tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNancy Porter's Journal: 03

Nancy Porter's Journal: 03


Nancy's third journal entry...

Black Friday, that's how I eventually ended up referring to it, started out like the previous ones. There was a lot of activity taking place in our house for once. Seems that Mom and Dad were actually going out that night, which was rare. They knew where I was going, as I had filled them in on it when it began.

My parents thought it was a great idea, my dog sitting for Professor and Mrs. Martin. Mom thought it was nice that I was getting along with them so well and developing friendships. Dad was the more pragmatic one as usual, and he thought it wise to get in tight with a respected professor and use the contact for future gain. I thought that they were both right in their own ways. I guess it turned out we were all wrong.

I struggled to try and get my hair looking presentable. I really wanted to do something with it, maybe change the color from mousy brown to something more dramatic, blonde like Monica's perhaps. I really couldn't see myself as a blonde, but maybe changing the style or the cut was the answer. Looking at my reflection in the mirror, it didn't seem like there was much that could be done to salvage that mess.

I put a little makeup on the faint acne scars on the cheeks to cover them up. At least my skin was a lot better than it used to be. Monica's skin was so flawless. I realized that I had been thinking about Monica with everything I did and every move I made. I think I had become almost obsessed with her at this point.

I put on a little lip gloss and took a belt of mouthwash and was out the door. I didn't want to be late, because it seemed like Professor Martin was the punctual type.

During the drive over I tried to picture what Monica would be wearing that night. I also knew that after the Martins left I would be looking around for more of those photo albums of Monica. The album I had seen last week had been labeled number one, so hopefully there were others. I had not been able to get the images of those photos out of my mind all week, nor had I tried. I wondered if they would notice if I took one of the photos and had a copy made of it.

I pulled into the driveway five minutes before seven and hustled up to the door. Professor Martin opened the door just before I knocked and welcomed me in. He was dressed very casually, just a regular shirt under a corduroy jacket, sort of like what he wore at school.

"Professor Martin, where's the tuxedo?" I inquired with a smile. He had been dressed formally the last two weeks and I had always commented on how sharp he looked.

"Change of plans, change of plans my dear" Professor Martin chuckled while ushering me down the hall. "Something came up and instead of cancelling out on you I thought it would be nice to have you come over anyway. That way we could spend some time together, that is if you wouldn't mind spending the evening with a couple of old folks like us."

I didn't mind, but it seemed a little weird. Why would they want to spend an evening with a geek like me. I hadn't seen Monica yet so I offered to run the dogs around for awhile outside. The Professor said that was a wonderful idea so out we went, Ziggy and Roy leading the way. After about a half hour of that they seemed to have had enough so I brought them back in and gave them their treats. That usually did the trick and put them out of commission for the rest of the evening.

Professor Martin appeared and asked me to follow him. He led me down the hall and through the door that had been locked before, and down a few stairs. For a minute I was afraid. Where was Monica? Where were we going, to some kind of dungeon or something? We turned the corner and entered an incredible room, a den of sorts. There was a giant screen set up almost like a theatre, carpeting so soft you could sleep on it, and a full bar in the back. And at the bar was Monica.

Monica was standing at the bar with a drink in her hand. She called out my name and walked toward me. She wasn't wearing any evening gown that night. She was wearing a bright outfit consisting of socks, shorts and a tank top, all in matching soft pink, and it was obvious that there was nothing underneath that top either.

"Nancy, how wonderful it is to see you again!" Monica gushed while embracing me, her breasts practically surrounding me. "Come have a drink. What can I make for you dear?"

Good question. I'm not old enough to drink, and while that doesn't mean I haven't snuck a few out of the home bar, I still didn't have much knowledge of alcohol.

I finally blurted out what my mother always drank, "Vodka and tonic I guess Monica."

"Great choice" Monica announced. "That's what I'm having. Coming right up!"

With that Monica wiggled behind the bar and began pouring things. I turned to face Professor Martin because I realized I was staring way too much at Monica, and started asking him questions about school.

"Let's take the night off from school, Nancy. We need to relax and enjoy ourselves, get away from the rat race," Professor Martin said, smiling.

