I stood at the kitchen sink slowly working my way through the unusually large pile of dishes, glancing from time to time out of the window at the small group of kids cavorting around the pool. Kids? I shook my head wonderingly, some of them didn’t look much like kids any more even though they were all of a similar age to my daughter Natasha. She had just turned 18, and this was a slightly belated birthday party. When she’d first asked for the party I was a little dubious, heck the last thing I needed was a tribe of screaming kids around, but I couldn’t really refuse Natasha, she’d taken it very badly when her mother left three years ago, and was only now starting to come out of it and start smiling again. So I’d agreed and had even done much of the catering myself, to the surprise and delight of Natasha’s friends, who thoroughly enjoyed the meal.

But as for a tribe of screaming kids, well they were a little noisy jumping in and out of the pool, and that was to be expected when 6 or 7 teenage girls get together, but kids they certainly weren’t. My mind flashed back to the two who had recently rushed into the kitchen to get themselves a cool drink, I’d turned to say something to them, but had only managed to gape. They were both kneeling in front of the fridge peering in, trying to decide what to drink, with them leaning forward and me standing up looking downwards I had a perfectly clear and uninterrupted view of their firm young breasts almost spilling out of their bikini tops, and I found myself reacting almost violently, my cock leaping and jerking inside my shorts. I quickly turned away, shocked by my reaction, and worked furiously at the dishes until they had left, then I collapsed against the sink and groaned. Damn it was time I had another woman in my life, three years of abstinence was playing havoc with my hormones, I needed to get myself under control and fast.

Once again I glanced through the window, and groaned aloud, damn, there was another one, just so sexy. She was standing at the pool’s edge, her back to me, bent over ready to dive in, her bikini bottoms had crept almost totally into the crack of her ass so it looked almost naked as she hesitated before diving. Everything took on that freeze frame, slow motion aspect, and I could clearly see the interplay of the muscles in her ass cheeks as she rocked slightly back and forth. My cock was immediately rock hard as my eyes almost bored into her cute, sexy ass, then she hurled herself into the water and churned down the pool, turning at the far end and churning back down again, and I watched her all the way, totally mesmerized. Then she stood up, laughing, and I gasped in shock, it was Natasha, my own daughter that I’d just been perving on, that I’d just reacted to with the biggest, hardest erection of the day so far.

I knew it was time for me to get out, to get as far away from these horny young ladies as possible, but I was stuck, I’d promised their parents that I’d be here the whole time. As all these thoughts were going through my head I was still standing staring out at Natasha as she laughed and spoke to one of her friends off to the side, then she placed her hands on the side of the pool and levered herself out of the water, and I groaned afresh and a huge shudder ran through me as I found myself staring at her amazingly ripe breasts almost escaping from her bikini, indeed, momentarily one breast did pop out and I found myself staring lustfully at her hard, almost ruby red nipple, before she quickly popped her breast back in as she stood up and clearly made some joking comment to one of her friends, as I heard the extra loud peals of laughter ring out. Then she turned and waved and grinned at me through the window, and I flushed with embarrassment, damn, she’d known I was there, probably knew that I’d seen her little accident, how was I going to face her later.

Fortunately, at that point I came to the end of the dishes, so I scuttled out of the kitchen, grabbing an ice cold drink as I left, and retired to my study, flicked on the computer and started to surf the net. For a while I couldn’t concentrate, images of those nubile young things out at the pool kept on intruding, but eventually I found some interesting information I’d been looking for and started to concentrate again on the more mundane realities of life, like work.

The next couple of hours sped by as I engrossed myself in the new information I’d found on the web, so much so that I was quite startled when there was a knock on the door and Natasha called out that some of her friend’s parents had arrived to take them home. I hurried out and played the gracious host for a short while. accepting the girl’s thanks and their parents thanks and waving them on their way. Over the next half hour the rest of the parent’s turned up and the girls all left, and I slipped into the kitchen, knowing there would at least be some glasses to wash and dry. I was surprised on glancing out of the window to realize that it was dark already, wow, where had all the time gone.

