tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNaked at the Christmas Party

Naked at the Christmas Party


Dorothy was more than kind enough to lend Derek – that's Derek, she lent Derek the car. I'm stressing this because I didn't want anybody to think that she let me drive her car. Besides never having driven a car before, I had no driver's license.

Everything went fine, although it must have surprised a lot of motorists when they saw a great big roly poly Santa Claus behind the wheel. That was a hoot! You see Derek had kept his padding because I insisted. I thought he looked a lot cooler on Christmas Eve than he would have as a skinny Santa Claus. Everybody would have figured not to expect much in their stockings if they saw a skinny Santa.

Before we left, Dorothy went into her house and came out a few minutes later with some things in a paper sack. Dorothy instructed us to come back for her in an hour and not to forget about her. She would hate to call the law out on us.

I knew she was kidding, but still she looked serious when she said it. I understood she didn't want me to get Derek wrapped up in something where he would forget about everything except for me.

I told Derek to take us some place where there would be plenty of light outside but not a lot of people around. He looked at me strangely because I guess he was hoping I was going to tell him to go park somewhere real dark for some 'fa la la.' Men! What can you do? You can't live with 'em and you can't live with 'em. Haha!

Derek drove us way down in one of those well lighted, on Christmas Eve, Church parking lots. You know, the kind of service that is so big the police will be there to help the traffic that is entering and exiting the church.

After he parked in the back as I requested, he turned the car off and waited to see what I wanted. Boy, he was surprised when I took this big pair of scissors out of the sack and proceed to cut away at his beard. I bet he about shit his pants though when I first came at his face with those large clippers.

I wouldn't have blamed him for being worried. I mean when you think about it, it's a crap shoot at best. You don't know out there who's some nut, so you just try to trust your gut and hope for the best. Well, in a very few minutes I had that beard cut down where it was so short I couldn't cut anymore with the scissors.

Then I took the shaving cream and the safety razor out of the bag. I lathered him up and I proceeded to shave him. Oh I can hear you, it was just what he said, "Hey! We don't have any water." I told him he was a big sissy and to be quiet before I cut his face to ribbons. I was down to adhesive in no time. I told him he was responsible for removing the glue.

So at least I had Derek with me again and not Santa Claus. It was about time to go pick up Dorothy so we hit the road. On the way I told Derek that we had all been invited to Vicki's house for a party, but that we were going to need to stop and pick up some booze to go with us. He said no prob and we would do that little thing right after we picked up Dorothy.

I think he was frightened about borrowing the car and didn't want to be late returning it. He didn't know if he should believe what Dorothy said about calling the cops if we were late. Hell, I knew her a whole better than he did and I wasn't certain either.

We went and picked up Dorothy, who had called as many of our friends as she could to tell them about the festivities to be held at Vicki's. It turned out that our hostess lived with her husband in a really classy two bedroom high-rise apartment not too far away.

I wondered what Vicki's husband looked like because judging by her looks he must have been a studmuffin. Vicki was five foot, six inches with exceptionally well developed legs. She had a narrow waist and large beautiful breasts and very long dark hair; all in all a rare beauty.

So after stopping by and picking up Alex, we went to an A.B.C. Liquor store and obtained a half a dozen quarts of vodka. We then drove straight to Vicki's. When we arrived I pulled my panties off in such a way that no one noticed and left them in the car.

I knew Dorothy would have had a fit and I didn't want to worry her. All I had to do in this Santa outfit was cock my hip to the side and I could flash my pussy at anybody. It was great.

When we got upstairs to their apartment, we discovered we were first and that was fine, because I really wanted us to get there before the other people we had invited had arrived. Even though Vicki had insisted we could invite whoever we wanted, I realized it could be awkward for everyone concerned if they arrived before we did.

Vicki was still wearing her short skirted elf costume; either because she hadn't had time to change after arriving home from work or she just wanted to wear it in honor of the season. It didn't matter to me. She just looked as cute as a little old bug.

And I was right about her husband too. He stood slightly over six feet tall, had black hair, a great build and was good at making martinis. We didn't waste any time presenting him with the six quarts of vodka. From the huge smile on his face, I could tell he liked us already when he observed we were thoughtful enough to bring him some booze and not just plan on drinking all of his.

