tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNamaste Yoga Pt. 04

Namaste Yoga Pt. 04


"Hello?" Emmy's voice faltered. She hated when her nerves showed so obviously.

"Hello." The woman answered back. "NamasteYoga Studio. This is Charlie. May I help you?"

"Hi. My name is Emmy. Jorgensen. I was wondering if you had an opening for a private session with Yogi Jacob?" She paused and added, "I was there with Julie McMahon a few weeks ago..." To her own ears her voice sounded tiny and thin. No doubt Charlie would force her to repeat herself. She blushed, thankful no one could see her.

The receptionist scanned the recent observers and found Emmy's. She started a new record, noting the woman's responses to the standard questionnaire. Charlie knew, before the 3rd question, Emmy would be a Type 4, and she noted with some satisfaction that Yogi Jacob would be pleased to round out his schedule—it was lacking Type 4s these days.

Charlie was intrigued by the prospect: Jacob really fell for these types, to the point of near ruin. The studio barely avoided a nasty lawsuit and possible criminal charges, only because the plaintiff's family had intervened, explaining her mental history and hoping the studio wouldn't counter-sue. Having dodged that bullet, Charlie insisted Jacob get signatures; she installed the camera system. At first the increased formality meant fewer clients, but it was worth the expense: there had been no further actions against them. Whenever any concerns were raised, Charlie brought out their signed contracts. No one had needed to see the video tapes yet. And over time, their rosters filled to capacity.

Suggesting to Emmy there was an opening in the morning, she smiled again at the women's hesitation. Charlie knew she'd be there, buck naked and open, and she would be watching the monitors every second of the session.


Emmy's anxiety about the session started from the moment she accepted the appointment and continued to the second her hand pushed open the door. The receptionist was sweet, helping her with the papers, giving her the personal passcard that opened her locker and the front door. She explained the procedure for the day, reminding her with a gentle voice that Emmy should be completely naked when she entered the studio. As she heard it, Emmy felt her stomach tighten again. There was still the opportunity to back out, but after a week's fitful nights of sleep, the constant arguing with herself, this final instruction wasn't enough to dissuade her.

She stood in the room, facing the front as Charlie had suggested. The heat and humidity had already started to form a light sheen in the creases of her legs, breasts and under her arms. She knew the moisture between her legs wasn't just from sweat; she could smell her arousal and silently cursed at how she could let herself behave this way. As she began to wonder what was happening, Yogi Jacob entered, smiling and looking at Emmy's eyes with a clear unblinking stare. Dressed in his cotton tunic, he welcomed her and turned on a video, instructing her to stand relaxed and focus on her breathing as she watched.

A woman, probably Indian, stood in a studio very much like the one Emmy was in, naked and facing 3/4 profile from the camera. Her dark black bush was a complement to her brown skin, mirrored by a dense head of curly black hair. Emmy watched and listened as the yogi in the video directed the woman through the initial exercises.

The woman stood stock still, her feet hip width apart, her eyes closed. She raised her hands above her hair in prayer and bent over to touch her finger tips to the mat. The camera angle shifted and Emmy was now looking at the woman's behind, her quim peeking out between her thighs, just above, her cheeks framing a clean, wrinkled dark hole. With each exhale, Emmy could see more of the pink slit exposed, until the woman's sex was completely open and shiny.

The effect on her was immediate, her labia beading with moisture. There was nothing lascivious about any of the images. It was clearly a training film, and Emmy understood she was expected to perform the same action. What was most disturbing to her was that in spite of the video not being sensual in any overt way, she was enormously turned on.

"Okay, Emmy, let's begin. Close your eyes and focus on your breath." Yogi Jacob's words snapped her back. She looked at him and realized it was her turn. She began her practice, feeling her breath deep into her insides, the image of the Indian woman still burned into her memory, the image of Julie being impaled re-appearing unbidden. Greg's cock sliding down her throat.

"Raise your arms above your head, interlace your fingers and face your palms to the ceiling."

Since the sauna incident, and in spite of her good looks and figure, she'd been on very few dates. Her shyness, along with her interest in getting through school as quickly as possible made dating a low priority. But she hadn't been a hermit: her girlfriends had forced her to go with them to various parties, the operative word being "forced." The memories of being pushed against a wall in a dark room, the stranger's mouth against hers, his hands reaching inside her blouse, his fingers...the memory, like all from that time in her life, caused her insides to give up more fluid.

The drops of lubrication leaking from her, only increased Emmy's sense of naked exposure. She couldn't hide and it was only a matter of time before Yogi Jacob would discover it. Her humiliation at the thought only increased the tingling in her womb. Her breasts were lifted, the bead of sweat that had formed beneath them a further reminder of her nakedness. She focused on her breath, the hot humid air filling her lungs, the sweet smell of incense mixing with the aroma of her sweat and arousal.

