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Nancy Remembers Ch. 03


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She felt exuberant and sexy as she walked to the car. She wondered how she could endure two brutal spankings, an ass fucking and still feel this horny. She opened the car door and sat down briskly before realizing how sore her butt was. She cried out in pain, then looked to see if anyone was in the parking lot that could have heard her. She was lucky.

She wasn't too happy about the upcoming week's events but it would be worth it to keep her Master satisfied. The thought of convincing her bedmate to spank her harder than his last brutal assault of her derriere wasn't going to be easy. They had lived together almost two years and yesterday was the first time he had spanked her that hard.

She did look forward to the part where she would suck his cock after each spanking. She hoped he was up for a cocksucking session every day for the next week. He wasn't as interested in sex as she had been, maybe a once a week was good for him but she had desires more often than that. Of course now that she was meeting her Master again she had desires of daily or maybe a couple of times a day.

In fact thinking back about her desires she began to realize that dressing for her Master made her have desires; even letting her observer see her masturbate got her really hot. She hadn't really had this undying need for cock until her boyfriend had brutally spanked her Thursday night. From that moment on she was ready to take cock anywhere she could find it -- she was a cock slave or so she was beginning to think. Now driving home after so many fine orgasms with anal sex she had been wondering how she could still feel horny but the situation was becoming clear now -- the last thing her Master had done to her was spank her much harder than her boyfriend had the night before -- here she was on her way home and she was horny again. Another thought popped into her mind, she looked down and realized she was fingering her clit as she drove.

She drove into the driveway and noticed her bedmate wasn't home yet. She hoped she could convince him to spank her every day for the next week but there was a lot of doubt here. First of all he tended to be a wimp when it came to forcing her to do something. Second he had never really liked it when he spanked her. He did it because he knew she liked it but erotic spanking was normally all he would do. She was thinking that if (and that was a big if) she could convince him to spank her very hard again that he might decide she had been put through enough and want to let her off easy. She knew she couldn't afford that, Master had made it clear that her butt should be as bruised next Friday as it was tonight or she would suffer the consequences -- his consequences were always worse than not doing as he said.

She exited the car but noticed that her cunt juice was all over the seat, thankfully they were leather so it wouldn't stain. It made her realize how horny she was and by the time she walked in the front door she could feel how wet her thighs were getting. She wanted to get upstairs and clean up before doing anything else so she started upstairs. About half way up she heard her son at the bottom.

"Wow, mom that sure is a short skirt" commented her son as she stopped dead in her tracks, "but is sure makes you look sexy."

Standing on the stairs she wondered just how much he saw. She knew that if she didn't move all he would see was her thighs and possibly the base of her cheeks but if she moved he would defiantly see she had a bruised butt and no panties so she just turned her head and said, "Why thank you dear. I'll be down in a minute but now I just have to go to the bathroom." Her son turned to walk away and she proceeded up the stairs. Reaching the top landing she heard him again but she quickly walked out of sight so he couldn't get a better glimpse of her.

In the bathroom she took a washcloth and wiped the cunt juice from her thighs -- funny she was now regularly referring to it as cunt juice rather than what she previously called it, vaginal secretions. She stripped out of her clothes and was going to put on her short robe with a pair of panties but just as she pulled tight the cord on the robe she remembered her Master had told her she was never to wear panties under any circumstances. She though this really couldn't count but then decided not to chance it. She went to her closet and got her robe that came to slightly above her knees and put that on.

Downstairs she was cooking up some supper when her son came into the kitchen. "Did you eat or should I fix something for you too?" she asked.

"I ate but I'm getting hungry again so I'll eat whatever you fix," he replied. He sat at the table and watched her cook.

She put enough together for the two of them and then asked, "any word from my bedmate?"

"Yea, he called and said he wouldn't be home until after nine so he would grab something on the way in." then he paused as if he had more to say but was hesitant. "Gee mom you should have left your outfit on instead of changing, it sure made you look sexier that that crummy old robe. I guess you were wearing a thong because I couldn't see anything when you walked upstairs."

