Naked Mother Ch. 10


"Honey, how does it feel to have your cock between momma's thighs and your own?"

"Fantastic mom"

I kept moving my thighs back and forth to give more pressure and pleasure to his erect dick.

"Mom, what do we call this--thigh fuck or thigh masturbation?"

"Call it whatever you like Andy darling. That is the way to have some real good fun without penetrating momma."

"That's right mom. Now say something really hot before I blast my load out."

"Just imagine momma performing a striptease for your friends, dancing fully naked, and fucking your friends like a slut in a locked room while you watch behind transparent doors and masturbate."

"Oh mom"

I could feel his cock harden against my thighs as he heard my fantasies.

"You slut"

"Yes darling, your momma is a real slut." I said seductively with a big smile on my face.

He blasted his load out into his condom.

"Enjoyed it darling" I asked my son as I continued to finger myself.

"Fantastic stuff mom...I never knew thigh sex could be so much fun."

On Friday morning, my husband arrived to spend a few days with us. Later in the evening, I went for a swim in the new skimpy designer bikini. My husband just could not take his eyes off me. I saw the bulge in his shorts.

Just a minute later, Andy walked out.

"Wow, mom is looking sexy, dad."

"You are right son your mom is a sex bomb." `My husband responded.

"You know dad I have been masturbating to mom for more than 7 years now."

I pretended to be embarrassed by my son's words. But deep down I was really turned on by my son's new-found confidence.

"What? You shameless've been masturbating to your own mom." I yelled. I didn't want my husband to have even an idea of what was going on between me and my son.

"Come on darling, masturbating is perfectly normal and healthy sexual behavior for boys and men of all ages. I don't blame your son for masturbating to a sexy beauty like you."

"Oh my God....I'm his mom."

"I know you are. But you are a sexy babe too."

"Dad, I'd love to see mom naked."

"You know son, your mom had posed naked for a magazine some days back."

"Don't you know that your mom had posed naked, you mother fucking liar?" I almost whispered to myself.

"Dad, I want to see mom naked."

Now this was really turning me on.

"Son, I'll show you the magazine in which mom has posed naked." My husband promised my son.

"Dad, I want to see mom naked for real."

"Come on darling let your son see you naked." My husband turned to me now.

I was really enjoying this now. But I decided to protest.

"Are you crazy honey?"

"No honey, please make your son happy." My husband's request had my juices flowing.

"Well, I'll only take off one of the two pieces of my bikini." I decided to tease my husband.

"Well as you wish honey."

I began to fiddle with my bikini bra string. And then in a sudden move, I brought my hands down and got rid of my bikini bottom and threw it away in style. I had the option of getting rid of my bra. But I took off my bottom. It just made me feel more naked.

"Happy darling" I asked my husband.

"Son, take a good look at that. That is your mom's pussy." My husband pointed at my private parts, that I had made public when I had posed naked for the magazine.

"Dad show me mom's ass." My son demanded.

"Yes darling, show your son your lovely ass."

"Just shut up you naughty boys."

"Please mom"

I turned around to show them my ass. Then I turned around again to talk to them.

"OK Andy, but I will not show my tits." I said seductively as I fiddled with my bikini bra strings to give them ample view of my cleavage and nipples.

"Dad mom has shown us such wonderful things. It is time for me to show something nice to mom too."

Then Andy undid his boxer shorts and tossed them away. He was standing naked in front of me with his erect cock pointing at me.

"See what you have done to your son you bitch. Now show your tits to your son."

"As you wish darling, but I don't think that boys should be allowed to see their moms naked." And then I untied my bikini bra string and threw away my bra in style. I was fully naked now.

I decided to get really naughty. I walked up to my husband and said, "Now fuck me in front of my son." I said it loud enough for my son to hear it. Before my hubby could react, I bent down and rubbed my tits against his bulge in the shorts. Then I undid his shorts to make him naked.

Greg took me in his arms and kissed me on lips. Then he began to suck my boobs. I moaned with delight and pointed to my pussy like a slut. Greg drove his cock inside my pussy. He was fucking me in front of my son. The exhibitionist in me simply loved it. Andy stood and watched and masturbated.

Andy had the pleasure of watching his mom naked fucking dad. Greg spent much of the weekend banging me in the bathroom, bedroom, swimming pool, or wherever he felt like. We made no attempt at all to hide our steamy sex from Andy. In fact, we loved the fact that we had so much fun right under Andy's watchful eyes.

