tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNancy Porter's Journal: 06

Nancy Porter's Journal: 06


The long delayed sixth installment of Nancy's Journal. Thanks to Literotica for their help, and thanks also to patient readers still around.


1. Another friday night.

My life had begun to revolve around these Friday night... whatever you want to call them. It was going to feel strange to not go to the Professor's house next week, but it would look too weird to my parents for me not to go up to Stowe, Vermont with them for our annual holiday vacation. I got to go skiing so rarely these days that I was really looking forward to it.

When I got to the Professor's place that friday night, I went to the bar with Monica, who made me an especially potent vodka and tonic. I explained to her that I would be going with my family to Stowe early next friday, so I wouldn't be able come over. Monica looked a little alarmed but said nothing, and before long I saw a couple of people get escorted in by the Professor.

"I know that kid!" I said to Monica, who was busy making me another rather strong drink. "He was in that movie, Home Alone!"

The younger of the two guys that came into the room did look a whole lot like Maccauley Culkin, but when he opened his mouth, I could easily tell that he wasn't the real deal. He stuttered worse then I did, or should I say used to. I had begun to realize that I was doing a whole lot less of that lately, which was fine with me.

The kid was tall and thin, and had long dirty blonde hair. He was really cute, but boy was he nervous! He couldn't look me in the eye, but kept blushing and pawing at the rug with his shoes.

The man with him was an old guy, and I was trying to figure out why they would be hanging around together. He wasn't old enough to be his father, he was old enough to be his grandfather, for crying out loud! What a freak show this place was, I thought to myself, as I got introduced to this old coot.

This guy was kind of stocky with gray hair and a thick moustache. He looked sort of like the guy that used to lecture you to eat your oatmeal on those commercials. He was older than white dog shit, even older than the Professor, and he looked at me like he was undressing me with his eyes. The feeling was definitely not mutual, but the kid, well he was a different story.

The way I felt toward this boy was reassuring to me. The way I had been reacting when I had been with all of these women during this period was making me think that I might be a lesbian. So what does this make me, bi?

Monica took me into the room for my weekly grooming. I was also getting a little bit hooked on having my pussy smooth shaven. Whether it was the way it looked and felt, or the fact that Monica was so... special at it, I wasn't sure.

"So what do you two have in store for me tonight?" I asked Monica as she ran the razor artfully around my crotch.

"Well, it's not we, it's the Professor, you know that. It's all his ideas" Monica said with a smile. "I do enjoy seeing you though, Nancy. I think that you and Eric are going to have some fun together."

"Which one is Eric?" I inquired bravely, the vodka kicking in on schedule. "Is it Maccauley Culkin or Wilfred Brimley?"

Monica went into a giggle fit upon hearing that, and although I liked the accepting audience for my attempts at humor, it annoyed me that I was being used like this.

"Honestly Nancy, where do you come up with these things?" Monica chuckled. "I imagine you will be spending most of the time with Eric. He's a handsome young boy isn't he?"

"Yeah, I guess he is" I said. "He looks even younger than me."

"Just turned eighteen, so I guess he is a little younger" Monica said. "He has something else in common with you Nancy."

"Are you guys blackmailing him too?" I asked in a tone that came out a little more snotty than I had intended.

"No, I meant that he's a virgin too, just like you" Monica said with an edge in her voice.

"Well, we're both leaving here the same way" I told her. "That is, unless you're planning on taking him on yourself."

"No, I'll leave that up to you" Monica said as she wiped my silky smooth mound clean. "You remember what you did with Bev last week?"

"Of course I remember" I told Monica. "You mean I'm going to put a fake dick on and screw him?"

"No, but you're going to let him do what Bev did to you" Monica said matter-of-factly. "Won't that be fun?"

Well, what Bev did to me last week was to put a fake dick around herself and proceed to stick it in my ass. What she was proposing was obviously for this Eric kid to put the real thing in me. I did stay a virgin, I supposed, but the line was becoming tough to see. How many things are allowed to get jammed into your ass before you're no longer pure?

"What about Pops?" I said. "Please don't tell me he's involved."

"He will be there to help his gra... friend, as sort of an advisor" Monica said as she got up and got my clothes. "You can do some of those things you've learned to do so well with your mouth. Perhaps you'll enjoy it so much you'll want to do other things."