That hit her like a ton of bricks. She felt awkward talking about sex with her son now that he was 18 and had probably fucked a girl or two. "Yes dear, women have to wear thongs when they wear such short skirts." She didn't dare disclose that she had no panties on when he saw her climbing the stairs. This discussion was getting too involved on sex and she could feel her loins getting wet again.

She put out two plates with food and said, "Is that enough food for you?" she asked.

"Sure that is fine." He looked at the food and started eating. After a few bites he looked at her and said, "Do you have a new boyfriend you are fooling around with?"

She was so startled that she dropped her fork and it flew across the kitchen. "No sweetie, certainly not. What makes you ask that?" she replied as she crossed the kitchen to get the fork and wash it off.

"Well, I have noticed lately you have been dressing sexier and sexier every day and then you were late tonight with no warning. Not only that but the guys at school have commented on how sexy your dressing and have asked if you were having an affair."

She had bent to pick up the fork and realized she had forgotten to turn away from her son, too late she could feel the cold air on her wet pussy. She picked up the fork and fumbled it again so it fell to the floor for a second time.

"God Mom, you don't have any panties on and how did your butt get so bruised." He stated.

She turned red at his comment but couldn't think of a way to steer this conversation out of the gutter. "Well, I fell and bounced down a couple of stairs at work so my buttocks got a pretty good bruising." She replied hoping this would end the discussion. "I undressed upstairs and put on my night robe so that is why I have no panties on" she concluded as she squatted to pick up the fork so he couldn't see up her robe this time.

He laughed and said "and no bra either."

"Well haven't you seen your mother naked before?" she asked knowing the answer.

"Yes, once when I heard you scream out and I went to see what was wrong. Nothing was wrong you were just fucking yourself with the vibrator and came too loudly. That was funny by the way." He chuckled with a smile and added, "that was really arousing too, I had to go to my room to cool down."

She kept digging the whole deeper, now she finds out her son masturbated to seeing her naked. "Ok but your at that age where boys get horny over nothing. And besides, what is the big deal about seeing your mother naked, I've seen you naked lots of time, last time was less than 6 months ago so maybe it is only fair for you to see me naked."

"Ok, Ok. I know it is no big deal for me to see you naked but you're my mother. But what has been happening lately has me worried that you really are having an affair. From my perspective I see my mother who didn't mind walking around in bra and panties, even when she had her robe on. Then I notice that she is starting to wear shorter skirts to work, and this morning I saw you in the shortest skirt ever, plus I don't think you wore a bra today. Then today you're late and don't call, just unheard of for you. Then I catch you sneaking up the stairs with no panties under that micro skirt -- and yes I could see your wet pussy from where I was. Add that all up from my viewpoint and it smells like your fucking someone else on the side. So who are you fucking mom?"

"Ok dear but this isn't a discussion I want to be having with my 18 year old son. Who I have sex with shouldn't be of concern to you. I am sure you have plucked a cherry or two but I don't interrogate you about it. Now let's just drop it." She chastised him. She stood at the table and leaned over and kissed him.

"No mom. This is important to me because it isn't the only thing I know about either. I know those bruises on your ass aren't from a fall down a couple of steps -- especially since there aren't any steps in the building you work in. I know you like to be spanked, I heard it Thursday night, and you were being spanked. I heard you begging and pleading and crying your eyes out and after the spanking stopped I heard you moaning at the computer, not moans of pain more of passion. Are you keeping a blog about your spankings? Please stop lying to me, I know I don't know a lot about sex but I am trying to learn so help me out here." He talked honestly.

"Ok, no more lies. Yes I am seeing another guy. Yes I do like to be spanked. I used to think I only liked the erotic type spanking but Thursday night when my bedmate got mad and really spanked me hard I began to understand that the real hard spanking made me really horny. Now are we finished talking about sex?" Her question went unanswered because about that time her bedmate came in the front door. She went back to finishing her meal and her son sat there at his empty plate acting like nothing was happening. She finished, picked up the dishes and put them in the sink.

