tagSci-Fi & FantasyMystic Grove Ch. 01

Mystic Grove Ch. 01


Teg was walking along the river. He was oh so very glad to get away from the mundane life. Work was boring at best, and jaw clenching frustrating at worst, he was underpaid but no one else was hiring, at least not him. He didn't have any skills, except for a somewhat eidetic memory, and an insatiable curiosity that turned him into a walking encyclopedia about random stuff. He shook his head...Now wasn't the time to be lamenting his lot in life, not with a whole weeks vacation ahead of him. He'd come to this forest to relax, not wind himself up tighter.

An unusual sound off to the side caught his attention...no, not unusual...but unexpected. Who would be humming out here? After a moment's thought he turned off to the side and walked straight into the woods, The sound stopped, but soon Teg discovered the source of it, and he concealed himself behind a tree to watch in amazement. The clearing was dominated by a huge tree standing in the center...large enough to have created the clearing by killing off any other vegatation by lack of sunlight. Unlike most large trees this one had a few branches near to the ground and sittingon one with her back to the tree trunk was a young woman. Her hair was long, reaching half way down her back, seeming to shimmer in the dappled light, it was a lusterous brown..not at all like the flat brown hair of some of the woman he knew, her hair almost seemed to glow from within, a deep rich wood color. She ran a comb that looked like a misshapen root, or perhaps a stick through it again, and again. She set the comb down and lithely dismounted from the thick branch, the uneven light rippling over her bare body, her breasts bouncing as she landed lightly on the soft forest floor. Everything seems to have slowed down as he watched the strange woman. Teg couldn't take his eyes off of her. Her breasts were full, and firm, jiggling slightly as she walked around the tree. Her body was curved in a way that made his breath catch in his throat as his eyes followed them, Her pubic mound was clearly visible, no hair to be seen...in fact, at this distance he couldn't see any sign of any hair on her save for her head, and the way it fell down her back as she turned, revealing the mounds of her ass to him, she bent over to brush at something at the roots of the giant tree, and he trembled at the sight of her most intimate parts presented to him.

She rose, and turned and looked toward him, though he was sure he couldn't be seen...She smiled, a smile that was almost inviting as it lit up her face, and Teg felt as though a bolt of lightning had struck him. He shrugged the backpack off letting it drop to the ground and started toward the woman, who was turning toward the tree again as he crossed the distance between them. He swiftly approached her, and reached out to wrap his arms around her, His left hand cupped her left breast, while his right slid around her stomach to hold her. She gasped as he grabbed her, struggling briefly. He caressed her breast gently, his arms pinning her own to her sides, as he stretched out a finger to gently rub at her nipple, capturing it with two fingers he began to squeeze it gently and slowly twist his fingers around it. She was trembling now, but her nipple was growing hard under his touch, he slid his right hand up and began treating her right nipple the same way, He leaned down to gently caress her neck with his tongue, sucking tenderly on her soft skin. Her breasts were warm in his hands, her nipples growing hard and erect under his ministrations...She was trembling still, and not making any sound.

Teg was shocked at his own actions, a part of him was almost horrified by what he was doing, but he could no more stop himself then he could command the sky, She wasn't protesting, another part of his mind whispered. As he slid his hand back down her smooth stomach, down further to her thighs. He rubbed his palm against the mound of her sex, and felt the slightest touch of moisture. He rubbed between her thighs while he kneaded her breast and traced the line of her jaw with his mouth and tongue. Her skin was like silk, and completely smooth, not as though she shaved or waxed, but as though she didn't grow hair at all, except on her head...but the curves of her body and the swell of her breasts proclaimed her to be mature, though perhaps, still young. But the briefest glimpse he'd caught of her eyes had shown the sense of both great age and an agelessness. No longer content with simply rubbing, He gently parted her outer lips with his finger, and began sliding it up and down her cleft, alternating with gently caressing the hood of her clitoris. She was moving against his arms now, not struggling exactly...squirming, perhaps? He moved down to her cleft again, and without warning pushed his finger inside of her, she yelped and jumped at the sudden intrusion of her body. It was hot and wet inside of her, he rubbed her inner walls, twisting his finger, curling it, tickling her inner landscape. She was moaning quietly, moving her hips against his hand slightly. He looked around, and his gaze fell on the branch she'd been sitting on before. It was slightly higher then waist height for her..perfect. He continued to massage her with his finger, but he started moving toward the branch, a step at a time. When they were close he wrapped his arm around her chest, just under her twin mounds, and pulled his finger out of her body. Raising it his lips he tasted her...As her juice touched his tongue it began to tingle, and as he sucked his finger clean that tingling spread through him. With his free hand he fumbled with his belt, he got it free and he released his hold on her for a moment. Just long enough to grab her arms, he jerked her forward and using his belt he tied her to the tree branch, arms together.