Vicki's husband, whose name was Jack, was dressed in a white shirt, opened at the collar and some nice slacks. He must have just come directly from work. He got busy playing bartender and soon everyone was in possession of a vodka martini; some of them had two like me – mwahaha!

As he was mixing the drinks, I stood around the temporary bar set up he had for the party, and occasionally I would flash my beaver at him. I could tell he saw it, even though he wasn't saying anything because his prick was busy talking as it grew longer and longer beneath his pants.

I think I was frightening him because he suddenly called out asking Vicki what she was doing. When she answered from the kitchen that she was busy fixing the dip, it took me a minute to realize she hadn't invited Hillary but was preparing something for the potato chips.

When he wouldn't come back from behind the bar after fixing the drinks, I moved behind him. Jack was about a foot taller than me and I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him back into me and moved my hands down to his crotch area.

"You're scared of me, aren't you?" I accused.

"W – Why do you say that?" Jack stammered.

"Haha!" I laughed, as I rubbed his crotch area until his erection was fairly full blown beneath his pants. "Okay, good then," I said.

I opened his trousers and pushed them and his underwear down to his ankles. I twirled him around 'til he was facing me and, after opening his shirt, I began to kiss him all his chest, stopping to tease each of his nipples for a second.

Jack appeared as if he were made of frozen putty. I think he was torn between wanting to get it on with me and wondering what Vicki would think. I, on the other hand, wasn't torn by anything!

I instructed him in no uncertain terms to lower his knees until his now raging prick was even with my distended dripping vagina. As soon as he did as instructed, I stepped forward and impaled myself on his huge cock. I immediately jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist and joined them behind his back by crossing my ankles while grabbing on to his neck. Ah youth.

Jack was quick to understand and he stood up with me hanging off his prick. Taking small steps because of his trousers and underwear hanging around his feet, he carried me over to the wall by the front door and holding me against it, he plunged into me again and again with wild abandon.

I unzipped my Santa coat-skirt and allowed it to fall off me leaving me completely nude except for my shoes. When I pushed back from him I could now look down past my bare breasts and see Jack's massive cock moving in my bald cunt. It looked so sexy! He wasn't wearing an undershirt so I was able to pull his naked upper body against mine. It felt so fucking good.

Of course you know the drill by now – what can go wrong, will go wrong. As Jack stood there holding me as we humped our little brains out, someone suddenly knocked on the door.

"Get that, will you honey?" Vicki called out from the kitchen.

I really think Jack freaked and didn't know what to say, as he didn't do anything except continued to drill his prodigious prick into me over and over. I was literally on fire with passion. I think he did groan loudly a couple of times as an answer to his wife – hehe.

"Jack, did you hear me?" she called out again.

When Vicki didn't receive an answer that time, she proceeded from the kitchen into the living room. She appeared quite taken aback for a second when she first espied us fucking against the living room wall, as actually who wouldn't have been?

A malicious smile quickly spread upon her lovely features and instead of saying anything, Vicki turned and opened the front door! I could see the entire scenario as it unfolded in front of me from my position against the wall, but I realized Jack was completely oblivious as he continued to rut into me with long savage thrusts.

As soon as I observed Vicki throw the door to the apartment open and I saw the rather large crowd of people awaiting entrance, I realized this was going to be awesome!

Besides my friends, who had been invited; Alecia, Tom, Betty, Matt, Rebecca, Axel, Krista, and Shawn, there were a number of people who I had never seen before that turned out to be some of Jack's co-workers!

As soon as I observed the look of shock on most of their faces when they saw Jack and me fucking in the living room, I shot off. Man, it was great! Instead of attempting to hide my climaxing from the strangers, I proceeded to ham it up.

"Oh! Oh Jack! Fuck me! Oh you're so good!" I cried out.

Vicki invited everyone to enter and then stepped up behind her sexually busy husband. Tapping him on his shoulder, Vicki cooed in dulcet tones which emphasized the mischievousness evident on her pretty face, "Darling, your guests have arrived. Aren't you going to say hello to them?"

