tagBDSMNaked Proposal Ch. 02

Naked Proposal Ch. 02


INTRODUCTION: Chloe has been entered into a bet by her husband Tom to serve her boss (The Chairman) naked at a dinner for invited Company people in exchange for a board position and a million dollars. She is joined and supported by her best friend and recent lover Dianne, her daughter Yvette and her friend's daughter Alicia whom her own offspring has seduced. The Chairman has been positioned into signing an official agreement that means he has to meet the conditions of the bet, including giving a board position to Andrew, Dianne's recently declared bi-sexual husband. To demonstrate his power, the boss has already forced one of the couples (Gerald and Joanna or Jo) at the dinner to indulge in some fetish play, making the wife publicly lick and taste the panties of the female guests. He is about to make her degrade herself even more by discovering which panties belong to which female, whilst also taking an interest in Chloe's rebellious sister who has been DJ'ing the evening and has taken an intense sexual interest in her brother-in-law's boss. Unfolding like a soap, with many characters and many differing tastes at the core is The Chairman who has an uncanny knack of sensing and using people's desires, such as the need for humiliation by Jo, quickly exposing their needs...


Jo felt so ashamed, red all over her exposed body, as she was ushered by Chloe and the Chairman to crawl on all fours and blindfolded under the table and between the legs of the female guests. Some of these were clearly willing to do this, while others seemed reluctant and possibly afraid of this powerful man (when before they'd been happy to give away their panties as part of a seemingly harmless game). His assistant made this seem even more bizarre by handing to Joanne pairs of soiled panties, encouraging her to lick and smell them, then pushing her forward to part the sometimes unwilling, sometimes eager thighs of her guests.

"Mmmm, you are a diligent worker aren't you my slutty Jo?" said the Chairman, half asking, half observing.

"Yes Master," she replied to the surprise of both her charges and her husband who had been ordered to strip and walk around on the other side of the table. There were strong indicators of submission in this woman that Gerald clearly had no notion of, but was evidently aroused by finding out. The Chairman was delighted to see such a rock hard and long cock bouncing and slapping against the man's hairy belly as he walked, never taking his eyes off the scenes he could see under the table.

"She is a good slut too. Look Chloe, she has got the first three panties correctly matched to the right cunts!"

He laughed, the others at the table laughing too, no matter how embarrassed or aroused they might be. Some, Chloe noticed, avoided eye contact with him when he scanned the room, looking for prey or approval she was unsure. However, she did note out of the side of her eye that Lenka, the new Czech addition to the wives' circle, was subtly caressing her own nipple through her evening gown and biting her lip as Joanna got closer under the table.

Lorraine Adams, the earth mother with huge breasts straining and heaving against a low cut corset-like bodice, was sitting next to her silent husband who was fiddling with his tie, knowing that his wife was next. She looked like she could not keep still and her legs were opening almost involuntarily. He had noticed too, staring down then surprising Chloe and Dianne, her co-hostess, by pulling at the long dress Lorraine wore. He was ruffling it up to uncover her strong thighs and cunt with that perfect Brazilian waxing first seen at the pool the week before by the women. A quiet lust was evident in his eyes, suggesting the reason they had so many children. These two were the dark horses who obviously fucked regularly.

"Thank you darling," she whispered hoarsely, her voice thick with hunger that from her breathing was likely to be uncontrollable with the right stimuli. Something not missed by the Chairman, or Dianne and Gerald who were now either side of her as she watched the naked Jo sniff a black lacy thong that was definitely not hers. No, she was a wearer of utilitarian panties that suited the earth mother in her; or at least the façade that she and her husband liked to pretend they had.

"Time to up the stakes," said The Chairman. "She is too good a slut at this. Look at how she sniffs and licks so lovingly, getting it right so far every time. But what if she gets it wrong? We have no forfeit. What shall we do if she gets it wrong? Chloe? Dianne? Leonora?"

It was Chloe's sister Leonora who answered first, jealous of the attention Jo was getting. "Spank her 5 times for each pair she gets wrong?" she suggested, hoping there would be plenty of errors.

