tagIncest/TabooNancy Plays Poker with Family

Nancy Plays Poker with Family


Nancy hated Thursday nights at her home, because it was poker night for her dad and his brothers. When she was a child she was told to stay in her room and not bother the adults. She could not watch television, play outside or hang out in the living room; she felt like she was grounded for no reason. Now at eighteen, she was bored with her dad's and uncles' old stories of how things use to be and how spoiled she was. The most annoying part of the whole evening is how they still treated her like she is five. She hates being locked up in her room but she hates the condescending comments even more. Yet, tonight is going to be different. Tonight, she is going to show them she is not a spoiled little brat. Or maybe that she is more spoiled than they could imagine.

Nancy's mother, Maricela spends the night with her own mother leaving Nancy alone with the four poker players. Nancy's mom does this every Thursday because she did not want to put up with her husband's and brother-in-laws' antics. Also, it gives her an opportunity to spend some quality time with her mother. Nancy does not like going to her grandmother's house on these nights either because it is too boring and both women lecture Nancy on her clothing and the friends she chooses; so Nancy stays at home in her room. Looking out the window Nancy sees her mom pull out of the drive way. It is time for her to get dressed.

The four brothers, Luis, Mario, Juan, and Alberto now in their late forties sit at the table playing cards. They smoke their cigars, drink their beer, and eat the assorted chips and food on the table next to their card game. This is their Thursday night ritual. Yet, they wish they could have a server to bring them their beers and food. Mostly, they sit back and joke about their friends and family while talking about the women they have conquered or want to conquer. It is a typical guy's night out but at home.

Nancy is upstairs looking at herself in her mirror. She has put on one of her dad's old white wife beaters. The thin sheer fabric does little to hide her dark brown skin specially her full firm perky 34dd and their big dark brown long nipples. As she stares at her full breasts, Nancy notices her nipples getting hard and poking through the old shirt like it does even exist. Her face flushes with embarrassment and she begins to second guess herself. Should she really go through with her plan or should she just spend another boring night at home.

She turns her body slightly so she could see her firm round ass in the tiny white short shorts she found in her old clothes. Nancy has not worn them since she was fifteen more than three years ago; back then they were tight and now they fit her tighter. The shorts only cover half of her nice brown J-Lo booty. Her ass looks so tight and firm but it stuck out like a black girl's behind. The tiny little black g-string thong is clearly visible through the little shorts and Nancy pulls it even tighter making a nice camel toe.

Standing there looking at her body Nancy feels the fear, excitement and trepidation. Moreover she realizes the excitement is naughtier than what she had originally planned. When she was trying on different outfits, she admitted to herself that she had caught each one of her uncles checking out her ample chest and round ass. Yet, she never wanted to acknowledge that fact until now. Was she doing this for them or herself? What she really doing it because she was tired of being treated like a little kid or because she wanted to explore her sensuality?

Looking in the mirror she admires her nipples which are poking out a mile long. She grabs each in her hands and gives them a little pinch while slightly pulling on them. The touch sends chills through her entire body. Nancy's little practical joke is turning into something less innocent the more she stares at herself in the mirror. It is time for her to say hello to her uncles. If she doesn't do it now she will not go through with her little game. Walking down stairs she can smell the cigar and hear them talking but before she enters the living room she stops by the kitchen and grabs a Popsicle.

"Hi everybody, so who's winning," she asks trying not to draw too much attention.

Like always the men are too engrossed in their game to look up nor do they answer her. Slowly she walks next to her dad and stands behind him looking at her Uncles. She runs her index finger along her lips as she looks at each of her uncles without saying a word. Finally, Alberto the oldest of the four looks up at her. He almost has a heart attack as he looked at his young niece. His eyes focus on her firm perky full tits and nipples then slowly made their way down to her tiny little camel toe. Nancy returns the look by licking the Popsicle like it's a cock then puts it in the side of her mouth, smiling a wicked little smile and winking at her uncle. Then she turns her back to him and makes sure he gets a good look at her ass before she slowly walks towards the kitchen. Stopping at the door she motions to him with a finger to join in as she disappeared into the kitchen.

Alberto scrambles to get up and follows his niece. He almost forgets about the game when the other three men begin razzing about him losing and calling him ever feminine name in the book. He throws down his card complaining that the dealer is cheating and he needs to get another beer and call home. He storms into the kitchen acting like he is upset at his brothers and their laughter.

