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Nancy and the Guard


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It was a typical Thursday workday when the guard stops by her desk and tells her it is her time for a random inspection, to grab her purse and come with him. She had this funny feeling that it isn't all business here. Her mind wanders to the events that led up to this supposed random search, it all centered on her exhibitionism and not wearing panties any more. Funny she thought, when her master told her she was forbidden to wear panties or a bra any more she had been so concerned about not wearing a bra and that turned out to be the least of her concerns. She seemed horny all the time and she knew she was becoming more of an exhibitionist every day thus the guard and this fake random inspection. Yes it was going to be an inspection but not inspecting the contents of her purse, she would bet on it. She thought back to the events earlier this week.

She had waved to him on Monday as she was leaving work, on Tuesday she had raised her skirt and with her middle finger rubbing her clit she drove by very slowly. On Wednesday he had stopped her for a random car search. He had directed her to pull over into a little carport area they used when searching vehicles.

He asked her to please step out of the car and open the trunk. Not sure what was going on she complied with the request she stepped to the trunk and bent down to open the trunk, her skirt was short enough today that she knew he would get a view so she had decided to spread her legs a little. She could feel the air hit her pussy as she put the key in the slot and raised the trunk. She could feel his eyes on her butt as she did this and a smile broke out on her face.

With the trunk open she straightened and turned to face him. He smiled back at her, then he stepped closer to her as if he was looking in the trunk. There wasn't much in her trunk except one box of stuff toward the back.

He asked, "Pull that box out so I can inspect the contents."

As she leaned over and stretched for the box she knew he was watching her butt again. She noticed how moist her pussy was and as she stretched she felt her erect nipples pressed tight against her blouse. She lifted one leg off the ground and spread it in a feign attempt to give him a better view. She thought how horny it makes her knowing someone is leering at her exposed private areas; is that what exhibitionism is all about she questioned. She was on a role and realized how aroused she was making herself.

Box in hand she shows it to the guard, who just glanced in it and poked a few items. He pulled one item out to inspect it but as he went to put it back in the box the back of his hand brushed against her erect nipple, she had moaned as the electric charge had shot from nipple to pussy. Then he said, "You may put it back now ma'am."

She could have just set it in the front of the trunk but she was horny and decided to practice her exhibitionism a little more so she bent over and stretched to put the box a little further into the trunk than before. She had spread her legs a little more so she was sure he got a clear view of her bald dripping cunt. As she stood up and closed the trunk she could tell he had enjoyed the view.

He said to her, "Please move to the side of the car and open the glove box."

As she leaned into the car to open the glove box she felt him leaning over her, then she felt a hand on her back. She froze, this was exhibition not touch and feel or so she had thought. He whispered into her, "I see you're not wearing panties again."

That electric shiver was making her cunt excited and she broke out into goose bumps all over her body and her nipples came to attention. Then he had her take the contents out and place them on a little table.

He remarked, "I remember you from last Friday when you stopped by to say good bye. You had a fantastically short skirt on and you were masturbating." He continued his commentary, "Your short skirt isn't as short as last Friday."

She had stood there saying nothing but noticed he was watching her breasts, well actually the fact that her nipples were poking out her blouse. She was becoming very aroused and needed some relief. She was hoping he would finish quickly so she could masturbate on the way home.

Standing beside the table he looked through the stuff and said, "You may put it all back in the glove box now." As she bent to gather up all the stuff she felt his hand on her butt, rubbing it as he whispered in her ear, "I like your little thing of exhibitionism and I noticed you aren't wearing a bra."

She nodded in acknowledgment, looking at him with a big grin on her face. "It's our little secret," she said. She put the contents back in the glove box and stood up again. She knew this wasn't a real search, he just wanted to make her show all her charms and she was turning into a first class exhibitionist, she loved every minute of it.

The next thing he asked was, "please open the back door to the car." He made it sound so businesslike.

