Naked Ambition


Part of a series of short stories with the common connection of 'Naked' and placed in various sections on this site. Some of them are funny, some are sad, some are quirky but all reveal the many facets of human emotion in all its naked rawness.

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He stood wobbling on the narrow ledge high up on the outside of the building, the window behind him closed, the cold night cloaking his nakedness. Looking down three floors, his heart beating in his chest he saw his clothes laying on the entrance canopy where his lover had thrown them out the window just before she had closed it as her husband had entered the bedroom.

Frantically assessing his situation he could see the windows of the building opposite, the lights out. Glancing left and right he saw the ledges of the windows of the apartment building he was balancing on the outside of, a few feet between him and them, and the fire escape four windows along to his right.

He could make it.

If only he could keep his balance.

If only he could move from window ledge to window ledge.

If only no one saw him.

Looking down the street below he could see no people, and therefore his modesty and position might be hidden from curious eyes. His hands held on for dear life to the edge of the bricks each side of him, the rough red brick slightly damp with the night air.

The hairs on his body were standing on end, both with the cold and with fright, and his cock that had only minutes before been hard and ready was now limp and hanging, pointing down towards the pavement below, as if the eye at the tip was assessing the drop that waited for him if he didn't make it to the fire escape and freedom.

Edging his foot along the narrow ledge, the slick feel of the window glass against his naked buttocks he moved sideways a small pace, the feel of his blood pounding in his ears. Behind him he could hear raised voices. A man and a woman, his lover and her husband screaming at each other, whilst he timidly edged his way towards the next window ledge and the black iron structure that would be his way down.

Small sideways step by small sideways step he moved, his fingers grabbing at the coarse wall, his toes gripping the white concrete sill, his body leaning as far back as the glass behind would allow.

Reaching the edge of the ledge he was on he took a deep breath and closing his eyes and mentally crossing his fingers he moved his right foot out tentatively towards the next ledge and window, the space between his ledge and that one less than a few feet, but seeming to him a wide gaping hole waiting to let him fall. Feeling the hard surface below his bare soles he moved his body weight to the right, shifting along, hands desperately gripping, until he straddled both ledges, the feel of rough brick scratching at the naked skin of his back and bum.

It was then he heard the voices below.

Laughter drifted up to him, women's laughter.

Looking down he saw the three women walking the four stories down, oblivious to the naked man balanced above them, his prick and balls exposed to the cooling night air, his mortified face showing his horror at finding himself in such a vulnerable position.

Standing still straddling the two ledges he held his breath as the women walked up towards the end of the quiet side road and disappeared around the corner, away from him. Away from discovering the show high above their heads of the naked man, and so shuffling along and manoeuvring his weight to the right he managed to progress his left foot across the space to join his right on the next ledge.

One window nearer freedom.

One ledge nearer escape.

Behind him he could hear music. The last track on the CD he and his lover had put onto the music system only a short time before, slow and romantic it mocked him as he stood there alone and afraid on the ledge. She had laughed as she had chosen the disc, telling him that before it finished she would have made him cum, and she had started to remove his white shirt before the first track was halfway through. The shirt that now lay like a dead swan on the dark blue canopy of the entrance to the smart and fashionable apartments where his lover and her husband lived, a white stain far below him, out of reach.

Small steps, shuffling along he moved to his right, the night air tightening his nipples so they stood out in a parody of how they had been as she had raked her nails across them as he had bent his head to kiss her in the room behind him. Closer and closer towards the next window he sidled along, holding his breath, praying that with each small step he would be safe and that the ledge would hold.

Glancing across he noticed that the light had gone on in the window opposite, and he could see the hazy silhouette in the room beyond of someone moving about. Standing still, his eyes riveted on the large expanse of glass he watched as the shape of the person came nearer towards the window, taking shape into a woman of about sixty. He watched transfixed as she reached up about to close the drapes, until suddenly she looked out across the street at him.

Shocked eyes met shocked eyes.

Time seemed to stand still.

His breath caught in his throat.