I made a face at that prospect, and then saw what I was going to be wearing.

"I hate this friggin' outfit. It makes me look like a goofy kid!" I said to Monica, as she helped me on with that school uniform of blouse and plaid skirt.

"Oh, I think it makes you look sexy as can be" Monica said as she finished up with me.

Her seal of approval, in addition to a very nice kiss and a couple of well placed squeezes, put me back in good spirits. So with another drink from Monica, I awaited this Eric kid.

2. OH NO!

After making me cool my heels for a few minutes, the rest of this merry band of perverts came into the room, and the Professor came down to talk to me.

"Okay my dear, what you will do is let them undress you, and then you can undress Eric and do what Monica told you to do" the Professor instructed me before going back to his seat.

I stood in front of Eric, who could not raise his eyes off the ground to save his life. Pops came behind me and rubbed his hands up and down my arms, apparently waiting for Eric to do something.

"Well Eric, aren't you going to tell Nancy how pretty she is? Pops suggested.

Eric tried to tell me, I think, and it tortured me to hear him stammering away like that. It also made me feel good to not be the most terrified one in the group. I put my hands on his, and brought them up to my breasts, because I feared that if I didn't then Pops would start groping me.

He smiled when I pulled his hands tight to my breasts, and he began squeezing them ever so softly through all the clothing.

"Doesn't she have nice breasts Eric?" Pop asked. "Wouldn't you like to see them? All you have to do is unbutton her blouse."

Eric was shaking like a leaf, and was having trouble even touching the button, much less undoing it.

"It's okay," I heard myself saying, while actually trying to comfort the kid, "just relax."

I knew that was easier said than done, but once I steadied his hands, he managed to get a couple undone. He looked so excited that he was actually turning me on. Nobody had ever been all that thrilled about getting my blouse off before, so maybe that was part of the way I felt toward him.

Pops was behind me and pulled the blouse off my shoulders the second it came unbuttoned. He unclasped my bra quickly and soon that was off me as well.

The sight of my little boobs didn't calm Eric down any, but in fact seemed to get him even more excited, making him a guy after my heart for sure. He was squeezing and honking on them in a rather amateurish but charming manner, so much so that I barely noticed Pops had gotten my skirt off and was pulling my panties down.

I stepped out of them and tolerated Pops and his hands squeezing my ass cheeks, while looking at Eric's face as he looked down at what Pops had uncovered.

"Check out Molly's pussy Eric" Pops said gruffly. "What do you think about that sweet thing?"

"Nancy" I corrected Pops softly, still trying to figure out where all this Molly shit was coming from.

"No hair" Eric said in a quivering voice that went up a couple of octaves as he managed those two words.

His hand was visibly shaking as he reached down between my legs and ran his trembling fingers over my smooth mound. I started shaking a little myself as I enjoyed the gentle caressing.

"She's a sweetie, that's for sure Eric" Pops said, as I felt him rub up against my backside, his erection poking rudely between my cheeks. "Get your clothes off so she can get a gander at you. I think you've got something she'll like to look at."

Eric started taking his clothes off with a great deal of self-consciousness. He had a cute body, really slender and smooth looking. When he got down to his boxer shorts, he stood trying to cover up the prominent bulge in his boxer shorts.

"Get them off Eric" Pops demanded, and while I was annoyed at his attitude, I was interested in him doing that too.

He pulled them down while facing away from from me, and only after some more urging from Pops did Eric turn around and take his hands away from his crotch.

The kid had nothing to be ashamed off, that was for sure. His dick was really long, a helluva lot longer than most I'd seen, and while it was skinny, I thought it was really nice looking as far as dicks go. It was hard as a rock and bobbed in front of him as he shifted his weight from side to side.

"Say, what do you think of that hunk of meat, dearie?" Pops asked me in a whisper. "Get close to Molly, Eric. Let her get a better look of that nice long cock of yours!"

He walked toward me tentatively, and I smiled and reached my hand out. My fingers wrapped around his throbbing dick, and as I touched it I could feel its incredible warmth and hardness.

I gave it one little pull and started to tell him how nice I thought his equipment was. Suddenly, he let out a howl. A sound so blood-curdling that I thought I had hurt him. As his face contorted in pain, I felt the warm spray of his cum splatter onto my stomach and thighs. I felt helpless, and all I could do was pull on it a couple more times as he bent over slightly and kept coming all over both of us.