Greg stayed over well past the weekend. When he left on Thursday for a busy schedule, he asked Andy, "Son take good care of mom." I wondered how my horny son would interpret the advice.

After Greg had left, Andy came up to me and whispered in my ears, "Mom I'm ready to take good care of you just as dad wanted me to." He had a naughty smile on his face and he grabbed my ass.

"Just shut up."

"You know mom, I have videos of you and dad fucking in the shower and bedroom."

"I know it darling. You have cameras in mom's bathroom and bedroom, you mother fucker."

The next evening, I drove my son to a bar. I was dressed in a sleeveless evening gown that showed off my cleavage generously and allowed my legs to move out right up to the top of my thighs. My panties showed in the gown. My dress made heads turn.

"Andy you have fantasized momma as a hooker. Now watch your momma hook a client." I told my son rather seductively.

I walked up to a handsome looking guy in his 30s. I looked into his eyes like a slut and made an offer, "200 for a night at my place."

He was stunned by my move. He was looking at my cleavage. Then, rather nervously, he replied, "Sure, I'm ready. By the way, I'm Bob."

As Andy drove us back home, I got talking to Bob.

"You know Bob, this is my son Andy. He just won't believe me when I told him I'm a hooker. So I decided to take a client home and show my son what a whore his mom is."

We got out of the car and I led him straight to my bedroom.

"My son is going to watch us fuck. I hope you don't mind that."

"Off course not, only a moron would miss a chance to fuck a sexy and voluptuous babe like you."

"Andy, did you hear what Bob just said. Only a moron would miss a chance to fuck me." Then I smiled like a slut.

I lost no time in undressing Bob naked. Bob undid my evening gown and let it fall on the carpet. He did not spare my bra and panties either. As they lay in a heap on the carpet, Bob and I got down to some lusty sex in the bed.

Bob banged me with all his might and I screamed, "Yes, yes, show my son what a whore his mom is. Fuck me like a slut, fuck me like whore."

Andy was watching it all.

I turned my eyes to my son and said seductively, "Come on Andy, masturbate to momma."

Andy took off his shorts and began to play with his cock. He was screaming, "My sexy mom is a sexy mom is a whore."

"Yes darling, your sexy mom is a whore." I replied back as I moaned with pleasure.

"Oh my God, I never knew fucking a whore in front of her son would be so much fun." Bob yelled with joy as he blasted his load deep inside my pussy.

Bob fucked me a couple of times more. Then he left after paying me in cash. Standing naked like a hooker, I showed the money to my naked son.

"Mom you are shameless."

"Just shut up." I sounded more seductive than offended.

"Mom, will you fuck me if I pay you 200 bucks."

"Just shut up." I hardly appeared angry. In fact, I was smiling as I asked him to shut up.

"Mom, you are a professional whore now."

"Andy, please ask for anything other than sex with momma."

"Mom, only a moron would miss a chance to fuck you." Andy reminded me my own words with a wicked grin. I loved the way he was flirting with me.

"That's not for you. I'm your mom."

"So what can you do for me for 200 bucks?"

"Anything you ask for but not sex."

"All right you bitch, dance naked for me. I'll watch and masturbate."

"Not tonight honey. I'm simply too tired. I promise I'll do it tomorrow night."

"OK But I need to masturbate right now. Suggest some hot fantasies."

"Just fantasize making momma pregnant. And don't forget to watch momma's bathroom and bedroom videos when you masturbate lustfully to momma." I put another sinfully hot idea in his head with a seductive smile. My own words had an electrifying effect on my pussy.

"Oh mom, you've made me hard as rock. You are a real slut. Mom, I can't wait to make you pregnant in my fantasies."

"Now go and enjoy yourself before a good night's sleep." I planted a wet kiss on his hard cock before he left for his room.

I could faintly hear Andy making noises in the privacy of his bedroom. Back in my bed, I lay naked fingering, masturbating myself. I was moaning and whispering, "Yes darling fuck your momma, make your momma pregnant." I continued to fantasize and masturbate. I knew that Andy would get to know, later, that I was masturbating to fantasies of my own son making me pregnant. After all he had put up cameras in my bedroom.

The next evening, Andy was out playing golf. I called out Dick for some quick fun. An hour later when Andy got home, he caught me naked in bed with Dick, fucking away merrily.