A beaming Natasha then came in with another lot of glasses and stood there telling me how great the party had been and how much everyone had enjoyed it, and how wonderful the food was, etc. I listened and smiled and washed the glasses, glad that at least she was back in normal clothes and I wasn’t subjected to what had happened earlier, although just the thought of that had my cock starting to twitch again, especially when she snuggled into me real close and gazing up at me asked if I’d liked her friends. When I laughingly said they seemed a lovely group, she grinned and said that some of them thought I was quite a spunk – which made me flush a little – and I tried not to seem too eager when I asked laughingly who could possible be so blind. When she told me it was the two girls that I’d reacted to in the kitchen, I almost reacted again, remembering their hot little breasts, and maybe it showed a little on my face, because Natasha looked strangely at me, “Are you ok , daddy?, you look quite flushed” she said.

“Oh, I’m fine” I muttered, “guess it must be the steam from the water”

She nodded and smiled, but with a lift of her eyebrow that said she wasn’t totally convinced I was telling the truth. “Well, if you’re really ok, I think I’ll go off to bed, it’s been an exciting day, thank you so much, daddy, I know you didn’t really want all those people here, but it was lovely, and I really enjoyed it” she said, and lifted onto tip toes to brush her lips across my cheeks, then dashed from the room.

For some reason the heat of her lips stayed with me long after she’d gone, a discomforting reminder of the feelings I’d experienced that day. Heck, she’d kissed me before and I’d never reacted like this, it could only be the turned on feeling that all those nubile young girls had given me earlier that evening. I finished the dishes and cleared up in the lounge room then headed back to my study to resume my work on the computer, but this time I couldn’t settle and couldn’t concentrate at all. Eventually I gave up in disgust and closed the computer down and wandered into my bedroom, standing staring for a long moment out at the pool glistening in the moonlight, then making a sudden decision to take a dip, after all it was still very warm, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to get straight off to sleep. I smiled to myself as I undressed, maybe a dip in a nice cool pool was just what I needed to get rid of the heat that was inside me, a heat which even now had my cock standing almost to attention.

Damn, I was never going to squeeze that into my bathers. I looked out again, remembering that Natasha had said she was going to bed, there was no one else around and the neighbors couldn’t see over the fences at all, so why bother, I thought. For a moment I stood there undecided, almost unaware that I was gently stroking my cock and it was swiftly rising to full attention, but when I did realize it I pulled my hand away sharply, groaning. Damn, how stupid, now I had to go in like that. Quietly I eased the sliding glass doors open that led from my bedroom to the patio, and walked outside. The moon was surprisingly bright, bathing the back yard in quite a glow, I looked up, stopping for a moment as a cloud scudded across, then realized I’d walked around the pool to the shallow end, so without any hesitation I dove in, cutting the water fairly cleanly so there was very little splash, and stroking almost eagerly up the length of the pool.

The sudden coolness of the water had the immediate effect I’d been hoping for, collapsing my erection like a pricked balloon, so when I reached the wall I felt comfortable and at ease. I held onto the wall for a moment, then did a slow backstroke down to my original starting point. As my arm came over on the last stroke, instead of a hard wall I found a soft squirmy body and a loud giggle “Oh daddy, look where you’re going”

I was so shocked I promptly turned turtle and took in a mouthful of water and came up spluttering and coughing with tears streaming from my eyes, “What…how…where did you come from?” I spluttered.

“I was here when you came out, didn’t you see me?” she asked, laughing at my discomfort.

“No, you weren’t, you couldn’t have been” I stammered, hoping against hope that I was right.

She grinned at me “I can prove it by telling you what you looked like” she said, mischievously.

I looked at her blankly, then it hit me like a sledge hammer, I’d walked out to the pool with the most enormous erection, oh God she hadn’t? ….. but one look at the grin on her face and I knew she had. I felt my face go the brightest shade of red imaginable.

“Whatever were you thinking of, daddy?, all those gorgeous girls in the pool this afternoon perhaps?” she asked impishly.

“Natasha!” I exclaimed, “how could you think……”

“Well” she broke in, laughing, “you were certainly looking at them, and at me too, I saw you. All the girls saw you, and all of them were trying to catch your eye, I told you, they think you’re quite a spunk, did you think they were pretty….and sexy?”

“Natasha!” I exclaimed again, my vocabulary suddenly very limited, “You shouldn’t speak to your father like that”

“Sorry, daddy” she said, looking suddenly very contrite, “I didn’t mean to tease, but you did like them didn’t you?”