"Yes, yes, well done Leonora. Yes Jo, you will receive a spanking from your hostess for every panty you get wrongly matched," then added, smiling at his employee, "and Gerald gets five licks and sucks of his cock by the woman Jo is trying to match to the panties."

Gerald was looking around the room, gauging who would object and who would want it. He hated rejection, but now felt nothing but a confidence-boosting pride. Not one objected! That long cock was clearly in demand, even by those who had seemed reluctant to play, and as its owner he consumed a sense of power that he had never, ever known in his life. He prayed for Jo to make lots of mistakes!

Chloe saw it too and realised something that she had been too prejudiced to see. For all the Chairman's boorish ways, he had a capacity to find not only the submissive and wimp, but the gift of finding the strength or advantage in a person. She wondered if he really was the bully he was portrayed as being. Was it just that he helped people find that something in them they had denied? Had he broken his promise just to force out some more assertive action from his people? Or was he just plain and simple, a bullying bastard? Little shifts, little gestures, little doubts.

Jo was avidly licking and slurping at Lorraine's pussy, obviously attracted by something the others could not yet perceive or understand but the owner of that cunt was biting her lips, desperately trying not to make a sound that might give the game away and lead to the expected displeasure of the Chairman. Why was Jo taking so long? Gerald's cock twitched and brushed the ear of the guest. She glanced to the side, and gave an indiscreet gasp as she saw its enormity only inches away. The husband, too, looked longingly at it; another revelation for Chloe's fevered mind. She could not stop the dripping wetness of her own pussy as this erotic scene became ever more debauched and ever more promising.

Suddenly Lorraine came, moaning softly and flinging her head back, turning to look at her husband with a smile of intense pleasure and seeing him over the engorged cock-head of her Chairman's helper. Her corpulent body rippled with the pleasure that spread out from her searing cunt across her expansive belly and up to her engorged teats. How often she had wanted her husband to share their bed with a woman and now she was freed by their boss to do just that. Yes, she could do nothing but smile. Their intensely passionate love-life would now have new possibilities she was sure, particularly judging from the way her hubby's face mirrored her own.

Jo called from beneath the table, convinced she had the right person.

"It is Lenka!" she called.

"Keep your mouth hard against your subject's cunt," the Chairman ordered, looking under the table to make sure she obeyed. "Chloe, administer 5 spanks," he added, laughing.

Chloe did not hesitate. She felt a surge of power, as sense of opportunity to dominate over this petite woman whose firm but tiny arse she had so far been unable to touch. Now that delicate white skin would be made a rosy glow at her hand. However, she knew that to please this commanding man at her side she would have to do this with some skill. A quick five strokes was not going to entertain him, nor some of the other guests who had clearly become intrigued and/or aroused by the prospect. No, she would draw this out and make it sweet agony for Jo. So, Chloe barked a command.

"Spread your knees more slut."

Jo obeyed instantly. Her face was pressed hard into her subject's cunt, still not the wiser about who it was but knew she had got it wrong. She found she loved the bouquet of this woman; it was so incredibly sweet and sensual, and very different from her own that she had now, after all those years of denial and disgust, accepted as beautifully fragrant.

Chloe loved the tight muscular form of the young accountant. Her naked breasts hung so invitingly, their nipples like large grapes, and between her thighs was a slit so wet and puffed with arousal. But now she could see something that only recently had began to intrigue her as a place of pleasure. Jo's little pink rosebud pouted slightly at her. She'd read of women licking that place, taking pleasure from somewhere she had only thought of as a functional exit point. Now her mind was filled with the thought of kissing and licking that place. 'Rimming they called it, didn't they?' she thought to herself. Another trickle of wetness started its journey down her thigh.

"Are you with us Chloe?" the chairman asked, kindly, his arm around her naked waist. Then he whispered, "Beautiful arsehole isn't it? I'd love to ram my cock in there after you have rimmed her and spat some saliva in to ease the journey."

Instead of being disgusted and angry, Chloe realised she would like that too.

"Yes, that would be wonderful," she replied, putting her arm around him and hugging him back. Yes, she would love to see his cock open that presumably virgin arse, but only after she had done the things she wanted to do. She knew she needed to be part of that domination, even if in reality she hadn't much clue about what was involved.

