tagIncest/TabooNasty Little Sister Ch. 07

Nasty Little Sister Ch. 07


It was a little disconcerting sitting there on my mother's bed, dressed in my little sister's pink panties, while Kelly and my mother giggled about what I could only describe as Kelly's 'hand job training'.

Our mother had so casually suggested she could give my sister some tips on how to give a good hand job, and then the next thing I knew, it appeared she and Kelly were agreeing to it and drawing me into their agreement. While I knew the nasty wish list my sister and I put together called for Kelly to spend an hour each day learning the craft of a good hand job and a good blow job, I seriously didn't expect my mother to be her teacher. Of course, I saw myself in the teacher role, but, as it appeared, our mother was about to take that job from me.

"So," she began, as she sat up and looked at my little sister, "the first thing you need to figure out when you give your man a hand job is, uh...... well.... where he's going to ejaculate."

Mom went on to tell Kelly that it wouldn't be good to get down to the point of orgasm and not know what to do with the man's sperm. "There are lots of options," Mom said, "you can use a tissue, or if you're in bed you can just let him squirt it on himself, or on the sheets, or even on you." She said smiling. "And, of course, you can always use your mouth." Mom said, looking over at me and giggling.

Somehow, hearing my mother say all these words just seemed wrong. Okay, I fully admit I peeked on my mother while she masturbated herself that night in her darkened room, and I also admit I jacked myself while I watched her. And I can bring myself to admit that watching her turned me on to the point that I had a pretty good orgasm. But, I couldn't see my mother as a sexual partner. It's not that she's wasn't good looking, or that she didn't have a good body -- she was a beautiful woman and had a fantastic body. But, she was my mother -- and more importantly, she was my father's wife. It just seemed wrong, that's all.

Kelly, my little sister, was a different issue all together. She was close to my age and even though she was my sister, she wasn't attached, she was obtainable, she turned me on immensely and I had genuine feelings for her. Yes, she was my sister -- the same sister I'd already committed incest with. But, damn, I loved Kelly. I felt it deep inside me, and the fact that I loved her outweighed the fact she was my little sister.

"For now," mother said to Kelly, "we'll just keep it simple. We'll let Kyle squirt it on himself. That'll make clean up easy -- we can just use a wash cloth. We can talk about the other options when the man orgasms at our next lesson, but, for now, we'll just let him get himself all messy."

I swallowed hard when I heard that. If there was any question what my mother had in mind now, it was cleared up when she used my name and said they'd just let me cum all over myself. My sister looked at me with her eyes opened wide and I could see her biting her lips trying not to smile. I started to turn red, and that caused Mom to giggle as she reached out to pat my hand again, saying, "There's nothing to worry about, Kyle. I've already seen you naked, and, with an erection. I give you my word you're going to enjoy this, and I guarantee you'll thank me later."

Mom looked back at my sister and began speaking again, saying, "Okay, so now that we know where your brother is going to ejaculate, the next thing to decide is how the two of you are going to be positioned. Right now, let's just have him lie down here on the bed in a comfortable position with several pillows behind his head so he can watch. And that's very important to remember, Kelly. All guys like to watch. Men are very visual, so always keep that in mind for any hand job, blow job, or anything sexual for that matter."

Mom told Kelly to fluff up the pillows and get me comfortable while she went downstairs to get her cell phone in case Dad called.

As Mom left the room, Kelly burst out laughing as she said, "you should have seen your face a few minutes ago, Big Brother. I thought you were going to have a melt down when she said you were going to squirt all over yourself."

"Kelly," I said, in a serious tone, "you know where this is going, don't you? She thinks she's going to teach you step by step how to jack me off. And, I mean right here and right now..... like this was hand job school, or something."

"Yeah, I know." Kelly answered. "I think it's a great idea. Look, I'm a woman and so is she. If she's done this a lot and knows a lot of secrets and things about it..... and she's willing to teach me -- then, why not?"

"Kyle," my sister continued, "she knows we made love. She saw the list. She's seen us both naked and she's not mad at us for any of it. I think we'd be insane not to humor her right now. Besides, it sounds like her and Dad haven't done anything for a while and she's probably thrilled as hell to help us."

"Maybe so," I argued, "but what if she tries to touch my cock, or something?"