"Set an intention for today's practice as you hold your hands high for a few breaths."

Not get raped? Relax.I will try and relax in this session. She kept her breathing in mind, even as she felt the breeze from Yogi Jacob passing close to her. She struggled to keep her eyes closed, as he walked around her, realizing there was no way he couldn't smell her.

"On your next exhale, take a swan dive down and touch the ground. If you need to bend your knees let them soften."

She did as she was told, feeling her bottom lift up and knowing the blond tufts of her muff and the shiny trail on her thigh would be visible to him from behind.

"Take a few breaths here, Emmy and at your pace, begin to push your labia out between your thighs as you saw the woman demonstrate."

She blushed at his explicit direction, but complied. He gently coaxed her, filling her head with images of the muscles in her pelvic floor and how to contract them just so. After several attempts, all the while directing her to keep her breathing regular, he let her stand back up slowly.

When she was in mountain pose, she opened her eyes to keep from falling over. He was standing at the front of the room, this time with only his loin cloth, but now, Emmy saw, his penis was almost erect, the cloth cascading to the side. He continued his directions as if everything was normal, but Emmy's arousal was doubled at the thought she had inflamed him merely through her stupid attempts at performing the simple exercise.

He led her through a sun salutation, from mountain to forward bend to straight back and to chair. In chair, she felt her stomach muscles tighten and relax, her micro-shifts onto the front of her feet and back vibrating through her body. Again he had her push her labia out, opening her legs slightly to permit him to watch. She concentrated on his words, but her eyes kept darting to the dark brown shaft now pointing to the ceiling. She worked hard to see if her movements would excite him more. Each time she pushed her inner lips out, she felt liquid gathering, until, finally a drop fell onto the mat. The humiliation and shame fed back into her arousal and she blushed.

After briefly letting her rest, he had her move to her knees, resting her buttocks on her heels. The position was slightly uncomfortable, her toes didn't normally bend that way, and he provided a block for her to rest on. He pushed his hands across the stretched skin of her bottom as he gently lifted her up, setting her back down on the block. When he was finished he walked next to her and stood inches from her. It was impossible for him not to notice the fluid at her sex and upper thighs. She held her breath in embarrassment.

"Open your mouth as wide as you can."

She freaked for a moment. There, close enough for her to see it slightly vibrating with his pulse, was his erect penis. Her panic was short lived; he backed away and she opened her mouth until her jaw and cheeks ached.

"This is lion's breath. It will help you with your labial exercises." As he explained the breathing, she listened, her eyes transfixed on his erection. When she began, she tried to concentrate on both her vaginal muscles and her mouth, keeping the breath going, all the while watching his cock. She worked hard to not pay attention to the fluid dripping from her splayed sex.

She began to feel a little dizzy, he had suggested what to do in that case, and she continued, only now she watched again as he walked towards her, stopping when the purple glans capping his shaft was just an inch from her nose.

He smelled faintly of cinnamon.

He had her close her eyes, his scent the only thing telling her where he stood. She imagined she would take him, and she could again smell her own musk adding to the atmosphere in the room.

A short time later he directed her onto her back and relax; her excitement at the prospect of getting him off cooling as the mat cooled her back. He directed her to spread her arms and legs as wide as possible, and again, she felt her spendings flowing out of her split sex, onto the mat. What was she thinking? Naked. Exposed and within minutes ready and willing to take him. She drifted between dream and awareness, the drone of his voice guiding her through a breathing exercise, the thought that her body, her nakedness had aroused him to a point that Julie's hadn't.


"She seems to have given you a lift," Charlie nodded slightly to his groin after Emmy had left. "I haven't seen you need that much self-control since that brunette last year." Oddly, Charlie also felt aroused. It had been a while since the two of them had done it, but that wasn't the reason. She made a mental note of it, curious.

He smiled indulgently at her teasing. Taking the DVD from her hands, he asked her if it all seemed defensible.

"You're clean, for sure. But I wouldn't worry too much about it. She was ready to do you at the 15 minute mark. Next week, perhaps the week after, you can move forward."

He nodded, a little shaken at his cock's reaction. He hadn't experienced arousal to this extent for months, and never on the first day. The woman was well-built, tight muscles, nice curves, but it was her demeanor that excited him. Part innocent, part sassy. Sometimes his cock knew more than he could say in words.

Charlie watched him go back into his office, amused at his obvious embarrassment. The recordings would make nice evening entertainment in a couple of months, and she had just the person in mind to share them with.

Emmy walked home in a daze. As the hustle bustle of the "real" world washed around her, she questioned her sanity. What did I almost do in there? She had never been willing to take any initiative before in her life; the images of her recent college days came roaring back. Being forced against the wall, his cock hard against her pubic hair, her jeans and panties pushed down in a frantic race to get him inside of her. And by forced, you mean begging for it. She had been a lip's width distance from giving her yoga instructor head, a man she had known for less than 30 minutes. It must have been the incense, she mused. He probably drugged me.

