tagRomanceNatalie-Alone Ch. 01

Natalie-Alone Ch. 01


To my editor SummerSphinx, Thank you for the the time spent listening to this your humble, crazy writer! Free souls need to be released and I'm rooting for yours!

There will not be sex in this part of the story so, if you are looking just into that....sorry but to satisfy a body, got to start with the soul.

The story you are about to read took a lot of work so, love it or hate it just comment. Just remember that there are ways in which you should not. When you are using your finger against someone, you are blaming at yourself with three fingers. ENJOY!



Another night alone, once again thinking of you but here I am... ALONE she thought before letting her body crash on the bed...

This is my life, a boring life with nothing to do, no one to talk to... but I did it to myself and now I have to pay... better get back to sleep and think not, just sleep, let my soul fly and find you up there...

Those were her last words before Morpheus hugged her with all devotion and no desire to let her go. And thus, the morning arrived; the birds greeted the sun with their songs, the trees danced with the wind in a splendorous and high tune movement and life began...

Once again, life came upon the city and once again Natalie Mendez opened her eyes. Feeling the AC breeze on her legs, the cold invading her body and no longer wanting to be in bed, she left straight to the bathroom to get ready; her hair was a mess but she saw her reflection in the mirror with a big smile while thinking about what she wanted this day to be, just thinking about getting back to him...HIM, a dream, her dream turned true, he was the perfect man...

She saw him two days before, not knowing if it was a dream or if she was recognizing him as her soul mate as she remembered: beautiful round amber colored eyes, those that get your attention in a single look, that makes you melt while looking into the soul of the wearer; dark, short, brown hair; very masculine and sexy hands, oh, she wanted to fuse her hands into his; his ample shoulders....

And there she was, calling upon all angels so that none of the most insulting words sounded like it. Her new shirt, the most beautiful and expensive baby blue she had, her dark blue blazer and skirt, an executive look that banking business requires, all stained because of him.

"Are you blind!" she shouted, "only an idiot could do this...my hand, my clothes! Agh, my chest" she snapped while cleaning herself with the napkins she was given for the coffees and hot chocolate. She placed the carton coffee carriers at the elevator floor, took off her blazer and while cleaning herself, saw a dark blue hankie being brought to her hands. She ignored it by looking to the floor and found dark, big, gentlemen shoes.

The elevator "ding" sounded and once the door opened, Natalie went to the left side heading straight into the lunchroom while he went to the right into the offices. She never saw him, never heard him, not even an "I'm sorry". He just LEFT.


A few states away from Natalie's (Nat) apartment, Raphael was laying back on a sofa remembering what had occurred two days ago; mad he was but with himself: how could I do that? He thought; and there she was, burned hand and chest, hot chocolate and coffee drown in her clothing. Poor woman he thought; opened his mouth to excuse himself but nothing came out. As she started to curse, a smile invaded his mind, a real joyful smile. She is fire, strong, independent and strange... God why are you doing this? You've got strange paths that somehow we don't get until the result is in our face but....her! Is she to be with us? There is something on her; she's light, pure joy, adrenaline but her dark side?


"Poor woman" he said out loud when he reached his friend right out of his office. David Williamson, the Finance Department Assistant Manager, looked at him with a puzzled face. "What is it Raphael? You came out with a smile and then said poor woman?"

"You should know that while getting into the elevator I pushed one of your employees, an accident, and she was cursing because her hand got badly burned, I think, and her clothing is ruined as she might say", informed Raphael.

His friend looked at him with wide eyes. Oh God, don't let her be the one! His face showed his worries but when Raphael said: "Um, just hope she's ok". David threatened "just hope she is not the one I'm thinking of or you will really regret it".

David's assistant had just left work on a Maternity Leave; she trained Natalie to fix up everything that David knew he did not know how to do. Right now, Natalie is his angel, the one that will help him get the promotion he wants.

David and Raphael went into the meeting room where two more men and a woman were waiting expecting important information to take all the right decisions as to "who needs the money and who can wait".

Meanwhile, on the other side of the building...

Nat had to strip off her shirt to clean it up, but that would not come out. Better leave it for the experts, she thought. "Ugh, how could someone be like that? Only a man could act so stupid, it's incredible, unbelievable! I've been working here a week and now that I have to start on my own this JERK just ruins my clothes?!"

She wanted to scream so loud! But that would be unprofessional, thus she bit her lips and shrieked silently in her head, in anguish and anger. Her first day alone, a presentation made with the total satisfaction of her next three months boss, persons to attend to and now she had to show off like this... but she had to, and if asked, the truth should be said.

David watched as the meeting room door opened up and his eyes went so big that he felt like they were going to pop out any moment now, looked to his left where Raphael was reading the presentation documents and discussion plan and once again looked at the pretty lady walking to the other side of the table. He noticed that she was not wearing her blazer and her shirt was changed into a pink knit sweater.

"Ms. Mendez, have you changed?" asked David.

"Yes Mr. Williamson", a sight and a resigned look while handing out the coffees and hot chocolate requested.

David looked up to his friend and his face showed there were going to be problems.

Ms. Smitherson asked: "what happened? I loved your shirt."

"Um, uff, there was an accident" explained Nat.

"Explain further please?" requested one of the gentlemen who just got his mocha.

"Yes, please explain Ms. Mendez, I would like to hear what happened" David said with a quick, smug glance towards Raphael.

Well... started Nat: "The thing is...and there she went being so specific, giving out all the details that they "fled" into her memories and "saw" the whole incident: how that "stupid man got into the elevator so fast while looking at the butt of a woman who was walking out of the other elevator and trying to press the floor button, but instead of slowing down, he slammed the hot chocolate she had on her left hand, making her press the coffees and hot chocolate on her right into her chest thus, spilling some into her clothing and burning both her hand and chest". She had to show her now covered hand.

"Put on some butter, it will help out with the inflammation", Ms. Smitherson immediately told her.

"Thanks" said Nat, "but a potato will help me further to deflate the already inflamed skin and absorb the heat".

Ms. Smitherson indicated other ingredients good for those purposes while some of the gentlemen took notes or gave their own "recipes". Believe it or not, there are men that know as much self-healing ingredients as our grandparents.

Nat neared her boss to handle the coffee asked then looked to his left and said: "oh sorry, you must be Mr. Vega?"

"Yes, that's me" and while extending his arm to greet her, Raphael said: "I believe you are the already famous Natalie? Finally I can put a face to the beautiful voice I have been listening to for the past few days".

Wow, he is an Angel in this shitty world. How could someone be this cute and just walk beside you like it's nothing? He's a full package: beautiful round amber colored eyes, that get your attention in a single look and makes you melt while looking into the soul of the wearer; dark, short, brown hair; very strong and big masculine hands; I want to, no, I need to feel his hands; his ample shoulders...what is this attraction? That nose, those sexy lips, I wish... Natalie, stop this! She thought while her body was shivering both from excitement and pain because of the burn.

With a smile and a handshake Nat said, "Yes, I'm Natalie, nice to meet you and I can say the same...um....about the voice...um". She looked to Mr. Williamson while blushing and said: "I am about to leave for my lunch break and...I have to change and treat myself before this gets worst thus I might be a little late back." Her boss nodded in agreement.

She turned to her left to leave and looking back said:

...but before leaving, Mr. Vega, would you like something to drink? A coffee, chocolate, anything?"

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