As she moved to comply she took a look at his trousers and could see he was hard, she smiled making sure he noticed what she was looking at.

Stepping beside her he said, "let's see what is in the seat pockets."

She wasn't sure why she did it but her exhibitionist self seemed to take over and she raised her skirt to her waist and sat in the seat, one foot in the car and one foot out. She just sat there while he took in the view of her spread legs; she felt the cool air on her cunt and knew her cunt lips were spread so he could see the pink inside her pussy.

He smiled and leaned into the car whispering, "that is a nice view but I want to see more."

Puzzled she looked up into his beautiful hazel eyes so he said, "undo your blouse and show me those breasts and magnificent nipples."

She unbuttoned her blouse and as she did the second button she could feel the rush to her pussy as he watched. Her nipples were so erect they were beginning to hurt but she finished and pulled the blouse open for him to enjoy the view. She could feel the orgasm building; she needed relief.

He told her, "Lay back and play with those nipples while I finger fuck you."

She was so aroused she couldn't say no, she needed quick relief. She lay back in the seat, started twisting her erect nipples as he stuck two fingers in her pussy and placed his thumb on her wet clit. She was moaning almost immediately as she felt the first wave of orgasms come forth. Her moans had gotten louder and just as she was ready to explode he stopped.

He made her finish herself off as he watched. She had been frustrated so it took a while for her to masturbate to near orgasm again. She had rubbed and rubbed getting faster and finally, still laying in the seat she put one foot up on the back of the back seat and the other over the back of the front seat. She knew without a doubt that she was acting like a slut but she couldn't help it. Rubbing her clit furiously she could feel the orgasm building more and more. Finally it arrived and she started to scream out in joy but she had enough sense to put her other hand over her mouth to stifle the scream. She collapsed there in the seat, her legs still up giving him a perfect view and she relaxed from the orgasm.

Kneeling he moved his face into her open cunt and started licking her love juice off her cunt lips. His tongue touched her clit and she started to feel the need for more, she moaned and begged, "More, I need more."

He stood up and said "I have delayed you long enough. Any more and the other guard will get suspicious." He enjoyed the last few seconds of her open cunt dripping more juice than he had ever seen.

She had put her legs down and buttoned her blouse up, her naked pussy still on display for him. She could see his hard cock bulging inside his trousers, she reached over and felt how hard and long it was. As she stood up still holding on to his cock she whispered into his ear "I want to try that some time," she smiled real nice and licked her lips. He knew what she meant.

He asked "do you ware a shorter skirt every day at work so on Friday you can masturbate on the way out?"

Why she was embarrassed she didn't know but since he knew her mystery man she better answer truthfully so she said, "Yes I have to do that every Friday and I have to stop to show you on the way out."

"And did you like it when I moved your hand and finger fucked you last Friday?" he asked.

"Oh gawd yes," she cooed, "It was so wonderful it was worth the spanking I got for doing it." She didn't tell him that with all the spankings she was getting this week that one seemed like nothing.

"Yes I noticed someone was taking good care of your beautiful butt, it has a nice color to it. Well listen, you have a nice trip home and just remember that when you least expect it I will show up to help you out." He smiled as he walked into the stream of traffic, stopping it to let her out

That was yesterday and here he was today doing a random purse search. She followed him to the private room and put her purse on the table in the center of the room. He locked the door and just stared at her. She was already excited about what he might do but he just stood looking at her.

She moved to the side of the table and said, "Now is this going to be a search or my purse or of this?" She lifted her short skirt up to show her bald pussy. Just in the short walk from her desk to the room her pussy was wet and the juices were flowing down her legs. She looked at him for some response but could tell he was in deep thought about what she had just shown him.

Finally he said, "Get over here and meet my cock. Show me you are not just a exhibitionist slut and that you know how to please a man as a good cocksucker."

Already excited she almost had an orgasm. He had only seen her as an exhibitionist and a super horny slut who would take any opportunity to masturbate -- especially in front of someone. Now he had figured out her special talent. She wondered if her mystery man had anything to do with this, could they be conversing and telling each other the events of the past days.