She didn't even try to escape when you released her..she didn't even move His mind tried to whisper to him, but he didn't..couldn't pay it attention. All his attention was focused on her..on his desire for her. He stripped off his shirt and pants and stood naked in the low sunlight. When he'd jerked her forward she'd been caught off balance and was now standing with her legs far apart on the ground, she was leaning over so as not to put strain on her wrists and arms, and he smiled. Kneeling beside her he took her nearest nipple into his mouth and began to suck on it. As he sucked and flicked her nipple with his tongue, he played with her other breast with his hands, gently kneading, caressing her nipple..He could hear her breathing heavily as he played with her. She was aroused by this, he knew though he wasn't quite sure where the absolute certainty came from. He glanced over to see the proof of that starting to slide down her legs. He released her breasts and moved behind her. Kneeling again he rolled his tongue in a circle and pushed inside of her. She cried out as he did, and he was rewarded by a veritable flood of fluid, scented and tasting of her. He greedily lapped up her juice as she squirmed against him, grinding her hips against his face to push his tongue further into her. As he lapped up her arousal, the tingling built and built into a need. I can't wait any longer, I have to have her he thought and stood up. He was throbbing with his need for her, the need to be inside her body. He took her hips in his hands as he positioned himself behind her, and thrust himself inside of her pussy, she jumped at the sudden penetration, but her cry was not one of pain or despair, but of pleasure, and her slick muscles gripped his cock as soon as he entered her and wouldn't let go. She clenched around him with a grip that was tighter then he'd ever imagined, and the rush of pleasure that surged through him was unlike anything he'd ever experienced. He began to stroke inside of her, each thrust elicited a cry of carnal pleasure from her lips, and she arched her back and tried to push back with her hips to meet his incoming thrusts.

He reached around her to cup her breasts as he thrust against her, and began kneading them and playing with them again. He rubbed the twin firm mounds while he thrust himself into her cunt that clenched and gripped him tightly. "uh....uh" she called out with each pounding thrust into her moist depths, as her breasts bobbed in his hands with each thrust, she shuddered, her body tightening around him, her pussy pulsing against his cock as he pounded into her. Again, and again she cried out, her body shuddering in climax. He was aching as he continued to stroke into her, Again, and again he pushed himself back from the brink..slowing down, only to speed back up as his need for her surged. It felt so good to be inside her, to take her like this. He didn't want to stop. The need and the surging pleasure peaked at the same time, and he lost what little control he had left, he slammed into her, deep into her depths, and she tightened sharply around him again as she shuddered, and he shuddered, pushing against her as tightly as he could as his cock pulsed, filling her with liquid heat as he came, her pussy twitched against him, coaxing more and more of the hot seed from him, her cunt tightening rythmicly against him as he filled her was a pleasure that was almost pain as he cried out.

He woke sometime later, bemused, with his mind fogged. He was laying in a clearing, dominated by a huge tree, naked. He lifted himself up and looked around. There was his clothes, folded neatly in a pile..And there, was his belt..still tied to the tree branch...the loop where her wrists had been still there..and still too tight to have allowed for her hands to be removed..but...there was no sign of the woman. He shook his head rapidly trying to clear it. Something dropped to the ground and he looked up, She was laying on a different branch, above him, looking down at him with a smile on her face. He gaped at her, and her smile widened further. She leaned forward, falling off the branch and somersaulting in the air to land lightly on her feet in front of him. She pressed close against him and raised her lips to his as her breasts pushed against his chest. Bemused he kissed her, and with one hand she wrapped her fingers in his hair, while she took hold of his other hand, and pulled him. Breaking the kiss she pulled him onward. She gave him a welcoming smile as she walked up to, and in to the large tree, pulling him along with her.

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