Nancy is bent over acting like she is looking for something in the refrigerator. Alberto gets a great view of her round brown ass as he walks up to her. Half her cheeks are hanging out but they look perfect as the white short shorts hug the little ass they can hug. She looks over her shoulder and smiles. Not moving her body she licks the Popsicle stick then begins sucking on it.

"Hola tio, how you doing?" she finally asks.

"Ok mijita," he stammers and clears his throat.

He is still checking out his niece excellent body and his cock begins to gets bigger and stiffer.

"What happen did it get too hard in there for you tio?" she asks in a sweet innocent voice as she continues to show off her ass.

"What? Uhm I mean yea it did," he replies unsure if he is just being a dirty old man or his niece is teasing him.

"So what are you looking for," he asks.

"I don't know something that will cool me down. I'm just so hot," she replied.

Alberto's cock grows even more as he undresses his cute little niece with his eyes. He knew she was turning into a knock out but he never realized her body had grown out so good. Her ass is perfect. He just wants to get behind her and grind his fat old cock on her sweet young ass.

"You're fucking hot alright. I got something that will cool you down fast," he thinks in his mind.

"Well what did you need me for honey?" he asks.

"Whatever do you mean uncle?" she asks in mock surprise.

"Well you called me here for a reason didn't you," he asks.

"Oh that," she pauses.

"Well you see tio, I need some money and my dad won't give me any more. So I was hoping you could give me some. I know you're not just gonna give me the money, so I can work for it. Please tio is there anything I can do for you?" she pleads with him using her most innocent little girl voice.

As she talks Nancy walks up to her uncle and stands in front of him close enough for him to feel her tender tits up on his chest. Her big long nipples digging a hole in his chest making him go crazy with lust. His throat goes dry and his cock twitches in his tight pants. Alberto wants to bend his niece over the kitchen table and fuck her like a little slut. Yet this is his youngest brother's daughter and she is family.

"Well mijita, what could a little girl like you do?" he teases.

"Ay tio I'm not a little girl no more. I'm a big girl and I can do lots of things. Tell me what you need and I bet I can do it really good," she pouts, stomps a foot which make her tits jiggle against his chest.

"Poor mijita I didn't mean to make you mad. It's just that you never worked a day in your life and now you want to do something for me. I have to be sure you can do the job right. Tell me mijita, what are you good at?" he asks.

"Lot's of things. Try me. I bet you will like how good a job I do," she replies.

She gets on her toes and whispers in his ear, "Please tio, I promise I will do ANY THING you WANT. And I mean ANYTHING."

As she becomes flat footed she rubs her firm round tits on his chest and let her hands linger on his sides. She does a slow turn and puts the back of her head on his chest and looked up at her uncle. Nancy feels her uncle's fat hard cock on her round ass. It feels so long and thick as she pushes back onto it.

Alberto grabs his niece by her hips and pulls her tighter onto his throbbing cock. Her tight young body is firm and smooth. Moving his own hips Alberto places his hard cock right between her tight ass and pulls her back onto him again.

"Ay nina you shouldn't be playing with fire. I'm a grown man little girl and I don't play games. You should be very careful what you wish for," says Alberto trying to sound like her scolding her.

"Whatever do you mean tio? All I want is to do a job for you. I just need a little money is all," she replies as she bends forward a little pushing her round ass onto his cock.

Alberto grips her hips tighter and moans.

"What's wrong tio? Are you ok?" she asks as she pouts looking into his eyes.

Alberto moves his hand from her hips and slides them up to her big round tits and cups them in his huge hands. He puts her nipples between his fingers and squeezes them.

"Dam mijita you got some big firm round tits. I love these big nipples. They are better than your moms," Alberto moans.

"How do you know about my mom's nipples and tits tio?" she asks.

"Just like every other guy, I just looked. Never felt them like this before even though me and your tios want to," he replies and he continues to massage her firm tits.

"So you want your uncle to pay you for a job huh mijita," he asks.

"Yes tio and I will do ANYTHING you want me to do," she replies.

Alberto moves one of his hands up to her face and inserts his thumb into her mouth. Nancy begins sucking and licking it like it is a big fat cock. Sucking his thumb grinding her ass on his cock Nancy almost makes Alberto explode in his pants.