"And so what if she does?" Kelly asked. "I'll be right here. It's not like she's trying to have sex with you. She used to change your diapers and give you a bath, remember? She's probably touched you down there thousands of times."

Then Kelly stopped and looked at me for a second. Her eyes squinted down and her forehead wrinkled up as she gave me a serious look. "Kyle, be honest now." Kelly asked. "Are you just making a fuss to cover it up because you'd really like Mom to touch you like that?"

In the ten seconds she gave me to think about it, I didn't say 'No'. And when she realized I wasn't saying 'No', she smiled and slapped my arm.

"You do!" She giggled. "I can see it in your eyes, Big Brother. Admit it. You want Mom to touch you down there."

About then, we heard our mother coming up the stairs from the kitchen. We both turned to look at the door and then looked back at each other. "It's okay." Kelly said as she smiled at me. "Mom touched me a little bit when she was checking me, you know, when we had out little talk. And..... uh, I kinda liked it. So, it's okay if you want her to touch you, too." Kelly leaned over and kissed me on the lips and we were still kissing when Mom came back in the room.

"Give me a break!" Mom exclaimed. "I can't leave you two alone for a second before you're all over each other."

Kelly looked up and saw Mom standing by the bed watching us kiss and then leaned down and kissed me again -- this time much harder, making a show of the fact our tongues were touching. Mom patiently stood by the bed and watched us kiss without interrupting us, and when our kiss ended, Mom said, "Seriously though, I'm happy you feel comfortable enough around me to kiss like that. It's nice to see two people in love."

The expression on Mom's face was one of pride, that's the best way I can explain it. Here she was, watching her two children kiss like lovers on her on her own bed, and she was happy about it. Looking up at her, it finally hit me how it must have been between her and her own brother, and how much she hurt after her parent drove him away. She obviously remembered all that and was giving us the opportunity she never got from her own parents.

Reaching for two of the pillows on her bed, Mom fluffed them up and stacked them on top of one another. "Kyle, turn around and lie down here, flat on your back."

Kelly had to get up off the bed as I shifted my body around and lay out as Mom told me. Then, as Kelly walked around to join Mom on her side of the bed, our mother looked down at me. "A little closer to this side, Kyle." Mom said. "Your sister is going to be on the other side of you, so you have to leave some room for her."

When Kelly started to get up on the bed and move to the other side of me, Mom stopped her and smiled, saying, "Not so fast, dear. We're not ready yet."

"Now that he's in the right position," Mom said to Kelly, "you need to get everything you need to make this the most memorable experience of his life. In the future, you might want to have everything ready ahead of time." Mom explained to my sister, and then added, "I used to do that with your father, you know - have everything ready so I could take care of him each day when I was on my period."

It was interesting how she'd brought up her sex life with Dad again. This was at least the second time in the last couple of hours she'd done it, and I couldn't ever remember her bringing it up before. I had to stop and wonder if she was just trying to be open with us, or if she was trying to start a conversation.

"So," Mom continued, speaking directly to Kelly "what you need to do now is go to your room and get a clean pair of silky panties. Not those tiny things you like to wear," Mom added, "get a pair that's full cut."

As Kelly started to leave, Mom said, "and nothing with lace or bows or anything like that. Just plain, old fashioned, full cut, silky panties."

Mom looked down at me and smiled. "I'm surprised," Mom said, "with as long as you've been using her underwear, you haven't tried this little trick out yourself. But, just you wait," mom chuckled, "you'll beg her to do this again, I guarantee it. Your father used to swear it was almost as good as intercourse."

"Hmm." I thought, there it was again..... Mom talking about her sex life with Dad in the past tense.

After a couple of minutes, Kelly returned to Mom's bedroom empty handed, saying she didn't have any plain, full cut panties. "Well, you're going to have to get some - probably at least five or six pairs. You can do that tomorrow." Mom said, "And I mean together -- the two of you, go out as a couple and buy some. But, we can use mine until you get your own."

Mom pulled Kelly over to her lingerie drawer and as my little sister and I both watched, my mother reached into the back of her drawer and pulled out a perfectly folded pair of cream colored panties, obviously made of some silky material. As she shook them open and held them up for Kelly to see, I noticed they weren't bikini style, that's for sure.

