Natasha, age thirty, was born and raised on a farm in Nebraska. Today, she still resides near her birthplace with her husband Robert. She stands 5 ft 5 inches tall and has ivory colored complexion. Her figure is not the thin model type, but slightly heavier with the curve in all the right places. She has an oval face, a cute button nose, and sapphire blue eyes that hide behind long seductive eyelashes. Her hair is shoulder length, and brown with strands of gold that glistens when the sunlight hits them. Her breasts are 36D and firm, with large pink nipples, that stand out an inch, when aroused. Her stomach is puffy, and she has wide hips. Her pussy has a thick bush of blonde hair, large lips, and a big clit.

Natasha's husband always told her, she had a body that would make a gay man turn straight. She has a very active sex life; her sexual orientation is what you would call kinky and perverted. She told everyone she a blonde with a sexy brain. She loves to read porn and erotic letter magazines; she says it keeps her sex life spicy. She was reading one of the magazines articles about role-playing and decided Robert and she should try it.

She met Robert while in college, at a fraternity picnic. She fell in love with his keen sense of humor and gentle mannerisms. He is thirty-five and has a firm muscular figure. He has gorgeous emerald green eyes, jet-black shoulder length hair, an oval face with a flat nose and cute dimples that frame his full lips.

Robert is very sensuous person, and loves to snuggle for hours. On many evenings, your may find him in their bedroom. Rose scented candles illuminated the room and Barry White music was serenading them. On the bed, you will find Natasha wrapped in his arms.

Robert is also into role-playing; his favorite is a master-slave scenario, where he is the master. He does not believe in harsh treatment or painful torture that draws blood, his scenario's use light bondage and spanking.

Natasha loves to dress up and really get into the character she is portraying. Sometime, she is an English teacher, instructing a young adult male student. She would always end up teaching him more then the ABC's. In her version the ABC has meant, ass, breast, and cunt. In Another time, she plays a hooker, that was about to be arrested, but bribed the cop with her hot scantily clad body. Her newest scenario was one of her favorites; the husband catches his wife fucking the neighbor.

Robert's best friend, Barry has always told him how much he wanted to fuck Natasha. Robert would always tease him, saying maybe one day, I will take you up on that offer.

It just happened that this particular night Robert was going to take Barry up on his proposition. They met at the local bar during happy hour. Robert sat down and ordered a drink then waited a few minutes to ask the question. He then said, "Barry, how would you like to have some fun at my house tomorrow afternoon? I need someone willing to play the role of the next-door neighbor. In a sexy scenario, where the man would be caught fucking my wife!" For a brief moment, Robert thought Barry was going to pass out.

Barry just grabbed his hand and said, "Hot-damn, really, you can count on me, howdy, neighbor!"

The next morning while they were eating breakfast, Robert told Natasha, he has a willing neighbor, for her favorite fantasy. She looked at him and yelled, "Oh my god, you do! Who is it; call him right now, today! Oh sweetheart, can I do it today, I am more then ready!"

Robert told her it was their friend Barry. Then he picked up the phone and called him. He then set the plan in motion and told him come to their home today around 4 pm, and that Natasha will fill him in on the details after he arrived. Then said talk to you later and hung up the phone.

Robert kissed Natasha, and left for work. His cock was already getting hard in anticipation of what would happen around 5 pm that day.

Natasha could hardly wait for it to be p.m, her pussy was drenched the entire day. She tried relaxing watching television or reading the newspaper, but none of that worked. She wanted to rush into the bedroom and masturbate to relieve some of the tension, but decided to take a shower instead.

She dressed in her tank top, g-string and shorts that barely covered her ass. She looked at her watch, 3:55 pm, and uttered, "damn, can the time at least go faster for me she today." She was thumbing through the newspaper when the doorbell rang, and yelled, "Just a minute, I'll be right there!" She opened the door and said, "Hello, Barry, your right on time, come in."

Barry entered the room, and took Natasha's hand and said, "Hi neighbor, are you ready for some sexy fun?" Then kissed her cheek, pinched her ass, then following her into the living room.