'Ah, her true colours are beginning to show, at last,' the Chairman thought.

Chloe was centred back on the task. A spanking, but how could she do it best? Being so much taller than Jo, and than most people in the room, she knelt down and ran her hands over the newlywed's smooth but firm skin. She traced the musculature of the arse, letting her long nails scratch between the perfectly symmetrical globes and tease over that little rose bud, then slide under to the wet slit below. She found the stiff nub and heard Jo moan into Lorraine's cunt. 'She is a horny minx,' she thought. She toyed and played for a while, then rapidly withdrew her hand and gave a sharp, hard slap to Jo's right buttock.

Her fingers had left five red marks, but Jo had hardly flinched. She slipped her fingers back between the thighs, sliding into the widening, wet ravine of her pussy. First she put two, then three, then four, thinking that Jo would plead for her to stop, but all she heard was a low moan and felt her subject press back onto her fingers. This time she finger fucked her harder and harder, and brought down three hard slaps every third plunge into the sopping cunt with her other hand. This time she heard a whimper and Jo clamped her thighs tight around Chloe's hand.

"Open your thighs slut!" she ordered, knowing that Jo had clearly been close to an orgasm from the beating and the pleasure.

"Oh dear, only one left to go my slutty woman," the Chairman said to Jo, seeing that his latest subject for corruption was clearly getting off on being spanked and pleasured.

Chloe pushed her whole hand into the willing slut's cunt; amazed at how such a tiny woman wanted or was able to accommodate so much, but also astonished at her own perverted intent. She'd only read about fisting once and heard someone at the pool meeting mention it. 'Who was that?' she wondered, frustrated that she didn't know whom.

Chloe brought her hand down with as much force as she could muster. There was a scream emitted from the cunt of Lorraine, but the thighs surrounding Chloe's hand held her there, and the arse bobbed, clearly fucking onto the fist. Despite not touching Jo's clitty, the woman had come and her inner muscles were gripping and releasing the pleasure-soaked hand. Both women were amazed in their own ways.

"Chloe, make her sit up now. Face her towards the woman whose name she got wrong. Hold your hands to the sides of her face like blinkers so she cannot see the other guests," ordered the Chairman, then continued, "Gerald, claim your reward."

Jo's husband need not have worried about rejection. Lorraine grasped his magnificent cock in her large fat hand and immediately guided him to her mouth. She had to stretch her jaw; such was the girth of his dick.

The Chairman wrapped his arms around Chloe, sending a thrill of expectation through her body. She was warming to this man, the man she had always assumed to be a bully, and involuntarily pressed her naked buttocks back against his obviously hard crotch. She detected a little pulse of arousal nudge her arse as he reached around and untied the blindfold of Jo who was in front of them.

Jo stared, slightly woozy still from her surprisingly strong orgasm and the amazing sense of loss she felt when Chloe slipped from filling her body. She was amazed to see her husband's cock sinking deep into Lorraine's mouth. The earth mother was certainly being earthy, she mused, and feeling such pleasure for Gerald who was clearly in seventh heaven.

"Isn't it lovely to see your husband's cock given a good seeing to?" the Chairman asked, clearly delighted with her reaction and the sight of his young accountant receiving such an expert blow job. Lorraine definitely was a dark horse!

Jo planned to make a lot of mistakes with the final guests, no matter how much it hurt her little arse.

Chloe decided to discover the art of rimming.

By the time they reached the last female guest, there was only one thing left to happen. By now, Jo had been fist-fucked, had her clitoris pinched and stroked in equal measure and by this last one, felt the tongue of Chloe first gently then violently fuck at her anus. Her rosebud had opened, revealing the intense pleasure that so many nerve endings converging there could offer. Both women had made new discoveries about themselves, but the biggest challenge for Jo was about to come, as the final spank hit her.

"Spit on her anus," the Chairman whispered to Chloe as he dispensed with his clothes without a second's thought for the crowd of witnesses.

Leonora, Chloe's sister and the DJ for the event, looked on jealously and amazed. He was huge! Was he really going to do what she thought he would? Gerald was shocked too, but not by its size because it was like his own. No, it was the desire he felt for the Chairman. He wanted to touch him, he wanted to share his wife with him and be pleasured by the man. As the last woman (who was Lenka, their fiery red haired Czech) sucked him deep into her willing mouth so these fantasies and wants surfaced from somewhere deep inside him.

