tagIncest/TabooNaked Mother Ch. 06

Naked Mother Ch. 06


A minute later I was in front of my son clad in a sexy bikini bra and a fully transparent mini skirt. I was ready for the beach.

"Oh mom, you haven't even bothered with your panties."

He was right I hadn't cared to wear any panties.

"It looks great isn't it?"

"Sure it does mom but we are going to the beach and your bikini bra is showing off too much."

"Not really my nipples are very much inside the cups."

"Sure mom, but there isn't much inside the cups besides your nipples. Oh mom you are looking way too sexy in this transparent mini with no panties inside. Why don't you wear panties inside or at least put on a proper skirt?"

"Oh honey transparent is the fashion these days."

"In that case mom, wear a transparent bra instead."

"No honey see-through bras are too common. I wanna try something really sexy and different like a transparent mini without panties; the breeze on the beach caressing me through my transparent mini with no panties inside; that's gonna be real fun."

It was a crowded beach.

"Mummy...far too many people here."

"Yeah....I hope you don't mind if the breeze blows your momma's mini away."

"Mom....how can you talk like that.....you don't even have your panties on and this mini is so damn transparent."

I smiled back at him. As if the wind had overheard our conversation, it began to blow lifting my mini over to expose my ass and cunt.

"Mom....let's quickly get out of this place....it's way too crowded here."

"Andy....don't be a prude....just enjoy momma's exhibitionism on the beach....wow you are hard too, Andy."

"Mummy, you've made so many people hard here. Oh God that guy there he is masturbating and he's looking at you. He's masturbating to you mom."

Another whiff of breeze followed.

"Andy....haven't you ever masturbated to any of your friends' moms."

"Oh mom....I have."

"Just think of him as a friend...masturbating to your momma."

"Mom...what are you talking mom?"

"Do you mind your friends masturbating to your momma?"

"Off course."

"That isn't fair because you too have masturbated to your friends' moms. You should be pretty OK with other guys masturbating to your momma. Just think about your friends masturbating to your momma; that will make you so damn hard....tonight just think about it when you masturbate."

"Mom I know I shouldn't be thinking about it but I am and that makes my cock so hard down there."

He pointed to his cock. I noticed his huge erection.

I decided to make things worse for him.

"Andy do you see any topless babes on the beach?"

"Only one mom."

"Well darling you got your counting wrong." I said as I removed my bikini bra and handed it to him.

"Mom, please put your bra back on."

"But you are enjoying the sight of momma's exposed boobs on the crowded beach. Look at your hard on."

"Please mom....wear your bra."

I smiled and took the bra from him. And then put it back on.

Walking with my son, we had now reached a secluded place far away from the crowd. There were no people around for at least a mile or two.

"Oh mom.....this place is so beautiful. I'd love to have a photo session here."

"Yeah this place is wonderful."

Andy took his camera out.

"Raise your arms mom for an armpit shot."

He was merrily clicking away.

"Mom can you let one nipple out of your bra."

I moved my bra cup just enough to let one nipple make its way through.

"Wow...that's great...mom. You know mom nipples look best in pairs."

"Andy...aren't you asking for too much."

"No mom....you've got great titties...I need pictures of them....they'll make for such great masturbation material...please mom....just for my masturbatory pleasure."

"OK honey."

I moved my bikini bra cup to let the other nipple make its way out.

He clicked again.

I pulled my nipples back inside my bra.

"Mom can't we make this photo session really hot."

"Off course, we can."

"Then at least take one of the two pieces off....mom."

"It will be a piece of my choice....the last time it was a piece of your choice and you really got naughty."

"That's OK mom."

I smiled again, grabbed my bra string and looked at my son.

"Don't tease me like that mom."

I continued to play with my bra string at my back.

"Mom you are taking so long."

"You don't know honey how long women take slipping into their bras....slipping out should take just as long."

I could see the bulge in Andy's shorts.

"What's that Andy in your pocket....a cigar?"

"No mom....this is an erection."

"Can I have a better look at it?"

"Sure mom."

He dropped his shorts to show me his cock.

Finally I unhooked my bikini bra and tossed it away for Andy to catch.

"Mom....cover your tits with your hands now."

"Andy....momma didn't take her bra off to hide her tits." I smiled.