Natasha looked at him and chuckled saying, "Slow down tiger, we have plenty of time. I know Robert told you that the object of this little game is to have him catch you fucking me. Well here is the rest of the plan, he will arrive home around 5:00 pm and not let either of us know he is here. When he does not see me sitting in the living room he will search the house for me. When he comes down the hall towards our bedroom, he will hear me talking dirty, and quietly approach the room. Then he will discover you and me fucking through the partly open door.

We will not start playing around until it is about 4:45 pm, that way things will be hot and heavy by the time he gets here. Barry, when we get to the bedroom, I am all yours, you can fuck me any way you want. I must keep an eye on the clock, because around 6 pm, you will leave our "little fuck session" and go home. I will act as if nothing happen and Robert will confront me later. I can assure you, that you will hear all the hot dirty detail during happy hour tomorrow, ok.

Barry took her hand and placed it on his hard cock and said, "Okay, sweetheart! As you see baby, I am more then raring to go!" He then leaned over, took her in his arms and kissed her deeply, letting his finger roam all over her. He paused long enough to glanced at his watch, it read 4:43 pm, then said, "Showtime you sexy thing!"

Natasha got up and led Barry by the hand to the bedroom. She then turned on the radio and told him to sit on the bed and watch her. She begin to do a strip tease for him, when she took off her top, she did not have a bra on, and she seen him run his tongue slowly across his lips. Then she pulled off her short-shorts and stood in front of him wearing only a g-string.

He reached out to her and she struts toward him telling him to take off his clothing. When he lowered his shorts she gasps, Oh my god, she said to herself. His cock was at least ten inches long and he had the biggest balls she had ever seen, and he was already dripping precum.

Barry, pulled her close and sucked one of her nipple into his mouth, and flicks it with his tongue making it erect and hard. One then the other one giving them equal attention. She squealed with excitement and pulled his head close to her. He pulled back a bit took a deep breath and proceeded to lick his way downward as he laid her on the bed. Fuck, he could not wait to taste her sweet honey. He separated her lips and said, "Hot-damn sugar, you sopping wet already! Let daddy have a taste of that sweet nectar. He slid down with his face in her puss and ran his tongue across her clit feeling it pulsated as his tongue worked it magic.

Natasha, arched her back and screamed, "Ooooooh fuck, eat my cunt baby! Ooooh, yesssss, that's it bite my clit, oh my god, just like that, please don't stop. Ahhhhh fuck, I am going to cum!" Oh please, do not stop, ahhhhhhhh, fuck I am going to cum!"

Barry yelled, "Hold off baby, don't cum yet! I want to be inside that hot pussy fucking you with my cock before you cum." He rose up and rubbed his cock across her clit and then shove it deep inside with one hard thrust. He slowly brought it almost all the way out and shoved it in again repeatedly.

Natasha moved her head back and forth and moans incoherently. Oh fuck, was she tight, he felt as if his cock was inside a teenager! He yelled, "Milk my cock honey, grab it with that hot pussy of yours and squeeze every drop of cum out of me! Oh fuck, damn-it woman, Robert is right you are one hot tight fuck!"

She glanced at the clock on the bedside table, 5:00 pm and knew it was time for Robert to come home from work. She listened intently, but did not hear anything, and returned to fucking and driving Barry wild with her hot pussy.

Robert opened the door slowly and entered the house quietly, he wanted to play his part of the role just right. He went into the living room and did not see her sitting in the living room watching the television.

So he went looking in the den, the kitchen and then the bathroom, she was not there either. He was walking out of the kitchen towards the hallway that led to the bedroom when he thought he heard something, and stopped dead in his tracks. Nothing, he took two more steps and heard something again, he was sure of it; the noise sounded like it came from their bedroom.

As he walked quietly toward their bedroom he heard Natasha yell, "Oh yes, fuck me harder Barry! Ooooooh fuck, make me cum!"

Robert walked a little closer to the room and notices the door open a little, paused then cautiously peers in. He stood in his tracks with his eyes transfixed on bed. Natasha, was on all four and their neighbor Barry, was ramming his cock into her pussy. At first, he felt a twinge of jealousy, this was the first time someone else has even touched his wife. He though about breaking into the room and yelling, you fucking slut, but that were not part of the plan.

He stood there memorized with his eye on her, his hand slowly pulling his zipper down. He hoped his actions were quiet; he did not want them to notice he was there. He took his sock out of his pants and begin to stroke it slowly as he watched them fucking. As the action on the bed heated up, he jacked harder.