I sighed loudly and tried to look away, “Well, ok, I admit that they were all pretty and I did look…but none of them was as pretty as you” I quickly added.

“Really, daddy, you mean that, I thought Samantha was much prettier than me and certainly much bigger” she said.

I found myself flushing again, “Well I can’t speak about size, I mean I wasn’t that close…gulp…but no one is as beautiful as you” I stammered.

“Oh daddy, you are sweet” she said, and lurched up out of the water and threw her arms around my neck. It was then I realized why she’d been crouched down with only her head showing…she wasn’t wearing a bikini top!…in fact, as her young body folded itself into mine I realized with a start that she wasn’t wearing a costume at all.

“Natasha!” I gasped, damn, same vocabulary again, “You’re not wearing…why…what”

She giggled into my neck, “Well if it’s ok for you to wear nothing, it’s ok for me too”

I groaned, knowing full well I should break away immediately, but her naked body felt so good, so right pressed up against me, her firm young breasts pressing into my chest, her hard nipples almost burning into me, and my reaction was too quick for me to hide anyway, as my cock started to throb and grow, pressing against her upper leg. I did make an effort, I reached up and tried to pry her hands from around my neck, but that just seemed to make her wriggle more, “No, daddy, please, I like it like this” she whispered, her face upturned to mine, and we stood like that a long moment, a moment when my cock got harder and harder and pressed ever more firmly into her. My hands had fallen back to her shoulders and then down to her back, and then onto the slopes of her naked buttocks, lightly caressing her, and still we stood there, not a word said.

Then, with a deep groan I lowered my lips to hers, felt hers part immediately and my tongue dart inside, felt a huge shudder run through her body, felt her tongue come out to dance with mine, and we were kissing wildly and passionately. I don’t know how long that kiss lasted, but when I finally pulled away I was shaking from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. We were both breathing like we’d just run a mile in record time, her firm young breasts heaving and bouncing around, drawing my eyes, “Do you really think they’re beautiful daddy” she whispered.

“Oh yes” I said, another shudder running through me, “as beautiful as I’ve ever seen”, and I lifted one hand and gently cupped one of her breasts. She seemed to arch backwards as I stroked her breast, rolling the hard nipple between my finger and thumb, causing it to swell even more and a shiver to run through her, then I leaned down and brushed my lips lightly over it, running my tongue around her hot nipple, bringing a groan from her throat.

“Oh daddy, that feels so good” she whispered, “I don’t ever want you to stop”

Well I didn’t want to stop either, right or wrong didn’t seem to matter any more, all I wanted was to please her…and to please me too…I was on fire.

Without another word I led her to the steps and helped her out of the pool, taking the opportunity to gaze lovingly at her tight sexy ass. Then I was leading her to my room, my hand around her waist, hand resting on her tight ass cheeks, and she was looking up at me, a smile on her face, and her hand lightly stroking my massive cock.

Then we were inside, and I guided her to my bed and sat her down, “Are you sure you want this?” I whispered.

A shudder ran through her, but didn’t disturb the smile on her face, “Oh yes, Daddy, whatever, you want” she whispered back.

I took her hands and guided it to my throbbing cock, “I want you to lick and suck my cock first, get to know it before it comes into you, do you understand?” I asked.

She gazed at my big cock from just a few inches away, and her tongue came out to sweep across her lips, “Yes daddy, I know” she said, and leaned down and started to run her tongue up and down the length of it. My body almost exploded on the spot, god it had been so long since a woman had done that to me, and now, my own daughter, oh, wow it was so hot. I watched as her lips and tongue teased and played with my cock and my balls, and was surprised at how much she seemed to be enjoying it, occasionally she would glance up at me and grin, “Mmm, daddy. You’re so big and hot, am I doing it right?” God was she ever! She was driving me wild, and I knew I’d better stop it before I blew my stack.

She actually mewed with disappointment as I moved her away and eased her down onto the bed, but those quickly turned to mews of pleasure as my own hands, lips and tongue took to her body, searching out and caressing every single part from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. When I got to her pussy, she literally went wild, thrashing about and almost falling off the bed, crying and screaming her delight, urging me on…and I was all too willing to oblige, dipping my tongue into her tight, juicy pussy, reaming her tight little ass, sucking on her surprisingly large clit, and lifting her through a number of quick, surging orgasms.