Monica came over with the drink and we chatted a bit about weather and stuff. I figured this must be what adults do at a cocktail party. I took a big gulp of the drink Monica made me. It was strong and burned my throat a little going down, making me gasp a bit. I was very nervous and it showed. It was hard work trying to not look at Monica in that pink outfit, so I concentrated on the drink and it was gone in minutes.

Monica noticed my empty glass and took it from me. "Wow, that was quick! I take that as a compliment to my bartending skills. Here Nancy, let me make you another."

Before I could protest, Monica was back behind the bar mixing away. I made a note to myself to drink the next one slower, because I was already feeling a little woozy from just that one drink.

Monica was quickly back with drinks for both of us. Professor Martin asked if we would like to watch some movies, and walked over to the seats in front of the huge screen. Monica put her arm around my shoulder and walked me over to join her husband. When Monica's hand first touched me, I felt the crackle of a little static electricity which startled us both and made us laugh.

Professor Martin was at the one end of a kind of love seat that was stationed directly in front of the screen. Between the love seat and the screen was a coffee table with a bunch of remote controls on it.

"Come join me ladies," Professor Martin said cheerfully. "Here Monica, have Nancy sit in the middle so we can both enjoy her."

I got put in between them, which I thought was more than a little strange. It seemed that the couch would be a tight fit for three people, but it was roomier than it had appeared, and very comfortable. Professor Martin was playing with some buttons and suddenly things started happening. The lights dimmed a little and the screen came alive with an image of wildflowers in a field, a gently breeze making them sway ever so slightly. What dazzling color! The audio system was amazing as well, its crystal clear sound seeing to come from all around us, with an orchestra playing a Strauss waltz. Not exactly my choice of music, but impressive sounding nonetheless.

I felt Monica's hand fall lightly on my arm. There was no static electricity that time, but my heart skipped a beat anyway.

"Richard loves to play with all those gadgets and things. Why don't you tell me about yourself Nancy" Monica said. "I know so little about you. How old are you dear?"

"Nineteen. I'll be twenty pretty soon."

"Still a teenager, how much fun that is! Do you have a boyfriend?"

I shook my head and took another sip. "No, I don't. Uh, they don't seem too interested in me."

"Oh, that's a shame, you're such a lovely young woman. That's their loss. Oh, then do you have a girl friend?"

I choked on my drink and started coughing.

"Nancy, are you alright?" Monica asked.

"Sorry, went down the wrong pipe I guess" trying to regain my composure.

Professor Martin hit another button and asked if we would like to see some home movies, and with that the screen began showing Ziggy and Roy playing in the back yard. Monica put her hand on my leg and whispered that she didn't mean to embarrass me before. I assured her she hadn't. The hand stayed on my thigh.

Then the screen lit up, showing someone throwing a ball to the dogs. It was me. That was weird, how did they take that movie? Then I realized that it was from a couple of weeks ago. I was wearing the same jeans but a long sleeved yellow top instead of the short sleeved blue blouse I had on now. I felt weird being up there on that huge screen, and thought I looked like a dork. I was only grateful they didn't show me scratching my butt or picking my nose, now THAT would be gross.

Monica took her hand off my thigh and put it gently on my arm. I felt the hair on my forearm stand straight up, goose bumps racing up my arm and down my spine. "You get along so well with the dogs, Nancy" Monica gushed.

I looked down at Monica's long slender fingers, their bronze color in stark contrast to my pale skin. Monica had shifted around and her thigh was resting against my leg. I wished I hadn't worn jeans because if I was wearing shorts too our bare thighs would be rubbing against each other. I tried to imagine how that would feel as I took another sip.

All of a sudden Professor Martin then got into the act by putting his hand on my other leg, squeezing my thigh gently. The ice cubes began chattering in my glass because my hands were trembling. What was going on here? I didn't know if I was turned on or terrified. Maybe both.

"I think this video gets more interesting very shortly," Professor Martin announced, in what was to be the understatement of the year. The scene changed to what looks like the Martin bedroom. The camera must be on the dresser. There's Monica, wearing that black evening gown.