She dropped to her knees and reached for his zipper. Pulling down the zipper she reached inside to find his hard cock. She pulled it out and gasped as she looked at this monster cock; fully 10 inches long and as thick as a coke can. "Oh my gawd! I can't fit all that into me anywhere" she exclaimed.

"Don't you worry about that, I'll take care of where it goes and how much you get. Right now you just have to show me you're as good a cocksucker as your mystery man says. Now suck!"

The mention of her mystery man sent a wave of panic through her body but she did as she was told. Not knowing how she would do it she started with her tongue licking the head of this enormous cock. Finally she braved it and put the head and a couple of inches into her mouth, moving her tongue around it to stimulate him. She reached into his pants to caress his balls and get him ready to shoot his load. Yes she was as good as advertised, perhaps even better. She could feel him getting ready to unload in her mouth so she sped up the sucking. He was very close; she knew from experience.

He was very close so he told her "take a deep breath and get ready for the deepest throat job you will ever give. Deep breath because here it comes."

She took the deep breath just in time because as the juice started to flow he rammed that cock all the way in. Her face was flat up against his pubic hair. She thought she would choke or gag as the monster cock rammed to the back of her throat and down her esophagus but by then he was emptying his sperm down her throat. She felt the first wave of hot sperm go down and then the unexpected happened. He grabbed her head and pulled his cock back, then rammed it down her throat again. He was actually fucking her mouth and throat like it was a cunt he was fucking. He rammed in and out several times, then she felt the second wave of spunk coming as he rammed to the back of her throat. Two waves of spunk went down her throat. She was trying to breath but his monster cock was cutting off her air supply. Finally he realized what was happening so he pulled his cock out and another wave of cum shot out in her hair and face. He stood there stroking his cock as she scrambled to wipe the cum off and put it in her mouth before it dripped on her blouse. She took a deep breath just in time for him to cram his cock into her again. All the way back and then she began to feel him relax as the last of the spunk shot down her throat.

He gasped as the last of his cum was down her throat. He commented, "Wow, your sure everything that has been advertise about you. You're the first woman that could take my whole cock in her mouth. Wow, that was just fantastic."

Her throat was sore but she regained her breath as she listened to his commentary on her cocksucking. "Well thank you it is nice to know that my abilities have been discussed without me knowing about it. And I really loved the way you brain fucked me, nobody has ever done that to me before and I don't mind saying it sure is a rush." She stood up, putting his cock back in his pants and zipping it up. She smiled at him and said, "I assume this random purse search is complete?"

"Not on your life," he replied. "We have to have a cavity search now so perhaps you better strip before you accidentally get some cum on your clothes."

She smiled and replied, "no problem." As she unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor and then unbuttoned her blouse, letting it slowly fall down her arms to join her skirt. She stood there naked staring at his eyes and casually said, "search any and all cavities you want, my body is your body."

He reached out and grabbed her by the waist, lifting her and setting her down on the table rather hard on her butt. She winced and gasped in pain but he paid no attention, he pushed her back so she lay flat on the table with her butt and body laying flat but her legs hanging off. He spread her legs giving him a perfect view of her gaping wet cunt. Putting her legs over his shoulders he went right to the heart of things. His tongue managed to graze her pussy lips, causing her to moan from the ecstasy, then his tongue shot right to the center and teased her clit. Once he touched her clit her body shot into action forcing her pelvic region hard into his face, her legs forced his shoulders forward causing the needed stimulation with his tongue. Her butt moved up off the table and she began to wildly thrash around doing anything she could to force him to continue teasing her clit. While thrashing about she started moaning showing outward signs of the impending orgasm. A few more minutes of this and she had her legs locked around his head and her hands forcing his head into her cunt as she let out some shrill shouts letting all know she was climaxing. Finally she collapsed onto the table without movement as if she had passed out.