Natasha looked up an gave him a wink, and continue letting Barry fuck her. Fuck, he loved it, the thrill was making his cock harder then it has ever been. He knew she was about to cum because of her rapid breathing and tone of voice.

Fuck, he has never seen her this hot, right now; he wished his cock were in her mouth as Barry fucked her ass. He got out his handkerchief, he knew when she screamed and came he too would cum.

All the sudden, Natasha screamed, "Ooooh, yessssss, Barry, fuck me harder, I'm cumming!"

Right after she screamed, Robert shot a load of cum in his hand. Then whipped his cock off and zipped up his pants, the quickly walked toward the kitchen. Halfway down the hallway, he heard Barry yell he was cumming too.

When he was in the kitchen, he poured himself a cool drink of water and waited in the shadows, where he could see the driveway and the kitchen door. He wanted to give Natasha time to recover and Barry time to leave.

When he observed Barry get into his car and drive off, he waited a couple of minutes then opened the front door and slammed it hard and yelled, "Hello darling, I'm home, where are you?

Natasha came out of the bathroom and greeted him with a kiss, as if nothing ever happened. He returned her kiss and acted as if he just got home and walked into the living room. He sat down in the recliner, kicked off his shoes then picked up the newspaper as usual.

She came in a few minute later, handed him his usual scotch on the rocks, and then sat down sipping at a soft drink. She causally asked him how his day was, and he replied fine and went on reading the paper.

Robert paused from reading and asked her what she did that day. She told him she had done the laundry and went shopping.

Robert looked at her intensely, and said, "What did you do this afternoon darling?"

Natasha replied, "Oh the usual love, Jane came over and we spent most of the afternoon gossiping. She sure can tell some whoppers."

Robert knew it was his clue to make a move, he stood up and went over to her and shouted, "Oh really, what would you do if I said you were lying? "

She replied, "Why darling, what would make you think I was lying? Don't you remember me telling you yesterday that Jane may come by this afternoon?" She watched him carefully now, her trap had been blown and her panties were sopping wet due to the excitement.

Robert, frowned at her and yelled, "I don't believe you, how dare you lie to me bitch!" I been here since 5:10 pm and watching you and our neighbor fucking like animals on our god-damn bed!" He grabbed her by the arm and said, "You know, you're going to be punished for this transgression, cunt!"

Natasha, got down on here knees and begs for forgiveness, but all Robert did was walk away. He went into the bedroom, and closed the door hard. Then got out the rope and lubricant and laid them on the bed. Already, his cock was getting firm, everything was going according to plans.

Robert went into the living room and took her by the arm leading Natasha to the bedroom. Once inside the room, he ordered her to strip and lie face down on the bed. He proceeded to tie her arms and legs to the four wooden corners of the bed. He walked around to the side of her and slapped her across the ass hard and said, "You worthless whore! How dare you fuck someone in our house, in our bed?"

When he laid his hand on her ass, she quivered and he knew she was sexually excited. He then exclaimed, "You deserve the spanking I am going to give you, bitch! You are not to say anything, until I say you can speak!" He could tell by the ringlet of her and Barry is cum on her pussy hairs that she was sexually excited. He slapped her ass once more saying, "Oh you think this is fun and it's turning you on, well slut, you better not cum, till I say you can! Or your punishment will be worse, get it!"

All she could do was nodding her head in agreement. With each slap on her ass, her clit grew harder and throbbed, the bed beneath her was completely wet with her juices. Robert then spread her ass cheeks wide, and lube his cock, and she knew her ass was about to be fucked. Oh god, she wanted to yell, "Fuck my ass, lover, and make me cum!"

Robert rammed his cock into her ass hard showing her no mercy. He then said, "How do you like your ass fucking, you lying whore!" He could tell by her movements that she was enjoying the spanking. He slapped her ass and yelled, "Bitch, I am going to cum in your fucking asshole and make you lick my cock clean! We will see who lies to their master again!"

Then slapped her once more grabbed her hips and shoved his cock as deep as it would go and came inside her ass. When finished, he bent down, untied her, helped her into a sitting position, and told her to lick his cock clean. She eagerly sucked him clean and he could see the love for him in her eyes.