Then she was pulling at me, urging me up, my tongue running over her stomach to her incredibly firm beautifully formed breasts with their tight hot nipples, and she was reaching down for me, clasping my rock hard cock and rubbing its head up and down her pussy lips, “Please, daddy,” she whispered hotly, “Please, come into me”

Well I don’t think a stampeding herd of elephants could have stopped me or pulled me away by this time, I wanted her so badly. I reached down and hooked my hands behind her ass cheeks and lifted her slightly, allowing the tip of my cock to slide into her pussy lips and she cried out, “Oh yes, oh god yes, daddy”, spreading her legs wider still.

“Oh Natasha, daddy wants you so much, daddy wants to fuck you” I whispered hotly and pressed my cock ever deeper into her tight pussy, spreading the walls wide, god she was so tight. She screamed once more as I lanced so deep that my balls cannoned into her raised ass cheeks, and I held still for a moment, waiting for the pain to ease, the pain I knew she’d felt as her hymen had been split by my ramming cock. Oh god, I’d just taken my daughter’s cherry! the fire was raging in me, and I started to move, slowly at first and not very far, but as she loosened up and started to respond, my strokes got longer and harder, and soon I was fucking her like crazy, lifting her ass and pounding my cock into her, and she was crying out again, not with pain this time, but with pleasure and delight.

“Oh yes daddy, fuck me hard, so good, Oh I do love your cock in me” she cried, and I fucked her, and fucked her, and fucked her, amazing myself a little with how long I was managing to last in her tight hot pussy, but then I knew I was close to coming, my balls were bubbling and boiling like crazy, my cock starting to swell. Oh god, I suddenly couldn’t remember if I’d arranged for her to be on the pill, and I was just about to let fly. I quickly pulled out, hearing her deep groan of disappointment, and grabbed my hot cock and started to pump it, but she grabbed it away from me and pumped it like mad, and after just a few seconds I was exploding. Great arches of hot, white cum juice spraying over her breasts and her face and her body, and she was screaming and trying to catch it in her mouth, so I leaned forward and jammed my cock into her mouth, spewing the final spurts deep into her throat, fucking her mouth like I’d been fucking her pussy.

God what a hot , horny mess of cum, all over her, and she, lying there with a smile like a Cheshire cat all over her face, “Mmmm daddy, that was so good, but why didn’t you shoot into me…pout…I wanted you in me” she said.

I groaned, “I wasn’t sure if you were protected” I said.

She grinned, “Of course, daddy, I’m not silly you know, I organized that when I turned 13…just in case” My eyes flew wide and she laughed, then reached up and stroked my face, “But I was saving it for you, daddy, except you never seemed to notice me, well not as a woman, that is” she added.

I looked down at her and grinned, “Oh, if you only knew, I’ve been noticing you ever since you were 14” I said.

She grinned right back and reached down and cupped my still partially hard cock, “Well” she said, “Now that you’ve done more than notice me, now that your beautiful cock has filled me up and I’ve made you cum, now I’m a real woman….your woman…whenever you want me”

That sent a hot shudder right through me, and I looked at her with entirely new eyes, then let those eyes drift down her tight, succulent body, “Oh yes. Natasha, you’re daddy’s girl from now on, and there’s nothing I wont do to make you happy” I said, hotly.

She reached up and placed a finger over my lips, and pouted, “I’m daddy’s woman, not daddy’s girl, and I’m going to make sure you never look at another woman … unless I want you too!” she said , and grinned, “Maybe if you’re extra good to me I’ll get some of my friends to come around and…………”

Oh Jesus, the thought of her horny young friends just about exploded me again, and without any warning I rammed my newly erect cock back into her tight pussy. Causing her to scream and wail some more, as I fucked her even harder than the first time, and this time, much to her delight I didn’t pull out, I filled her steaming pussy with my hot cum juice, filled it to overflowing!!! Then I lay between her legs and slowly and sensuously licked my cum juice from her pussy, enjoying the almost cloyingly sweet taste of our fused juices, enjoying the shaking and shuddering of her body as my tongue reamed around her throbbing , swollen clitoris, enjoying her cries and whimpers as still more orgasms rippled through her. God, I couldn’t get enough of her succulent body.

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