She's trying to unhook the dress and she's calling out. Then I come into the picture. This was taken that first night I was here! There I am trying to fix the zipper behind her. Would it possible for anyone to be drooling and panting over Monica any more blatantly than I was? It was so obvious! All there in way too clear living color, and almost life-size to boot. I felt my face begin to turn crimson at this point.

Monica's hand kept stroking softly up and down my arm, while her husband continued to rub my thigh. Me, I was about to faint.

"That was nice of you to help Monica," Professor Martin said, "although you did seem somewhat distracted. Oh wait, I think there's more."

That scene blacks out and then we're back in the bedroom again, and Monica is gone. All of a sudden, here I come out of the blue holding Monica's dress in front of me, staring right at the camera.

This can't be happening, I remember thinking. Just a nightmare, time to wake up. There I was prancing around with the dress in front of me, and now I'm inhaling deeply around the neck and the armhole of the dress, with a wistful look on my face. I feel tears start welling up in my eyes and I can't control my hands, which are turning my ice filled glass into a dinner bell. Monica takes the drink from my hand and sets it down.

The movie is on pause, I notice, and now it starts playing again. I know what's coming but cannot believe it anyway. I'm shown rummaging through her underwear drawer, but you can't see what I'm doing because the camera is facing the room. Professor Martin stops the video again.

"Hmmm, I can't see what it is you're doing there Nancy. Would you mind explaining? What exactly are you looking for my dear, money or jewelry?" he asked with a touch of anger in his voice.

"NO!" I blurted out loudly as the tears rolled down my face. "I'd never steal anything from anybody! I...I.. I..was just looking at things."

My old speech impediment was coming back in all its glory by now.

"Well, let's see what it is you're looking for then."

Back to the action and there I am holding up Monica's bra in front of me, looking at the size tag and then holding the thing in front of me. I felt stupid at the time I was doing it, it looks even worse watching it. My stomach is doing somersaults by this point and I want to run out the door and never come back. Except I didn't. The video is stopped with me standing there with that oversized bra hanging on me.

Monica's hand continues softly stroking my arm. Professor Martin's hand comes up and cups my right breast. All I can do is look down and watch his long wrinkled fingers kneading me through the garments. Monica's hand was softly caressing, her husband's hand probing roughly.

"Monica's brasierre seemed to be a bit large for you there doesn't it, Nancy?" Professor Martin said, and chuckled while his hand started groping with real fervor.

"You are under there somewhere I hope, Nancy" Professor Martin said sarcastically, as his hands probed through the fabric of my blouse and the thick padding of that goofy bra Mom got me.

"Richard, don't be like that!" Monica scolded him. "I think Nancy is lovely!"

"I meant no harm, dear, she just seems to be ... oh well, never mind. Nancy, are you a lesbian?"

"No! I...I...I... mean I don't think so. I...I... I don't know" I stammered meekly.

"Really? Well, let's find out!" Professor Martin exclaimed, and then started up the video one final time. We aren't in the bedroom any longer. We're in the living room staring at their couch for a few minutes. How many of these fucking cameras do they have around here? And why is the picture so clear and sharp? Into the picture comes me again, plopping down on the couch. In my hands I've got that green photo album marked Monica 1. I'm opening it up. Please, no!

I covered my face with my hands in utter disbelief and outright horror. I felt like a trap door had just opened beneath me and I was falling helplessly. If I had had a gun I am positive that I would have blown my brains out right then and there. My life was over.

My head began spinning and suddenly I screamed out, jumped up and tried to run, immediately tripping over a leg of the table and skidding to the floor. Sobbing uncontrollably, I staggered to my feet and ran over to the bar. I reached the waste basket just in time, vomiting and retching my guts out.

After a minute, the heavings subsided and I stood over the basket with my hands on my thighs. I grabbed some napkins off of the counter and wiped my face off as best I could. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around and faced Monica. I collapsed into her arms crying and shaking.

"I....I...I'm s...s..sorry Monica, I'm so sorry. I'm so ashamed of myself" I managed to blurt out. With Monica being almost a half foot taller my head was almost buried in her bosom, but at that moment my mind was not on that, for once. Monica held me close, stroking my hair and acting so calm and reassuring that soon my convulsions eased and finally stopped.

