tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNancy Porter's Journal: 04

Nancy Porter's Journal: 04


Nancy's fourth journal entry.....

I walked through the next week in a daze, still not believing what I had gotten myself into because of a few minutes of stupidity. I blew off Professor Martin's class both days, because there was no way I could look at the man, or have him looking at me.

My parents noticed the fog I was in, but as usual had no clue. I heard my mother tell the old man that she thought I might be in love. Nice try mom. Father said that I was just going through a phase. That was a helluva lot closer, but still no cigar, pop.

I knew I was trapped. I know now I should have called his bluff right at the start. I should have told him to go ahead and make copies of the damn video and send them to everybody like he had threatened to. He probably wouldn't have, and even if he did it wouldn't be as bad as it was now. I just wasn't thinking clearly when it was all going down. This might go on forever, with me putting on a little show for Professor and Monica every Friday night.

What freaked me out the most was that after all the drama and everything that had led up to it, I had enjoyed it. Maybe I was a lesbian after all. There was no denying that I really enjoyed Pam, both what she did to me and what I did in return. I confess that while I was very upset Friday night when I got home, the next evening I was getting myself off thinking about Pam.

Then there was Monica. On Thursday when I ditched Professor Martin's class, I called up their house during the class time knowing that he wouldn't be there, so I could talk to Monica. When she picked up she sounded out of breath, saying she was just getting done working out. I asked her if I could come over to talk with her and she sounded nervous.

She didn't think that would be a good idea but did agree to meet me at the mall after she showered if I wanted to talk. I did and agreed to meet her in an hour at the Macy's entrance.

I was waiting at the parking lot entrance of the store when Monica arrived. She was wearing a black leather coat and looked incredible, of course. She kissed me on the cheek and led me inside the store. We walked around the racks of clothing like we were shopping or something. I had a lot on my mind and wanted to talk but she was leading me around, telling me what would look nice on me.

Next thing I know she's having me try on a beautiful yellow sweater and then after gushing about how great it looks on me, takes it up to the cashier and buys it despite my protests. I'm now walking around with Monica and this $120 sweater in a bag.

Monica took me to the food court inside the mall and buys a couple of sodas. We went over to a table in a quiet corner of the dining area and sit down. Monica begins talking about the dogs and how much they miss me, but I finally cut her off.

"Monica, why are you guys doing this to me?" I asked while trying and failing to keep the nervous quiver out of voice. "I liked you guys so much. I know I did stupid things, but why didn't you just yell at me and throw me out the door?"

Monica patted my hand and looked at me with those big beautiful blue eyes. "Nancy, you had never done anything like you did last Friday night, had you?"

I shook my head. "No, that was the first time I ever really did anything with anybody."

"You enjoyed it though, didn't you Nancy? You looked so beautiful with Pam. She's really special, isn't she? I've watched that video three times since then and it's so exciting. The last time I watched I... , well you can guess what I did while it played. I'll bet" Monica said smiling wickedly.

"What's going to happen next? How long will this go on? You two could keep the carrot dangling in front of me forever!" I hoped I didn't sound as worried about that as I really was.

Monica shook her head. "Of course not dear, nothing like that. Richard just wants to enjoy you for a while, we both do actually. I promise that I will do everything I can to make sure you never get hurt. Tomorrow night there is a very nice couple coming over and I know you will like them."

"A couple? Look Monica, I'm a virgin. I know that sounds stupid in these times, but I made it this far and I plan on holding on to that until I get married. So if this game of yours gets to that point, I'm out of there and I don't care what you two do about it."

I know that's not a popular idea these days but I made up my mind early in that regard. It wasn't like I couldn't have gotten laid by now either, as pathetic as I've described my life here. Any girl can find somebody to screw them if that's what they want. That was never a problem. Every guy I ever jerked off wanted to fuck me, that much I'm pretty sure of. Most guys will screw anything with a pulse, or at least that's the way it seems.

Monica looked me with total seriousness. "We know you are a virgin. Nancy I swear to you that you will not be violated in that way, that I promise. I think that is a wonderful attitude you have. Now you will be getting the opportunity to explore a whole new world. You will be doing a lot of things, wild and different things, things you might never even have imagined existed. I hope that you are going to be able to learn to relax and enjoy them."