"Shit!" Pops muttered in disgust, as Eric tried to regain his senses.

Eric's face was beet red, from embarrassment as much as excitement, as he looked down at the mess he had made.

"I'm so s... s... sorry" Eric said in a voice so shaken I was afraid he was going to start crying any second. "It's just... t... t... that you're s...s... so beautiful."

Pops started to get on him about his rather quick ending to the activity, but I shut him down quick. Ah, the braveness a little alcohol provides.

"Leave him alone!" I snapped. "It's no big deal."

There was a lot of conversation going on in the back of the room, and soon Monica was coming up to where we were standing.

"Just take care of Eric's... friend for a little while" Monica advised me before heading back to the Professor.

I looked over at Pops, who had stripped down to his boxer shorts already. The old fart had a nasty looking body, with a bunch of sad looking old tattoos and a pot belly. He dropped his shorts when he saw me looking over at him, and he had his cock in his hand, milking it with a sadistic look on his face while beckoning me over to him.

"Come on dearie" he said. "I think I've got what you need right here."

Well, that wasn't really what I needed, I thought when I looked at his cock. He had one of those headless things, which I had decided I didn't much care for, and although his pecker was thicker than Eric's, it wasn't nearly as long or good looking.

I really would have preferred to stay with Eric, and... encourage him back to life, but instead found myself kneeling in front of Pops. I had been nudged rather firmly down there by his hand on my shoulder, which I didn't much care for either.

I took his cock into my mouth, the musky aroma more than matched by the taste. I began sliding my mouth up and down the shaft, and felt Pops hands on the back of my head.

"That's it dearie," Pops moaned, "that's the way to do it. Skin it back so you can work the head. Suck my cock, deeper now ... take it deeper!"

His hands started to force my head down on his pecker, trying to make me take the whole thing in my mouth. When I felt myself start to gag, I gave him a little bite, which made him ease up a little on the pushing.

"Work my balls now Molly" Pops said, as he extracted his cock from my mouth and holding it up, giving me the joy of sucking on my hairy sack.

"Oh, that's it dear... so good... my, what a wonderful cocksucker you are" Pops said as he finally let me go back to his dick, which was only slightly less disgusting than his balls.

"Eric, you like what Molly's doing to me, don't you?" Pops asked the kid. "Seems your delightful cocksucking has gotten Eric's interest, my dear" he said as he withdrew his thing from my mouth.

Sure enough, Eric had his erection back already, and the sight of that far more appealing tool was welcome to me.

"I'll bet you'd like Molly to do that to you, wouldn't you Eric? Pops asked. "So nice to be young, dumb and full of cum" he chortled. "Why don't you go give Eric some of your attention dear? I'll be waiting for more later."

Oh joy, was my only thought as I turned around to face Eric.

"You want Molly to suck your cock, don't you Eric?" Pops said yet again.

"If s... s... she wa... wa... wants to" Eric replied, moving closer to me.

My answer was to reach over and grab Eric's gorgeously long tube by the base and bring it to my lips, letting my tongue dance around the acorn-shaped head before slowly sliding my mouth down the length of his shaft as far as I could go.

"Oooooooohhhhhh no!" I heard yet again, as Eric's knees buckled and I felt his dick blast away into the recesses of my throat. I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him close to me, trying not to gag as he blew his wad down my throat.

Another first for me, as I kept sucking on his withering tool long after he was spent. Anything was better than going back to Pops. It was a good thing my mouth was full too, because I heard Pops giving Eric an earful about his latest misstep.

"What the hell is the matter with you, Eric?" Pops scolded him, as I continued to work over his spent dick. "You're supposed to let her suck that thing for awhile before you cum!"

"I'm s... s... sorry" Eric said, now more upset than ever despite my working over his dick furiously.

"There must be something wrong with..." was as far as Pops got before I cut him off.

"Shut the fuck up and leave the kid alone!" I snapped at Pops.

Surprisingly he did, and I went back to work on Eric, who was speechless as well. I was pretty pleased of myself, knowing full well that making the kid feel worse was only going to screw him up more. That's how kids like him end up like that, and I knew that from painful experience.