Jack appeared to react to that particular admonishment as if he were waking from a long slumber. He began to jerk his head around to look behind him and I grew frightened that if he recognized his co-workers watching him, Jack would immediately lose his erection. I wanted him to enjoy his well earned orgasm.

Before Jack could whip his head around, I tightened my cunt down on his long hard prick ten fold and squeezed as hard as I could. He shot his hot load of cum up me immediately, screaming, "Oh God damn Sara!"

My friends burst into spontaneous applause, while the rest of the group stood with their mouths agape. The jig was up so to speak as far as Jack now realizing there was others present.

He whirled around and offered his office cohorts a sickly grin and full frontal nudity as I slid down off his now wilting prick. I stood in front of them brazenly nude with my legs spread wide with my cum and Jack's still leaking from my pussy.

Damn if I was going to be put off by someone I didn't even know and probably wouldn't ever see again, but I could understand why Jack would feel funny; particularly if these people were 'straight.'

So I stepped in front of him and introduced myself allowing him the opportunity to pull up his pants and get all tucked away. I could tell the men didn't mind meeting me, but the women seemed a tad put off – I wonder why?

It turned out that one of the things that Vicki had been involved in preparing for everyone was more drinks so I got another one and belted it down. After all it was some party. Jack was steadily mixing drinks for everyone throughout the rest of the evening and Vicki laid out quite a spread of food. It was great!

People from the two contingents (Jack's place of business and my friends) began to mingle and Vicki put on some current CD's. Some people were dancing, although Vicki was playing the hostess with the mostess and mingling with her guests. I mingled myself through the party goers – of course, I was completely naked.

People who didn't know me of course were looking away from me constantly like they were embarrassed. Why should they be embarrassed? After all I was the one standing there without any clothes on. People sure are weird about nudity. Everyone basically has the same equipment; if I want to show mine off, why should it embarrass people?

I guess the nudists are the only people who handle this issue halfway appropriately, but even they become all enmeshed in treating it as if it were an health issue; i.e. how healthy it is for you to get outside nude and soak up the sunshine, etc. It's almost as if nudity indoors is unhealthy.

And for some reason they insist on playing volleyball. Why is that? Everyone knows volleyball would be a drag to play naked. The only sport worthwhile to play naked is baseball; everyone knows that – hehe.

Most of my friends had become busy with each other, if you catch my drift. Alecia had Tom's pants and underwear off and he stood there blushing like crazy while she sucked his dick.

Alex and Dorothy appeared to be sedately sitting in the corner, but in actuality she had her left hand down his pants and was jacking away on him.

Betty and Matt, Rebecca and Axel, and Krista, and Shawn were all in various stages of undress and sexual play so I decided I was missing out on the fun.

I worked my way around socializing to Vicki, where I pulled her to me and out on the dance floor. Vicki was little taller than me. She had long dark hair and highly unusual attractive features which seemed to be timeless echoes of beauty. She had a svelte figure and appeared beneath her clothes to be beautifully proportioned.

Luckily for what I had in mind, the next song was a slow number. As we barely moved around the area that had been cleared in the living – dining room area for dancing, I pulled Vicki to me as tightly as I could and rubbed my naked body against her clothed one.

"Oh Sara," the young woman murmured.

I'd wanted to make love to Vicki as soon as I had saw her and particularly so after I discovered she was interested. I also figured at this point that I owed it to Jack if he were in any trouble with his wife for his sexual interactions with me to put the shoe on the other foot.

As we 'danced' (more like shuffled) around the room, I moved my hand up beneath the short skirt of her outfit and slipped it into her panties. They were the same violet color as her elf outfit. I moved my hand all around her pubes until I located her vagina.

As soon as I started fingering her pussy lips, Vicki became instantly wet. She must have already been turned on plenty with me and Jack fucking and then me running around the party stark naked. I plunged two of my fingers up her pussy and she began to moan softly.

I ripped off her panties with my other hand and then unfastened her small skirt and allowed it to drop to the floor leaving her half naked. I wanted this bitch to be as naked as me! We were already attracting some attention. Her pussy hair was coal black and neatly trimmed to be worn beneath ordinary bikini panties.