"Ay mijita I never knew you were such a puta," moans Alberto.

"There are a lot of things you don't know about me tio," she purrs back.

"Well baby it's time Tio finds out about some," he tells her as he spins her back so she could face him.

They smile at each other. Alberto puts his hands on her shoulders and beings to push her down on her knees. She slides her body against his as she falls to her knees. Nancy smiles up at her Uncle as she licks her lips.

"What do you want me to do Tio?" she pouts.

"Mijita you're on your knees what do you think you should do?" he asks her as he looking down.

"You want me to suck your cock Tio? Want my nice round tits round your fat dick too Tio?" she asks.

"Oh yes I do mijita," Alberto stammers.

"A hundred buck Tio," says Nancy as she rubs her tits on his crotch.

"What?" he asks.

"You're gonna give me a hundred buck for a blow job Tio," she answers.

"Only if you do a good job," he retorts.

Nancy unzips his pants and pulls out Alberto's throbbing hard cock. The length and width of her Uncle's dick surprises Nancy, she has never seen one that big and thick. She grabs it with both her hands and takes a long lick of just the head. Alberto shivers and moans. Precum oozes out of his cock as he looks down at his niece. Up and down slowly she runs her hand her Uncle's cock.

"I want the money up front Tio. No money no blow job," she tells him as she runs her tongue along his cock again.

"Ok ok here," says Alberto as he fishes out the money.

She takes the money and smiles. Again she looks into his eyes as she strokes his cock. Opening her mouth Nancy is about to suck her Uncle's fat cock when they both hear the rest of the family in the next room.

"Apurale Alberto we're going to start the next hand. Get off the dam phone and get over here," yells Luis Nancy's dad.

"Yea stop playing with it and get your ass over here," interjects Mario.

"I'll be there give me a second," Alberto yells back looking towards the room and makes sure nobody is coming to interrupt them.

During this commotion, Nancy gets up off her knees and walks to the hallway. When Alberto turns back he does not see her. He scans the kitchen until he finds her walking away. She smiles at him and fades into the hallway. Alberto is about to go after her when the guys call again. Rejected and angry he puts his cock away and goes back to the game.

Nancy watches her uncle return to the game. She can still taste and feel his cock in her mouth and tongue. It excites her beyond belief. Yet, she giggles and smiles as she watches him sit down. Again, she enters the game room, this time Nancy walks by the living room so only her Uncle Juan can see her as she moves pass the living room. Again, she waits until Juan notices her and repeats the same actions as she did with Alberto. Instead of going to the kitchen, Nancy makes her way to the den. Juan walks in as Nancy is on her hands and knees busily looking for the television plug and cable. Looking over her shoulder at her uncle Nancy smiles.

"La tienes bien dura huh tio," she declares.

"What?" Juan blushes as he stammers.

"It's hard aint it uncle. I mean playing with my dad and uncles. The game must be really tough tonight," she continues the whole time on her hands and knees showing off her bountiful ass to her uncle.

"Yea, yea, yea, it's really hard mijita," he replies.

"I bet it is. Sometimes I just want to know how hard it is. I bet, if I was playing it would get really hard for me too huh Tio? I wouldn't know where to put it Tio. I might bite off more than I can swallow," she says in a sly little voice.

"Swallow what mija," he relies.

"Nothing it's just a figure of speech Tio," she replies.

Juan continues to look over his niece's young tight body. 'She is built for fucking' is all that comes to his mind. Like his older brother, Juan wonders when she became so sexy. He had checked her out and knew she was going to have a great body but he never imagined this.

"Tio can you put it in me," she tells him.

Juan's face goes flush. All his blood follows straight to his cock leaving him light headed. Did he hear her right? He cannot move, his throat goes bone dry, and his cock begins to fight to get out of his pants.

"Que mijita," he manages to spit out.

"Tio can you put the plug in for me? On the TV, please," she teases.

"Oh yea right sure ok," he answers.

"The hole is so tiny and I can't get this big thing in there. You can do it huh Tio?" she asks.

"Yea let you Tio handle this. I'm used to putting big things into little holes," he chuckles.

"I bet you are Tio," she smiles.