"I guess girls these days would call these 'Granny Panties'." Mom said. "No, even I don't wear these anymore," mother added, "but, for hand jobs, they are the best thing ever. The extra material gives you enough to make 'em slip and slide up and down his penis smoothly. Those bikini panties you wear don't have enough material for that. You really need this style to give a world class hand job he'll love you for, Dear."

My little sister nodded her head as Mom spoke, looking over at me from time to time, and smiling off and on as Mom spoke. After explaining the importance of not having any scratchy lace, bows or designs on the panties, and turned around and sat down on the bed next to me.

"Kyle, your sister doesn't have the right kind of panties for your hand job." Mom said. "You won't mind if we use mine, will you?" She asked. "It's not going to stress you out having my panties wrapped around your penis, is it?"

As soon as Mom was done asking, Kelly stepped up beside her and put her hand on Mom's shoulder. "Nah, he's okay with it, Mom. Don't worry about it. They're fine."

I looked at my sister, standing next to our mother, and she was doing everything she could to keep from bursting out in laughter. Looking back at my mother for her reaction to my sister's agreement, Mom was looking straight down at my crotch -- right down at my cock encased inside Kelly's pink panties. However, with all the talk about hand jobs and panties, by cock was starting to harden and my mother was watching it come to life right in front of her very eyes. Little by little my cock grew and they both watched, until it was straining against my panties, creating a bulge that was growing larger and larger every second.

Turning to look at my sister, Mom said, "Judging from his reaction, I'd have to agree, Dear. But, we better help him out or he's going to stretch out your nice panties."

Then, without saying another word or asking me, Mom reached into my panties, and, right in front of my sister grasped my hardening cock and laid it straight up my belly, leaving my cock head poking out the top, above the waistband of my sister's pink panties.

My sister's eyes went big as she watched our mother handle my lengthening tool, carefully adjusting me so I wouldn't stretch out Kelly's panties. Fortunately, she didn't leave her hand on me long, or squeeze me like she did before, but, there was no denying the fact that she was taking liberties with me. As she withdrew her hand, my cock throbbed, sending a drop of precum out the top, and leaking down to my stomach below.

"A little anxious, are we?" Mom said to me, and then she turned her head and grinned up to my little sister standing next to her.

Lifting herself up off the bed, Mom turned to Kelly and in between giggles, told Kelly to go get the clear bottle in the medicine cabinet of her bathroom. So, as my sister turned to walk the ten steps into my mother's master bathroom, Mom turned and smiled down to me.

"You're being such a good sport about this, Kyle." She whispered. "But, you'll see, it's worth it. You're really gonna love this. And, listen," Mom added, "you just keep quiet while I try to teach your sister how to do this."

Kelly was back almost immediately, and in her hand was a full bottle of something I didn't recognize. "They call it personal lubricant." Mom said to Kelly. "You've probably seen it at the drug store. It's not very expensive, so while you're out tomorrow getting your Granny Panties, get some of this too. In fact, get yourself two bottles."

Kelly nodded her head, acknowledging another item on our shopping list for tomorrow.

"Well," Mom sighed, "if you two are ready, I think we've got everything we need to get started." Mom looked at me and grinned, and then she looked at Kelly. "I'm ready!" Kelly exclaimed, and then pointing down at my cock peeking out from under her panties, Kelly said, "I think he's ready, too."

Mom turned to Kelly and put her hand on Kelly's shoulder. "Now, you go get on that side of him, Dear. You'll see why in a little while." Mom said, as she gently nudged Kelly around to the end of the bed where my sister climbed up and stretched out beside me.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed where she had been, I was laid out between Mom and my sister. Mom put her hand on my chest and spoke to Kelly. "Now, the whole idea here will be to wrap the panties around Kyle's erection, covering as much of it as you can, but, not over the tip of his penis. Be careful you don't wrap it too tight," Mom warned Kelly, "and not too loose either. Then, we'll squirt this personal lubricant down inside the wrapped panties until they're almost saturated. Then we'll stroke him up and down until he ejaculates. The feeling he'll get from the lubricant and the silky material will drive him out of his mind."

"It's kind of tricky to get it right the first time," Mom added, "but, I'll help you."