"Mummy....please use your hands to hide your boobs....you can take your hands off after a couple of pictures."

He took a couple of pictures.

"Now remove your hands mom."

My tits were all exposed to Andy. Showing by boobs to my son gave me so much pleasure. My nipples rose in erection.

"Do you like what you see?" I asked him as I stood topless.

"Wow mom....your tits are gorgeous."

I saw his erect cock dripping pre-cum.

He got busy clicking my pictures.

"Tell me honey what kind of dresses do you fantasize momma wearing?" I asked him with a naughty smile.

"Minis, sexy lingerie, bikinis."

"What about the birthday suit darling? Don't you dream of momma in her birthday suit?" I smiled again.

"Oh mom. Yeah....I do."

"I bet that's what you do all the time."

"Mom can we just move closer to the sea for a few wet pictures."

"Why not?"

One wave of water struck me. My transparent mini was all wet now. It just stuck to my body making my ass and cunt even more clearly visible to my son. It was so damn enjoyable.

He took more pictures. I turned back and forth to let him picture my front and my behind. I was so close to posing naked for my son. In fact, I was almost naked save for my transparent little mini that hugged me. The see-through mini started two inches below my navel and ended two inches below my cunt. And off course, I had already removed my bra long back.

"Mummy, take off your mini now."

"What? You are asking your momma to pose naked?"

"You know mom there's nothing left for you to hide."

He was wrong. There was nothing left for me to show.

"Andy...you know you are talking to your mom."

"Yes mom....Your tits...well you've already taken off your bra and so they are showing, and your ass, your cunt....everything is visible....it just doesn't make any sense to hang on to this transparent mini"

"Andy...do you really want momma to pose naked? What if I refuse?" I decided to tease him before the real hot thing.

Oh mom...you don't know how much fun I'll have masturbating to your naked pictures. And if there is one babe who ought to pose naked, it's you mom.

"Andy....do you think momma is that sexy?"

"Mummy....you are yummy."

"Really. Tell me what do you think about nude models....I mean do you think nude models are sluts."

"Most are... mom"

"What....do you think nude models are sluts...I've decided it. I'm not gonna pose naked." I now had another opportunity to tease him.

"I'm sorry mom...I didn't mean to offend you."

"Well...I've decided. I am gonna pose naked only if you promise never to call momma a slut. I mean...never. Your momma is a naughty girl...but just that....a naughty girl....not a slut."

"Oh mom..I promise never to use that word for you."

"Good...another thing that you must promise momma is that you'll show these naked pictures of momma to your friends."

Now that my son had promised never to call me a slut.....I decided to get a little slutty. Just to tease him.

"Mom....are you crazy? You know my friends will be masturbating to your pictures"

"That's what I want. You know honey when your friends will tell you how much fun they had masturbating to your momma's pictures.....that will make you really hard. You'll love masturbating then."

"Mom.....you are driving me nuts."

"Do you promise, my son?"

"Oh mom. Anything for your naked pictures mom."

I just loved his desperation.

"You know Andy...after this picture session...I'm gonna take away your camera. I'll make three sets of pictures; one for me, one for you and the third one for your friends."

"Oh mom....you are so naughty." But for the promise he might as well have called me a slut.

"Just naughty...nothing more, honey. And I understand that a boy like you will feel like talking dirty while masturbating. So just for your masturbatory pleasure.....you can call momma a bitch...but never a slut." I reminded him with a sexy smile.

And the very next moment, I did something so damn slutty. I slipped my transparent mini down and tossed it for my son to catch. I was now naked on the beach. I looked at my son and smiled.

This time, I was naked not because I had been accidentally caught in the pool or in my bathroom, but because I wanted to be naked. Yes...I wanted to pose naked and be a nude model for my own son. I felt the breeze gently caress my body. It was heavenly.

"Andy...how do find momma naked on the beach....I hope that provides you with enough stimulation to masturbate."

"Off course....mom......you are simply stunning," he said and grabbed his cock. He was looking at me and masturbating.

"Andy....don't you wanna take pictures of momma in her birthday suit?"

"Mom....just let me masturbate first. Its a real privilege looking at you all naked and masturbating. Its like a dream come true. Off course mom, I'll take your pictures too....lots of them."

I just loved watching him masturbate. He was looking at my naked body as he played with his cock. The exhibitionist in me just loved it.