He got up from his kneeling position and immediately dropped his pants and skivvies, letting his raging hard cock see the light of day. Again he put her legs on his shoulders so he had access to her cunt. She was just beginning to be responsive when she felt his hard 10-inch cock spread her lips and seek entry to her raw pussy. At first he was gentle just putting an inch or two in, then pumping in and out to get his cock wet with her lubricating fluids. The more lubrication his cock got from her cunt the further he pushed into her hungry hole. When he was in about half way he grabbed her by the hips and drove it home for all he was worth. She sprung to life on that thrust.

"Oh no, oh no, you can't put that monster in me. You'll tear me apart." She cried out.

"Too late sweetie," he said. "Here we go again," he told her as he thrust forward with all of his meat, bottoming out against her cervix as his balls slapped against her sore ass.

"Oh gawd, oh, oh that is so big, it feels huge but I love it. Ok big boy fuck this cunt for everything she is worth. Give me more, I want to be your sex slave," she blurted out in a single breath. She began moving her cunt to meet his every stroke and soon was convulsing again as her next orgasm hit. "AEEEEE, CUMMMING, again. Oh fuck me hard, I am yours. AEEEEEEE." She was almost screaming as she climaxed for him.

Just as she finished her climax he started to cum. He pulled his cock out and let go with about 7 streams of cum that shot all over her, from belly to her face and tits. He pulled his skivvies and pants up, zipped and pulled his belt out of the loops.

She wondered why he did that with his belt but was too exhausted to ask why. She just lay back and enjoyed the state of euphoria she was in. She didn't have long before she found out why he took his belt off. His flipping her over on her tummy awakened her. The table felt cold on her tits and stomach not to mention the mess there was going to be from all the cum she had on her front. She was in an awkward position, her legs draped down and caught the floor preventing her from falling to her knees but she was sliding off the table. She had a hand on either side of the table to prevent any further slipping. Her knees bent, only her grasp to the table edges stopping any further fall. "Help me," she asked.

He grabbed her by putting a hand in her crotch, another on her back. He lifted her crotch and pushed her back down towards the table. When her legs were straight, she was bent over the table with her hands grasping the edges. "Stay like that," he commanded. He waited a minute or so before he said anything but when he did it hit her like a ton of bricks. "Your mystery man told me you were turning into such a sex slave slut that you would easily let me fuck you, he also told me you were a natural born cocksucker and I could have that too if I wanted. He said I could use you any way I wanted but if you sucked my cock or let me fuck you then I was to whip your ass raw before I sent you on. Now can you guess why you are positioned the way you are?"

She could guess. She had a terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach. She felt betrayed. No, she corrected herself, he had tested her and she failed the test. She had betrayed him not the other way around. She felt this sharp pain at the bottom of her butt running down her thigh. She yelped loudly and realized the guard did that to make her respond to her question. "Yes," she replied. She knew her ass was about to be torn up by his belt and she knew she deserved it. Not only had she betrayed her Master but her bed mate as well. Another strap of the belt hit her other butt cheek and thigh. Yelping again she guessed he wanted a better answer from her so she said, "Yes, I know you are going to whip my ass until I can take no more so go ahead and whip me, " she said as she prepared for the ordeal.

The belt strokes commenced with her acknowledgement and no matter how much she yelled in pain or how much she cried it continued. She had no idea when this punishment was going to end but she knew she couldn't take too much more. When her body was too exhausted to hold on to the table she let go and fell to her knees so her back ended up taking the last belt stroke. She didn't care. All she knew was that in the past week she had her butt punished so much it was almost criminal but she also knew that the more she was punished the more her pussy juice flowed, driving her to do anything for relief. That is in fact how she ended up here being beat by the guard

The guard watched her for a while and as she began to stir from the floor where she had collapsed he said to her, "that table is filthy and crusted with cum so be sure to lick it off before you leave this room." He turned to leave but noticed her roll onto her side and look him in the eyes.

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