She felt a twinge at the image her naked body must have made: spread eagled on the floor, pushing her lips out at him, feeling his fingers pushing her thighs apart slightly, his voice calm and hypnotic. At the same time she felt a little guilty, she felt a flush of arousal blossoming in her groin. She had not climaxed, that would have been way over the top, but it had left her definitely horny. Yogi Jacob had warned her, her feelings would 'continue to wax and wane', as he put it, throughout the day, probably increasing to the point where she would have to masturbate that evening. He had said it so matter of factly, like a doctor, that she just blinked, standing with her mat rolled up, her breasts soaked with sweat, made even more self-conscious by the smell coming from her pussy mixing with the incense.

Had Julie had this reaction on him? Had she opened herself to him...on the first day? She wasn't sure she could ask her, or more precisely, how to go about asking her, without being forced to reveal her own experience.


Several Sundays later, they were together at their usual brunch. As they munched on the patio, enjoying the sun, the rolls and the fresh fruit, Emmy could think of nothing more glorious.

"You're looking healthy," Greg complimented her. "I don't think I've seen you quite this...I don't know...happy?"

She shot Julie a quick look, as if to ask, what have you been feeding him, and thanked him for noticing.

She remained suspicious of him and insanely curious. How could he not remember the sauna? And if he did know it was her, how could he be so...indifferent? But today his comments struck a different chord; he was just another in a long string of guys who'd been noticing her lately. A month ago and she was essentially invisible, nice enough, but nothing special. Now, weirdly, she had two guys vying for her at work, and had had a real date just last week. She wanted to believe it was just the natural course of events after resettling into a new place, but her intuition kept leading her back to the yoga classes.

"I'll take care of the dishes. You two look like you could enjoy the sun." Greg picked up platters and headed back in.

"So...Greg's right. You do look...good. Are you getting any?" Julie could be so direct...crude even.

"No, I haven't been getting any. I don't know what's up. I keep thinking it's the yoga, but that's just stupid."

"Are you enjoying it as much as I do? If Greg stays in long enough I'll tell you about Friday..."

"Hmmm, am I missing something juicy?" He returned for the rest of the dishes and gave Julie a quick peck.

"Just do the dishes, houseboy and you'll get your reward."

"Mmmmm, I love when you treat me like that." He sashayed back to the house.

"Yeah, I am getting into it...but I still can't believe what I'm doing." She thought back to Wednesday's session and the echo of her orgasm returned. Yogi Jacob had gotten her off, just gently stroking her skin and directing her through her movements. She had tried to repeat it without him later that night, but had only succeeded in frustrating herself.

"So, Friday was a little curious." Julie's voice interrupted her memories. "I was going through my motions, getting into that luscious state, when I felt a little different tone in Yogi Jacob's voice. He was standing next to me, helping me flow into a particularly difficult position and his voice cracked or something. I opened my eyes to see if he was okay and his thing was stiff as a board, well, not a board, more like a large sausage, but sticking straight into the air. His loincloth thing was shoved to the side. He's never gotten erect like that before.

"I mean, I've seen him swell beneath the cloth, but this was the first time I've seen him so...huge...and stiff. I almost lost my balance, watching him. I have to say it was tantalizing. I really wanted to swallow it."

Emmy didn't know quite how to respond. Her eyes had widened at the realization that what was for her a normal state of affairs had been unique for Julie in all of the months she'd been going to the studio. Julie misunderstood her friend's expression as concern.

"I wouldn't worry about it, Emmy. He didn't make a move on me or anything. It was just kind of neat to see I had excited him. But I have to say, I came home and really gave Greg a time of it."

Greg returned, putting a damper on the conversation and giving Emmy time to think of a change of subject.

"Hey guys, I'm thinking of doing a little shopping this afternoon." It was the first thing she could think of. "D'ya want to come?"

"It's totally up to Julie. I know I don't have anything. Jule?"

"Hmmm, that's cool Emmy, but Greg, I'm thinking I need you to help me around the house a little. Can we take a rain check?"

Emmy hadn't really wanted them to join her, but would have been fine with their company. She just needed to get out of the house; the image of Julie's mouth next to Yogi Jacob's erection was too much. She helped clear the table and clean the kitchen before taking off.

As soon as she was gone, Julie returned to the kitchen, sipping on the last of the coffee.

"Doesn't Emmy look great?" Greg brushed his hand on her butt as he asked.

"Ummhmm. Different than I've seen her. Hey, what do you think you're doing?"

He had curled his fingers over the waistband of her sweat pants and slid them, along with her underwear down below the curve of her butt cheeks. He turned towards her, reaching his other hand to the front, brushing his palm across her exposed fur. "Just getting my reward, woman."

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