tagIncest/TabooNatalie Gets Her "Daddy"

Natalie Gets Her "Daddy"


As he entered me with his hard cock, my mind raised with thoughts of this man what had I done. His body was heavy and his hands were so big that he wrapped them around my bare ass. He pushed deep and hard as he filled my tight little ass. His swollen cock filled me.

I knew what I was doing was wrong but all I wanted was to make him hurt the way I did. He abandoned me, his own daughter. Now he would pay, it was late on Saturday I was getting ready to meet him my father. He had no idea who I was, but I knew he was my daddy my own flesh and blood. I was part of him and he was part of me, soon we would be one. I could hardly wait to see his look on his face when he realized he had just fucked his little girl.

The strange thing is that I was excited by the thought of him touching me fondling me. His love and touch was what I wanted needed. My whole life has been spent dreaming of him what he was like, every girl dreams of her daddy being her hero. Never knowing mine, I guess my dreaming went a bit too far.

About a year ago, I was almost 19, I remember touching myself for the first time. My legs began to spread and I ran my fingers down my stomach and caressed my navel. I could feel the moistness in my pussy as my thoughts began to wonder off to him. Why did I get this tingling inside when I think of him this faceless man called daddy! A slide my finger into my panties and felt the prickly beginning of my pubic hair still soft and sparse. I began to lick my lips thinking of my dad; what would he say if he was there in my life, would he notice me becoming a women, or would he like what he saw. Would he have approved of me, opened my legs a little more and wished he was there now tucking me in bed kissing me goodnight. I stuck my finger into my pussy it was wet and sticky I could feel it wrap around my finger as I began to ach inside, oh yes what is this feeling "Daddy" I started to cry out wishing it was him inside me....After that night I was bewildered by what had happened and how I felt about him.

That's what brought me here to this night! Several months ago, I found out my biological fathers name and where he lived. I googled him and found that he lived only a few towns away from me, that he was not married and had a son from a previous marriage.

After thinking of meeting him, what he would think of me his daughter. Did he even know I existed that he had a daughter. At the time, I was 27, young, beautiful and full of life. I was tall and leggy (the gym work paid off) with long blonde hair big blue eyes. European features that I knew I did not get from my mother. I always wondered if I looked like him. I could not take it anymore; I needed to meet this man, my father, how I longed to have him hold me and kiss me. I wanted to know him and him to know me.

The phone rang, I waited patiently for him to answer, my stomach tingled in excitement. My heart was beating fast, I waited as it rang again and again. Then suddenly, a voice on the other end, an accent heavy and strong, it was him my dad!

I couldn't find my voice, I tried to speak but nothing came out!

He said "Hello" in an angry tone. I didn't want to anger him.

"Hello" I replied, "This is Natalie".

I don't know how to say this but I stumbled over my words. "It's Natalie Cross. You knew my mother, Marie Cross".

"Oh yes, I think u remember her". He sounded puzzled as to why I was calling him.

Ok here goes, I knew what I had to say next. "I know this is crazy; but I'm your daughter!"

Silence at the other end. "Hello, are you there?" Still nothing, please I thought answer me please!

"Hello" he said. Then he said: "My daughter, is this some kind of joke?"

"No, you are my father. Romeo, you were with my mother 28 years ago, and you have a daughter; me!"

I knew this to be true because my mother was a virgin and he was the only man my mother had been with. I waited to hear his response, what I had waited to hear my whole life happiness, joy to hear him say I want to meet you. Nothing like that was what I heard next.

"He said that I was a liar and a gold digger" and that I should "Go back under whatever rock I came out of".

He denied me everything all he thought I wanted was money. My heart shattered under the anger directed my way.

"No" I said. "That's not true, I am your daughter! All I want is to meet you and be part of your life".

What he said next shocked me: "If you want to meet me, call my lawyer!"

Before I could speak another word, the line went dead. All these years I had dreamed of him, meeting him and knowing him. It was the worst kind of rejection; my own father had rejected me. All of the fantasies I had over the years seemed dirty now, and I felt ashamed of myself.

Time went on and I found myself thinking more and more of him again. I could not stop touching myself thinking of him. I laid in bed and stroked my pussy over and over thinking of meeting him and seducing him until he gave into me and my pussy. I thought of finding out where he hung out places I could meet him an accidental encounter. Maybe a bar, or store somewhere I could lure him in.

One day I decided to go to his house, I could park across the street and watch him find out where he went and follow him. I showered and shaved my pussy extra soft, I wore a soft flowing sundress to show off my long tanned legs. As I was getting dressed my pussy was throbbing with excitement, I was going to seduce my father, have my daddy's cock inside me. The thought was amazing the thrill was driving me crazy I couldn't wait to have him. I couldn't stop touching myself as I looked in the mirror my smile was insatiable.

I parked across the street from his house and waited, it seemed like hours. Finally, a truck pulled up it was a work truck construction I think it was marked Romeo Fabrizy Construction. It was him, my heart leapt out of my chest, my knees got weak. It was him, my father, I had heard his voice but this was the first time I would see him. A tall slender built man stepped out of the truck. He must have been in his early 50's, he was gorgeous, strikingly handsome, blonde hair like me, with a chiselled jaw, nice tab he had on jeans and work boots and a white tee. Even from where I was parked, I could see through his tight jeans. He had a sizable cock for sure. His arms were massive and he carried himself in a way that was familiar. I scooted down as he turned to walk into his house.

