tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNadine the Driver Ch. 03

Nadine the Driver Ch. 03


Nadine knew she had to be to work in a few hours so she drew a bath and soaked in it for about 30 minutes. Nadine was very sore and horny at the same time. While in the bath she massaged and rubbed her pussy to get some blood into it, and it actually began to feel a little less sore. Nadine continued to massage and rub until she felt it begin to transpire into a sexual feeling, and then she stopped and got out of the bath. Nadine dried off, did her hair up a little nicer than usual (in hopes of seeing Chris at the Limo station), and put her black skirt and white shirt on. Nadine intentionally forgot to put on panties today in hopes of Chris sharing that cock with her once again. Nadine thought, as she drove to work, that she had experienced the best kind of pleasure out there, and that was a big thick cock. She only wished she would have experienced it a little sooner than she had. Nadine could not get the thought off of her mind how Chris had shared her last night. Who was the other guy? Did most men have cocks the size of Chris's? Was the guy with him last night bigger than Chris? Would Chris bring him back sometime? All of these thoughts flew through her mind as she pulled into the parking lot at the limo service.

Nadine smoothed out her skirt and went into the lounge to collect her keys and begin her route. She was anxious to see Chris again. Nadine entered the building and immediately noticed that all of the men drivers were staring at her. Stan the big black driver that only works three days a week, was the first to say something to her.

"Morning Nadine, you are looking awfully good today." Stan said.

"Thanks." Nadine said, and continued her scan for Chris.

Chris was not there so Nadine grabbed her keys and headed outside to the limo. As she was doing her pre-flight check sheet someone came up behind her and smacked her ass. Nadine was bent over the passenger side of the car checking tire pressure on the front wheel. She did not stand up instead she wiggled her ass back towards the hand.

"Damn girl, you are looking especially fine today"

It was Stan again. Now Nadine jumped up, and spun around. "What the fuck are you doing? You can't touch me like that."

"You didn't mind last night when I sunk my snake into your tight little white pussy!" Stan spat back at her.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Then it dawned on her. Stan was the other guy who was in her house last night. "Stan, My GOD it was you?"

"Yes Madam, want some more?" He said as he grabbed his cock that was plainly evident through his trousers, as it had begun to fill with blood. Nadine was enthralled with the size of the bulge that Stan was squeezing, but she was nervous also. Stan was black, she was white, this isn't right, she thought.

"NO leave me alone Stan."

Nadine climbed into the car shut the door, and took off towards her morning pick up.

Nadine's pussy was soaking wet, and she could feel it leaking out onto the limo seat a she drove to pick up Crystal. She kept thinking back to the way Stan's cock had felt as it sank into her tight pussy. She was creating a mental picture of his big black cock stretching her pussy lips wide as he sank inch and inch into her tight pussy.

Nadine pulled up in front of Crystal's building and Crystal walked out and got into the limo.

"Wonderful night Nadine, I wish you would have joined us."

"I had a good night myself Madam."

"Nadine! You little vixen, did you pick up a guy last night?"

"Not exactly, but my needs were fulfilled last night."

"Was it as nice looking as what I showed you here in the back seat yesterday?"

"Honestly, it was better Madam."

"Wow! Do share Nadine." Crystal said as she sat back in the seat and laughed.

Nadine drove Crystal to her office building and waited for Crystal to get out of the car.

"You know Nadine, when you are ready to share what you had last night I am interested truly interested." Crystal said as she shut the door and headed to work.

Just as Crystal got out of the car Nadine's cell phone rang. It was a number she did not recognize, but she answered it anyway.


"What are you doing right now?" Came a man's voice over the line.

"Working, who are you?"

"Come on Nadine, did you forget already?"

"Chris?" "That's right my little cock slut."

"Chris, you bastard, why did you let Stan in the house last night?"

"What do you mean?"

"Chris he told me today he was there and he was the one who did it when you were talking in my ear."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Well Yes, I guess, but he is black."

"Yeah with a huge black cock, bigger than mine."

"Yeah I know" Nadine said as her thoughts wandered to last night again.

"What did you just say?"


"Never mind; you want to have some fun tonight?"

"Yeah, I only have the one pick up and drop today. As soon as she is done with work I can meet you somewhere."

"How about your house again?"

"Why don't you bring a friend, and I will bring Stan again."

"Chris, Stan is black; I don't want to do that again."

