tagBDSMNancy Turns the Tables

Nancy Turns the Tables


Nancy & Ron an outwardly happy couple in their mid-thirties,were both writers. When they were first married Ron’s books sold well and made a comfortable living for them. Although Nancy’s books sold, the check amounts were miniscule and far between. There not being much demand for Ozark cooking recipes. Ron was very fond of saying that he who brings home the bacon,calls the shots.

Lately Ron had been having a bit of a slump called writer’s block and it had been two frustrating years since he had sold anything. Nancy on the other hand had just received an advance in the amount of $1,000,00 dollars and an offer to write a weekly column for an up and coming women’s magazine.

Brimming with her good news she had went down the hall to Ron’s office to tell him of her good fortune and stopped in her tracks. The door to his office was cracked open and she could hear Ron and his publisher Joe on the speakerphone, “ look Ron the last three pieces you sent in were total and unadulterated crap” said Joe. “ My boss said no more advances until you give us something good”.

“I understand but Joe you know I’m good for it I’m just going through something right now”. “Well listen Ron when you finish going through whatever it is you’re going through give me a call” with that he hung up. Nancy could tell by his sigh of defeat that Ron was on the ropes, so hoping her news would cheer him up she opened the door and said,”look honey our money troubles our over I just got a commitment for a column a week!”.

Joe raised his head and with sarcasm dripping from his voice said,”you mean your money troubles are over”. As he gazed at her check his look turned dark and hateful. With a venom she felt was uncalled for Ron then said, “why don’t you go out and do some shopping”. Hurt, Nancy ran from the room and back down the hall.

Once again in her own office, she wiped away the tear that was trying to crawl down her cheek and made up her mind that right then and there she was going to make a change. Always before in their marriage and in their home, Ron had been the dominating one and she had been the shrinking violet. Well no more,grabbing her purse,coat, hat and her new check she went out the door intent on a new course of action.

It was early evening when she returned home, finding Ron curled up on the couch as usual. Repairing to her bedroom,she hurriedly changed her clothes retrieving an item she had recently purchased at a out of the way boutique,returning to the living room she raised the headmaster’s paddle in her hand and brought it down hard on the butt cheeks of the sleeping Ron startling him awake with alarcrity.

“What the fuck” said Ron as the sting of the paddle brought him fully awake. “Get up you bastard” she said and immediately brought the paddle down again this time on the side of his face. Grabbing his smarting cheek Ron said “hey baby what did I do, why are you beating me?”. “Don’t baby me” she said “I left here a good four hours ago and you’ve done nothing” “I,I,” he stammered.

“I hell, the dishes aren’t washed ,the rug needs vacuuming, and you have the nerve to lay here and sleep” she fumed. As the shock of the paddle began to wear off, Ron’s eyes swelled slightly as he noticed the new way his mousy wife was now dressed. She wore a tight black leather corset, with black garters,black thigh level lace-up boots with at least a three inch stiletto heel.

Her breasts were brimming out of the corset top and she was pantiless,her shaved pubic mound winking at him sideways. “Get on your knees” she said. Now always before in their lovemaking Ron had fleetingly considered her needs and only attended to them in a cursory fashion. Snidely throwing his “I bring home the bacon” epithet in her face as if it was a valid explanation for his ignoring her.

Remembering this she said,”I bring home the bacon now,you fuck so crawl on over here and lick my pussy,and you better lick it good or there’ll be hell to pay”. Ron obediently began to crawl towards her, all the while his mind was churning with thoughts of this bewildering turn of events. He had never thought his mousy little Nancy would ever develop a backbone and turn on him like this. He needed a way to make everything go back to the way it used to be.

He wanted to be the one in charge, the one giving the orders. He just couldn’t think of a way right now to do it,so he figured he’d better play along and look for an opening out of this mess. All of a sudden he was at her pussy lips,not wanting to get hit again he began to lick. Tentatively at first, and then as he felt his erection began to grow in his pants he attacked it with more gusto. Licking her clit and then taking it in his mouth he began sucking it, and sticking his tongue inside her pussy as far as he could.