We got up and tossed our cups in the trash, as Monica seemed to be indicating this meeting was about to be over.

"I have to get home at start dinner. Richard will be home pretty soon, because I think his last class is done around three. Aren't you supposed to be in that class, Nancy? Oh, I see, that's why you called when you did. Very clever."

"I was going to just come over but I decided to call instead" I offered.

Monica looked a little flustered. "No that wouldn't have been a good idea Nancy, not if you didn't want Richard to know. Well this was fun dear, I'll see you tomorrow night."

Monica gave me a peck on the cheek and a hug and began to walk away. I caught up to her and stopped her.

"Monica, will I..., will we ever make love?" I asked.

"Is that something you would like to do Nancy?" Monica asked. I nodded vigorously.

"More than anything else in the world" I said with complete candor.

"I'll speak to Richard about that Nancy dear" Monica said softly and walked away. She turned after a few steps and said "I'd like that too."

I felt better than I had all week as I watched Monica leave the mall. At least I knew where I stood now, I suppose. There would be a couple waiting for me tomorrow, that much was certain. What that meant, who knew? Besides Professor Martin, that is.

I found out the next night. I arrived at seven on the dot as usual and went outside and played with the dogs for a time. They lost track of the ball a lot because of all the leaves in the yard. Winter was just around the corner and the crunching leaves under foot would soon be replaced with snow.

Ziggy and Roy got tired eventually and we all went inside. Monica was waiting for me at the door. She was wearing a long sleeved mint green dress and looked ...., you guessed it. She took me downstairs and helped me undress. I was wearing the sweater she had bought me and she told me how great I looked. When I was naked she checked me over. I had shaved almost everywhere before coming over but didn't do the pubes, where some stubble had grown. I was sqeamish about doing that and if they wanted it done then Monica could do it, which she did. I didn't have an orgasm this time, but I enjoyed Monica touching me, especially down there. I thought that shaving down there might be something that once you start, you have to keep doing it, because it had already started to get itchy down there.

Monica made quick work of that, too quick to suit me, and helped me get dressed. After the bra and panties came the white shirt and knee highs. then the plaid blazer and skirt. I really hated this goofy outfit, but at least it had been freshly laundered though, I could tell that much.

Monica led me out to the bar area and made us vodka and tonics. I belted mine down in short order and asked for another. I was developing a taste for these things, not to mention the relaxing effect they seemed to have on me. I felt the soft buzz begin to envelop me as Professor Martin came down the stairs. He was accompanied by a man and woman who were almost as old as he was.

The woman was very tall and slender with short silver hair and was wearing a light blue outfit. The man was a little shorter than she was and slender also. He was almost bald, with just a little gray hair left on the sides. I was introduced to them, Walter and Kay, meet Nancy. They greeted me warmly and Monica made them drinks as well. I motioned for her to give me another, which she did with a raised eyebrow.

This couple were very pleasant and everything, but I was very nervous and it showed. Everybody knew what was going to happen to me except me, and I'm not that big on surprises. We all went over to the other part of the basement and Monica led me over to the bed while Professor Martin spoke to the couple back by the couch.

"Okay Nancy, what Richard wants you to do to is lay down and pretend you are sleeping. Walter is going to come in the room and start touching you, after which you will masturbate him to orgasm" Monica said matter-of-factly.

"Jerk that old guy off?" I said in disbelief.

"Yes dear, now we all know that you know how to do that" Monica said. "Kay will come in after you finish and then you can just sort of roll with the flow."

"How about another vodka and tonic Monica?" I said with a giggle. "Or maybe a vodka and no tonic? I need something to get me in the mood to wiggle Wally's weiner." I was feeling the effects of the drinks I had already downed and was almost enjoying myself.

"Walter. Nancy, his name is Walter, and I think you might have had enough for right now. I'll get you some water, okay?"

Monica set a bottle of baby oil on the stand next to the bed and then went up to join Professor Martin. The lights down near the bed got a little brighter and the rear of the room got darker. Oh brother, this was real weird.