Kelly nodded her head as Mom handed her the Granny Panties. Then looking at me, Mom said, "Son, as cute as you look in them, we've got to get you out of your panties now. Just lie still and I'll help you."

Mom's hands were at my hips before I could say anything, and before I knew it, she started to pull them down. "Lift up." She said, softly. When I did, Mom carefully lifted the waistband of the panties over my cock and began to pull them down. As she lowered them, my cock sprang free, bouncing up a little and leaking another drop of precum onto my belly.

Both my mother and my little sister stared at my package, swaying freely as she pulled the panties down my thighs, and then past my feet. I was hard, and I mean really hard, and I couldn't help it when my cock twitched and sent yet another dribble of precum from the tip of my cock. Kelly was watching my cock leak, and when my mother saw her staring at the small pool of precum on my stomach, she reached out and touched my sister's hand lightly to get her attention.

When Kelly looked up, Mom said softly, "Watch this."

Mom placed two fingertips at the base of my cock, exactly in the middle of the underside of my erection. Slowly, but with firm pressure, she pushed her fingers up the length of my cock. My sister's eyes were trained on my cock, and I watched, too. When Mom's fingers got about half way up, a small stream of precum began to pour out of me. As mom's fingers got higher, more came out and by the time she was at the top of my cock, a sizeable pool of clear precum was precariously wobbling close to my belly button. I almost screamed to my mother to just grab my cock and jerk me off right then, but, I watched in amazement as Mom reached over to Kelly again, picked up her hand, brought it over to the pool of precum and dipped my little sister's fingers in it.

"Feel it between your fingers." Mom said.

I could see the wonder in my little sister's eyes as she rubbed her finger tips together, feeling the slipperiness of my natural lubrication.

Then Mom took Kelly's hand again and pressed her fingers deeper into the clear pool of my precum. "Taste it." Mom said, almost whispering.

"There's so much. It's not his sperm is it?" My sister asked.

"No," mother answered, "it's his natural lubrication. He'll sometimes leak like this when he gets really excited. Go ahead," she encouraged my little sister, "taste it. It's okay."

Slowly, Kelly lifted her fingers to her mouth and hesitantly stuck out her tongue. Carefully, Kelly took a small taste, and then a second later, took another taste.

"It's sweet." Kelly said, as she took yet another taste of her fingers.

"Uh huh," Mom replied, "and a little thick and slippery, too. Do you like it?"

My sister nodded her head as if to say 'Yes' as she sucked the rest of my precum off her fingers. Then I saw Mom's hand reach out and before I knew it, she'd dipped her own fingers into my slimy precum, and then as she smiled over at Kelly, put her fingers up to her lips and put them in her mouth, too.

"Hmm," mother agreed, "you're right, it's very sweet."

I watched them both as they looked at each other while they sucked their fingers. After a few seconds, Mother leaned over to Kelly and they whispered back and forth for a short while. Kelly nodded her head and looked down at me, smiled sweetly and leaned forward to kiss me lightly on the lips. "I love you, Big Brother." Kelly said, as she looked into my eyes. Then just as quick as she bent down to kiss me, she sat up, leaned over to my cock and hovered there. I saw her look up at our mother who was gently nodding her head.

With that, I watched as Kelly lowered her head and dipped her tongue into the pool of my precum and begin to lick it up. I could feel her warm breath on my cock and despite trying to control myself, my cock lurched up and hit against Kelly's cheek. But, my sister was determined, and she kept licking until the shiny pool was gone and then to my surprise, she put her lips around the head of my cock and sucked me very lightly.

"Not too much, Dear." Mom whispered down to Kelly. "We don't want him going off in your mouth. That's a completely different lesson. We're only doing hand jobs tonight."

I looked at my mother and when our eyes met, I sensed she was enjoying this very much. I didn't know if her enjoyment was coming from seeing and touching my cock, or from the joy of teaching her daughter these very private and intimate skills. Whatever it was, I was glad I decided to go along with it, because they'd worked me up to a fever pitch and at that moment, I would have done anything at all to cum.

Kelly lifted her head up, and before I knew it she was kissing me again, this time harder and fully on the lips. As my sister opened her mouth, searching for my tongue, I happened to open my eyes just in time to see Mom lean over and reach for my cock. Kelly was still kissing me when I felt Mom's fingers wrap around my tool and squeeze me gently.

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