"Hi dear, did you get something to eat or would you like me to fix something?" she said to her bedmate as he came into the kitchen.

"No thanks. I'm exhausted so I am going to take a shower and turn in," was his short reply.

She began to panic now. If he went to bed now how was she going to get him to spank her again? "Oh please don't. I wanted to talk to you a little later. You know, about my behavior last night. I need to apologize and talk about my behavior so I don't do that again."

He looked disappointed but replied, "No. It's ok. I understand about frustrating days at work and I am sorry I was so rough on you last night. I'm just going to take my shower and hit the rack."

She was in trouble now but couldn't show it so she pleasantly replied, "Ok, you go take your shower and I'll be up in a few minutes to make sure you get to bed properly." She was devising a plan, maybe get him started on a blowjob then get him to spank her before he went to sleep. This wasn't the best plan because she already knew her son had heard him spanking her yesterday and she didn't want that to happen again. If he spanked her this early her son would still be up and defiantly hear them. She thought, well I'll work on the plan as time goes on.

A few minutes after he went upstairs she followed and closed the bedroom door. She could hear the shower running so she dropped her robe to the floor and walked naked into the bathroom. She opened the shower door and stepped in. He was shocked to see her but when she stepped in letting her naked body rub him he started to smile. She smiled back thinking that her plan was working better. His cock started to come to life so she knelt down to massage his balls and suck his cock. Funny she thought, his is so much smaller than Master. She had always told herself that size didn't matter it was how they used it that mattered. She had him rock hard in a flash so she stopped to soap his chest and wash his body. Soaping his chest she whispered in his ear, "I am so sorry about last night and you were right to spank me so hard. You should have spanked harder and longer but I plan to make up for that this week." She was now soaping his cock, giving it a stroke here and there to keep it hard.

"That is quite an attitude change from last night," he said. "What caused the change," he asked.

"As I sat so uncomfortably at work today I realized how I had taken the frustrations of work out on you by being a total bitch. Even though my butt will be sore for days I need you to spank me again so I don't forget the lesson. In fact I want you to spank me every night until next week just to make sure I learn my lesson. And as a special thank you for teaching me this lesson I promise to give you a great blowjob for taking such good care of me." She looked into his eyes and smiled saying, "Is it a deal?"

His cock was rock hard but he managed to say, "Wow, how can a guy turn down a deal like that?"

Her heart was pounding; she was going to get her way. She didn't much like the idea that her son would probably hear her spanking, begging and crying but it was better than the alternative. She did just enough to keep his cock hard until she stepped out of the shower. She didn't even wait to dry off, she ran naked and wet into the bedroom. She pulled out the bench he had used to spank her, pulled out a hard wood paddle they hadn't used in over a year and set it on the bench. She stood to the right side of the bench and was waiting for him as he came out of the bathroom. He had put shorts on for bed but she could still see his cock hadn't lost interest.

He looked at her standing there smiling like a happy child, looked at the bench and the paddle. "Holy cow, you're really serious about this getting spanked all week long. I would be happy with just a couple of blow jobs in that timeframe."

She smiled and said, "Yes I am serious and you get one hell of a cocksucking time after every spanking!" She said this in a very gleeful and happy voice.

He walked over to the bench, picked up the paddle and sat down. He whacked his hand with the paddle and said, "This is a pretty rough paddle to be used on such a delicate behind. Well lets get this over with I can use the blow job. By the way when did you start saying cocksucking instead of blowjob?"

She didn't want to give anything away so she said, "Cocksucking must have been just a slip of the tongue." Then she proceeded to lower her body over his knees and grasp the legs of the bench, saying "Thank you sir. Thank you for spanking me. Thank you so much."