I sprawled out on the bed, closed my eyes and squinted to see what was going on. I heard Professor Martin tell me to lay on my back so I obediently rolled over. I heard a Strauss waltz playing in the background as this Walter guy came over next to the bed. He was wearing boxer shorts and nothing else, and he had one hand inside of them as he looked down at me.

Suddenly the boxers dropped and he stepped out of them. He was pulling at his thing, which was standing straight out. Walter bent down and rubbed my thigh and then slid his hand up under my skirt. After rubbing my thigh Walter then reached down and took my hand and put it on his dick.

Professor Martin told me to wake up and act surprised. Okay, fine by me, so I pretended to be surprised. Walter lays down on the bed and I start jerking him off. He reminded me about the baby oil, so I grabbed it and poured some in my hand and went back to his cock.

He didn't have a very big dick, not that I had seen all that many, maybe 15 or so. Most of the guys I had done this to before had bigger ones than Walter, but this guy was an old geezer. He had a mess of gray hair around his cock and balls. Walter told me to stand up and take my clothes off.

I stood up and began taking off that stupid uniform while he took over the jerking off responsibilities. In a minute I was done and sat back down and resumed pumping his cock, trying to do a good job so it would be over soon. He was playing with my breasts, which he looked like he was crazy about for some reason, cupping and squeezing the little cones. Bent over like I was, they looked as big as they ever would look I guessed.

"Put your mouth on it sweetie" Walter said suddenly while putting his hand on my neck and forcing me down on him. "That's it, struggle a little. Just give it a little suck honey."

Damn right I was going to struggle. Professor Martin's voice came out of the darkness.

"Nancy, please cooperate. Just put your mouth on it and go up and down a few times dear" the professor said sternly.

After a little bit of physical negotiation and pleading from this Walter guy, I found myself bending over and putting the stiff dick in my mouth. The thing was greasy from the oil and had a salty taste. I put my lips around it and went up and down the shaft a couple of times.

It felt strange to be doing this, my head moving up and down this old guy's dick, while he gasped and moaned. Maybe he would have a heart attack if he got real excited, I thought, That gave me the inspiration to try and do a real good job despite my inexperience.

His thing was throbbing and pulsating in my mouth as he forced my head down further on his cock. My hand was clenched tightly around the base of his shaft underneath my mouth, pumping as I sucked while trying to not have to put anymore in than I had to. I remember thinking that this was pretty easy, and it gave an even greater feeling of power than the jerking off did.

Suddenly he moaned and let go of the back of my neck. My head came up just in time as he let out a loud, almost painful sounding groan and semen began oozing out of his dick as I continued to stroke it. It looked kind of like lava coming out of a volcano and just kept flowing out as I pumped him. Most guys had seemed to spurt when they came, as I recalled, but cum was just pouring out of this guy. I looked at his face for the first time and saw the favorable review of my work in his flushed and contorted features. My hand was dripping with cum as my fist slowed its motion to a halt.

As I was reflecting on the fact that I had just given my first blow job, out comes the woman, Kay. She's yelling about me being a little tramp and seducing her husband, stuff like that. Next thing I know she's spanking me on the butt, not hard or anything, but what the hell was this? She knew what I was doing, what was she mad about? Spanking away like crazy while standing over us on the bed. I was glad she was letting up just before her hand hit my butt.

She stopped spanking and takes me by my arm and brings me over to that wooden contraption. She whispers to me that I'm doing great. Doing great? I didn't know what the hell I was doing, but I wished I had either not had any drinks or a dozen of them, because I'm really confused.

My hands get put in these fabric bracelets and my feet get placed in these little things that are like bike pedals, I guess. Kay cranks a handle and the next thing I know, my hands are stretched up over my head and my legs are spread pretty wide. I'm forming a big X with my limbs and I feel cool air coming in down below from being in this position, which surprisingly is not uncomfortable so much as freaky as hell.