I continued to work my fingers in and out of her tight quim vigorously and even added an extra finger as Vicki was kissing me passionately. Finally she plunged her tongue into my mouth and was thrusting it all around in time with her hunching on my hand. I ran my free hand up under her 'elfin' decorated blouse and immediately felt her bare breast.

Vicki must have removed her bra since arriving at home because I know for a fact she was wearing one at the mall, because with the size of her breasts it would have been quite obvious if she weren't wearing one. I pinched and pawed at her large nipples and she finally took the hint and pulled off her blouse leaving her totally nude.

God, she was a beauty! Large breasts with beautifully shaped nipples, a narrow waist, long legs and a wonderful pussy with black pubic hair - this Jack was a lucky man – and I was lucky myself!

Most of the remaining party that wasn't already involved in sexual play of their own had now gathered around us; in a nice way, no one was being rude or anything. They just appeared rather scandalized but somewhat interested regardless. I bet this was putting some kinks in Jack's straight friends!

I leaned down and suckled Vicki's beautiful aureoles; first her left one and then the other one. Vicki groaned incessantly as she appeared to be getting off on my ministrations like a heat seeking missile and became even louder as I slipped my fourth finger into her. My beautiful temporary lover reached down and located my clitoris. She began to play it as if it were a fret on a guitar.

And she was getting some good sounds from it as I began to moan in pleasure myself. Suddenly Vicki became so wet and her pussy was so dilated that my entire hand slipped inside of her. It was so hot! She was dripping all over my wrist and arm and riding me for all she was worth.

"Oh God damn, Sara!" Vicki screamed, as she experienced her climax, writhing so much it was all I could do to hold her upright with my other arm. From the look on her beautiful face, Vicki was momentarily lost somewhere in sexual heaven as she almost painfully ejected her final orgasm.

When she finally regained her senses and glanced around at the crowd of Jack's co-workers who were gazing at her with expressions on their faces ranging from aghast shock to raw animal lust, Vicki must have been plenty embarrassed to be standing totally nude in front of them and having had just experienced an orgasm from engaging in lesbian sex.

She screamed, "Oh my God!"

This elicited no end of merriment among the party goers as Vicki turned and ran off to her bedroom leaving me standing there stark naked holding the proverbial bag with her sexual wetness still dripping from my hand. I offered to meet people by shaking their hands, but they all shied away for some reason. Unfriendly pricks, weren't they? Haha!

Well, time passed quickly as it does at parties when you're having a great time. I flitted from group to group seeing what kind of trouble I could stir up. All this time I had a drink in my hand constantly.


When it grew near midnight, it was unhappily discovered that we were almost out of booze. Since no one was interested in drawing the party to an early close, it was quickly decided to pass the hat to collect money and then send someone out to acquire some more; hopefully a great quantity of it.

After the money was collected a decision had to be reached as to who was sober enough to drive. Well, it turned out that the only one who was jober as a sudge, hehe, I'm sorry – I mean sober as a judge was Dorothy, of course.

Derek, who was a little high, and me, who was three sheets to the wind volunteered to go with her. Of course Dorothy didn't mind Derek going with her as protection, Santa Claus suit and all, but she wasn't crazy about me going at all.

You know me. I refused to get dressed and just staggered out with them to the car totally naked. I think once we were in the car I heard Dorothy muttering something to Derek about at least it was dark out.

We arrived at the liquor store with about ten minutes to spare and since the place appeared safe enough, it was decided that Derek remain with me so as to prevent me from doing something that might get all three of us thrown in jail.

Dorothy went into the store to purchase our booze and I used the opportunity to dash from her car to a holiday display directly across the street. Luckily for everyone involved, there was hardly any traffic around because of it being late on Christmas Eve, not exactly a big party night.

Naturally enough Derek chased after me as I ran between the holiday figures. Part of the display held the traditional nativity scene. I ducked and dodged from 'ol Santy until he was gasping for breath and then I reached out and pulled him down on something more or less flat for him to lay on.

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