"Yes Andy, pump your cock and spill your sperm for mummy...yes... yes... Andy......spill your sperm for mummy...oh Andy......spill your sperm for mummy.

"Oh mom, you sound so sexy saying all that.....oh mom, you are so sexy so sexy so sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy," he said.

"Slowly honey......take your time."

Minutes later, his cock twitched and he spilled his sperm on the sand.

He lost no time in picking up the camera again for more pictures.

I was completely naked on camera now. I turned around and around to display my ass and my hairy pussy again and again.

Andy, my son joyfully clicked away.

"Mom...just raise your arms sideways....I want pictures of your armpits."

I spread my arms out like a butterfly. He took some more pictures.

"Mom......your armpits are terrific.....it's full now....no more space for more pictures."

"Andy...I hope you have enough pictures of momma naked for your masturbation sessions this week."

"Plenty mom. I guess it's time for us to leave." He handed me my mini and bra.

"Andy my darling....do you want momma to put these on."

"Off course. We are going back home."

"Not this soon honey. I've long fantasized myself naked on the beach. I am gonna spend at least half an hour here. And off course, I'll be naked. Don't you have any fantasies of momma naked on the beach?"

"Mom....I don't mind if you wanna spend some time naked on the beach."

I stood admiring the beach in all its beauty. The feel of the air and the water against my body was heavenly. I had taken my exhibitionism to another level. I noticed my son stealing glances at me.

"Andy....I know what you are looking at. Oh sweetheart...you can look. With a beautiful and sexy woman naked on the beach there is not much you can do besides looking. And your momma is naked precisely for this; she wants her son to look at her in all her naked glory. Tell me darling...what do you think of momma's cunt. Do you find momma's cunt sexy?"

"Mummy......its gorgeous. Can I touch it?"

"No honey......this cunt belongs to your father. But you can look and fantasize. I'm sure you must have a lot of hot fantasies about momma's cunt. Tell me honey the hottest thing you ever fantasized about momma's cunt?"

"Oh mom...my fantasies....they are private you know. Please mom...let me touch your cunt...just for once...I won't do anything naughty....I promise."

"Honey....touching momma's cunt is naughty enough. And if you feel like touching anything.....you can feel momma's legs and thighs."

"Your ass is heavenly mom....Can I touch that?" He asked me as he groped my legs.

"Off course....you can. In fact I'd love it if you grab momma's ass and give it a nice gentle squeeze and feel how wonderfully round it is."

"Umm....mummy...your ass is so smooth.....just like silk."

"Honey....your dad loves it too. It always turns him on like crazy."

"Tell me something more about your ass...something between you and dad."

"You know one night your dad had run out of condoms and I refused to make love. And Greg had such a huge hard on."

"And then?"

"I offered to suck his cock. He refused. And I could understand. We had oral sex far too often. He wanted something different."

"That's interesting. So you had dad in your ass. How safe is anal sex.....mom?"

"Well we did not have anal sex."

"So the two of you just went off to sleep....hah"

"No...honey. I offered to pose naked for a masturbation session. We had never done that before."

"Mom....dad must have been delighted."

"He was when I performed a strip tease for him. As I stood in front of him in my birthday suit...he made me turn for a look at my ass. Then he asked me to stand in front of a mirror...so he could look at my behind and front."

"Wow...that was erotic."

"Then he came up to me and felt his cock against my round ass."

"Mom did you let him enter your ass hole."

"Nope. It was just to stimulate him for better masturbation. He grabbed my tits and fondled then as his cock enjoyed the feel of my round ass. Then he went back and masturbated as he looked at me naked in front of the mirror.

"Dad must have enjoyed it."

"He just loved it. We did it again next night. He undressed me and then masturbated to the view of my ass."

"Mom....this is turning me on...I feel like masturbating again."

"Darling....let the tip of your penis feel momma's ass."

He brought the head of his dick.....and then the sides and the shafts......to touch my butt.

"Mom....this is awesome."

"Sweetheart...just take care not to penetrate."

"Mom I don't need to...this is so good."

I turned around to take a look at his erection. He was dripping pre-cum. Soon, I was running my finger all over his cock.

"Now honey, take your cock in your hand and.....masturbate slowly looking at momma in all her naked glory....feast your eyes on your momma's naked body. Look at momma as lustfully as you can and enjoy yourself."