"I'm going to teach you to seduce my husband, you little tramp!" Kay screamed as she looked at me standing strapped helplessly on this... whatever the hell it was. Kay then starts taking off her clothes and I suppose she's not in bad shape for a woman who had to be sixty if she was a day. She's as skinny as a rail but she's got a big droopy pair of tits hanging down to her stomach. Damn, am I the only woman in the world without boobs? She's got these enormous purple nipples, the size of which I'd never seen before.

Stretched out like this, what little I have up top completely disappear, which does little for my self esteem. Kay comes over and started plucking at my puffy little nipples, then leans over and sucks and licks them.

A minute later Walter comes over with what looks like clothespins in his hands. I find out what they are for right away as Kay pulls on my right nipple, and then clamps a bright yellow clothespin on it. I got ready to scream but it didn't do more than gently pinch me with very little pressure. My left nipple gets the same treatment with another clothespin. Kay and Walter flick the ends of the clothespins which makes me wince a little.

The clothespins come off and suddenly Kay has a whip in her hand and she starts wailing on me with it. I scream as she brings the whip back, but when thing hits me I can't even feel it. It's only soft plastic but it scared the crap out of me.

"That was good, pretend it hurts, squirm around" Walter whispered to me.

So I wiggle around while Kay whips my chest and thighs with this toy. What next? Can't get any stranger than this, I figured.

Kay stops the whipping and kneels down in front me. I look down and see the silver haired granny lean forward and start to lick the lips of my pussy. Her tongue then begins to dart inside me, not that I have any way to stop her, as my legs are spread open wide. I couldn't think of any reason to stop her either, because to be perfectly honest it felt good. Really good.

Walter was busy up top sucking my nipples while Kay lapped hungrily at my pussy. I felt like I could come at any time but she kept stopping or slowing when I got close, despite my whimpering and pleading. Then Kay stopped altogether and went back over to the table, slipping something on her finger.

I heard a faint humming sound as Kay came back over to me. Her finger went inside me and I jumped when I felt whatever was on her finger vibrate inside of me. Kay rolled that thing around in me and I was squirming and squealing almost immediately. God, what a feeling! I came soon after with a violent shudder that almost sent that whole contraption and me flying. Almost immediately after that came another orgasm that was just as intense as the first one.

As the orgasm faded away somewhat, Kay kept the vibrator slowly working inside me, still working around like before. I felt kind of groggy as I stood suspended there and realized that I was sweating like a pig, as trickles of sweat were rolling down my sides, tickling me as they traveled.

"Could one of you get a towel and dry me off? The sweat's tickling me" I asked them in a loud whisper. Kay and Walter took a step back and looked over the situation, and Walter said something to Kay that I couldn't make out. They then each proceeded to stand next to me, Kay on my right and Walter on my left. They each bent over with their tongues out and caught the trickles of sweat that had gotten down close to my hips. They then proceeded to run their tongues slowly from there up my sides. The vibrator was still humming away inside of me as their tongues went back up through the trails of perspiration, all the way up my sides and under my arms, licking, nibbling and biting away.

Maybe it's one of those things that's better to receive than give, although they seemed to be enjoying nibbling around my sweaty armpits as much as I have to admit I enjoyed them doing it. It might sound bizarre in describing it, but their licking and stroking combined with the ever-present device Kay had humming away inside of me built me up to an incredible level.

After being held at this peak level for what seemed like eternity, I came like a runaway train. The orgasm was so intense I thought for a time that I was going to black out. I was bucking and heaving like a bronco within the confines of the restraints, unable to control myself, as I rode an orgasm that didn't seem to have an conclusion.

I was screaming for her to get the vibrator out of me but Kay kept it in and the orgasms just kept washing over me in waves. It felt like I had wet myself or something but I had no clear idea what was going on because I felt like I was having something like a seizure. When I finally stopped shaking after what felt like forever, I hung there as limp as a rag doll. The only movement were my legs that would not stop shaking, as Kay held the vibrator inside me.

"Please, no more" I begged. "I...I... can't."

Kay finally relented and Walter unstrapped me from the contraption and they both helped me down off the thing and over to the bed, because my legs would not hold me up. I laid down on the bed and almost dropped off to sleep. I could hear the four of them talking in muffled tones around me.

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