as I let out a gasp; it is so easy to get carried away. Then I remember that this is not how I want our first time to be so I force myself to stop.

“Please,” he begs me, “I need to be inside you right now!”

I lean down and touch my forehead to his sweaty one. “Patience is a virtue.” My shaky hand goes to the bedside table and opens the drawer bringing out a familiar foil package.

There is some difficulty ripping the thing open because of my heightened state, but I eventually get it open and slip it on him. I had only ever been with one other guy and we never did it where I was on top so this is a new experience for me.

I position myself over him and guide his length into me. We both let out a pent up breath as he is all the way in and he hits my cervix. With ease, I start going up and down at a steady pace that is driving him mad. His hips lift, meeting my downward thrusts and he fights viciously with his bonds.

He looks up at me through drugged eyes and pleads through gritted teeth commanding, “Release my hands.”

I can’t deny him, there is something in his command that demanded no argument so I reach out and release both his hands at once. He shoots out at me so fast that I am momentarily dazed. When I reorient myself, he is above me like a fierce lion. He kisses me hard and bruises my soft lips as he starts to thrust into me hard. His pace gradually speeds up until he is pumping into me like a piston. I love every minute of it.

I scream his name when I come and scratch his back with my nails. Hopefully I didn’t make him bleed. He groans his release and falls on top of me. I hold him to me, listening to his harsh breathing as I bask in what happened.

He lost control because he wanted me that much. I was able to bring down one of the most skilled lovers of women. Most of all, it was so shattering because I love him. When Mark brings himself under control he lifts himself off me.


“That was the most intense orgasm. Who are you?”

I know my masquerade is up; it is time to come clean and face up to whatever wrath he throws at me. My hand is amazingly steady as I remove the mask. His eyes are askance at first, taking in my features, then they widen.

“Mark, before you get too mad, I just want you to know that I love you. I’ve loved you since we were seven and you held me that night my mom left. If only once I wanted to know what it was like being with you even if it meant our friendship.” My explanation spills out of me before he can say anything.

His eyes soften and sparkle a bit. “Oh God, Mandy. I never knew you felt this way.”

My eyes start to mist over. “I’m so sorry, Mark. I kept this from you till I thought it was right and then when you couldn’t be with me in college…I couldn’t say anything after that.”

He gently cradles my face with both hands. “No, it’s me that should be sorry. I should have realized something. Now that I think of all the women I thoughtlessly flaunted before you, it must have hurt. I promised never to hurt you the day your mother left, to protect you.”

“One our anniversary day I wanted something special, I wanted to know what it was like in your bed. I wanted to come clean about my feelings.” I look away. “If you’d like, we’ll never do this again. Just be friends like always.”

For a second he seems to think about it. He gently caresses my right breast lovingly. “In college, I found it hard to even think about touching you like this and being so intimate with you. That was a while ago, and I’ve changed. It took a masked temptress to show me what I’ve been missing. I think we should try this out, and see where it goes because I think I love you too. Deep down hidden somewhere, I’ve always loved you.”

I fling my arms around him and topple him onto his back, kissing every inch of his face. My smile can’t be radiant enough to cover the extent of my joy.

“Oh, Mark! That’s all I really ask for is just a chance to show you I can make you happy!”

He gives a chuckle and starts caressing my butt. “So are we trapped in here forever or what?”

“No we aren’t. The hotel will let us out tomorrow at noon. After all, no fantasy lasts forever.”

With a gentle roll, he is on top of me. “That’s where you’re wrong, Mandy. Some fantasies do last forever and I have a feeling that this one will even when we leave this room.”

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