"Bring a friend Nadine, and I will not tell you again."

Chris hung up the phone, and chuckled to himself. He looked over at Stan and told him it was on, to be there at 5 PM.

Nadine already had her fingers in her pussy by the time Chris had hung up the phone. She continued to rub her clit in circles thinking about Chris and Stan fucking her again. Black or not, Chris was right, Stan had a huge cock. Who was she going to bring with her tonight? Then she recalled Crystal saying "When you are ready to share, I am interested."

Nadine decided to she would take Crystal home with her tonight, and maybe Chris would accept her as a friend. At 4:30 PM sharp Nadine pulled up in front of Crystal's building, she had actually been parked at the beach all day frigging her wet pussy. Nadine had discovered today that she could no longer make herself cum with her fingers. They just did not feel the same anymore.

Crystal climbed into the car and Nadine pulled away from the curb.

"Crystal, remember what you told me this morning?"

"Oh yes darling."

"Want to come over to my house?"

"Is he going to be there?"

"Something like that."

"Sure, besides I have been thinking about trying you out for a spin." Crystal said as she sat back in the seat and pulled her panties off from under her skirt.

"Smell", Crystal said as she shoved her panties up to Nadine's nose.

Nadine could smell a pungent musky smell and felt the wet spot. She knew Crystal was soaking wet from their conversation, and had probably been playing with her pussy all day as well.

Crystal sat back and enjoyed the ride, briefly running her hand over her pussy now and then in anticipation of what was happening. Nadine watched her in the mirror and felt a weird sensation in her own body. What did Crystal mean by taking her for a spin? Did Crystal want to have sex with her?

As Nadine pulled up at the limo service to get her own vehicle, Crystal moaned out and Nadine knew she was cumming. Crystal had just masturbated to orgasm in the back of the limo. Nadine smiled inside and thought about how Crystal will never be able to get off on her fingers again after tonight.

Nadine ran inside dropped off the keys and punched the clock. By the time she got out to her car Crystal was already sitting in the front seat.

"How did you know which car was mine?" Nadine asked as she climbed in.

"I am a smart lady Nadine." Crystal said as she smiled mischievously at Nadine.

"No, really how did you know?"

"I have watched you Nadine. I guess you could say I have sort of stalked you. I even know where your house is. I have wanted to eat your pussy since the first day you picked me up." Crystal said as she leaned across the seat and whispered in Nadine's ear.

Crystal ran her hand up Nadine's thing and kept going. Once her fingers were touching Nadine's pussy she circled her clit feverishly.

"Bad little girl. Not wearing any panties and you are soaking wet. Am I turning you on Nadine? Do you want to experience my tongue on your clit?"

"Let's go in!" Nadine said as she quickly exited the car.

Crystal got out of the car and followed Nadine.

Nadine noticed Chris's car parked out in front of her house, but Chris was not in the car. As they reached the side door from the Garage Nadine heard a muffled cry and turned around to see Stan holding his big black hand over Crystal's mouth. Chris was standing beside him checking out Crystal.

"Open the door and get in the house right now!" Chris said looking at Nadine.

Nadine quickly opened the door and then stood back and watched as Stan picked Crystal up off of the ground and carried her in the house with his hand over her mouth. Crystal was fighting but to no success, as Stan was very large and strong.

As they entered the house Stan set Crystal back down on the floor and pushed her into the living room where he pushed her over the back of the couch.

"What the hell is going on? Nadine do you know these people?" Crystal yelled as Stan held her down with one hand bent over the back of the couch.

Chris looked at Nadine quickly and shook his head No.

"No I have no idea who they are. What the fuck do you guys want?" Nadine yelled at Chris and Stan.

Chris smiled and mouthed "Good Girl" to Nadine.

"Shut the Fuck up, when we are ready for you to speak we will ask for it right now we want your clothes off, and nobody will be hurt." Chris said.

Stan pulled Crystal skirt up above her waist and quickly ripped her panties from her body. Crystal began to scream and thrash about as Stan continued to hold her down with one hand.

"Get some tape! I am going to tape this woman's mouth shut." Yelled Stan. Crystal ran out to get some tape in the meantime Stan dropped his pants.

"If you do not want you mouth taped shut you will stop screaming now! Listen to me, and listen well, nobody will be hurt, as a matter of fact you will probably enjoy tonight's proceedings. If you continue to scream I will tape your mouth shut and have fun anyway so you might as well enjoy it." Stan whispered into Crystal's ear.