Really getting into it now Nancy grabbed the back of his head and began grinding her pussy against his face harder and harder. Ron had never eaten her pussy this good before and she was determined to get the most out of it. Tensing slightly she stiffened and began coming,as he tried to pull away she whacked him on his butt again and said “drink all of that come baby,suck out my pussy juice”.

When he was finished she released him and said, “now take off your clothes”. As he removed his clothing Ron thought “now I’ll get my chance she can’t resist my big meaty cock” Once he was naked Nancy knew the time to break his spirit was at hand,she could sense the wheels turning in his head as he thought of a way to get control of the situation.

“Okay back down on your knees, and don’t give me any guff or you’ll feel the studded side of this paddle” she said. Caressing the side of his buttocks with the paddle she said, “take your eyes out of mine look at the floor”. Looking at the design of the rug Ron thought “what was she going to do next?”. He didn’t have long to wait as he felt something wet and slippery rubbing his anus and pressing in.

Jerking around he started to say something and received a paddle slap on his ass, “don’t move you bastard”. Nancy was greasing him up for another indignity,and couldn’t afford for him to balk now. Reaching into her shopping bag she removed an enormous buttplug and began easing it in to his asshole an inch at a time.

As he started to pull away she shoved it all the way in. “Ow” cried Ron, “ that hurts” as his spincter tried to contract around the enormous intrusion which was now firmly lodged in his asshole and could only be removed with a good amount of force. “Good,now get up” she said. Ron got up and began whimpering “it’s too big I feel stuffed and It’s uncomfortable. “Shut up and go wash those dishes”.

Surprised Ron looked at her “but I thought we were going to, you know” “I know what you thought but I bring home the bacon and I said wash the dishes”. Confused Ron went into the kitchen, “here he was buck naked with a butt plug in his ass washing dishes” he thought. “ Why wasn’t she having sex with him like she was supposed to?”

Nancy knew that she would have a tough time trying to make this wonderful feeling of dominance last ,unless she added some reward with the punishment,as her mother used to say a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Sneaking up behind him as he stood at the sink, she grabbed his swollen penis and began to stroke it. Sighing Ron turned a little sideways and she knelt and began to fellate him.

Sucking his cock into her mouth with long deep strokes, almost deep throating him. Alternating those with licks and laps around the head and under the glans. Cupping his balls with one hand she reached down with her tongue and butterfly licked the sensitive spot on the underside of his balls. He began to moan and pump his hips in response to her sucking. Slowly she began twirling the plug and tapping it lightly. She could feel him start to tremble,with anticipation. Getting closer and closer to release.

As soon as she felt his balls tighten and become taut, she stopped and said, “if you’ve finished the dishes you can meet me in the bedroom”. Almost beside himself with lust Ron didn’t know what to make of his wife’s new demeaner and was at a loss to explain the changes in her. Neverthrless he quickly finished up with the dishes and almost ran to the bedroom at least as much as he could run with the damnable butt plug stabbing him in the ass.

When he got to the bedroom, he saw the room was dark almost cavelike as his eyes tried to adjust to the dimness,he heard his wife say “crawl over here and crawl up on to the bed, I don’t want you to stand up at any time, at no time will you be taller than me. Is that understood?” Nodding his head he said “Yes mistress”, “that’s a good boy, now come here”she said. Crawling across the floor made the butt plug move from side to side inside his ass and caused his erection to turn purple around it’s swollen head.

Once upon the bed he sensed her moving behind him and then she grabbed the end of the plug and pulled it out . It made a swishing noise and a plop as it left his asshole wide open and vulnerable. Before he could think what she planned to do next, he felt what he thought was the plug again entering his ass, only it never stopped entering him and then he realized it was a dildoe. It’s length and girth filling him completely. The feeling was wonderful,and he didn’t want it to stop.