"It's okay, Nancy, it's alright... everything is fine," Monica cooed. "It's a natural thing to do. You're a young woman with a lot going on inside of you. It's alright to be curious. In fact, as strange as it may sound I'm kind of flattered, if you don't mind me saying so. Here, take this and let's sit down."

She gave me a glass of water, and we went back to the couch. I was still up on the screen, frozen in time, looking at the pictures.

"Are we all settled down now ladies?" Professor Martin inquired of us. He wasn't the calm and reassuring type, not now. "We need to finish watching the movie."

Incredibly, he started the thing up again. I sat with my head down, glancing up occasionally to see if it was over. Luckily, there was no sound on any of these, but it was horrible enough as it was. There I was getting off the first time, and boy did I look stupid. Monica squeezed my arm and whispered to me.

"You look so cute when you orgasm Nancy."

Gee thanks, that's good to know. Good grief, why are they putting me through this? Just tell me I'm a pervert and throw me out. The thing ended mercifully, but Professor Martin was kind enough to pause the picture right at the peak of my second orgasm, my face contorted in a bizarre pose.

"Well Nancy, that was interesting, most interesting viewing, seeing what actually goes on when we're gone. Watching that made it all worthwhile having these surveillance cameras installed. I thought we were protecting ourselves against theft but I never dreamed that they would have entertainment value as well."

I took a long drink of the water, which tasted yucky, probably because of my trench mouth from getting sick I figured. My mind was racing now. I would have to transfer out of his class now, maybe even the whole school. I could never look at Professor Martin in the eyes again. I fought to regain some measure of composure and finally summoned up enough strength to speak.

"I...I..I'm sorry. You have no idea how I feel right now. I'll go now. P...P...Please forgive me, because I'm not like that. I...I...I... never did anything like that before, I swear." With that I stood up and headed for the door. The Professor got up and walked around the other side and headed me off.

"No dear, no. It isn't quite as easy as all that I'm afraid" Professor Martin said firmly. "You have violated my trust and I can't just let that pass. Besides, the night is still young. What I am going to need you to do now is to have you remove your clothes."

I looked at him as if he was insane and told him I had no intention of taking off my clothes for him or anybody else, and walked around him to the door. He stopped me once again.

"How do you think your father would enjoy that movie, Nancy? How about your mother, do you think she would show that at her next bridge club meeting? Father Ryan at church might find it amusing, don't you think? Perhaps he could show it as a sex education film to your Sunday School class. Perhaps an inspirational showing for the veterans over at the hospital you volunteer at would be an idea."

Professor Martin walked over to a box behind the bar and started reading names off the labels of rectangular boxes. Names of neighbors of ours, friends of our family, even my grandmother. I felt Monica's presence at my side.

"This could be the greatest night of your life Nancy. You are going to get to make love to a woman and let's face facts, that is what you really want, isn't it? So what you are going to do is start taking off your clothes. You are going to get naked right now and you will do everything I tell you to do tonight without a peep." The kindly professor had been replaced by a decidedly nastier version. He was enjoying this!

"The alternative is my filling those boxes with copies of that video and mailing them to all of those people I just named, along with a letter saying how shocked I was to find this sort of activity going on in my home. Trust me on this point. I mean exactly what I say." The look on his face left no doubt in my mind.

I stood dumbfounded, paralyzed and confused.

"What if I..I..I do what you want? What then?"

The professor cleared his throat. "Then at the end of the evening I give you that tape and you are welcome to do whatever you want. There are no other tapes that exist now and none will, if you cooperate. You see, Nancy, I'm a sixty seven old man and I can't do a lot of the things I used to do. I still enjoy watching, however. You are young and are wasting your youth in a vacuum, masturbating to pictures. You should be out screwing whatever boys you want, or eating pussy if you'd prefer" he said with a raised eyebrow and smug expression.

I stood there thinking while the Martins waited.

"Come now Nancy, lets not overplay the poor innocent game. I know you're still a virgin and you intend to stay a virgin until you get married, although that concept seems silly to me. Judging by that video however, you know a little bit about sex. I don't need to mention all those boys you used to masturbate back in your old neighborhood, do I?"

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