Robert then sat on the bed next to Natasha and kissed her deeply then paused and said, "You did well my slave, now, I shall permit you to cum. I hope I was a great master and did not hurt you sweetheart?"

Natasha kissed on his cheek, nibbled the lobe of his ear, and said, "Wow, Robert, you make a great master!" She then laid back, spread her legs and said, "Oh Robert, I want to feel your tongue and lips all over hot cunt! I want to feel you teasing my clit, as you finger-fuck me. Oooooh please, make me cum darling!"

Robert did not hesitate to get between her legs and let his tongue work it magic. damn, she was so fucking hot, he has never seen her clit this big and hard. He pulled her clit into his mouth and then took it in his teeth and bit it as he slid two fingers into her vagina. Finger-fucking her as he kept biting her clit.

Natasha arched her back and moved her hips wildly and screamed, "Oh, aaaaaaaaaaaah, I'm cumming!

Robert continued to hold her tightly and finger-fucked her until the wave of climax subsided. Natasha turned his face near hers and kissed him passionately. Then said, "If this is what you do as my master, I want to be your obedient slave forever!"

Part two: "Robert is the Slave"

Robert rolled over in bed wanting to cuddle up close to Natasha and put his arms around her, and found that side of the bed empty. He rubbed his eye, then noticed how bright the day was and quickly glanced at the alarm clock. He then jumped out of bed yelling, "Oh fuck, I'm going to be late for work." Then paused for a second wondering why Natasha had not awaken him when she got up.

He put on his robe and hurried downstairs toward the kitchen in hopes to find her and ask her why he overslept, but found no one there. He was where she was when he saw a note lying on the kitchen table was a note, which read, "Good morning darling. I went to the gym with Judy early avoid the holiday rush of people. I brewed you some fresh coffee and there is Danish in the refrigerator. Oh, I almost forgot, the kids left early this morning to spend the weekend with Uncle Thomas. I will be home around 10 am. Kisses-n-hugs Natasha."

He then remembered he had a three-day weekend off and said, "You must be getting old and forgetful ole man, or you stayed up all night fucking again!" Robert smiled and said, "Oh my, what are we going to do all alone in this big house all weekend."

Robert recalled the last weekend Natasha and he were alone. They enlisted the help of Robert's friend Barry, to act out one of their fantasies for real. Robert was the master, Natasha his slave, and Barry was there neighbor. The Cheating homemaker caught fucking the neighbor was punished for her transgression by Robert.

Robert wondered if Natasha would be willing to do another scenario, where this time, he was the slave. He decided to ask her when she got home. He loved to submit and feel the sting of a whip across his ass. Just thinking about it gave his goosebumps and made his cock swell.

Robert got a cup out of the cupboard and pours himself a cup he preferred it black. He sat it on the table and went to retrieve his morning paper and notice it on the table near the front door. He went back into the kitchen sat down to read the newspaper, but could not focus, and laid it down. Then with coffee in hand, he headed for the den, to check for messages and email on his computer.

"Hello Bitch!

These are your next orders! Make sure you follow them explicitly, or you shall never see me again! Now, Saturday, July 12 meet me at the Radisson, room 322, promptly at 3 p.m.

There are the things you must do bitch, before I meet you; shave your whole body, including that pathetic cock! I have purchased the following items and the will be delivered today. In the box, you will find; a black lace bra, bikini panties, pantyhose, black leather mini, a white sheer blouse, and black heels. Bring the panties with you. It is very important that everyone can see you naked under your skirt!

The day we are to meet, make sure your skin is clean and smooth. Then apply your make up as I taught you to along with red lipstick this time. Then put on the clothing, and make sure all looks superb before you leave to visit me.

It will take you exactly 30 minutes to get to the motel. Part you car in the available parking lot, and go directly to my room. Bitch, do not be one minute late, or no one will answering the door!

When you come to my hotel room, you must look like a woman. I will have people watching you, jackass! Since I am on the third floor, you will need to take the elevator up to my floor. When you step on the elevator if someone is in there, pretend you do not see him or her. Raise you mini and straighten you hose, and make sure you flash your cock. If they say something, tell them you were adjusting skirt.

Continue stroking your cock, and make sure it stays hard! When you walk off the elevator, do not talk to anyone. If someone passes you, make certain you flash him or her.

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