"Carry on mom." My son remarked as he began to make his way out of my room.

"Andy, I want you to sit here and watch. You know your momma is an exhibitionist."

"OK mom"

Dick was pounding me hard inside my pussy.

I turned to Andy, "You know Andy this is absolutely wonderful. I'm enjoying some really powerful orgasms because you are watching momma."

I grabbed the bed sheet screaming wildly, "Yes fuck me naked in front of my son. Fuck me naked." Dick shot his load deep inside me. He picked up his clothes from the heap that lay by the side of his bed. He put his clothes on and left.

"Andy, just wait a little. I know you are hard watching this. I know I had promised to dance naked for you. Just give me 5 minutes and I'll do a strip dance for you."

Andy walked out of my room. I dressed myself in my sexiest bra and panties. Then I put on a sleeveless evening gown that flaunted my cleavage and legs so generously. I was ready for some racy stuff.

Andy walked into my room and settled in my bed. He had only his boxer shorts on.

Smiling seductively, I started my strip dance. Andy removed his shorts and put them aside. As I danced my panties were visible from the sides. I lifted my gown a little to show my panties from the front to my son.

Soon I got rid of my gown and dropped it on my son's erect cock. I was down to my bra and panties down. I moved forth and got my knees and thighs to touch my son's hard penis as he sat on the edge of the seat. I bent and let my beautiful long hair fall on his hard banana.

Then I stood up, unhooked my bra and let it fall over his cock.

"Andy, don't you want to masturbate and talk dirty about momma."

"No mom, I want you to masturbate me."

I ran my finger over the tip of his cock and then over the sides and the shaft. Then I moved back and began to dance in my panties. I slipped my panties down an inch to give him a view of my neatly trimmed pubic hair and a bit of my butt.

Then I pulled my panties back up and resumed my dancing. I moved up and sat down on my son's thighs, letting his erect cock touch my thighs. He fondled my tits.

Then I got up and got busy dancing again. I moved up to my son and planted a wet kiss on the tip of his cock. Then I licked off all the moisture on his tip. I grabbed his cock gently masturbating him. Then I moved back again for some seductive dancing steps.

"Mom, get naked mom. Drop your panties."

I looked at my son and smiled. Then I slipped my panties down an inch only to pull them back up again. Then in one quick move I got rid of my panties and dropped them on my son's cock.

Now I was dancing naked in front of my son. I moved up to him and grabbed his cock again. Once again, I was masturbating him.

"Talk dirty about mom." I prompted him.

"Mom, I want to fuck you and make you pregnant."

"You cannot make a woman pregnant by getting her to masturbate you, you idiot." I was wondering now if I was teasing him or provoking him into fucking me.

Nevertheless, I continued to masturbate him.

"Mom, you are so irresistibly sexy and tempting. Mom what if I lose control and fuck you?" He said with a naughty grin. He was flirting confidently. This was really turning me on.

"No way honey, I'm your mom."

"But mom, what if I really lose control? I mean I just lose control."

"Then I will kill you." I said with a naughty smile. I hardly sounded angry. In fact, I sounded more like a slut. I was still masturbating him.

"Sure mom"

"Well, obviously I'm not going to kill you. I'm your mom after all. And I can understand people making mistakes." I replied with another of my seductive smiles.

"Mom, I saw you in the video, you have fantasies of your son fucking you and making you pregnant."

"Just fantasies honey, though I must admit they are pretty enjoyable. What about you?"

"Oh mom, I just loved masturbating to thoughts of making you pregnant. Suck me mom."

I began to lick his cock all over. I licked his balls too. Then I took his cock in my mouth and began to suck him. He blasted his load in my mouth and I sucked out every drop of his cum.

A couple of days later, Andy showed me a website as I flaunted my legs and cleavage in a mini skirt and sexy sleeveless top. It was about a nude beauty contest for married women, "The Mrs. Naked" contest to be held on a beach nearby.

"Mom, what do you think about it? I'm sure you can win this."

"Oh God, won't that be too hot."

"Mom, you are an exhibitionist. Aren't you? Don't you remember the masturbation party where you entertained us all naked? Mom, I'd love to see you naked at a public place, with a whole crowd cheering you."

"Let me think about it honey in the privacy of my room for 10 minutes. My costume will be your reply. Just wait outside momma's room." I told my son as I moved into my room and closed the door. I sat down and thought about it. A few minutes later, I opened the door in all my naked glory, smiling seductively, flaunting my sexy birthday suit.