Turning his head he could see it’s long black length and thick girth as she pushed it into him in smooth even strokes. What he didn’t know was that the end of the dildoe was buried six inches deep on the inside of his wife’s pussy and she was experiencing almost the same pleasure from her thrusts as he was. Moaning slightly, she pushed it into his asshole harder and harder. His manpussy making squishing sounds,as her belly slapped against his butt cheeks.

Try as he might he had to admit that it was indeed pleasureable and was forcing him to the brink of a mind blowing orgasm. Which he couldn’t hold from back even though the method was embarrassing him to no end. Unsnapping the dildoe from the harness Nancy continued pumping it in and out of his ass,as she bent down and encircled his near bursting erection in her mouth and as he came she sucked every drop of seed out of his cock draining him and exhausting her.

The dildoe,however wouldn’t come out easily, and as she tried to remove it he realized his erection wasn’t going away. “Hold on a minute” he said. “Leave it there” he grunted as he swung her around and mounted her from behind. In the full length mirror near the bed he could see his swollen cock going in and out of her drenched pussy as the thick black length of the dildoe reflected shiningly as it protruded from his asshole. Nancy started to stop him, but the waves of orgasmic bliss had begun to wash over her and she could only moan in pleasure.

With a loud grunt Ron started coming and coming and coming as it felt like rivers of sperm gushed out of his swollen cockhead. Ron had never felt so satisfied before in his life.nor had he ever felt so humiliated,dominated and generally embarrassed. As he sheepishly looked at his panting and exhausted mate, the dildoe chose that moment to slide out of his asshole with a resounding pop. In total exhaustion, they both collapsed on the bed.

Turning to Nancy Ron said, “look honey I know I was a shit ,and I promise never to behave like that again”he said. It’s alright sweetie I won’t hold it against you, but you know whoever brings home the bacon” she said smiling and smacked him open handed on his bare ass. With that they simultaneously drifted off to sleep. Ron with a puzzling frown creasing his face,didn’t know what to make of that last comment. So he forgot about it for now and let the drowsiness overtake him in a blanket of cozy warmth.

It was eight o’clock,and the ringing which woke her up turned out to be the phone. It was her best friend and next door neighbor Cindy. “What’s shakin’ girl” said Cindy. “Have I got news for you,come over for coffee soon as you clear the cobwebs okay”. “okay” said Nancy as she put up the phone and looked at Ron. He was sleeping like a baby,still naked and his anus had an angry reddish hue to it. Bending over him and examining it closely,she saw he was none the worse for wear.

Making up her mind she got up and went into his closet and removed all of his clothes.Checking her shopping bag she removed another item from it and placed it on the bed alongside his sleeping form. Then she got her trusty paddle and woke him up with a smart smack on his exposed ass flesh. Ron jumped up, groggily wiping sleep from his eyes with one hand and rubbing his stinging ass cheek with the other.

“I thought we was done with all of that” he slurred sleepily. “This is a brand new day in our lives and in our marriage” she told him. “I’m not going to let you fall into a rut thinking last night was a fluke, or some aberrant behavior on my part” she said. “You will do as I say or you will be whipped” she said. “I may decide to punish you if you don’t live up to my expectations,and I may punish you even if you do”.

“Now listen closely,I’ve taken all your clothes and you will wear this from now on” she said as she pointed to a small,frilly woman’s apron lying next to him on the bed. “I want to see this house picked up and everything shining like new money when I get back”. He started to ask her where she was going, but thought better of it remembering how swiftly she delivered the smack to his tender ass cheeks. “Yes dear” he said as he picked up the apron and began to put it on. “Oh and make sure the plug is back in when I return”.

Getting in her car, Nancy made a big show of driving away. In reality she didn’t want him to know she was only going next door. This way she could spy on him and see how things were going. She parked around the corner and snuck back through the neighbor’s hedges two doors down,out of sight of her own windows.

Cindy met her at her back door and was about to greet her when she put a finger to her lips,”shush, I don’t want Ron to know I’m here” she said. “Well” said Cindy “I wanted to tell you about a new boutique I found the other day”. “Been there,done that” said Nancy. “Now listen to my news,I’ve started Dominatrix discipline training on Ron and it’s working like a charm”.


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