And then she pulled the drapes and was gone. But what was she doing behind those heavy curtains now pulled across the window opposite blocking out all light. Was she phoning the cops?

Quickly shuffling along he made his way towards the next window ledge, right foot reaching across, toes testing the ledge, hands holding on to the red brick wall, weight shifting to his right, breath holding in his chest as he crossed the space to alight on the next small strip of jutting out cement that was his path to freedom.

Taking a moment to catch his breath and try to relax he stood, his naked body with a slight sheen of sweat covering his skin despite the cold night air swirling around him. To his right about six feet away stood a street lamp, it's dull yellow light flickering with a halo of glare topped by a large bird that sat atop it. The black creature seemed to be watching him with curiosity, its small body perched with confidence as it looked across at him. And then as if bored with the antics of the stupid human it took wing and flew away, leaving the man alone, facing the void in front of him.

Resuming his slow escape to freedom he moved along, his muscles trembling finely under his taut skin, locks of hair damp with sweat curling against his neck and forehead.

Only two more windows to go.

Funny how such a small distance could seem so far from this point of view.

Reaching out with his foot he found the next ledge, and resting his weight down preparing to bring his left foot across he felt a wobble below his foot. Daring to glance down to where his foot rested he noticed a bit of cement was loose on the next ledge. Biting his lip he thought what he should do. Take the chance and stand on the loose bit, or kick it off. Standing straddled between the two ledges, the alternatives and consequences running through his mind he heard the sound of the police sirens in the distance and quickly, holding on tight to the brick behind, moved his foot until the loose small piece was tumbling down to hit the hard pavement far below. Carrying on at a faster pace he moved across and shuffled to his right aiming for the last window and the fire escape.

And then freedom.

The sound of the sirens became louder and louder until he could hear them at the end of the road he was in. The flashing blue lights glowed out in the dark and came to a rest below where he stood. Staring down at the two police cars that screeched to a halt he gave a deep sigh resigned to becoming the centre of the authorities attention and a the need for an embarrassing explanation to how he came to be perched up on a window ledge three stories up, buck naked and exposed for anyone to see.

Hearing the shouts from the men below, their voices reaching him as they climbed out the car, entreating him not to jump, he laughed.


He didn't want to jump!

He wanted to get down. In one piece, safe and with his dignity intact.

But that was not to be as he watched the windows opposite light up and open, curious heads poke out, looking to see what would necessitate the police, then looking across at him, their faces breaking out with either wide smiles or looks of shock.

The sigh in his chest expanded and his shoulders slumped as he stood there shivering waiting for the inevitable.

No where to hide, no way to cover his dignity.

To his left he heard a window open and he saw the husband of his lovers head lean out and look down, then towards him. Their eyes met, one angry and other resigned, and then the head disappeared back into the apartment, and the sound of a window being slammed rocketed out into the night to mix with the sounds of laughter and the shouts from the police below.

Moving towards his right he made for the last window ledge and the fire escape, his right hand reaching out for the black metal and a safer grip than the red brick his now sore fingers had been trying to grip. Wobbling a little as he reached out he nearly fell forward, hearing the collective gasp of the crowd now starting to form, his heart nearly leapt out his throat as he struggled to keep his footing and right his body so that he could make the small leap across to the safety of the black structure.

He could feel the vibrations on the metal as the police ran up towards him, and as he placed both feet on the edifice one appeared, a blanket in his hand, a frown on his face, and reaching out he grabbed the mans arm and helped him to the flat safe platform before wrapping the scratchy wool blanket around his shoulders, covering up his body and saving his modesty.

Slowly he made his way down the steps, towards the crowd now formed below as

they swirled around the two cars, and as he reached the end of the steps and his bare foot touched the cold dank pavement light bulb flashed and he looked up to see cameras catching the scene for posterity.

It was then that the devil took him, and dropping the blanket from around his shoulders he gave them something to photograph.

After all, he had nothing to hide now, and if he was going to be charged for lewd behaviour and exposure he might as well go the whole hog.

And to think his only ambition an hour ago was to make it down with no one noticing or seeing him. Funny how your perspective on life can change in just a flash.

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