Crystal quit screaming and listened to Stan. Crystal could feel Stan's cock head hitting her just about knee level and wondered if his cock was really that big or if he was crouching down to whisper in her ear. Crystal kind of slipped her ass backwards a little so she could get a better feel with her ass, and gasped when she felt the length and thickness of Stan's cock.

"OH! You like that do you? Are you ready to experience the black snake? Are you going to be a good girl?"

Crystal just shook her head yes. She was still scared to death but intrigued at the same time.

Nadine came back into the room and Chris had his cock out and was stroking it watching Stan hold down Crystal and rub his cock all over her nice tight ass.

"Come here, suck my cock!" Chris said as Nadine walked back into the room.

Nadine went right over to Chris and smiled at him as she sank to her knees on the floor.

"That's right, good girl, do as I say and nobody will be hurt." Chris said as Nadine took his cock head into her little mouth.

"Turn her around; make her watch her friend suck my cock." Chris said looking at Stan.

Stan let Crystal up from the couch and Crystal slowly turned around. Nadine was on her knees sucking the biggest cock Crystal had ever seen. Nadine did not look scared or nervous at all. She was slowly taking about 4-5 inches at a time of a nice hard 8-10" cock into her mouth and slightly gagging with each downward thrust. Then it happened, Crystal saw Stan's cock in full.

"OH MY GOD, that thing is huge!" Crystal exclaimed as she stared at Stan's cock.

"Come here and suck it!" Stan said grabbing Crystal around the back of the head and pulling her towards his cock.

"I can't! It is too big!" Crystal exclaimed.

"Get on your knees NOW, and don't make me tell you again." Stan said as he held up the role of duct tape. Crystal sank to the floor and picked up Stan's cock from dangling between his legs. The weight of it alone was impressive to her, and she knew she would have some fun tonight. Crystal did her best to take the cock between her lips, having a small mouth now had its disadvantages. Stan's cock was stretching her lips to the max and she could barely get the head into her mouth.

"OH God good little rich bitch. Suck that black cock."

"MHMM GHMM!" Was Crystal's reply.

Crystal's mouth was really hurting already, but she loved the feel of that cock in her mouth. It was so heavy and so long. What will it feel like in my tight little pussy? If only Carl knew what I was about to do.

Carl was the guy Crystal had been seeing on the side, he was from work and was married. Crystal knew, and enjoyed the situation. Carl would come over to her place twice a week, and take care of her needs. Crystal began to think that if she fucked Stan, Carl would never be able to satisfy her again, and she didn't care. Crystal decided she had to feel that cock in her.

Crystal stood up and lay back over the back of the couch. She looked back at the big black man behind her and wiggled her ass at him. Chris started laughing and pulled Nadine to her feet pointing at Crystal.

"Looks like your friend wants that black cock in her pussy." Chris said to Nadine so everyone could hear.

Stan took his position behind Crystal and slowly rubbed his cock head over her slit. Crystal did not want to play around she wanted that cock in her, all of it. Crystal pushed back and two inches of Stan's cock sank into her.

"OH MY GOD, It is so thick." Chrystal said between gasps.

Crystal sat still for a minute and let herself adjust to the size violating her tightness, and then pushed back onto another three inches of cock.

"OH YES! It feels so good." Crystal cried into the cushion as she slammed her head forward on the couch.

Crystal waited a few minutes and then pushed back onto another 3 inches of cock.

"OH FUCK, I'm CUMMMING!" Crystal yelled as 8 hard inches of cock were buried in her pussy where nothing had ever been. Crystal bucked and screamed for about 3 minutes, and then her body went into convulsions as the largest orgasm of her life hit her. Something happed to Crystal at that moment that she did not think was possible, she had an orgasm on top of an orgasm. "Holy Fuck, Chris there is cum shooting out of her pussy!" Stan yelled with laughter in his voice.

Chris came over and watched as sure enough the last 3-4 inches of Stan's cock was being covered in a milky clear substance shooting from Crystal's pussy around Stan's cock.

"Fuck me, it feel so fucking well, come on you bastard fuck me." Crystal yelled.

Stan began to rock back and forth just barely moving his cock in and out of Crystal wet pussy, and she continued to orgasm. Crystal continued to cum for about 2-3 minutes, and then Chris decided he could take no more.