His glances past her did not go unnoticed by Jo, though she was unsure if it was Chloe or the Chairman that he was looking at. She felt at once jealous and even more aroused. She had recently orgasmed at home to images of Gerald impaled by a man, with her tied up and forced to watch. She knew her submissiveness was no longer possible to hide, nor her need for the accompanying degradation. What more could there possibly be though than this?

She should not have even asked herself. She heard the 'pfutt' as something wet centred on her anus. It was cool. It ran down between her arse and her cunt hole. It was spittle! She heard the Chair say, "Good girl", then felt his hands grasp her hips and something blunt and thick press against her little rosebud.

"Oh, no, no, no..." she heard herself call, but her whole body and mind were saying, "Yes."

She felt scared, but relaxed a little as Chloe moved to kneel at her head and lift her chin, kissing her fully on the lips as if to soothe her. She stayed like that as the thick cock urged its way into Jo's bowels, the Chairman being surprisingly gentle in comparison to his reference to 'thrusting' when he had whispered to Chloe. Just like the fisting, Jo was surprised how readily she took him in; feeling the sudden pain as the first stage was reached and the bulbous cock-head entered, then the building pleasure.

Jo held herself rigid on all fours, taking him like a bitch takes a dog. She loved his large hands as they gripped her hips so strongly. She revelled in the feel of Chloe's tongue that toyed and played under her with her teats; lapping and lathing the beautiful curves.

He was all the way in now, just as Gerald clearly was when she looked up at him. Lenka had swallowed her husband whole and was moving with an intense pace; fucking down on his great rod as her own bowel was being filled and fucked. Now the Chairman was moving, sawing her arse and creating sensations that were intense. She was amazed. Even the stinging arse, spanked so firmly, had turned from fiery heat to burning pleasure. Every sexual part of her body was alert, tingling and intensely aroused.

It only took Chloe turning under and lapping at the Chairman's balls and then Jo's clitoris for her to come; screaming her pleasure for all to hear. And in that moment to see her husband, who'd kept control for so long, spurt his hot seed into Lenka's mouth as she in turn came from the ministrations of Leonora, who had been fingering her pussy with aplomb and stroking the firm little apples of the Praguer.

But the high point of all this was the pleasure for all of seeing and hearing the Chairman pump his seed deep into Jo's bowels. His strong body, with its heavily defined musculature had covered her, the muscles in his arse tight and pumped. The definition of his strong arms had kept the women fixated on the prospect of feeling him grasp and hold them like Jo was now. He had seemed to have such incredible power and control. The build of pleasure had been an equal delight for others to view. He had let his cum shoot in to her, with his voice a roar; his head snapping back with first the tension of holding back and control, and then being unable to stop the inevitable. He had felt the ache and the heat build in his balls, the surging spunk waiting for release but being denied by willpower, and then that moment of release. It was 100% pleasure now.


"Please guests remove any remaining clothing and pleasure yourselves as you wish," Chloe had announced as the final course was taken away by the four hostesses.

She had been so proud of her daughter Yvette who had worked tirelessly with her friend Dianne and her daughter Alicia. Their pact to be naked with her had been not only supportive but had led to great pleasure for them all.

After the incident with Jo, the Chairman had sat naked, surrounded by his new companions; Gerald, Jo, Leonora, Lenka, Lorraine and her meek husband who, though he spoke little, was clearly a willing participant in any games.

Everyone had noticed something had changed with the Chairman. At previous gatherings he had seemed to dominate so much that he was classed purely as a bully who had to control. Now there was a mellowing. He was still obviously powerful but less the centre of all power. In fact, many of the women and some of the men were clustering around Chloe and Dianne.

During the second course, Dianne had made it her duty to go talk to Katherine Parkes who had sat rigidly, alone again, but had really come alive when instructed to open her legs for Jo to smell and taste her. Chloe had urged her on in this approach and later that night had a plan that would place Katherine centre stage, but for now there was a Chairman to entertain and guests to pervert.

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