Again, Juan's cock skipped a beat. Juan comes up behind Nancy to help her plug in the TV set. Nancy stays on her hands and knees holding the plug as her uncle adjusts his position behind her. Anybody looking would think he's fucking her doggy style and indeed that is what is running through Juan's mind as his throbbing cock slides onto her ass.

Nancy feels her Uncle's fat dick on her ass.

"Do all my uncles have huge cock?" she thinks.

For a split second she pictures her own dad with a monstrous throbbing cock. In her image, Nancy is on her knees looking up at her dad with both hands around his cock and is about to lick just like her did her Uncle Alberto. She shakes that imagine out of her mind. That is her dad and this is just a game she is playing. Then she realizes her Uncle Juan is grinding his hard on onto her firm round ass.

"Are you ready Tio? Can you put it in now?" she asks.

"Oh baby I'm so ready to put it in," he answers.

"Ok do it now," Nancy tells Juan.

Juan could have easily plugged in the television the first time but he acts like he's having trouble. He wants more time behind his niece's firm ass grinding his cock on it. For a quick second, he thinks he feels her grinding back on him. Finally, he feels he has pushed his luck too far and pulls in the television set.

He moves back onto his knees as Nancy turns on her back. Juan's eyes lingered on her big hard dark brown nipples and Nancy's impressive chest. Nancy slowly moves her legs apart and slides them on her Uncle's sides. Juan sits between her legs.

"Is there anything else you want me to do?" Juan asks as he continues to look at his niece's chest.

"Well Tio I do need some money and my dad won't give me no more. Can you give me some money so I can buy me some bras and thongs Tio? All the ones I have an old and see through just like this old shirt," she tells him as she tugs on it almost exposing a nipple.

"There is nothing wrong with that shirt honey. As a matter of fact I think you make it look good," he licks his lips as he talks to her.

"It's all old and worn. Here touch and feel how thin the material is Tio," she invites him.

Juan places one hand over her right breast and begins to fondler her succulent tit. He moves his fingers over her nipples as it begins to respond and grow bigger.

"See, you can't even feel it huh Tio," she pouts.

Juan's only answer is to bring his other hand to her left chest and begin to do the same. Nancy places her hands flat on the ground and arches her back giving her uncle full access to her chest. Juan scoots up so his cock is rubbing on her pussy and continues to feel up his young niece.

"Ay my poor nina. Uncle Juan will give you the money you need. You just let me see how everything fits when you buy it ok mijita," he tells her.

"Yes Tio," she answers

"How about your shorts are they thin, too? Can I feel them?" he asks.

"For some money," she replies.

"What?" he blurts out.

"Tio, you know you just want to feel me up. You can do it for $100 bucks," she replies looking into his eyes.

He thinks about it as he runs his hands over her tits. Then he fishes out the money. After she takes it, Juan's right hand moves over her body right between her legs as he finds her hot wet pussy under her shorts and thong. He rubs it through her shorts and she wiggles under his touch. Nancy is on fire; her nipples were once again as hard as a rock and her pussy is dripping wet.

"Ay Tio what are you doing to me," she moans.

"Playing with your big tits and tiny pussy," he replies.

"But I'm your niece this is wrong," she mutters as she spreads her legs even more.

"Si mijita y tan buena que estas. I see how much you like it. You do like it verdad mijita?" Juan asks as he pulls her shirt top up exposing her full round breasts.

With her head tilted back Nancy moans, "Ay Tio you can't do this to me please."

Juan is not listening to her, he takes the hand that was on her pussy and uses it to unzip his pants and pull out his cock. Nancy feels the naked cock as he rubs it on her inner thigh and along her pussy. Then he surprises Nancy by mounting her putting his legs on each side of her body and moving up to her face. His cock's head hits her chin as he places it between her firm smooth tits. He grabs each tit and pushes them around his cock and slowly he begins to tity fuck his niece.

Nancy stops her uncle and makes him watch as she opens her mouth and put her teeth on the head of his cock. Slowly she uses her tongue on it and brings her lips half way around it. She continues to look into his eyes as the tip of her tongue plays with the tip of her Uncle's dick. Juan wants to shove it down her throat and skull fuck Nancy like a cheap slut, but her teeth would scrape his cock so he waits for the right time. Meanwhile, he continues to feel up her full hard nipples.

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