As she lay across his lap he got his first look at her bruised butt. Of course he had no idea her Master had beaten it raw tonight he just thought it was from last night's spanking. He dropped the paddle and said, "My god, look at how black and blue your hinny is. I can't believe I did that to you and you want more. No way am I going to spank you that hard any more. I can't even look at it without feeling sorry for you. I am so sorry hon but this isn't going to happen. Maybe after it heals we can talk about it." With that he lifted he off his lap and sat there with a look of horror on his face, like he blamed himself for this.

Her heart skipped a beat or two as she found her plan coming apart. She thought as she stood beside him. Maybe she better use her womanly wiles on him. She knelt between his legs and reached into his shorts. Maybe a good cocksucking would bring him around. She pulled his cock out, it was shriveled up so she put it in her mouth to try and bring it back to life. He pulled her head off his cock and looked into her eyes. Tears were streaming down his cheeks and said, "I am so sorry for hurting you like that. I can't let you suck me tonight. In fact we are not having sex until every bruise is healed on your posterior before I will touch you again."

Totally crushed, she just knelt there an wept. Her plan to get spanked daily had evaporated; her plan to be able to suck cock after each spanking was destroyed too. He proceeded to bed and she decided to take her vibrator and go downstairs for some private relief. She tiptoed past her son's bedroom door and continued downstairs. That trip downstairs turned out to be another adventure in her life.

Monday morning came and she showered and got ready for work as usual. As instructed by her mystery man she wore a skirt that almost came down to the knees. The trip to drop he son off at school was met with compliments by her son on how nice she was dressed, consevative but sexy. The day at the office was normal in routine and the only enjoyment she got was when she spread her legs under her desk. She could see her observer straining to see up her skirt. She was sure it was long enough that there wasn't any light to show her cunt. She added a little excitement to it by reaching under her desk, pulling the skirt up so she could finger herself. Her observer was watching intently so she spread her legs extra wide so he got more light to see by. She loved this; exhibitionism was definitely becoming a favorite thing for her. She even waved and smiled at the guard as she left work.

Tuesday was more of the same except that her skirt was two and half inches shorter. It was only supposed to be two inches shorter but she didn't have a skirt like that so she did the next best thing without having it too long. As she drove her son to school he did mention that her skirt was sure getting shorter as the days passed. Her skirt was short enough she kept the attention of her observer all day. Because she had grown to love exhibitionism so much she loved it, as her skirts got shorter (and so did he she assumed). Leaving work she raised her skirt so she could finger her clit, she drove by the guard very slowly. She was sure he got an eyeful.

Wednesday was hump day (she laughed at how true the expression was). Her skirt was again two inches shorter than Tuesday's skirt. As she walked to her desk the observer was already at his desk, polishing his trophy, and gave her a thumbs up for her skirt. She knew she would knock his pants off today, she was too horny today to wait the two hours between masturbating so he was likely to get views on an hourly basis. On the way home this day the second guard stopped her and asked her to pull into the inspection area. Her car was the one they were randomly inspecting. As she pulled into the area her finger fucking guard friend came over to do the inspection. She had a feeling he was going to inspect a lot more than her car. She was right but that is really a separate story from this about her mystery man.

Thursday her skirt was very short but quite decent looking. Her son made his morning comment about her skirt getting shorter as the week progressed. He did, however, ask her to take a little longer letting him off. He wanted some of his friends to see how good she looked in a short skirt. She felt flattered by the comment but she wondered why all of a sudden he wanted attention from his classmates. With her new love for exhibitionism she was more than willing to show off her legs. It never hurt to help a young stud get hard looking. Then off to work she went.

When she got to her desk she checked for her observer but he wasn't in yet. She found a note from him asking her to call him and gave the number. She would do that later in the day.

About 11am the guard came buy and told her they were doing random searches of purses and she was one of those selected. Yea, right she thought but it turned out to be another story in her cock slave life. When she returned to her desk she sat gingerly and it would have been obvious to anyone watch that there was a lot more discomfort in sitting than she had shown earlier that day but she still had a smile on her face.

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