I looked up at Eric through the little tuft of hair above his pecker, and smiled as best I could with my mouth full of limp dick. He looked relieved and began to run his hands through my hair. Gently, and not forcing my head on himself, but more like guiding it up and down. I could feel his cock begin to stir a little bit, and I enjoyed feeling the shaft begin to harden ever so slightly in my mouth.

I started to squeeze his dangling nut sack with my hand, and the moans and squirming that followed really turned me on. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Pops jerking off next to us, and tried to ignore him.

"That's it Molly" Pops said as he watched me work on Eric's sick. "Make his dick nice and big again. Make it hard so he can stick it in your tight little ass."

That reminder sobered me up a bit, as I tried to imagine what this was going to be like. I had already gotten introduced to that entrance with a fake one. What was this going to be like with the real deal? At the rate Eric was getting aroused again, it wouldn't be too long before I was going to find out.

3. Here comes Eric.

The kid was getting stiff again really fast, which seemed impossible after already getting off twice in the space of a half hour. Eric started moaning again and so I let up on his dick. I must have been getting pretty good at sucking dick, and I have to admit that I sort of liked it, especially Eric's.

The Professor said something from the back of the room that I couldn't hear, and then I was being helped to my feet and brought over to the bed. I was a little unsteady walking, the result of drinking a little too much I supposed.

Pops was on the bed, laying there slowly moving his fist up and down his cock as he looked at me. I shuddered at the sight and turned my attention back to Eric, who had a condom in his hand and was trying to unwrap it.

"Here, let me help you" I said, taking it from him and ripping open the package. My sex education class was going to pay off, as I remembered having to put one of these things on a prop.

After learning how to do that, I went to the health center and got some more of them. I remembered how cool I felt asking the nurse for them, like I was really going to have sex or something. I took them home and played games in my room with bananas, pretending that I was with my husband and we were going to make love on our wedding night. How long ago that all seems, and how goofy I was.

Now I had a rubber in my hand and was going to put it on a boy's dick, who was then going to stick it in my butt. My hands were shaking, but way less than Eric's, whose knees were knocking as well, so I thought it might be faster if I tried to do it.

I rolled it out a little and put it on the end of his dick, which was leaking goo already. I slowly rolled it down over his crown, and when I got over the ridge of the head and started down the shaft, Eric let out a familiar moan. I stopped right away and got up off my knees. Eric stood there with his eyes screwed shut, trying not to come.

"It's okay Eric" I said quietly, putting my hand on his shoulder. "Did you...?"

He shook his head no, which I was happy to see. Another quick ending and Pops would start bitching again. Next time, I might have to kick his ass, I figured, smiling at the thought of that.

"Think of something else for a few minutes, Eric" I suggested, trying to lighten the tension. "Something less fun than this."

"O... o... okay" Eric managed to get out.

"I know you're nervous" I told him. "I am too. I've never done this with a boy before."

"Really?" Eric said, and I nodded reassuringly, not bothering to mention Bev.

"Really. I'm scared too, but I'm looking forward to it" I said, only half truthfully. "I'm glad it's going to be with a cute guy like you."

He seemed to be stunned to hear a compliment, and I knew that Eric and I were a lot alike. We weren't used to being told we were good looking, or worth a shit by the real world. He was reacting to the kindness much like I did, so I continued.

"You just have to control what you're feeling, and try to think of something else when you feel like you're going to have an orgasm" I said confidently, becoming a virgin Dr. Ruth all of a sudden.

I tried to unroll the rubber down the rest of his shaft while distracting him with some more talk.

"You okay?" I asked as I got the rubber all the way down the length of his cock. "There, that wasn't so tough, was it?"

"N... n... no, I guess n... n... not" Eric said. "I just c... c... can't believe I'm actually here with you."

I guessed he meant that he never thought he would be with a girl, because I never even saw the kid before tonight.

"Well, we're together, and I guess you're going to be my first boy that puts his thing in my bottom. Are you going to be gentle? Because you have a very long penis, and I don't want you to hurt me too much with it."

Master psychologist that I was becoming, that praise had the desired effect. I was directed to get on to bed on all fours, with my head over Pops' cock. Oh brother. The vision of that cock head sliding in and out of sight as he pulled on it distracted me from Eric, as he inserted a lubricated finger into my ass.

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