"Oh mom."

He grabbed his cock and began to play with it.

"Slowly....my boy...take your time."

He ran his hands all over his erect penis and then began to pump his cock up and down.

As he played with himself, I decided to have some fun of my own. I poured some cool wet sand over my legs, thighs, belly, tits, and my arms. Then I began to finger my cunt. Soon I was rolling, all naked, in wet sand.

Andy was watching it all.

"Darling....do you like watching momma like this?"

"Off course...I do."

I was enjoying myself like crazy.

"Mom....I bet you feel like talking dirty."

"And I bet you wanna hear momma talking dirty."

Soon, I was crying loudly, "Fuck....fuck."

Andy was busy masturbating.

"Dear.....just come closer to momma."

With his cock in his hand, he walked up to me.

"Andy......when you cum.....just shoot your load on momma's boobs and belly."

"Mummy....I'm gonna shoot my sperms."

He ejaculated on my tits.

"Wow....that is a lot of cum."

"Mom....time for us to go home."

"Just a minute honey....momma is all covered with sand....I just need to bathe myself in the ocean. Come watch momma bathe naked in the ocean."

I went down on my knees, allowing the sea to carress my body.

"Andy, can you just pick up some water in your hands and pour it all over momma's body."


Soon I was now wet and rid of all my sand.

"Yes honey....time to go home."

"Mom....I never knew we'd have so much fun on the beach."

"Well honey...you'll have more fun tonight when you masturbate to momma's naked pictures....and a hot tip for you....just fantasize momma as a slutty exhibitionist."

"Slutty....mom did you say slutty."

"Yes honey.....slutty....not a slut."

"What's the big deal mom...slutty and slut...they are just the same."

"No darling....slutty is somewhere between naughty and slut."

"Mom....I don't really seem to understand that."

"Well a naughty girl will wear skimply clothes but won't let you look at her cunt. A slutty girl like your momma will let you look at her naked...and show her cunt. That is just for a show....you aren't supposed to play with her cunt. Off course, you can fantasize about her cunt. But no further."

"And a slut?"

"A slut will take any cock offered to her cunt."

Later that night, I walked into my son's room after dinner clad in a bikini. He was standing naked in front of the mirror. You know mom, I just love to be naked with you looking.

"That's exhibitionism honey."

"Well you're gonna have more fun tonight. Here's the set of pictures that you took on the beach of momma in all her naked glory. And don't forget to tell momma how much fun you had masturbating to them." I said as I ran my finger over his erection. I removed my bikini bra and used it to wipe the precum off his cock.

"That's what I mean by slutty. Do you think momma is slutty?"

"Off course you are mom."

"I know you need to masturbate. Just keep the door open to your room as you grab your cock in your bed."

"Mom...I will."

"I know you'd want to know if momma is gonna sleep naked."


The next moment, I slipped out of my panties to stand naked in front of him.

"I guess I've answered your question." Then I handed over my panties to him.

"Take them honey....this is an old set. Have you ever masturbated in momma's panties?"

"No mom. But I've read about boys masturbating in their moms' panties."

"Just try masturbating to momma's panties. And if you read anything exciting tell momma."

"Sure mom."

"And tonight when you masturbate to momma's naked pictures just fantasize momma as a slut." I suggested to him with a seductive smile.

"Mom.....do you mean it?"

"Well that's just for you masturbatory pleasure; fantasies are just fantasies. They don't have to be real....and off course your momma is no slut...but she can be a slut just for your fantasies....honey. And you must promise that this will be our secret."

"Mom, I promise this will be our secret."

And I walked naked out of his room. I jumped into my bed and began playing with my titties and cunt. I didn't even bother to close the door. Soon I fell asleep.


June 30


My God, I still can't believe it. Mom was all naked on the beach and I was taking her pictures. And back home she gave me her panties to masturbate with. I just can't forget the touch of her finger against my erect rod. Will mom ever masturbate me? Just the thought is driving me crazy. Ahhhh....finally I have momma's pictures in all her naked glory to masturbate to. And mom wants me to fantasize her as a slut. Wow....this is getting hot.


The next day, I was reading his diary. "Oh honey....you wan't momma to masturbate you. Just ask for it dear." I whispered to myself.

To be continued...

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