She worked the lube into her after each drizzle Ron released, drawing smiles from the two men as they watched her fingers penetrate her. "Okay," she said when she felt slippery enough, and then rolled over onto her tummy.

Helen rose up to her hands and knees, and then looked back over her shoulder while she wiggled her ass. "Give it to me. Fill me full of cum."

Ron and Mike both looked at each other, and Mike said, "Flip a coin, I guess."

Ron shrugged and retrieved a quarter from his pants on the floor. "Call it."


Ron lifted his hand and said, "Ha. Sloppy seconds for you."

"Don't make me wait," Helen said in a sultry tone of voice, again wiggling her ass.

Ron moved in behind her and grabbed her hip with his left hand while he guided his cock inside her with the right. Helen felt a burning sting when he first penetrated her, but that quickly faded as he started thrusting.

"Do it. Fuck me. Come for me," Helen encouraged him as Ron gripped her hips tight and drove his cock home. Her breasts swung erratically from the force of his thrusts, and she had to fight to keep her hands from sliding forward.

Ron's grunts of exertion mixed with loud growls as his cum bubbled up for release. "God yes! Come for me!" Helen cried out as her own pleasure mounted.

With a deep, explosive cry, Ron jammed his cock inside her a final time. Helen could feel him throbbing, spurting his hot cream deep inside her. "Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Mmm hmm," she breathed as she squeezed her intimate muscles, milking his cock as he panted for breath.

"Fuck," Ron exclaimed as he withdrew, trailing a strand of their mingled juices from his cock. He fell over onto the bed with a groan.

"Move over," Mike said, already moving to mount her.

Ron weakly scooted out of the way, and Mike slid in behind her. A faint, flatulent sound accompanied his cock sliding into her already cream-filled pussy.

Helen's hair whipped as she looked back over her shoulder at him. "Take me. Fuck me. Come for me."

"Oh yeah," Mike growled, and drove his cock home again.

After only a few thrusts, Helen felt her climax swelling within her. To help it along, she dropped down to one elbow and used her other hand to rub her clit. "G-god yes, F-fuck m-me," she cried out, stuttering from the power of his thrusts. "I'm g-gonna c-come aga... Again!"

A long, deep cry rumbled from Mike as he neared his peak. Helen's fingers curled into claws, scrunching up the bed sheets while the fingers of her other hand blurred over her clit. She yelped with every thrust, just the faintest tinges of delightful pain mixed with the ecstasy swelling inside her.

Mike jammed his cock home with a grunt, and Helen exploded into orgasm. She fell face-down into the sheets, screaming into the mattress as she came, Mike's cock pulsing, filling her clenched canal with yet another load of cum.

"Shit, dude. It's almost six thirty."

Mike pulled free with a groan, a thick stream of cream flowing from Helen's gaped canal as soon as the head of his cock popped free. "Ah fuck. We've got to get back, or the boss is going to fucking kill us."

"There are washcloths in the bathroom," Helen said in a languid moan as she rolled over onto her back. Ron hurried out of the room to fetch one.

Helen lounged in the afterglow of her orgasms, leaking cum all over the bed and not the least bit concerned about it. Little stings of pain shot up her spine from her overworked pussy, but she felt it was more than worth a little discomfort.

Once Ron and Mike had finished dressing, she gestured for them to come to her. She pulled each into a passionate kiss, and then said, "My kids are gone all week."

The two young men looked at each other and chuckled. "We'll be over right after work tomorrow."

"I'll be waiting," Helen purred, and then waved as they hurried toward the back door.

She pulled over a pillow, cuddled it against her, and then chuckled as she thought, Who better to know how to nail you than a carpenter?

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by Anonymous07/18/17

Oooooooh! Groan!

What a terrible pun-ch line! Loved the story. Great pacing. Did want them to come back.

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by Axelotto05/02/17

The only thing that would have made that hotter would be something like:

Once Ron and Mike had finished dressing, she gestured for them to come to her. She pulled each into a passionate kiss, and thenmore...

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