Andy walked up to me and said, "Thank you mom."

I hugged him from behind, letting my tits rub against his hard back. I put my hand inside his shorts and began to masturbate him.

"You remember darling the day you caught me naked in the swimming pool and refused to get me the towel I asked for."

"Oh mom, how can I forget something so hot?" I could feel his cock getting harder in my hand.

"Make me naked mom."

I got rid of his shorts to make him naked

"You know darling, there was nothing accidental in me getting caught naked in the pool. I did that intentionally. I had decided it was time my son saw me completely naked. I knew it you'd go in and masturbate."

"Oh mom, you are really naughty. But how did you know I'd go in and masturbate?"

"Moms have a way of finding things about their sons." I was in no mood to tell him I'd been reading his diary.

"You know honey your momma went in and masturbated in her shower too."

"Oh God"

I continued to masturbate him till he ejaculated.

Later in the weekend, I was ready for the "Mrs. Naked Contest. The contest had three rounds--the bikini round, the striptease round, and the naked round.

My son accompanied me to the beach where the contest was held.

For the bikini round, I wore a completely transparent bikini. For the striptease round, I wore a sexy sleeveless mini night gown that ended where my G-string started. I turned around to give a view of my ass to the crowd. With a sexy smile, I got rid of the mini before proceeding to remove the bikini bra that I wore inside. Then, teasingly I pulled down the G-string and tossed it for the crowd to catch. I was now completely naked as the spectators lustily cheered me on. My son was in the first row watching it all.

Then it was time for the naked round. Each one of the contestants walked out in their birthday suits. I could barely wait for my turn. Finally, I walked out in all, my naked splendor. The noisy reception that I got from the crowd really turned me on now. Now this was my ultimate exhibitionist fantasy come true. It was even better than posing naked for a magazine. I fingered my pussy shamelessly as the crowd cheered me on.

It was time now for the winner to be announced. Each one of the finalists, including me, waited naked to know the name of the winner.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the winner is the hot, sexy, busty and curvy and the gorgeous Mrs. Nina Smith. Yes, Mrs. Nina Smith is the new Mrs. Naked."

Oh my God, it was me. A transparent satin wrap declaring me the "Mrs. Naked" was placed on my shoulders. The satin garment went round my back and ass and teasingly covered a part of my pussy. Then they placed a crown on my head.

It was time now for the press conference where I was supposed to answer a few questions in all my naked glory.

Here are some of the questions I answered in the press conference:

Question: You are so hot and sexy and now crowned Mrs. Naked. Would you be offended if you found your own son masturbating to you?

Answer: Off course not. My son Andy has been masturbating to me for the last 7 years now. And I find nothing unhealthy in it. In fact it would be so un-natural if he did not masturbate to me. I'm a complete exhibitionist. I just love to be naked. My son has seen me naked so many times. In fact, he masturbates openly to me now. I know I'm my son's favorite masturbation babe and that really makes me feel so beautiful and sexy. My son tells me that even his friends masturbate to me. Sometimes, I just walk into my son's room in a skimpy bikini and give him a hard on. Then I toss my bikini away so that he can look at me naked. Then, I take his cock out and masturbate him. I know how badly my son is lusting for me. He just loves it when I masturbate him to take care of his sexual needs.

Question: Are you fucking your son?

Answer: Not at all, I think incest is sin. But it can be enjoyed as a fantasy.

Question: Are you willing to be a porn star?

Answer: Why not? I just love to be naked. My son would love to see me in porn. That will make for some terrific masturbation material for him. It will be a huge turn on for my son to see his mom naked in porn. But I'm ready to work with only the leading names in the porn industry, not just anybody.

The next day, I found Andy masturbating to my video of the "Mrs. Naked" contest. Just then, I got a phone call. It was an offer from a soap making company to be their model. They wanted me naked in the shower endorsing their soap. This campaign was for the adult websites and adult TV channels. The amount they offered was 95,000 dollars for the 4 minute video. I accepted their offer and told my son about it who was busy masturbating to the "Mrs. Naked Contest" video.

I know waited for the shooting of the soap video in the evening. When the shooting for the video started, I called my son out. I knew he would love to watch his momma soaping herself in her birthday suit.

The cameraman was ready with the lights and camera when I made my way into the bathroom. I lost no time in getting rid of my gown and then my bra and panties.

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