I laughed to myself, but still could feel my pussy tingle with excitement. As I waited, I spread my legs as the music blared out some Aerosmith. I closed my eyes and traced my fingers between my legs, gently sliding my panties aside I slide my finger in my warm cunt. I slipped my finger in my mouth to taste my juices, gliding my tongue across the wetness.

Then he came out, dressed in casual but rough and edgy, "Sexy, wow!" I said to myself.

If he wasn't my dad, I would fuck him crazy. Oh wait, that's what I was going to do. My plan was to follow him, hopefully he was going out for a drink somewhere, I was going to seduce him. He clicked open the garage door and then disappeared for a moment. A shiny red Mercedes Benz convertible came out and he drove off quickly.

I started right behind him. It wasn't long before he pulled into some dive bar.

He parked in the rear carefully not to have any cars beside him. Before long I was watching him from across the bar, he was drinking a Guinness. I ordered a Martini.

I began watching every move he made, the little chit chat he had with the bartender. I watched patiently for my moment to join him. I made eye contact with him; I twirled my cherry around my tongue.

With a little smile, I noticed him watching me. It wasn't long before I finished my drink and the bartender was bringing me a new one. This is from the gentleman across the bar. I nodded and said "Thank you!"

It was time I got up from my stool and made my way towards my father, my palms were sweating my mind racing. Oh my god I thought it was no or never, I could run. I walked right up to him and smiled he asked me to sit down.

"Hello, my name is..., my name is Nicole" That was too close, I almost said Natalie.

"My name is Romeo" he said. I wanted to say, I know asshole, I'm your daughter, but that would have ruined everything.

"Nice to meet you Romeo" And I sat down.

It was magical right from the start. Our conversation flowed; we had so many things in common. He liked hiking and so did I, we swapped stories for a bit.

I couldn't help looking down at his cock, it look marvellous through his jeans. It was so big, I kept starring at it.

"Would you like to see it it's just as big as it looks".

"You caught me I said"

I spread my legs to give him a peak, it only seemed fair I had been starring at his cock. I slide my hand up my leg and raised my dress so he could see my panties. My clit was so hard and swollen you could see it thru my pink cotton panties. I caught him licking his lips with delight.

"You like what you see I asked?" He replied by smiling and licking his fingers, he moved his hand up my dress and entered my cunt before I even knew what he was doing. Oh my god, I could feel his rough skin, his big fingers pushing inside my pussy. I let out a sigh, I thought "Oh Daddy"

I wanted him to take me, and own me, make me his little girl, but it wasn't the right time yet. He pulled his finger out of my tight little hole, and rubbed it against my lips.

He leaned in and whispered in my ear "Is your pussy sweet baby girl?"

My knees began to shake, I thought I would cum right there on the bar stool.

"Yes" I said. "Hopefully you can taste it, and answer for yourself"

"Let's get out of here." he said. "I don't live far away; we can have some more fun if you're up to it?"

"Yes, sound like a great idea, I'm parked outside and can follow you" I said.

We walked outside and got in our cars. I followed him knowing where I was going and giggling inside with excitement. We arrived at his house I parked across the street where I had parked earlier. I looked my mirror and applied my lip gloss and smacked my lips together. I gave my pussy a quick rub and opened the door.

He was standing on his porch waiting for me. I walked passed him and he grabbed my ass. "Nice and tight, just the way I like!" he said.

"Oh, you like them young" I said.

"Who doesn't like a sweet young pussy" he replied.

I don't know what happened next; he had me pinned up against the wall. He put his hands up my dress and he ripped my panties down.

"Slow down, we have all night, I'm not going anywhere" I said.

He spun me around so I was facing the wall. He buried is face in my ass, licking my asshole up and down. I could feel his rough face against my cheeks as he slid his tongue inside. He took my cheeks and spread them open and lapped away at my ass like it was his last meal.

"Your asshole is so tight and pink. Would you let me fuck it?" I knew I was going to fuck him anyway, but my ass, I didn't even think of it that way.

"Yes, if you want it you can have it!" I wanted him to fuck me, all of me, I needed his cock inside every hole of I had. I could feel him pulling his pants down. By this time, my ass was dripping wet.

"Ok baby, this might sting a little but it's gonna feel real good".

Oh my god, he was inside me, my daddy is inside my ass. He has me pinned against the wall of his house fucking his little girl's ass and he doesn't even know it. With every pump he went deeper and deeper, I could feel my cunt throbbing with blood, he reached around and grabbed my cunt and fucked me harder.

"Yes!" I screamed. "Fuck me hard!"

He thrusted his hips and cock deep and stroked my clit with every push.

"Yes!" I screamed again.

"That's a good girl, take it all!" he replied.

I could feel the blood rushing to my clit and he moaned and fucked me with everything he had.

"Fuck me daddy, fuck me hard, yes daddy fuck your little slut's ass!"

I felt his cock burst inside me as his cum filled my pussy. My legs buckled as I came with him.

"Yes! Yes!" I shouted.

I dropped down on my knees and turned to face his cock, now soft I took it in my mouth and cleaned him off!

I looked up at him and said "Thank you Dad, it's nice to meet you; I'm your little girl Natalie!"

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Part 2?

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