Chris pushed Nadine over the back of the couch right beside Crystal and entered her with his full nine inches in one stroke.

Nadine cried out at the initial violation, but her sobs soon turned to moans of pleasure as Chris drilled his entire length in and out of her. Nadine was soon joining Crystal in orgasm and the two women screamed together as they came all over the cocks pumping in and out of their little pussies.

Nadine looked over at Crystal and her eyes were rolling into the back of her head as Stan continued to feed his cock in and out of her pussy. Stan realized he could not get the whole thing into her, but he was giving it a go. Crystal had taken about 8-9 inches of his cock, and he could feel her cervix being crushed by his cock head with each down thrust. Stan enjoyed the view of her white pussy lips stretched to the max around his dark black cock, and wished he could show her the look.

Nadine was cumming again, and the thought of that black cock sliding in and out of her friend got her even more excited as she came again and again as Chris pounded her little pussy with all of his force.

Stan had the idea first as he looked over at Chris. He smiled and motioned to Chris for them to switch. Chris abruptly pulled out of Nadine with a pop, and stood back as Stan took his place.

"OH GOD, where are you going? It feels so fucking good." Cried Nadine as Stan took position behind her.

As he slid his cock head forward and entered her, Nadine gasped with excitement, but realized what was happening.

"No, I don't want to fuck you!" Nadine cried as she tried to pull away.

"Shut up or we will duct tape your mouth shut too." Stan said as he shoved his cock all the way into Nadine.

"OH FUCK!" Yelled Nadine as she lost her breath. Stan entered her so forcefully it took the breath right out of her. As she fought to regain her breath Stan began a real slow rhythm of pulling his whole 12 inch cock about out of her before pushing it all back in. He could feel his balls hitting her ass, and realized she could take the whole thing. With each down thrust Nadine lost her breath again. Soon she was becoming short of breath and cumming all over Stan's hard cock.

"The bitch likes it after all." Said Stan to Chris as Chris sat back on a chair pulling Crystal into his lap.

Crystal wasted no time as she climbed onto Chris's lap and slowly sank her sore pussy onto Chris's cock.

"MMMMM, that feels good!" Remarked Crystal.

Crystal began to ride Chris's cock with slow deep thrusts, and was soon Cumming again. Crystal was experiencing something she never knew possible with how many orgasms she was having. Crystal watched Stan pound in and out of Nadine from behind as she engulfed Chris's hard cock. From her perspective the sight in front of her was enough to make her cum on her own. Crystal could see Nadine's red, swollen pussy lips stretched to the max around Stan's big black cock, and the contrast was marvelous. Crystal could not take her eyes off of the site as she continued to ride the cock offered to her wet pussy.

"OH MOTHER FUCKER! I'M CUMMING!" Yelled Nadine, as she collapsed over the couch and shook in a violent orgasm.

Crystal began pounding down onto Chris's lap until she came again. Chris shoved her off and went over to Stan.


"Yes sir, I want some more of that Rich bitch anyway."

Chris climbed in behind Nadine and rubbed her pussy juice from the fucking she just had all over his cock head. Once his cock was severely saturate he slid his hard cock up and down Nadine's ass crack.

"MMMM, I love your cock Chris!"

"Yeah baby, and I love your pussy, but now I am going to fuck your ass!"

"What? The fuck you are," and Nadine tried to jump up.

Chris pushed her back down over the back of the couch and held her down with one hand in the small of her back. Chris slowly rubbed his cock head back and forth against Nadine's little brown rose bud until she was very lubed up with her own juices. Chris then slowly began to push his cock head into her ass.

"OWE FUCK, it hurts Chris please stop."

Chris just continued to push until her ass gave.

"FUCK!" Yelled Nadine as tears ran down her cheeks.

Chris sat still and did not move, he was whispering into Nadine's ear to relax, hold still, and let your body get use to it.

"You will love it baby just give it time." Chris said.

Chris did not move again until Nadine had quit screaming and crying. Once she seemed to be a little more relaxed he pushed very slowly centimeters at a time.

Crystal felt very bad for her friend she knew that must hurt. Chris was not as big as Stan whose cock was 8 inches into her pussy right now, and she was loving every minute of it, but he was too big for that.

Crystal continued to ride Stan's impressive meat and cum all over it, as Nadine was now getting an ass full of hard cock. "That must hurt," thought Crystal.

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